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Alpha Cuts Powder Reviews

By: Alpha Pro Nutrition

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Alpha Cuts Powder is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Alpha Pro Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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  June 26, 2014

  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Metal Focus
  • Weight Loss
  • Sweat More
  • No Stomach Issues
  • No Jitterness
  • Fat Loss
  • Effective
  • Good Value
    This is the second product by a new company called Alpha Pro Nutrition I have gotten the chance to try. The First product by them I tried was there PWO Upload which I liked. You can check that review out if you want. I see they had another product that was a fat burner in powder form. I was really interested in trying this since I liked their PWO. I am not usually into fat burners but this one had my interest after seeing the ingredient profile which I will post below.

    30 servings
    Alpha Cuts Fat Burning Blend 1800mg
    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (Clarinol).
    Caffeine Anhydrous
    Synephrine Hydrochloride
    Higenamine Hydrochloride
    Alpha-Hydroxyisocaproic Acid (HICA)
    N-Methyltyramine HCL
    Cassia Nomame
    Extract Naringin
    Guarana Seed Extract

    Other Ingredients:
    Natural Flavors
    Citric Acid
    If you go to this link I posted it will give you a good break down of what each ingredient is and what it's purpose is. I would have posted that on here but it was way to much to try and post on here.

    I really like the profile for this. I thought it had a lot of really good things in here for a fat burner that seemed to work well for me. I do like the added HICA they put in this. Most fat burners do not have this in there and I liked it. HICA is good at helping you slow up the build up of latcic acid. My biggest down fall to the ingredient profile is that this is all in one big prop blend. A break down of how much of each ingredient in this would have been really nice to know.

    I am seeing this sell for $30 for 30 servings on a few sites so far. I think that is a decent price for this. You should only need 1 scoop which makes this a better deal.

    Right now this only comes in one flavor Tropical Fruit Punch. It's not to bad on taste I thought. You can really tell it has that tropical taste to it. I also notice a little bit of a chemical taste to it right away. It's not so bad to where you won't want to drink it. I did find it kind of enjoyable to drink and the taste of it kind of grew on me the more I drank it. Overall the taste was not bad but different I will say but you should have no real problems wanting to drink this.

    When mixed this had a red color to it. I noticed that after I shook this up I would get a lot of sediments that would go to the bottom and on the sides of my shaker cup. I would have to keep shaking it up each time I took a sip of it. After I got done drinking it I noticed a lot of red colored sediment that would stick to the sides of my shaker cup. This kind of stained the inside of my clear shaker cup a little bit. When you are done drinking this you will want to add a little more water to it and shake it up to get rid of the excess sediment that stuck to the sides of my shaker cup each time I used it. I think they could really do without all the dye they use in this. Like I said above you get 30 servings in this. I only used one serving and that seemed to work good for me. I started out taking this right away in the morning for a couple weeks and then decided I would start taking it about 45 to 60 mins before I would go workout and then when I got to the gym I would then take my pwo. They say this can be taken as a pre-workout instead. It seemed to help amp up my workouts more by taking it before my workout instead of in the morning.

    This was a product I really enjoyed taking. This gave me some really good clean energy each time I took it. Never did this make me feel real jittery at all which I liked. It was a nice little rush of energy it gave me. I could notice a little rise in my body temp each time I took this. When I would start to workout out I would always start to sweat more which I like. I love a good thermo product that will help you sweat more. I think they could up the thermo part in this a little bit to make this even a little more effective.

    I noticed this had a bit of an appetite suppressant to it. I like to have some kind of appetite suppressant when I take a fat burner but not to the point where it makes me not want to eat hardly at all. The appetite suppressant was not super strong but it seemed to work good for me and helped take away some of those later in the evening snack cravings I get a lot. I did notice that the more I took this the stronger the appetite suppressant seemed to get.

    I never really noticed much of any weight loss but I did notice I got a lot more cut up and leaner. I know if my diet was a little better I would have gotten a little better results from this. Keeping my diet on track can be really hard for me at times. I did notice that my muscles looked a little more cut up and people were commenting more on how I looked more leaner and more cut up. I also noticed this gave me some good mental focus which for me is always nice to have so it can help you focus a little better and push through those harder workouts. My strength gains were a little up and down for me when I was on this. Some days I would really feel good and other days my strength felt a little off. I would say this product did this to me since I was getting a little more cut and not bulking as much right now. I know when I start to get more cut and leaner my strength gains do go down a little but I think it makes me look better body wise.

    Side Effects:
    Had no major issues with any side effects that were bad. I know that when I was taking this in the morning shortly after I would get done with it I would always seem to have to head to the bathroom and take a dump. That was kind annoying at times but I think that helped to keep my system more cleaned out. It was also nice to not have any stomach issues while taking this.

    I really enjoyed this product a lot. I would love to get back on this again some time. I would like to see them add some more flavors to this. I would for sure recommend this if your in the need of a decent fat burner that works and won't make you feel super jittery or sick to your stomach. This was another great product from this new and upcoming company Alpha Pro Nutrition.

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