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Alpha Dreams Reviews

By: Alpha Lion

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Alpha Lion for sending it out!
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  October 21, 2018

  • Deep Sleep
  • Feeling Refreshed
  • Increase Recovery
  • Reductions Of DOMS
  • Good Ingredients
  • Transparent Label
  • Little Pricey
  • Taste And Mixability Need Improvement

Quick Summary

Alpha Dreams is a highly effective product that will help you get those much needed Zzzzs to ensure you are up and running in the morning to take on the challenges that await you both in and out of the gym.


A special thanks to Alpha Lion for their participation here on Today, I discuss my experience with their sleep/recovery aid product Alpha Dreams. As we all known, sleep is a primary foundation needed for recovery and overall good health. We all need that deep restful slumber every night after a hard day's work. However, getting that covenant rest is not always easy. With stressors that stem from everyday life such as tedious work and school hours and familial responsibilities, we may not find the amount of desired time or quality for efficient sleep. Supplements such as Alpha Dreams can help to allow us to sleep with better quality and depth, helping to improve our recovery.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is fully disclosed and each scoop provides the following:

The profile starts with some electrolytes in the form of TRAACs which is short for The Real Amino Acid Chelate System Albion. This is a patented trademark name for special more bioavailable forms of certain minerals an electrolytes. The dosages are included in the profile itself within the matrices that compose the profile itself.

We begin with the Amino Growth Matrix containing L-Leucine at 2500 mg, Lysine HCI at 2000mg, and L-Glutamine at 2000mg. All of these amino acids are well known for their positive influence on recovery, helping to enhance protein synthesis and tissue preparation.

Next we have the Brains Gains Matrix containing L-Tyrosine at 500 mg, GABA at 350mg, 5-HTP at 200mg, and Mucuna Pruriens containing 40% L-Dopa at 175mg. These ingredients help enhance the levels of growth hormone associated with sleep and have nootropic benefits, both allowing for enhanced reparation and improved body and mind recovery support.

Following is the ZMA Recovery Matrix consisting of Magnesium Glycinate Chelate at 400mg, Zinc Methionine at 150mg, and Pyridoxine HCI at 14.5mg. The combination of these three ingredients has been long demonstrated to enhance levels of anabolic hormones, particularly during sleep when hormones such as testosterone and GH rise. This in return supports muscular hypertrophy and overall recovery.

Aferwords is the Anti-Stress Matrix containing Ashwagandha at 150mg, Ascorbic Acid at 100mg and L-Theanine at 100mg. These ingredients are known for their adaptogenic and anti-cortisol benefits, among other benefits to health, that help reduce levels of stress that can hamper recovery through the reduction of anabolic hormones.

Moving along is the Electro Fuel Matrix that has the electrolytes sodium at 200mg and potassium at 40mg. Electrolytes such as these help maintain adequate hydration levels and play roles in nerve and tissue function.

Finally is the Tranquility Matrix containing Chamomile Flower at 75mg and Melatonin at 4mg. These two ingredients help enhance sleep and GH levels through anti-stress support and somatostatin inhibition.


I received the Tropical Thunder as the Cola Bling was not available at the time. Truth be told, I don't think the taste was bad, bad at the same time not something I would deem the best. To me, it was like drinking a diluted fruit punch with an aftertaste of coconut aroma. Again, not the worst thing I've tasted, but not the best either.

Mixability was alright, but needs improvement. Very often I was left with a little undissolved sediment that I could only avoid through rigorous and prolon stirring.

I took one scoop mixed with 8oz of water and consumed it 30 minutes prior to sleep.


I'll first discuss how this influenced my sleep.

It was a little slow getting to sleep. I was not a expecting a "knock out" effect like the original G8 by FinaFlex did, but I was hoping that maube this would have a subtle "starting to gradually feeling sleepy" kind of effect. I did eventually start to drift to sleep, though it was a little too slow for my favor.

The real beneficial sleep influences came mostly from staying asleep and improving the depth of my sleep. I was able to stay asleep all through the night without experiencing a disturbance of any kind. I also felt I was sleeping deeper and more soundly.

My recovery was much improved thanks to my overall more recuperative sleep. I woke up more refreshed, increasingly energized, and had less grogginess and DOMS from previous training session. This was highly welcomed especially when I have to go for early morning cardio/training session or early hour work shifts.

Some guys have reported vivid dreams while on this, but I experienced this only a few times. This wasn't a significant factor for me.

In summary, while getting to sleep was a somewhat slower than what I would've preferred, my overall sleep quality, duration, and recuperation were all much improved.


No doubt this is a highly effective and well formulated sleep aid and recovery support product. However, at a price of 60 dollars available only through Alpha Lion's website, Alpha Dreams is a pretty penny. The efficacy of the product I would say does translate into the premium class price, but no doubt this is gonna discourage some more price savvy users. I'd day you'll definitely want to look out for deals on this one.

Side Effects



In conclusion, despite the high price tag, Alpha Dreams is a great product to help improve your overall sleep quality and help enhance the recuperative and recovery effects from a deep restful slumber. Just be sure you are devoting enough time to sleep and try to catch this on deals.


  • Tropical terminator: 6/10

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