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Vitastack is a Multi-Vitamin manufactured by AllMax. It is designed to help provide the body with a wide array of micro nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It could be described as an 'insurance policy' to ensure that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals but it is still crucial to eat a balanced diet.

See all 34 products in:
Health & Wellbeing > Multi-Vitamins


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +27
Trust: 25%
  March 10, 2014

Ok, let me first say that I have used this VitaStack twice, and I was happy with it. It is hard to break down a multi because they are essentially all the same as far as vitamins and minerals go. However this particular stack up breaks it down into different pills, I see them doing this so the consumer has a vague idea what vitamin/mineral does what. The 9 Pills are as follows;

Anabolinex;Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B vitamins 6 and 12, biotin, Beta-alanine, and citrulline to name the most common. This is where you are going to get your "energy boost" more than anything I would say.

Electrofuse; phosphorous, calcium, sodium, potassium, going to just enrich your body with electrolytes, pretty obvious here.

Skelotocore; Vitamins C, D, and K, more phosphorous, calcium and potassium. You will also find your joint support here as Glucosamine. You will see too that it contains Molybdenum, here is what may scare some, I work in the aviation community and we actually use this to lube up cables, and hinges and have always been taught that it "causes" cancer. However not many people know that molybdenum actually assists in breaking down sulfite toxins in the body, in small doses of course.

Energoforce; pretty much all the same ingredients you will find in an energy drink, taurine, guarana, and Tyrosine which has been used to promote focus, and used to treat ADHD, ADD, narcolepsy, and depression. It is also a non-essential amino acid.

Cardiopulse; just your basic Omega 3, 6 and 9. here. No secret what these do.

Metabocore; Chromium, pancreatin enzyme blend, papain, and bromelain. An enzyme infused supplement that just promotes rapid conversion of nutrients that your body needs. For me personally I felt hungry a lot, maybe had something to do with this.

and lastly Immunocharge; This one is just loaded with antioxidants like ginseng, grape seed, red wine and pomegranate extracts. Also vitamins A and E. Milk thistle and NAC for the liver. This supplement would be popular for an "on cycle" support for some PH users in my opinion.

Ok, so I know that was a lot of information, and I tried to break it down the best I could. I will grade it pretty basically,

Effectiveness: 8/10, Like most multis, your body uses how ever much it needs at the time, everyday may be different i.e.. hard training days, or rest days. So at times you may just pee most of it out. However, I never noticed that neon color urine. I felt my body use most of it, and overall felt energized, my joints stayed moist, and even gained some decent muscle mass taking this.

Taste/Easy to swallow: 9/10, Well, as far as taste goes, it is a pill, so not much taste here, however, I did not get any of those dreaded fish burps, or after taste. Pretty easy to swallow these too, no horse pills here.

Value: 6/10 Both times I have used this product I haven't paid more than $30 for it, however, you only get 30 days worth, so basically a $1 a day for a month cycle. Now you can get a multi for $10-15 with 45 servings or more, and it is pretty obvious they mark this product up a lot like most vitamin stacks because they do all the work for you in breaking down each supplement into what it actually does, they also gave everything a fancy name like Immunocharge, or Energoforce, I personally think they tried a little to hard. But like many say you get what you pay for. And if you have no problem spending a couple extra bucks, I say go for it. Over time though, as I gained more experience and knowledge I have learned more and was able to buy the same ingredients for less and get the same effect.

Overall: 7/10. Good product here, for beginners, and the advanced crowd, it boils down to preference for the individual, If you like the the all in one stacks, I say go for it, honestly it is a cheaper alternative than other companies, where you are going to spend $40-50. I have to say though that this VitaStack is targeted to those hard trainers, who want to get big and strong fast, and for those "on cycle" guys, nothing wrong with that. I just wish they put more servings in it. Just do your research and shop around. And I always tell my friends never pay retail price for anything.

I hope this helps for all of you. Thanks for reading!

  • No Side Effects
  • Not Hard To Swallow
  • No Atertaste
  • No Fish Oil Burps Or Leaking Omega Pills
  • Little Pricy
  • Not Many Servings
Rep: +16
Trust: 1%
  March 12, 2012

Alright here's what's up.
I have been taking Vitastack for about a year now. Have to say it's a pretty solid stack. Not only is it a multi, it is also a overall health reinforcement. I'm not going to state everything they stated about the pills, but I will state a summary of the important functions.

1)Vitamins & Minerals - no secret what these do

2)Joint support - I'd like to say that it does play a role, I'm still young so it is only natural that my joints are still going strong but I'm sure that this has been help relive the tension of heavy lifting.

3)Anabolic nutrient optimizer - Has enzymes that help with the assimilation of the contents of the stack and whatever meal you take with it. Can't really say anything about this because there are many factors that could come into play here.

4)IMMUNOCHARGE - This reinforces your immune system while you workout or just in general. Have to say I noticed this most for 1 year and some months, since I tried some other products, I have not been sick. Even when my family got sick, I stayed in tip top shape, it was only recently that I have been sick for the first time in a while.

5)Omega 3,6,9 - bonus in my opinion a lot of other multis don't include omega 3, let alone 3,6,9. It really helps with cardiovascular shape, and it even supports brain function.

Now Grading Time:

Effectiveness: You got an idea of it's effectiveness from up top, in conjunction with healthy eating and my mass gainer it really helped me pack on the size. It claims to give energy, and help with with recovery, I barley noticed any energy, but I noticed some recovery, although I would recommend taking an additional recovery product.

Taste: Well it really doesn't taste like anything.

Value: A bit more on the pricey side I would say. I live in Canada and at Popeyes it usually goes for $49.99 or $39.99 if there is a sale. I guess you pay for what you get though.

Other/Side effects: Really didn't notice anything, maybe urine changing color intensity a bit but nothing else.
I read the warning closely on the tub, don't quote me, I don't have the tub with me right now. But it said that a test conducted in a university in California showed that vitastack may expose you to trace amounts of lead.
  • Not Hard To Swallow
  • No Atertaste
  • No Fish Oil Burps Or Leaking Omega Pills
  • No Increased Energy
  • May Expose To Lead
Rep: +65
Trust: 83%
  August 13, 2010

All right guys, i'm starting to finish the stuff that i purchased approx 30days+ ago, this is my first review, new to this amazing site since end of June of this year so go easy on me and don't be shy to guide me on how to improve my reviews on the next ones.

This product was recommended to me over the Universal Anima pack since i was looking for a great mutti-vitamin package, well let me tell you that i'm so upset i listen to them.

I was looking for a complete multi-vitamin package that would help me increase my energy and gave me everything that i need in my training. That gave me absolutely nothing, i felt no increase in energy, you know when you are looking for that product that would give you an extra pushed ? well that isn't the one. Okay their is some pros like no side effects, not hard to swallow, no aftertaste, not really to much pills but cons over exCEEds the pros. Finally, it didn't help or improved my training. I basically gave 5 all the way even if personally this product didn't do squat for me should be putting 1 but i don't want to be too hard.
  • No Side Effects
  • Not Hard To Swallow
  • No Atertaste
  • No Increased Energy
  • Not Effective

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