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Razor 8 Blast Powder Reviews

By: AllMax

(Out of 10, after 16 reviews)

Ranks #14 (better than 95%)
In: Pre-Workout > Stimulant

Razor 8 Blast Powder is a Pre-Workout manufactured by AllMax. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +188
Trust: 100%
  September 20, 2016

I've been taking this pre-workout on and off for years now and it has remained in my top 5 for pre-workouts that I feel hit all the categories that work for me, (Energy, Pump, Mood etc.). I can say that I am impressed and have never been disappointed.

----Ingredient Profile----
The ingredients are split into four sections 5,425mg of ATP Enhancer / Myofibril Acidification Buffer, 1,835mg of Endothelial Expansion / Hemodynamic Volumizer, 368mg of CNS Stimulation / FFA Release / Beta Agonist and 15mg of Polymethoxylated FFA Reliease Extension/Hyperlytic Acceleration. I am always hesitant about ingredient profiles that split their ingredients into self-made and named "formulas" with a gram or milligram count but no breakdown not allowing you to know how much of each ingredient you're getting. Allmax doesn't do that here which to me is a plus, they have a clear breakdown with no "proprietary blends".

The ATP Enhancer Myofibril Acidification Buffer section contains 4g of Creatine Monohydrate, 1g of Creatine HCl and 425mg of Beta-Alanine. All three of these ingredients are very common and found in most pre-workouts so I'll save you the further explanation.

The Endothelial Expansion Hemodynamic Volumizer section contains 515mg of Arginine HCl and 445mg of Nitrosigine, 85mg of Arginine Pyroglutamate, 365mg of Agmatine and 40mg of Arginine Ethyl-Ester all working together to increase blood flow which gives you that pump feeling. It also contains 385mg of HydroMax which is their "Glycerol Powder"; this will increase the fluid in the blood and tissues.

The CNS Stimulation FFA Release Beta Agonist section contains 296mg of caffeine from two sources, 45mg of Higenamine (Stimulant), 22mg of Hordenine (Adrenaline like stimulant) and 4.5 mg of Yohimbine (stimulant/fat burner).

Lastly the Polymethoxylated FFA Reliease Extension/Hyperlytic Acceleration section contains 10mg of Yerba Mate Green Tea (for smooth increased energy), and 10mg of Naringin which unlike my previous review doesn't overwhelm with the taste of Grapefruit.

All in all I feel this ingredient profile was put together very well.

The taste is not bad at all, I enjoy it. As expected I have tried several flavors and by far Extreme Berry is my favorite. It has a fruity taste, no after taste.

This mixes well with water and stays mixed.

One scoop of this is 9.5 grams and directs you to take mix it with 4 to 6oz of water; again I do two scoops with 32oz of water. This amount gives me the best taste.

I feel this PWO is as effective as PWO should be, I am not overly surprised but also not disappointed. It's in my top 5 because I like what it has for ingredients and how I feel when I take this. The taste is a plus also. I get the slight pins and needle feeling from the Beta-Alanine is not overwhelming but I can feel it, it delivers a good full pump in my weight workouts. I am not caffeine sensitive so the double scoop gives me what I need to keep me going. I can feel a positive and focused mood as I drink this throughout my workout. Most importantly it doesn't affect my cardio as most Fat-Burners or Thermogenics will.

The price isn't bad they usually go for about $25 for 30 servings they also come in bigger and smaller sizes but I stick to the 30.

----Side Effects----

I've read both good and bad reviews on Blast Powder; this review is for Extreme Berry because I don't remember how the other flavors taste, just that this was the one I liked the best. I have liked this PWO for a while and I will continue to buy this on and off and try other flavors. I think it is worth giving it a try due to the not bad price and worst case good taste.
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Good Pump
  • Good Focus And Drive
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • Not Enough Beta Alanine
  • Extreme Berry: 9/10
Rep: +283
Trust: 100%
  April 15, 2015

Read lots of great reviews on the old formula but it looks like ttcomaha is the only one who has posted a review on the new formula. I decided to get a tub of the new stuff to see how it is, and boy do I like it!

Ingredient Profile (9.5)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 5
Calories From Fat 0
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Total Carbohydrate 2 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sugars 0 g
ATP Enhancer / Myofibril Acidification Buffer* 5,425 mg
Creatine Monohydrate (Pharma-Grade Micropartculated) 4,000 mg
Creatine HCl 1,000 mg
Beta-Alanine (as Carnosyn®) 425 mg
Endothelial Expansion / Hemodynamic Volumizer* 1,835 mg
Arginine HCl 515 mg
Nitrosigine™ (Inositol Stabilized Arginine Silicate) 445 mg
HydroMax™ (65% Glycerol Powder) 385 mg
Agmatine Sulfate (as Agmapure®) 365 mg
Arginine Pyroglutamate 85 mg
Arginine Ethyl-Ester 40 mg
CNS Stimulation / FFA Release / Beta Agonist* 368 mg
Pharma-Grade Synthetic Caffeine 272 mg
Higenamine HCl (Norcoclaurine) 45 mg
Di-Caffeine Malate 24 mg
Hordenine HCl (N,N0DiMethyl0Tyramine HCl) 22 mg
Yohimbine HCl 4.5 mg
Polymethoxylated FFA Reliease Extension/Hyperlytic Acceleration* 15 mg
Yerba Mate Green Tea Standardized Extract 10 mg
Naringin (as Grapefruit Extract) 4.5 mg

There are many changes here from the original formula. 1st this comes in 30 or 60 serving tubs not 40 and 80.
As for the ingredients its a little difficult to say how much the doses have changed because the original said 40 servings at a full scoop (14g) or 80 servings at 1/2 scoop (7g) and the new formula has a serving at 9.5g so I will note the changes between the original 7g scoop and the new 9.5g scoop because that is more accurate I believe.

Serving Size: 1/2 of 1 scoop (6.8 Grams)
Servings Per Container: 80

Amount Per Serving

Total Calories - 5
Sodium (as trisodium citrate) - 105 mg 5%
Total Carbohydrates - 1.3 g 1%
Sugars - 0 g

CNS Stimulation/ FFA Release/ Beta Agonist
Pharmaceutical-grade pure synthetic caffeine (170 mg)
Di-Caffeine malate (1,3-Trimethylxanthine isolate)(23 mg)
DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCI)(19 mg)
Hordenine (N,N-Dimethyl-4-Hydroxy-Phenylethylamine)(13 mg)
Yohimbine HCI (5 mg)
230 mg

ATP Enhancer/ Myofibril Acidification Buffer
Creatine Monohydrate (ultra-pure 200 mesh microparticulated pharma-grade creatine) (2,500 mg)
Beta-SYNTHâ„¢ Beta-Alanine (163 mg)
Creatinol-O-Phosphate (C.O.P)(50 mg)
2,713 mg

Endothelial Expansion/ Hemodynamic Volumizer
Arginine AKG (2:1)
Arginine HCI
Arginine Pyroglutamate (1:1)
Arginine Ethyl Ester HCI
1,852 mg

Polymethoxylated FFA Release Extension/ Hyperlytic Acceleration
Yerba Mate Green Tea standardized extract (10 mg)
Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (6 mg)
Grapefruit extract (providing Naringin)(5 mg)
21 mg

Some very notible differences. The DMAA has been dropped (stupid FDA) and the caffeine was raised to 272mg, also adding higenamine HCI (the popular DMAA replacement). The Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn) was raised from 163 to 425mg (still not enough). Creatine was doubled to 5g (1g of it being HCI). The volumizer blend changed a bit, now its got disclosed ingredients and changed arginine AKG to Arginine HCI, while adding Nitrosigine and HydroMax.

Overall I really like the looks of this profile, with all the ingredients not hiding behind proprietary blends and good full doses on many of the ingredients I think its worth a 9.5

Taste/Mixability/Dosing (8)
The taste of this product is fine. I got the key lime cherry because it was different than the usual flavors. I mix 1.5 scoops with 8oz of water and it mixes pretty will with a few shakes. For me its really tart and makes me cringe a little when I pound it but it doesn't leave a bad after taste and by no means would I say it tastes bad, just not great.

Effectiveness (9)
Alright what we all care about! This is where Razor 8 really lived up to its name as BLAST powder! I absolutely love what a scoop and a half of this bad boy will do. I got some great clean energy throughout my entire workout (I respond well to yohimbine HCI but for others this may not be a positive thing) the roughly 400mg of caffeine is just right (1.5 scoops). The pumps are pretty decent as well. The full dose of creatine is awesome and it makes it really easy not to have to add any creatine to your pre (if thats something you usually do). I have good focus throughout my workouts and can last 2 hours in the weight room easy. If you do cardio with your workouts (which I have been recently with summer coming around and trying to get some extra fat off) this doesn't really do anything for better breathing but it also wasn't bad either. The beta-alanine is underdosed which is a bummer so you might consider adding some. All in all this performs as well as any pre-workout and I will continue using it for sure!

Value (9.5)
I bought a 60 serving tub (45 servings the way I dose it) at vitamin shoppe for $37 which is $.82 a serving. I think most people will be just fine with 1 scoop and that lowers it to $.62 a serving. Either way both being well under a $1 a day thats a good deal!

Side Effects
I haven't experienced any side effects while taking this. Again the Yohimbine HCI might be a bit much for some people but otherwise no complaints

I strongly recommend picking up a tub of Raxor 8. The value is great for what you get and with full amounts of creatine and stimulants, along with great endurance and decent pumps this has quickly jumped to my favorite pre workout!
  • Has Yohimbine
  • Great Price
  • Great Energy
  • Great Endurance
  • Has Yohimbine
  • Not Enough Beta Alanine
Rep: +296
Trust: 100%
  March 3, 2015

Hey SR! Have a long overdue review of Razor 8 for you!

----Ingredient Profile---- 8.0
As you might notice if you go through my other reviews, I've got no brains on the ingredients. The main things I look for is if there are pump ingredients like arginine, AAKG, and other things like caffeine and beta alanine. To me, the profile looks good! Lots of "Volumizers" and a good amount of stims. The only issue I had was the amount of beta alanine that was in Razor 8: 425mg. That's basically nothing. It's not a huge problem, but I'm a really big fan of the tingles

----Taste/Mixability/Dosing---- 7.5
I had Key Lime Cherry. I've had a lot of different berry type flavors and figured I'd try something different with Razor 8. It wasn't bad, definitely bearable. I have to note that my tub of Razor 8 had me a little confused. The texture or consistency... it was like moon sand, the weird trippy play-doh of the future; not very powdery, fine-grained. I emailed to see if maybe when the product was being shipped from FL (crazy humid compared to NE in the winter) it had been damaged. The folks there just said if the seal was intact, nothings wrong..

----Effectiveness---- 8.6
This is what put me at ease in terms of the funky consistency and the lack of beta alanine. My lifts were up! PR's were increasing in my main lifts since they've been stagnant. Focus is decent, but nothing to great worth noting. Every high volume day, my muscles felt full and pumped.

----Value---- 8.8
I bought the 60 serving at for just $32. I think it might still be on sale. Great buy at a little over 50 cents a serving. Also, I'm not even done with my tub. I bought it over a month ago and the tub is still like, way full. Maybe the one I got was extra stuffed... I don't know. Point is, it's lasting me a long time.

I got psyched on Razor 8 when I was looking around for a new PWD. I think it was WarMachine's review I was really hanging on when I finally decided to buy. The servings were cheap at just 50 some cents, the profile and effectiveness proved justice and then some. Taste is ehh, but who cares? Give it a shot!
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Good Focus And Drive
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • Good Pump
  • No Beta Alanine!
Rep: +39
Trust: 52%
  August 8, 2013

Before giving a breakdown of the supplement, I'll just give a little info on what I like to look for in a pre-workout.

The type of PWOs I look for are ones that have a good, strong pump (the bigger the pump, the better), and a moderate amount of stims. Some of my favourites are NO Xplode and Wired by PhD Nutrition. I haven't used Jack3d since it was the original ingredients, but I found that too stim heavy for my liking.

Now on to the review.

Taste: 5/10
The flavour that I got was the Triple Berry. I wasn't a huge fan of this flavour, although I have had worse in the past. It wasn't an over powering taste, or even a bad taste, it just wasn't that good.

Mixability: 9/10
The powder mixed up pretty good. I didn't really notice any left over powder build up at the bottom after shaking it up besides a few little specs. I'm not really one to ever complain about how PWO powders mix anyways...even if its all chalky at the bottom, I'll stir it up and drink it down.

Value: 7/10
It wasn't an overly expensive PWO. Kind of middle of the road as far as price goes. However, I am from canada so every supplement is over-priced. It does contain 80 servings though (80 for half scoop, 40 for a full scoop) which is pretty good.

Effectiveness: 5-6/10
I gave it two ratings for this one because I found that on an empty stomach it seemed to be a little bit more effective, but not by much.
It just didn't give me the kind of pump I look for in a good PWO drink. The energy was okay, nothing to write home about, but for someone looking for a PWO with lots of stims/energy, then I wouldn't recommend this one. I must add though, stims don't effect me a whole lot. I would be able to drink a large cup of coffee and go to bed within that hour of drinking it.

Overall: 6/10
I would actually highly recommend that as an intro PWO for anyone who hasn't taken many in the past. Anyone who takes PWOs on a regular basis though, I would only recommend this if you are looking to try something different or if it is on sale. If you are like me though, and looking for a good pump, I wouldn't recommend this at all.
  • Good Value
  • Only 1 Scoop Per Serving
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • No Major Stimulation
  • No Pump
Rep: +16
Trust: 1%
  August 9, 2012

There are two reasons I purchased this product. The first, it had great but very few reviews so I thought it would be cool to try something I've never really heard of. The second, I got a free t-shirt. The t-shirt is a little stiff but it fits great and looks pretty cool. The drink on the other hand was disappointing.

Taste/Mixability (6/10) -- Razor just simply does not taste very good. If you have ever had the lemon girl scout cookies (the ones that are covered in the powdered sugar, not the old ones which were amazing) it tastes like those. Kinda just tastes like butt. Also it requires a good amount of stirring after the initial mixation. When shaking though it blended easily but separated quickly. This product definitely required chugging and was not very enjoyable to drink. Also, one scoop at first made me feel bloated and I wanted to vom all over the gym. Dropped to half a scoop and it was more bearable.

Gains (1/10) -- I almost immediately regretted this purchase after my first chest day. My workout just seemed harder and I felt like I didn't have that extra gear to squeeze out one last rep. I hit 200 lbs. on the bench after working with C4 and I can still barely hit it. Lack of gains can never be completely blamed on the product but based on my results with Jack3d, Assault, C4, Shotgun, and VPX Anarchy, I can say that this was the worst.

Pumps (4/10) -- Didn't get much out of Razor. Didn't feel the swell and didn't feel all that big. I did feel a little bigger in the gym though and definitely got more cut up and vascular while taking Razor. The Yohimbine scared me for sure when I first started taking it due to everything I've read and for having 1-3 dime in it, I really didn't get any tingle or extra energy.

Focus (4/10) -- When I wanted to focus I could but I would find myself slowing down and not extra pumped to get to that next set. I also had a little yawn action goin on while taking Razor. Razor gets some points for allowing me to decide when to focus but loses when it comes to keeping me focused.

Value (6/10) -- I knock off points here because although Razor is cheap for 80 servings, it does no good if it is 80 servings of weak sauce. I did get a t-shirt though so that gets some additional credit.

Overall (5/10) -- I think this might be a decent product for beginners but to be honest, I didn't really get anything impressive out of Razor. I understand now why it is not a well known product. The t-shirt definitely made it worth it but I do not think I would try Razor again.
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • Free T-shirt
  • Uncomfortable To Use A Whole Scoop +
  • No Major Stimulation
  • Weak Gains If Any
  • Crappy Taste
Rep: +7
Trust: 0%
  August 5, 2012

Hi this is going to be my first review on this website. I always read the reviews on this website before purchasing a supplement, finally decided to contribute. Been working out for about two years now. I'm 25, 6'0", 175lbs.

Chose to do my first review on Allmax Razor8 Blast because it was the first PWO I have ever tried, bought it about a year ago, and now having tried other PWO's I can post a review.

- You can find them posted on any website that sells this product, so I will not go into extensive detail on whats in it.

Effectiveness: 6/10
- Having read all the positive reviews of this product and warnings about how powerful it is I was looking forward to my first workout with this stuff. So I took the recommended 1/2 scoop dose and to my disappointment I felt no extra energy, no focus, and definitely no pumps. I will admit that I did drink coffee back then so that may have had something to do with the diminished effectiveness. At the same time, having tried other PWO's, and seeing positive results, I know that my body is not immune to stims. Two weeks in I was taking 1 rounded scoop, half hr before workout, on an empty stomach, and still nothing.

Taste: 8/10
- I personally don't care much about the taste of PWO's, I usually just shoot them back. But for those that do care, I had the triple berry flavor and it was very good. Much better than most PWO's that I have tried.

Mixability: 7/10
- No real issues here, just a bit of powder left over at the bottom of the cup even after intense shaking. Easily fixed by adding a bit more water and drinking the rest.

Value: 7/10
- Got my 40 servings size for $49.99 from GNC. Considering the fact that I live in Canada and GNC is usually overpriced, you can easily find it somewhere else for cheaper.

Overall: 6/10
- What can I say, haven't seen any promised energy or concentration from this product, so I personally can't recommend it. However, everyone reacts differently to different things, and there are a lot of positive reviews out there. Just keep in mind that 1,3 dime is no longer legal, at least in Canada it isnt, and I'm pretty sure GNC and don't sell this product any more so may want to look somewhere else.

Rep: +3,805
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 65
  May 20, 2012

There were a few newer pre-workout I had heard about that I wanted to give a try. I decided on Razor 8 because of the amount of servings you get in it. 80 servings is what I thought you got in this but it is really 80 1 half scoop and 40 1 full scoop.

The value of this stuff was not ok but could be a little better. I think they could lower the price a little. I got it for $36.99 which I thought was just a little high. I think they should lower the price a little and sell it for around $30 or just under that.

I thought this stuff worked pretty good for me. I got some good energy off this stuff and it helped me build a little more muscle and get more cut up. When I did any kind of cardio workout I felt like I sweated twice as much when using this stuff.

I like a lot of the ingredients they put in this stuff but some stuff I think they went a little over board on. There were times when I took this that it caused me to get a bit of an upset stomach half way through my workout. I felt like I did not want to do anything until I felt better. When I took this stuff I always took 1 full scoop because usally I can handle a lot of stims. It did not always give me an upset stomach when I took the full 1 scoop it just did that once in awhile. Why it did not do that all the time I don't. I think this stuff is a little strong on the stims. If your a person who is real sensitive to a lot of stims I would recommend only doing 1 half scoop. I would never do more than 1 full scoop.

The taste of this stuff is ok nothing real great but a lot better than some other products out there. Triple Berry Blast is the flavor they make. After awhile I got to where I was not liking the taste of this stuff they much anymore. This stuff left me with kind of a bad after taste which I did not like. I really wish they had more flavors to choose from. I think they could improve the taste on this a little so it's not as bitter.

I thought this stuff mixed up fairly well. I notice after I mixed it up that it would get real foamy which I did not like. I did not like drinking all this foam that form on the top.

I noticed that this stuff has 1,3 Dimethylamylamine which is know being banned by the FDA. I found out one of the side effects to taking 1,3 Dim is that it thins your blood vessels and cause you more shortness of breath and tightness in your chest. After reading that I started to think about it and realized I did notice a lot of times where I had a lot more shortness of breath and felt a lot more winded at times. So far on the list of products that have 1,3 dim that are being banned this stuff is not on the list that I saw. They may have recently added it I don't.

If it was not for the upset stomach and the taste of it I would for sure get this again. It helped me pack on a little more size and stregth. I would recommend this stuff if you can handle a lot of stims.
  • Increased Energy
  • Only 1 Scoop Per Serving
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Focus And Drive
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • One Scoop Does The Magic Trick
  • No Flavors To Choose From
  • Almost Too Strong
Rep: +577
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  March 19, 2012

I have been trying to get away from giving the products I review such high scores. But this one truly deserves it in my opinion. Here is why. I took this in combination with asteroid stack, then after two runs of asteroid stacks i switched to c20 and powerfull and yok3d was on the whole tub. I am sure these supplements contributed to my ability to be un fatiqued during my workouts but I also have run all of those except C20 before and know how they affect my body in combinations of different preworkouts. I also took this during a bulk and the begining of my recomposition so my diet was quite abundant of carbs and protein.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 14 grams
Servings per Container: 40
Ingredient Amount % Daily Value**
Calories 10
Total Carbohydrates 2.5g 1
Sugars 0g
Sodium (as Trisodium citrate) 210mg
CNS Stimulation/FFA Release/Beta Agonist 462mg
-Pharmaceutical-Grade Pure Synthetic Caffeine 339mg
-Di-Caffeine Malate (1,3-Trimethylxanthine Isolate) 46mg
-Geranamine (1.3-Dimethyl-Amylamine) (Geranium Stem Oil Extract) 42mg
-Hordenine (N,N-Dimethyl-4-Hydroxy-Phenylethylamine) 26mg
-Yohimbine HCl 9mg
ATP Enhancer/Myofibril Acidification Buffer 5425mg
-Creatine Monohydrate (Ultra-Pure 200 Mesh Microparticulated Pharma-Grade Creatine) 5000mg
-Beta-SYNTH Beta-Alanine 325mg
-Creatinol-O-Phosphate 100mg
Endothelial Expansion/Hemodynamic Volumizer 3704mg
-Arginine AKG (2:1), Arginine HCl, Arginine Pyroglutamate (1:1), Arginine Ethyl Ester HCl
Polymethoxylated FFA Release Extension/Hyperlytic Acceleration 41mg
-Yerba Mate Green Tea Standardized Extract 20mg
-Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride 12mg
-Grapefruit Extract (providing Naringin) 9mg

(I think they just updated their serving size by cutting it in half I saw a different flavored tub on for 80 servings at 7 grams per serving.)

Effectiveness- 10 - This deserves a score of 10 because not only did it work and do its job well, it was consistent from the first day to the last. One of the things I noticed was that it was a little different from most preworkouts where as you drink it and get a rush of caffeine right away this seemed to sneak up on me. I would drink 1 serving and maybe 15-25 minutes later I would be going feeling a lot of energy and focused. Not like wound up either. Some preworkouts make you feel super energized for the first 30 minutes and then it tapers out and is so so. This seemed to sneak up on me and bam I would be full of energy. and it would stay around. I mentioned before about the other supplements I was stacking but I would not get fatigued. It may be from them but This certainly helped. I would work out hard as possible, Heavy and intense or I would mix it up. I would have to force myself to stop lifting. I liked how pumped up i would get, not like stimmed out energy or muscle pump but more like ready to dominate. I got really into whatever I was doing. Like with my jump roping I found my self going around in a circle or back and forth or side to side switching legs. instead of jumping in one spot. It is strong and packed full of stimulants, So there is also that boost from the stimulants. As for pump that was hard to tell as I was taking Yok3d and that gives me such good pumps I could not really say that this changed it much. Not to say it does not give any just that I could not tell in combination with the Yok3d.

Value - 10 - there are several reasons value scores a ten. Proprietary blend is one of them. I really like being able to tell how much of something is in my supplements. I know they are ordered greatest to least amount wise but you still have no idea how much other companies are putting in. 2nd reason. One serving is exactly that. No messing around finding out what will work for you (well unless you need less because it is actually that potent that you may need only half a scoop) that is a good thing though. But in terms of servings amount this will run you 40 workouts one scoop per workout. More if you need less. More bang for your buck. There is nothing I hate more than dividing a total serving by 3 or 2 to find out I am only getting 15 or 20 workouts out of something that I paid that claims 50 workouts. And these are 40 Good Potent scoops. If I were to try to use 1 scoop per workout of some other brands my workouts would be lame. So each scoop is priced under a dollar. I paid 35 dollars for a tub(87 cents a serving) which in my opinion is great compared to other brands and considering the potency of the product. Some claim they need half a scoop, which would mean 80 workouts or 60 if you took 3/4. I dont think any product comes close in that regard. Potency per scoop. 5 grams a creatine per scoop. plenty of Caffeine and DMAA and lots of other goodies. Not much more expensive than other inferior products and some may cost more. This will outlast any tub on the market with plenty of potency.

Taste- 10- Simply because it does not make you gag. Which is all I believe could be asked for granted what is in the stuff. Not bad not great but easily chugable or sippable. Nothing spectacular but hey who cares in the next minute or two its all in your stomach.

Overall 10
Great effectiveness guarenteed to last and good price which will last you many workouts and even tastes kind of decent if you are into that. I recommend Razor8 Blast and will be certain to pick up many tubs in the future.
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Only 1 Scoop Per Serving
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • Incredible Focus And Energy
  • Has Built In Fat Burners
  • One Scoop Does The Magic Trick
  • Almost Too Strong
Rep: +76
Trust: 100%
  February 16, 2012

I am not going to give a big scientific overview of this product, I will just tell you about my personal experience with it.
I just got serious about fitness again after a couple years. Recently I went to my local supp shop and asked for some advice on PWO supps like this. The guy was currently using Razor8 and had nothing but great things to say about it. I bought it, then went home to see what others thought of it, and realized that I had paid about $20 more than I could have gotten it for online (oh well, he turned me on to a good product). I was anxious to try it so I slammed some down and hit the gym. They suggest assesing you tolerance by starting with a 1/2 scoop. DO IT!!!!! This will knock you down with stomach cramps and nausia if you take too much. Once you figure out you optimal personal dosage it is a phoenominal pre-workout supp!!! I had to use a little less of cardio days, but it felt like it doubled my productivity. On lifting days I was killing it way harder that I ever could without this. I even figured out that a half scoop made for a great alternative to an energy drink while I am working one of my 12 hour shifts at my job.
I did start to develop a tolerance to this toward the end of the tub, but I just upped my dose a little and problem solved. I never did get up to using a full scoop of this so the tub lasted me a relatively long time, even with using it as an energy drink too.
I am switching to Jack3d for my next tub only because I am developing a tolerance to this, but I will probably alernate between the two.
I have also used N.O.explode, so I can say from experience that this is a MUCH cleaner energy than N.O.explode. N.O. just felt like a huge sugar rush to me and I greatly prefer the type of energy that I get from Razor8.
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Only 1 Scoop Per Serving
  • Good Pump
  • Good Focus And Drive
  • Incredible Focus And Energy
  • Almost Too Strong
Rep: +5,434
Trust: 100%
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  February 12, 2012

For those of you who have read my profile and some of my forum replies to other members' posts, you know that I am a fan of the pre-workout juggernaut by infinite labs. However, I believe I may have found juggernaut's superior competitor. First, I will confess I have not completed a full container, but I have used it for at least two weeks now for roughly 8 workouts. Some of you may believe that it may be to soon to review this product and perhaps I should wait till the container is finished. I apologize but I couldn't wait to post my review. Also I would like to note that while taking razor8 I am also currently taking kre-alkalyne, d-pol, a-hd, compound 20 and myofusion. When I am completed with these supplements, I will post reviews for them all.

Value (10): I was able to get a full tub for about 30 dollars at a local supplement store in my home town. Each tub has enough for 40 workouts (if you choose the full scoop dosage as a opposed to 1/2 a scoop). To me, this is an excellent value for a highly effective product.

Taste: (7): It only comes in one flavor, triple berry. Not the worst thing I have tasted, but its not someting I would put on the beverage menu at your local Friendly's ice cream. On the other hand, we want effectiveness not a tasty treat.

Ingredient Profile (10): Below is Razor8's ingredient profile;

Serving Size: 1/2 of 1 scoop (6.8 Grams)
Servings Per Container: 80

Amount Per Serving

Total Calories - 5
Sodium (as trisodium citrate) - 105 mg 5%
Total Carbohydrates - 1.3 g 1%
Sugars - 0 g

CNS Stimulation/ FFA Release/ Beta Agonist Pharmaceutical-grade pure synthetic caffeine (170 mg), Di-Caffeine malate (1,3-Trimethylxanthine isolate)(23 mg), DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCI)(19 mg), Hordenine (N,N-Dimethyl-4-Hydroxy-Phenylethylamine)(13 mg), Yohimbine HCI (5 mg) - 230 mg

ATP Enhancer/ Myofibril Acidification Buffer Creatine Monohydrate (ultra-pure 200 mesh microparticulated pharma-grade creatine) (2,500 mg), Beta-SYNTHâ„¢ Beta-Alanine (163 mg), Creatinol-O-Phosphate (C.O.P)(50 mg) - 2,713 mg

Endothelial Expansion/ Hemodynamic Volumizer Arginine AKG (2:1), Arginine HCI, Arginine Pyroglutamate (1:1), Arginine Ethyl Ester HCI - 1,852 mg

Polymethoxylated FFA Release Extension/ Hyperlytic Acceleration Yerba Mate Green Tea standardized extract (10 mg), Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (6 mg), Grapefruit extract (providing Naringin)(5 mg) - 21 mg

As you can see the supplement containes an abundance of your basic pre-workout energy enhancers such as caffeine, arginine, DMAA, an creatine. There are also some nice bonuses such as Yohimbine HCl and Yerba mate. Both of these ingredients are capable of helping the body utilize fat as energy. Yerba mate also has been acquitted with some antioxidant properties. There is also some hordenine, an alkaloid that stimulates the release of norepinephrine. This results in an increase in focus and attention. Finally, there is grapefruit extract which I believe aids in the absorption of the ingredients and has some energy enhancing properties of its own.

One big major pro with this profile is that all of the major ingredients are clearly listed with their quantities, rather than hidden in a proprietary blend. This allows users who may be conscientious about stimulants to clearly observe the ingredients and decide whether or not the product is right for them.

Effectiveness (10): Hands down, one of the absolute most effective pre-workouts I have ever used. The energy and focus induced by this product are equal to that of juggernaut being intense and long lasting. However, razor8 gives much more effective pumps and endurance, so this is where razor8 seems to surpass juggernaut. Nevertheless, I am also taking d-pol I am definately sure that the Nitratine in there complemented the pumps very well.

Overall (10): Razor8 is a highly efficient pre-workout energy enhancer and pump inducer. I stronly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective pre-workout and as an addition to a fat-loss regimen, since its got Yohimbine HCl. I will not stress enough though that you should definately look over the ingredient profile thoroughly to ensure that the product is right for you. This is important especially if you are stim sensitive.

Hope my review helps, train hard guys!!!
  • Has Built In Fat Burners
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Only 1 Scoop Per Serving
  • Has Yohimbine
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Pump
  • Good Focus And Drive
  • Shows All Nutritional Information!
  • Incredible Focus And Energy
  • Users Who React Badly To Yohimbine May Find Its Addition A Con
  • No Flavors To Choose From

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