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Caffeine Reviews

By: AllMax

  October 27, 2013

  • It Works
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
    Price:9 - paid around 4.00 for 100 caps, for me a good price.

    Taste: - it's a tiny pill.

    Need to say: I only took this brand of caffeine, so I can't say for other, but this one leaves a dust in the interior of the bottle, so I think you should watch out for humidity where you gonna store it after you open the bottle. Think it's made this way to make the absorption faster. I kept my bottle inside a container and it worked.

    Profile: 10 - like the way I wanted, 200mg on a pill. If you want more, take 2 pills or brake one to make something around 300mg. Maybe you want something with more or less caffeine for each pill, but I wanted 200mg.

    Effectiveness: 10 - pure caffeine, gives good and clean energy. When I want to take something to keep me going on the evening, I know I cant take it around 6pm and I will be able to sleep around 11:30pm.

    Would buy again? Yes. Already using my second bottle on the days I will take only caffeine, or when I need extra focus and no pumps or another stuff from a pre-workout.

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