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TestoPro is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by AI Sports Nutrition. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

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  July 10, 2015


What's up SR. Onder18 here and it's time for another review. This time I'm gonna review AI Sports TestpPro. I learned about this product on and reading about it here. The price didn't look too bad so decided to pick up a couple bottles.

----Ingredient Profile----

120 Capsules
Serving Size:2Capsules
Servings Per Container:60
Testofen (Fenugreek Extract 50% Fenuside) 300mg
TestoPRO Complex (Proprietary Blend) 600mg
Quercetin 95%, Divanil [95% 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran From Urtica Dioica], Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C); Bioperine (95-98% Piperine)*

So looking at the profile you see alot of common ingredients in herbal test boosters. The Testofen appears to be the main player here.


Dosing was easy here. 2 pills in the a.m. and 2 pills in the p.m.


I don't expect miracles from natural test boosters, but I can tell this was having some decent effects on me. I stacked this with HGHPro and about a week into the stack I started noticing a little leaning out and a little libido boost. After a couple weeks I started noticing slight but consistent strength gains in the gym, nothing major but an extra rep or two coming in. My overall performance in the gym got slightly better.
After I finished the first bottle I upped the dosage to 3 pills twice a day and the slight results I was getting seemed to increase a little more. I ran 3 bottles of this back to back and by the time I was finished my results started to taper off.
Overall I was pleased with the results I got from TestoPro. I feel like it did give me a little extra boost than if I would have not used it. I would run it again and plan on doing so in the future.


This is usually around 30-39$ on most sites. I got this on and I think it was about 34$. Not a bad value as far as natural test boosters go. I will slightly down grade the value because I got better results at a higher dosage and that did make the bottle go faster. But my results were still decent at the recommended dosage so overall I will say the value is decent.

----Side Effects----

I did get oily skin from this and I did get a couple pimples. One thing that did stand out on this product as far as side effects go is the aggression. A couple weeks into this and I started noticing I had a much shorter fuse. Nothing I couldn't control but I did notice it. I put it to use in the gym. This did taper down after a couple weeks.


Overall I liked TestoPro. It isn't a product that is gonna overcome overtraining or a bad diet but if your training and diet are decent I think it will give you a slight edge. I enjoyed my run with it and plan on using it again some time(I will probably add AI Sports Stoked into my stack with it next time). So I hope you found my review helpful and any constructive criticism is welcome.
  • Builds Muscle
  • No Loss Of Libido
  • Slight Strength Gains
  • Slight Performance Boost In The Gym
  • Slight Aggression
  • Oily Skin
Rep: +2
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  March 11, 2013

I bought TestoPro for $33.00 and was excited to get going on the cycle. From what I had read it seemed as though it may do what I wanted...but others had been hyped in the past.

I started at 2 in the a.m. and 2 after dinner along with 10 grams of monohydrate before working out and 5 grams of EEC after mixed with EAS protein.

Also 2 Tribulus Terrestris 625 mg / 20% Saponins 125 mg twice a day
Centrum Multi
B complex
Folic Acid 25 mg

3500 appr. cals per day.
5 days a week working out:
2 days off

Week 1. No noticeable change
Week 2. More endurance, longer workout with plenty of energy. 1 1/2 hours hard
Week 3. I felt great, couldn't wait to workout and got great pumps. This week my strength up an easy 15 - 20 lbs on my reps. Ex. incline DB press with 85s for 8 went to 100s for 8...easy.
Week 4. My shirts were tight again, people were noticing and I had gained 8 solid pounds while loosing an inch in the waist.

I'm 49 and this stuff worked better then any other test booster I've tried. Libido was good and with that came endurance too.

For post I just doubled the T.T which I bought for $9.00 a bottle for 100.

I'm buying another bottle in a few minutes.

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • No Loss Of Libido
  • Insane Workouts By Week 3
    Rep: +4,689
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 58

      September 28, 2012

    Thanks to AI Sports Nutrition for sending this my way. I had received this along side HGH Pro, but was unable to run it until a month or so later due to other products I had been taking.

    TestoPRO is a testosterone booster & estrogen modulator that claim to naturally increase testosterone, modulate estrogen, & boost free test. It has two trademarked blends, being Bioprene® & Testofen®.

    The big draws are Bioprene® & Testofen® from Gencor Nutrients Inc. Both are trademarked blends, but only Testofen® is given a clear dose at 300mg per serving (2caps). Bioprene® is thrown into a decent-sized proprietary blend, contributing to 600mg per serving.

    I don't like prop blends, but knowing that at least some of the key ingredients are appropriately dosed is enough.

    DOSAGE: B+
    TestoPRO is dosed at 2 caps, twice a day everyday. Very simple, & easy enough to follow. Splitting the doses up between the AM & PM hours makes sense, but on days when my schedule got busy I found myself remembering the second dose at the last minute. It's tricky to grade out dosages, but it's easy enough to follow TestoPRO's dosing.

    When I ran TestoPRO it was my only testosterone booster & my stack was fairly simple at the time. Workout schedule followed the Westside Barbell/Conjugate Method.

    I don't know what exactly I was expecting, but I know I expected more. Awhile back I remember Testofen® getting hyped up some by various users here, & I was very excited once I got my hands on TestoPRO. A lot of what I got from TestoPRO was average to above-average in terms of strength gains, I didn't necessarily get bigger, and weight stayed the same for this time. Other effects that you look for (libido) was about par for the course in terms of how other testosterone boosters have affected me. Nothing spectacular, but about what I usually experience.

    I guess I fell victim to the hype machine (my hype machine?), but TestoPRO worked well enough. Like I said average to above-average.

    VALUE: C
    A bottle of TestoPRO at 120ct will get you 30 day s (4caps pre day), & run you anywhere from $33 to $40 from various online retailers. That works out to $1.10/day at the best & ~$1.33/day at the worst. Big picture, that's not bad considering there has been far worse. However, compared to other testosterone boosters I've used that have faired much better TestoPRO's value is average at best.

    I didn't have a bad experience with TestoPRO, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. I may have been the victim of my own hype, but either way I feel TestoPRO is about par for the course with most testosterone boosters. The value isn't great, but a good sale would make it alright. Overall the experience wasn't bad, so TestoPRO gets an average grade.
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • No Loss Of Libido
      Rep: +2,584
      Trust: 100%
        August 28, 2012

      Thank you to AI Sports Nutrition for participating in the ER program, and allowing me to try TestoPro.

      Overview: I am a big fan of AI Sports Nutrition, and have tried many of their products on my own behalf. I was anxious at the opportunity to see how TestoPro ranked amongst the many other natural test boosters that I have tried. This was part of an 8 week run, stacked with the previously reviewed (CTD Labs)Testradex.

      Dosing: 2 caps AM, and 2 PM. Very simple and convenient. Strange earthy smell from the bottle, but no taste. I would take two upon waking up, and two later in the after noon.

      Profile: The main goal of TestoPro is to "Free" the testosterone that is already in your body. The action takes place by preventing the binding of test, to a sex hormone, in turn resulting in the increase of more Free test.

      Testofen (Fengreek Extract) 300mg

      The key component in attempting to free test. It also claims to aid if fat loss as well.

      TestoPro Complex (Prop Blend) 600mg

      Divanil: Binding agent, binds to sex hormones, allowing more free test ratios.

      Indole-3-Carbinol: Estrogen Modulator

      Quercetin: Pathway inhibitor allowing maximum bio-availability.

      BioPerine: Increases metabolic processes through thermogenic activity.

      Effectiveness: 9

      The beginning of the cycle, there was little to note. Slight increase in appetite and sleep, signs that the anabolic effects were taking place. Midway through week three is when this product began to shine. I started to get that familiar feeling of overall confidence and well being. Always anxious to get to the gym and kill it when there. I was able to add a few more reps and weight to most major lifts, most likely do to the intensity and frequency of my heavy training days through weeks 4-8. Stacked with a solid Aromotase inhibitor, I was able to maintain body weight and decrease body fay by .8%
      By week 5 my appetite had sky rocketed and deep sleep took place on a near nightly basis. On training days I easily push 4000+ Calories, and would still find myself starving at night. Four days weight training and one day of cardio (or Hockey) and I never felt like taking an off day.

      Side Effects: Little to none. The majority of my aggression was positive. Not to say that I didn't have a few slight moments of impatience, but nothing to the extreme of many other boosters that I have used. No loss of Libido. This can be cause for concern for many Test Boosters, this was not the case with TestoPro. In fact it was quite the opposite.

      Value:8 Ranges from $30-$40. At thirty dollars this is a great value. A dollar a day for such boosting capabilities is right in line if not better than many on the market today. I only wish that AI, and every other company would make 8 week supply bottles as opposed to 4. Or at least have the option to purchase such. But a solid value none the less.

      Overall: 8

      An overall great experience and cycle with TesoPro. All though more mild natured in aggression and mood, the end results in the gym were still there on a consistent basis. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid Test boosting agent with tremendous stacking capabilities. Although I am always trying and searching for new test boosters and will continue to do so, but I will definitely run a few more cycles of TestoPro in the future.
      • Builds Muscle
      • No Loss Of Libido
      • Increased Appetite
      • Great Sleep And Recovery
        Rep: +8
        Trust: 0%
          July 10, 2012

        ok sports fans, my first review, so bear with me. have been a big fan of the this site for years. have garnered huge amounts of intel from many of you. i will try to measure up.

        not gonna go back over my profile to set the stage. suffice it to say, older fella, in great shape but starting to feel that i am getting closer to 50. have been an athlete my entire life and maintained a workout routine since high school. have never trained for any competition except when i played comptetitve softball a number of years ago. used creatine and andro back then.

        ok, started searching for the fountain of youth to a certain extent and began researching natural test boosters. after reading the reviews on here i decided to go with AI Sports Nutrition's TestPro. i went through 2 bottles and am now cycling off. i was taking MuscleTech Myobuild and Nanostim along with a EAS protein/amino shake. i followed the normal dosing with 2 pills a.m. and 2 pill p.m.

        overall i liked the effects of testpro. i felt strong, much less sore, maintained my strength when i had lengthy (multi-day) breaks between workouts due to schedule/life, and was more driven than normal when working out (just didn't want to stop working out during any given workout).

        now again, keep in mind i am 46 and my routine isn't designed for huge mass gain. that being said, i did notice increases my strength and size. i can't quantify exactly how much since i don't keep a log, etc., but i did get stronger and larger. as i mentioned above, i did maintain my strength levels more so than before i took testpro. also, my recovery was definitely enhanced. i was significantly less sore in the mornings post workout and after the multi-day breaks that occurred occasionally between workouts. since i have cycled off, i have noticed some slight drops in all areas, especially in my soreness, so i would say it was effective. for total disclosure, my MyoBuild also cycled off at the same time and i began using Amp Amplified Wheybolic Extreme in the off cycle, so i don't exactly what to attribute the significant increase in soreness.

        as for the "alpha male" thing, i have always felt very confident with myself. i have been known to be a little grouchy with maybe some anger issues here and there (insert sarcastic smile here) and this didn't help much. i did feel more aggressive, more on edge and a bit more "testy" while taking this. i really didn't need any help with those areas, but sadly it came with the bottle. since i have cycled off, i have been a bit more mellow. so that have to be listed as a con.

        also, as has been mentioned in other reviews, as a side benefit, my libido definitely increased. even at my age, i am still functioning "au naturale", but it was very nice to have erections in the morning and decreased recovery time like i was 25 again. it was a very pleasant surprise.

        my diet is really rather attrocious compared to what most purport to have on here, hence my struggles to enhance my abs. but that is just a product of my life as an active father of two younger boys. that being the case, i didn't have any weight loss to speak of, but actually increased some weight by roughly 5 lbs. i attribute some to water weight from the creatine in the Myobuild. however, i did not increase my waist size which was a plus for thinking it may not have been that much of a negative. i feel confident that had i maintained a proper diet, the weight gain would have been more pure. post cycle, i did drop a couple of pounds, but again this is also post Myobuild cycle.

        all in all, i will use this again and would definitely recommend this to others, especially my age.
        • Increased Libido
        • Alpha Male Feel
        • Morning Woods
        • Good Strength Maintenance
        • Quick Test Rebound
        • Some Slight Mass Gains
        • On Edge
        • Just Alil Testy
        Rep: +16
        Trust: 8%
          May 4, 2012

        I'm lukewarm on this supp and don't think I would take it again. After the 3rd week, i started taking an extra pill or 2 a day to see if that would make the results noticable.

        I did this for 2 months (2 bottles) along with SciFit KreAlkalyn Powder, Optimum Nutrition ZMAs and Now Beta Alanine.

        I think this gave some results but I don't think it did anything spectacular. I did get a bit bigger in shoulders and biceps but I was working out 5 or 6 times a week so I would have probably expected this regardless.

        This gave me no additional aggression and I did not feel a noticable increase in libido. It gave me no acne anywhere which makes me wonder if it raised my T levels much (if at all). At 36, I would have expected to get an increase in T from this.

        The one thing I do think this did is leaned me out a bit in the waist. I was a 32 waist starting out and at the end all off my dresspants were big at the waist.

        I did 40-50 grams of isopure protein after my workout and sometimes did 20 grams prior. Again, I showed some results but nothing that was extremely significant. Thinking back, I think a stack I did a couple years ago with powerfull and NovedexXT gave me better results.
        • Some Slight Mass Gains
        • Did Not Seem That Effective
        Rep: +1
        Trust: 0%
          April 19, 2012

        I m new to this site ,but by no means new to supplements! Im 42 yr old male . Recently had a very bad injury that put me down for about 7 months. ( IM BACK)!!!!!!!!!!! iN MY TIME LIFTING I HAVE TAKEN EVERTHING FROM A -Z AND PROBABLEY knowing what i know now i would not have. So i know your suppose to post other products uv taken and compare but believe me this sections not big enough. So I was looking for a new t-booster and came across testoPro and all i can say is wow! First no taste is pill form althought the smell is interesting kinda of hard to explaine. My results were amazing! I had not lifted anything in 7 months due to my accident and i just felt like i hadent missed a beat. In THE GYM I WAS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY LIFTING HEAVIER THAN BEFORE AND MY BODY BEGAN TO CHANGE QUICKLEY. I noticed more strenght, stamina, alot more edge and determination. My body felt thicker ,fuller but interesting enough my body fat % was dropping . I seruoisley was getting compliments from my fiance and friends constantly. I must honestly say I was and feel like iv never looked better ! I will say that iv been taking this with Erase , cellmass, no.xp3. hemovex, ast multi, scifit bcaa-lyn 1500 , primaforce lecuine, and fishoil. so maybe all combined but i truly believe its more of the testopro. My eating is always been very clean !!!!!!!!! No cheat days only a occasional cheat meal but other than that im clean all the way around. The dosing i think compared to most is great and not extreme. So all i will say to finalise this is if your a young kid probabley wont get what i got from it but if your in your 40s and want a true reasonable product thats not all hype then dont hesitste. OH forgot I did get alil testy at times but nothing postal, i think its something you should expect from a product in this catagory.MY lady loved the personal side effects also!
        • Increased Libido
        • Excellent Strength Gains.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Alpha Male Feel
        • Morning Woods
        • Good Strength Maintenance
        • Quick Test Rebound
        • Just Alil Testy
        Rep: +22
        Trust: 27%
          March 15, 2012

        I was drawn to start taking TestoPro after hearing some friends talk about taking natural test boosters like HexaTest. I had never taken anything other than protein, creatine, and pre-workouts so my reasoning for trying out this product is different than some of the other reviewers. For me, it was more of a curiosity trial to see what 8 weeks of taking a test booster would do for me.

        I've been working out for several years and have never sought out to get huge, I just simply like to stay fit (I guess you could say in a Chuck Norris fit kind of way). I teach and look forward to working out after school. I started taking TestoPro almost simultaneously when beginning p90x for the first time in January. The results I noticed, along with others, were almost immediate. I'm not a pharmacist, so I'll leave it to the experts to explain what the ingredients do.

        Effectiveness (9/10): For me, there were three main aspects that improved even after the first week of beginning TestoPro. First, my vascularity improved while almost swelling up. My girlfriend, co workers, and bros at the gym all asked me what I was doing different because I looked more muscular. Yes, I had just started p90x, but I always work out intense with short rest breaks similar to the program. I feel like the vascularity improvement was indeed from TestoPro.

        Second, my aggression did raise a little even after the first week. Throughout the 8 weeks of taking this product there were instances where I felt a little more jacked up and even furious over things that ordinarily wouldn't have affected me that much. Some may say this is a negative, but I'm a pretty laid back person anyways. I'm always ready to workout, but this aggression did help give me an extra edge while working out that I enjoyed.

        Third, libido was certainly increased while on the product, though it wasn't something that is low ordinarily at all. However, I could tell an increase...some days especially a huge increase.

        I can't say much for the strength gains as I was doing p90x and not necessarily looking to move up in weight. But like I said, I could definitely see a difference in muscle tone soon after beginning TestPro!

        Value (7/10): I bought this for $33.88 on Not bad for two months worth.

        Taste (4/10): The only weird thing about TestoPro was the funky aftertaste it left in my throat sometimes. It was noticeable for about 30 minutes after taking the product. I even had my girlfriend tell me my breath smelled weird at times, ha.

        Overall (8/10): I took this product mainly out of curiosity, but now that the cycle has been over for a couple weeks I can say that I do plan on taking it again. The only side effects noticed were temporary funky breath and a little aggression. Like I said though, the aggression is a positive thing I think unless you are ordinarily a very aggressive person already. I didn't feel like I needed any extra testosterone/libido, however I enjoyed the benefits of TestoPro during the 8 weeks I took the product.
        • Increased Libido
        • Builds Muscle
        • Alpha Male Feel
        • Funky Aftertaste
        Rep: +2,283
        Trust: 100%
          February 1, 2012

        I recently tried the Swole Stack as a part of my offseason Bulk and I have to say its going over well.
        -Background: Some of you know that I hurt my shoulder last year and had to shut it down for the season. I took all October and November off from lifting and it was brutal, but worth it. I have a 3month routine which I am doing now and I regret not logging it but its too late now. I used this along with Stoked and Glycobol and will review them later. I know its tricky to review a supplements effectiveness while taking other supps so I will rate this based on what the Bottle actually claims it will do and what It did for me.

        Value 7.5/10: This runs around 35bucks a bottle but I got mine with Stoked and Glycobol all for $50 during there Christmas special. I dosed 2 in the Am and 2 in the Pm which would have lasted a month but I decided to dose 2more Preworkout in wk 4.

        -Effectiveness: 9/10 TestPro claims to Naturally Support Libido, Naturally Boost (free) Test, and Modulate Estrogen: What did it do for me.
        -As far as toning down the estrogen, thats almost impossible to tell w/o a test. I was on a bulk and taking Glycobol and once again I will say that im prone to estrogen stored fat. I def didn't lose any weight on this but I wasn't really gaining fat and my torso looked more firm all around.

        -Once again I can't prove if this actually boosted my test levels w/o a test, but man oh man did this product make me Horny. Im sorry, I know thats kinda graphic but the truth is im in my early 20's and Im naturally like that anyway, but this product took it to another level. And the increase in libido is an indicator of a boost raise. Confidence was up and I felt like the F'n man. I had great strength gains in the gym and part of that was because my shoulder was healing. But I do give credit to TestPro for helping me feel this way.

        -My Stats: During wk1 in December prior to this stack it hurt just to rep out 5reps of 225 on the bench or do most shoulder presses and raises. By week3 in Dec. (week2 of my stack) I was able to rep out 3sets of 225x10 with a sore shoulder still and my confidence was building. Note that it would hurt the day after but the more I moved and worked my shoulder the better it started to feel. By wk3 on this I felt unstoppable and became stupid about it. I repped out 250 15x, the most I had done prior to the injury and was doing shoulder lateral raises with 25-27.5lb dumbells. I was sore after that but wk4 I started dosing 2pwo and I improved in all my lifts including squat, Deadlifting over 315+ with my shoulder on a consistent basis and I reped out 350 on the bench. Once again I was dumb but I had that confidence and I had a spotter so I went for it. Keep in mind none of the are PR's for me, Im not throwin ridiculous #'s out there, but I was gettin my strength back and pretty "dern" happy about my progress.

        -Overall: 9.1/10 There was no taste or "afterburp", I know many factors can play into this review like my shoulder healing, bulking and me stacking this with Stoked. I read reviews on both products here and on other websites, and with what the bottle claimed I knew what to expect with each supp. My confidence rose, "among other things", :) my strength improved as well just like the reviews said. I feel this helped me out tremendously as I felt I was almost back to the strength levels I were pre-injury. You won't be let down with this one. Solid product AI
        • Increased Libido
        • Excellent Strength Gains.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Alpha Male Feel
        • Good Strength Maintenance
        • A Little Expensive Unless You Buy In A Stack
        Rep: +1,596
        Trust: 100%
        TROOPer Level: 35

          December 10, 2011

        Part 2 out of 3 of my reviews on the products in the "Ultimate Transformation Stack" from Anabolic Innovations. I had read a lot of positive reviews on this product so I was looking forward to trying this out. I had previously taken "Stoked" from AI and had very good results with that, so I had similar expectations for Testopro as well.

        For dosing, I took a two pill serving in the morning, and then another two pills in the afternoon about an hour pre-workout.

        I have tried several test boosters in the past and this one was certainly the most potent and effective I have ever taken to date. I noticed a spike in libido within the first few days that lasted throughout the entire cycle. On top of the increase in libido came an increase in strength as well, I have been spending the past several months trying to get back to the level I was at during my deployment in Iraq last year, and this product helped lift me up. All my major lifts went up anywhere from 10-15 pounds (ex. max bench press of 75lb dumbbells to 90 lb dumbbells). I did also experience a small outbreak of acne, but to me that just symbolizes that it is having a positive affect. The Alpha Male feeling also came into play while taking this product and I could almost literally feel the testosterone flowing through me at times. This would be an excellent product for a PCT, and is the test booster I plan to run for my own.

        This product is great all on it's own, and being combined with Glycobol made it that much more effective to me, and they are a better value bought together in a stack. As a standalone you can buy this for 40 bucks for 60 servings, or 67 cents a serving which still isn't that bad of a deal.

        This is an outstanding test booster from an outstanding company, it is good all it's own, but when combined in one of AI's stacks it really brings out this products best. I highly recommend this product.

        • Increased Libido
        • Excellent Strength Gains.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Alpha Male Feel
        • Some Acne
        • A Little Expensive Unless You Buy In A Stack

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