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Life Support Reviews

By: AI Sports Nutrition

Life Support is an Anti-Oxidant manufactured by AI Sports Nutrition. It helps prevent the harmful 'free-radicals' that can cause cell damage in the body.
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  September 6, 2017

  • Overall Health
  • Organ Support
  • Good Value
  • Blood Pressure Support
  • Prostate Health
  • Bad Taste
  • Bad Smell
  • Nasty Burps


Hi there SR team, LionHeart here with another riveting review. This time I'm sharing my experience with AI Sports Nutrition's Life Support. While this is classified as an "on cycle" support supplement, that is not how I used it. Being a 47 year old, fairly active, exercise enthusiast I used it a a general, overall health support supplement. I took Life Support along with MetRx Active Man multi, Nolvadren XT & Delta XT from MAN Sports.

Ingredient Profile

Since the product label is posted, I'll skip the list and just offer my comments. Life Support offers a solid, comprehensive mix of ingredients that covers a variety of systems in the body. Cardiovascular and blood pressure, liver & prostate along with antioxidant support. All the ingredients in Life Support are adequately dosed and AI is a quality company using top notch ingredients.


These are blue capsules, dosage is 4 caps daily with 30 doses per bottle, so basically a months supply. The caps have a strong, stale type of scent and an odd taste while in your mouth so swallow them quick.


I ran Life Support for 8 weeks and I found it to be an effective health supplement for my needs. My biggest issue is blood pressure (BP), I monitor it regularly. While on Life Support, my BP stayed within a normal range even on my most stressful days, and I did not get that Hypertension heat that usually accompanies high blood pressure. In addition, I used it for liver support to assist the Nolva/Delta stack I was running at the time. For the most part, I'll say that while on life support I just plain felt great, no issues or health problems at all.


I picked up Life Support on Amazon for around $30 a bottle. For me, this is a fair mid-range price for a product like this, not too expensive and it delivers on it's promises, so a great value all in all.

Side Effects

No real sides at all except for the nasty, sometimes burning, burps that I would get for about an hour or so after taking it. I always tried to take it with food to help with the burps but that only helped marginally. I would NOT advise taking Life Support on an empty stomach. I did it once. Once.


I have to say I really like Life Support. I felt great while I was on it, general well being, and it definitely kept my blood pressure under control as this was the only BP support I was taking. The ingredients are quality and target various body systems that in today's day an age need a little boost with all the external toxins floating around out there. Also, for people like me that utilize supplement like T boosters, this is good protection for any potential sides another product may create. At $30 for a months supply, it competitively priced and seems to do it's job well. Thanks for reading!

LionHeart, signing off...

  December 22, 2011

  • Good Value
  • Comprable To Cycle Assist But Kind Of A Different Take On This Type Of Product
  • Great Cardiovascular Support
  • Less Ingredients And Mg Of Ingredients Than Cycle Assist
Anabolic Innovations Life Support...good replacement for CEL Cycle Assist?

This is a general health product that is commonly used on prohormone steroid cycles to help maintain health. Most of us probably will not buy this for general health purposes, so yeah, even though it says that is what it is intended for.

CEL's Cycle Assist is very commonly used, so it is important that we compare the two to see what we are really getting with this product compared to what we are used to.

Cycle Assist 4 caps per serving, recomended dose take 4 2x daily.
4 Caps Contains:

N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC) 750mg
Nac is a potent antioxidant that is also good for liver health; used to treat acetominaphen overdoses.

Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin) 500mg
Supports liver health

Vitamin B-5 (500mg)
Lipid and adrenal health

Hawthorn Berry Extract (1.8% Vitexin) 450mg
Blood pressure regulation/support

Vitamin B-6 (50mg)
Lipid Metabolism

Saw Palmetto (45% fatty acids) 160mg
Prostate Health

Celery See Extract (10:1) 75mg
Blood pressure control

Grape Seed Extract 75mg
Cardiovascular health, antioxidant

Policosanol 20mg
Lowers LDL Cholesterol

Zinc Gluconate 15mg
General health (this is zinc like in zinc tabs for cold prevention)

Ok. So here is what Life Support has:

Life Support, 60 caps, 2 caps per Serving
If we have already discussed what an ingredient dose above in Cycle Assist (CA) I won't repeat it below.

2 Servings Provides: (NOTE: That is 4 caps)

Red Yeast Rice 600mg
Cardiovascular health, lowers LDL Cholesterol

NAC 600mg

Silymarin(Milk Thistle Extract) 500mg

Hawthorn Berry 500mg

Saw Palmetto 150mg

Nettle Root 125mg
Prostate Support, along with a whole bunch of other great stuff....I really like that this is in here.

Celery Seed Extract 75mg

Idebenone 50mg
Analogue of CoQ10...cardiovascular protection

Policosanol 10mg

So I think it is obvious comparing the two side by side that Cycle Assist comes with more mg's of various ingredients in it. To be fair, I don't know what the concentration of the Silymarin is in Lifesupport, but Cycle Assists is standardized to 80% which means you are getting something like 800mg of silymarin in Cycle assist, still 300mg more than Life Support, if their Silymarin is 100% pure.

I like the additions of Nettle Root and Red Yeast Rice. It seems like Life Support is geared more towards cardiovascular protection (RYRice and Idebenone) while Cycle Assist is geared more towards liver health (higher dose of NAC and Milk Thistle).

Cycle Assist has a few other things, like B-6 and B-5 that aren't necessary, and I would rather trade for Nettle Root or Red Yeast Rice in the Cycle Assist product.

But overall, I think it is a suitable product for use during a cycle or PCT. Certainly during a PCT to help get your HDL/LDL Cholesterol back in whack.

Here is another problem for Life Support though: At my favorite online supplement shop, lockoutsupplements, Cycle Assist is $27.95 while Life Support is $31.95.

Don't get me wrong here, I think this is a great product, it is just a different take on cycle support supplements, and I like it for the cardiovascular support- that is great.

One more thing in favor of Life Support: It doesn't make poop have that weird smell that Cycle Assist does. Points for that one for sure.

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