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HGHpro is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by AI Sports Nutrition. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +1,326
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  April 14, 2014

What's up SR? Up for review is AI Sports Nutrition HGH Pro. I picked this up as an impulse buy at Vitamin Shoppe looking to compare with other HGH boosters Ive used like MassHGH and Resurrect PM. Let's get to it.

Pretty basic ingredients in here for the type of product.
AlphaSize Alpha-GlycerylPhosphoryl 500mg
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid(GABA) 600mg
HGH Potentiator Complex 1161mg containing:
Mucuna Pruriens(99% L-dopa)
Green Tea
Vitamin C

Could be better. 4 pills before bed compared to 3 MassHGH pills and a scoop of the tasty Resurrect PM. I take many pills so this is a little much IMO. I wish more companies could start making more flavorful products. A little nitpicky but hey this is my review lol.

Got awesome sleep every time. Fell asleep quickly and had some wild vivid dreams most nights. Felt refreshed in the morning with no hangover.

Kinda hard to judge with all the other supplements I take for recovery but I will say that it is not AS good for the week Ive been off of it. Still a good score.

Growth Hormone Increase-6
I didn't notice as many benefits as I did with the other products Im comparing this to. Muscle fullness, and stuff like finger nail growth and body composition didn't seem to be effected as much. Always hard to gauge but I have seen better.

Granted I didn't shop around and get the best deal out there but you will find this in the mid 30s and I paid 35 for it. A little pricey IMO when you can find MassHGH for less than 30 everywhere and Resurrect PM for 30 or less.

An overall solid product but still can hold a light to the overall effectiveness of the other products. You could honestly get just as good results from some melatonin for better sleep. I would rather spend my money on something other than this. The ingredients are pretty solid even though there is a blend which hides the contents some. If you find a great deal I say pull the trigger but that's about it.
  • Great Sleep
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +247
Trust: 10%
  August 25, 2012

I ran this a while back with no expectations of anything.I won it for free during one of the giveaways.It doesnt help you get to sleep at all.The only way to take this stuff is in combination with 3Z imo.The green tea extract makes no sense at all to me,It does not help you sleep.What it is is a different kind of test booster.The ldopa in it helps you get good recovery sleep,deep sleeps that you dream alot on.If you have money to blow and just wanna add extra goodies I would throw this in PCT.I would take it at least 2 hours before you actually plan on sleeping though.I liked it for a pulse cycle of oral prohormones.If you can get it for a deal,like 20 bucks then pick it up it works pretty good.If you pay anymore though just skip it and grab some endosurge or something.
  • Great Sleep
  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Expensive
  • More Of A Test Booster Than A Hgh Supplement.
Rep: +184
Trust: 100%
  August 19, 2012

Guess ill beat the dead horse...I got a months supply of this from A.I. to log, and i really appreciate the opportunity, but it wasn't a time worthy or pleasant experience. I was excitedo try this product, and got home the first test night jumping for joy. I thought, "man, my skins gonna be sooooo clear when I wake up, and ill have at least two lbs. of muscle added on". Well not really, but the promos kind of insinuate that. Anyway, after ingesting the four purple pills, about twenty minutes later I started getting a really flushed feeling, along with a very bad itch that was almost nightmarish. I'll associate that with the green tea extract cause that's what I'm sure caused it. That went on for about an hour, and then I felt somewhat drowsy and called it a night. Sleep was dame as usual, nothing special there. So rinse wash repeat this process for four nights, and you got my experience, with no noticeable benefits. I had to stop the bottle early due to the fact that the flushing and itch was unbearable. I can't see how someone would want to waste about 35.00 on this :/
  • Free For Me!
  • Flushed And Itchy Feeling
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +4,689
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58

  August 17, 2012

Big thanks to the AI Sports reps, & the Expert Reviewer program.

We'll dive right into this one...

It contains some trademarked blends as well as a prop blend, but top to bottom it looks good.

AlphaSize® (Alpha-GPC)
I believe this is Chemi Nutra's product. According to them it is the "premier" choline donor, & one of the most effective brain nutrients. It is also used in various clinical settings dealing with memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, & various dementias. But I doubt many of you care about that. It acts to sharpen agility, optimize muscular power output, & delay mental fatigue. It also impacts maintenance of HGH.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)
More than likely included for its reported "calming effect", but whether or not GABA does is still up in the air.

Then there's a prop blend, which contains the usual suspects. Protected by the prop blend there's no real way of knowing what's what though.

AlphaSize® is interesting, & the benefits of it go on & on where brain function is concerned. Whether or not you get all those benefits is undecided (as it's probably under-dosed), but it's interesting. GABA's effectiveness is questionable, but I could say it was working to an extent. However, the prop blend makes it hard to tell how effective it was in calming me down.

Overall it's an ideal profile, but the prop blends are always tough to judge.

Instead of taste & mixability, evaluating how many pills you got to choke down seems more appropriate where pills are concerned.

The pills aren't too big, & I would wager they're quite average in size. The caps go down easy; they don't stick too much if your mouth is bone dry. However, honking down 4caps seems a bit much. It will require a glass of water to down, & that just translates to a late-night bathroom trip. Still, it could be worse.

Here's where HGH Pro gets iffy IMO. Their claims are typical, but outlandish I feel. Other than acne products, not supplement has given me clear skin. In fact, I got quite a few zits during my run with this. My acne is nowhere near what it was 10 years ago, but I always have a zit or two here & there.

As for the other areas...

I couldn't really tell if my HGH levels were optimal. I did cut my nails more often than usual, but that is probably not a strong indicator.

Body composition was impacted some, but I was also taking MGN's Trim Down & Lecheek's Hyper T2. So again, no strong indicator that HGH Pro aided in this area.

I have been seeing steady strength gains over the past few months, thanks in large to a change in programming. During this time I've hit a few PRs, but nothing I can directly attribute to HGH Pro. However, since I've stopped HGH Pro, I haven't been hitting as many PRs.

I did notice better recovery while using HGH Pro. This may be due in large to the better sleep I was getting, but nonetheless recovery was improved some. I had more than a few extremely tough workouts along the way, & none of them took the toll on my body that I was expecting.

The sleep I got with this was amazing, & the real strong point of this product IMO. I usually dosed it an hour before bed & a good 30min after I hit the pillow lights out (as usual). I got some pretty wacky dreams during this run, & I never had any issue waking up in the mornings. I was also taking melatonin during this time, but I had run out of melatonin a good 2 weeks before HGH Pro ran out. Once the melatonin stopped, the quality of sleep remained unchanged for the most part. So if anything, HGH Pro is a decent sleeping pill.

Overall I don't think HGH Pro quite delivers to the level AI wants it too. It helps in most aspects, but I feel it helps with sleep the best. However, there are better sleeping pills on the market.

I don't like the value of this product at all considering what it does. For a 30 day supply, the price will range from $36-$39 depending on where you go online. A comparable product, Animal PM for example, is at least a good $10 cheaper at those same retailers. So in conclusion, the price kind of sucks.

I good decent results from HGH Pro. It was a tad difficult to tell if it delivered in all aspects, but the sleep & the recovery better rest brings is a strong point. However, it's overpriced compared to other products that I feel delivered just as good (if not better) results.

So I'm finding a hard time recommending HGH Pro, but I won't say "stay away." The effectiveness of HGH Pro seems inconsistent at best among existing reviews, so who's to say it won't be your miracle in a pill? Just don't expect it to be.
  • Great Sleep
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +3,253
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 56
  August 9, 2012

Special thanks to AI Sports Nutrition for allowing me to try HGH Pro through the ER program.

Overall I am a big fan of Anabolic Innovations and feel their marketing strategy, products, and attention to customer service are amongst the best in the industry. I am particularly fond of their Cycle Assist and PCT support products and have had good experiences with RecoverPro and Maniac. If there's one category of supplements of which I am suspicious though, it's HGH boosters. And while most of the reviews I'd read had already labeled HGH Pro as a bust, I wanted to try it for myself.

Four caps roughly 30 minutes before bedtime. I ran the entire bottle consistently over the course of 30 days.

Unfortunately HGH Pro is yet another HGH supplement that fails to deliver. Primarily the product claims to promote healthy HGH levels and deeper, more restful sleep. With respect to the first claim, I am honestly unsure how one can measure the effectiveness of any supplement's HGH-boosting abilities without extensive lab work. Though I did experience solid gains in lean mass and strength during my 30 days on HGH Pro, I feel this was primarily a result of proper training and diet. I have no true method of telling whether my HGH levels were "healthy" or not, nor do I feel confident saying this product played a major role in any gains I made.

As for improving sleep, I can state HGH Pro had literally no effect on my quality of rest. I am generally a solid sleeper and will usually have one night every two weeks where I am fidgety and have trouble falling/staying asleep. I did not notice ANY change in the length or depth of my sleep while on this product, nor did HGH Pro keep me from having the occasional sleepless night. Upon dosing I noticed no changes in my level of drowsiness, regardless of how or when I dosed the pills.

VALUE: 2.5/10
At roughly $34 for a month's supply, I simply can't find any way to justify purchasing this product. The profile is interesting but not all that unique, and similar products (i.e. PowerFULL) can be had for less. Normal sleeps aids such as ZMA or Melatonin are also less expensive, and more potent supplements, such as Resurrect, are also available at a stronger price point.

OVERALL: 2.8/10
Put plainly HGH Pro is a blemish within AI Sport Nutrition's impressive lineup of products. Though not as blatantly overhyped as other supposed "HGH boosters", the product fails as a sleep aid and simply did not provide any noticeable effects in my experience. I'll continue to use AI's products and commend them as a company, however HGH Pro is not a supplement I can recommend in any circumstance and will not be one I purchase in the future.
    • Overpriced
    • Ineffective
    • Better Products Available
    Rep: +1,339
    Trust: 100%
      April 30, 2012

    First I want to throw out a special Thanks to Anabolic Innovations for hooking me up with a free bottle of HGH Pro via their weekly Thursday Facebook contest. However, I really have no clue what this product did for me in pretty much every aspect. I hate to do this to AI, but this product is an example of a bad product from a great company.

    HGH Pro Contains a lot of the same ingredients as similarly marketed products. Like Vitamin B6, Mucuna, GABA, and Zinc. One thing I don't understand is why all of the self proclaimed HGH boosters contain Green Tea Extract.

    However, the best thing I can really compare the ingredient profile of this is to HGH Up, which I had mixed results with. Furthermore, research from some articles that I've Googled, explain that all of these ingredients are going to do next to nothing in terms of raising your body's HGH and IGF-1 levels. And it's definitely not going to be in the same galaxy as shooting actual growth hormone. So in all I can't rate the content and am not going to go into too much detail about each ingredient as you all are more then capable of researching yourselves.

    Link to profile:

    4 caps 30-45 minutes before bed on an empty stomach each night. This is a pretty simple dosing schedule and I really enjoyed not having to monitor my Vitamin B6 intake as I did with taking HGH Up.

    The capsules are purple and tasteless with no nasty aftertaste going down the hatch. I did experience a "dust burp," one time, which tasted god awful. But, I can contribute that problem with not drinking enough liquid.

    In terms of getting a deeper and more restful sleep, this product was pretty average in my honest opinion. I felt a little bit refreshed some mornings, though my total hours of sleep remained at an average of 7 hours per night for over 30 days. I did experience some crazy and vivid dreams as described by many who take similar products, but they came and went in random order. On a positive note, I am a pretty light sleeper and did manage from mostly waking up throughout the night. Even with my 80lb dog hopping on and off the bed.

    I did not experience any clearer looking skin, and cannot attribute any muscle recovery and delayed muscle fatigue to this product.

    In all reality, I got much better results out of EST Somadrol, AppNut HGH Up, and some samples of AI's 3Z. Which are all halfway decent products.

    The average price of HGH Pro is right around 40$. That's not all too bad for some products, but I sure as hell wouldn't pay that much for some deeper sleep. Even more considering I can pick up some Valerian Extract for a lot cheaper.

    It seems I may have been one of those people who just didn't respond all to well to this product. And again, I hate to do this to AI, but I don't recommend this product to anyone. Even if you want to burn a hole in your wallet, there are still better ways of doing that then purchasing this. This stands as a perfect example of a bad product from a great company.
      • Too Expensive
      • Overpriced
      • Not More Effective Then Similar/cheaper Products
      • Inconsistent Results
      Rep: +815
      Trust: 100%
        December 30, 2011

      Alright guys here is my review of HGH Pro. First of all I would like to thank Makeshift for giving me the oppurtunity to log this product. For thos of you that followed my log you know I did enjoy this product. I will be reviewing this product as a sleep aid supplemnent. I know it is marketed to increase HGH production, but I have no way to confirm this aspect of it. Now to the review.

      Dosing/taste- 10/10 Taste is non-existant. I had no capsules break while using it, and never tasting anything with it. Its an easy product to dose. 4 caps 30-45 minutes before going to bed. Towards the end of the product I tried a 2 caps a night dosing to see how it worked. I will get into this more later.

      Effectiveness- 7/10 Here is what AI's site says this product will do.

      What HGH PRO WILL do:

      - Promote healthy HGH levels.
      - Promote deeper and more restful sleep
      - Increase appetite
      - Increase strength
      - Increase recovery
      - Promote clear skin
      - Support optimal acetyl-choline production
      - Control prolactin
      - Control somatostatin
      - Increase fat loss

      The biggest thing this product affected for me was my sleep. While taking this product I had amazingly vivid dreams. I also woke up MOST mornings feeling refreshed and fully recovered. I guess since HGH does assist in recovery I could say that there is a chance I did experience an increase, because my reovery time was reduced. I don't want to speculate on that though because I believe getting better sleep assists in recovery also. I did experiance a small increase in appetite do to the L-dopa. I didn't notice any strength increases I could contribute dirctly to this product, nor any increas in skin health. Fat loss I won't comment on because I was using compound 20 and a fat burner while on this. I want to make clear though this product gave me the best 30 days of sleep I've had in a long time. Better than any night I have had using ZMA and melatonin. Now for the nights I dosed 2 caps instead of the 4. I initialy thought it was working just as good as the 4 caps a night did. That effect only lasted for 3 days, Then 2 caps a night had absoulutely no effect. I believe the nights it did work was due to the build up ingedients in my system. I'm not factoring this into my score though because 4 a night worked great.

      Value- 7/10 this sells for 54.99 on AI's site, and can be found else where for around 35. In comparison agian as a sleep aid. I can get ZMA and melatonin together for alot cheaper than this even at it's cheapest. However AI is known to run 50% off sells, and think at that price it is worth picking up for sure.

      Profile- NA Just wanted to list the ingredients on here for anyone interested. Im not rating the profile because I dont know enough about each ingredient to speak on it, but I figured I would list it here for refrence.

      AlphaSize® (Alpha-Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline) (Alpha-GPC) 500mg
      Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) 600mg

      Human Growth Hormone Poteniator Complex: 1161mg
      Mucuna Puriens (99% L-Dopa)
      Green Tea (98% Polyphenols, 50% EGCG)
      Shilajit (5% Fulvic Acid)
      Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine HCI)
      Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid)
      Zinc (As Zinc Chelate)

      Side effects-6/10 (10 being bad) There were mornings exspecially in the begining that I just wouldn't want to get out of bed. I would feel hazy like my mind was trapped in a fog. After the first week or so it subsided, but would still come back at random. That's what led me to experiment with the 2 caps a night. I had something going on one morning and couldn't risk the fog effect. That to me does kinda bring this product down some. It sucks having to worry about whether or not you'll be able to start the morning full speed ahead. I aslo had a few nights that I had smokey burps. No big deal didn't have any affect on the product doing it's job. Just wierd.

      Overall though I would suggest this product. Exspecially if it is on sale. It helped me get some great nights of amazing sleep and increased my recovery. If they could fix the haze effect it would be an amzing product. That could also be something that isnt an issue for every one, but it was an issue for me.
      • Great Night Sleep!
      • Deep Sleep
      • Overpriced
      Rep: +1,592
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 35

        December 20, 2011

      Third and final part on my review of the "Ultimate Transformation Stack" from Anabolic Innovations. HGH Pro is a night time natural growth hormone enhancer designed to also have a bevy of other benefits including deeper sleep and increased recovery. Out of all the products in the stack I have to say that this is the one I was least impressed with.

      For dosage, I took a 4 pill serving at least 45 minutes to an hour before taking any calcium containing foods or supplements just as I would do with ZMA prior to bed.

      The one thing I will give credit to this product for is deeper sleep. Naturally I will wake up 2 to 3 times a night to turn over in bed, however with this product I was out like a light all night long. The one drawback to that however is I did find myself a little more groggy in the morning, something I normally did not experience with other sleep aids like ZMA or Melatonin. As far as increased strength or noticeable effects of increased growth hormone production I would say the results were negligible. I did get a lot stronger during my cycle, but I am not fully convinced it was due to this product. So to me this was really nothing more then a fancy, marked up version of ZMA, as I saw no noticeable differences in using the two in terms of sleep and recovery.

      As far as price goes, a bottle of this not included as part of a stack runs you about 40 bucks for 30 servings which works out to $1.33 a serving. For me considering that it did not do much more than ZMA, there is no point in paying more for the same/similar results.

      I love a lot of AI's products, this one however was a flop in my eyes. It's way over priced for what it does, and it doesn't provide any real added benefits versus cheaper, equally effective products. SO for me this gets a thumbs down and I would not recommend this to any one. Save the money, or buy some ZMA if you really want a good nights sleep.
      • Deep Sleep
      • Overpriced
      • Not More Effective Then Similar/cheaper Products
      Rep: +58
      Trust: 60%
        November 9, 2011

      I got two bottles of this on WheyCheap a while back as a cheap, similar alternative to Controlled Labs Blue GrowTH and ran a complete cycle of it (60 days worth) to see what sort of gains I should expect from GrowTH. I then waited a few weeks for it to clear out of my system before submitting this review so that I could see how I felt before and after...

      So, this says it promotes clear skin and deeper sleep, neither of which I experienced while taking HGHpro. In fact, I slept worse! I've always been a relatively heavy sleeper, but I'm frequently tired. At one point I had tests done to make sure I didn't have sleep apnea and the results were within nominal levels... In any case, I was really hoping this would help me sleep better and therefore help me feel more refreshed waking up. It basically had the opposite effect. I had trouble falling asleep, to the tune of tossing and turning for hours some nights, and usually I'd wake up in the middle of the night desperately thirsty. This happens every once in a while normally (ie rarely) but on this product it happened almost every night.

      I didn't really notice how bad my sleep patterns were until a few weeks after I finished taking it! Suddenly I was falling asleep instantly and sleeping like a baby all night again.

      Did it do anything for my HGH levels? Hell if I know. The ingredients look like a frankenstein of Bioforge (which I've heard is good, but count my skeptical now) and other "natural HGH enhancers"-- with green tea extract and Zinc and Vitamin C.

      I paid about $50 for a 60 day supply, which isn't terrible, assuming the product had a positive effect on me, but it didn't! I wouldn't touch this at full price with a ten foot pole!

      I feel a little odd giving any supplement a zero rating, but I can't honestly find one single pro to this product besides the "pro" in its name.
        • Bad Sleep
        • Dosing Instructions Inconvenient
        Rep: +1,058
        Trust: 100%
          September 4, 2011

        HGHpro - A supplement that I have no clue what it did for me.

        I have tried plenty of supposed HGH-boosting supplements, such as just straight GABA powder, Arginine Pyroglutamate plus lysine, HGH complete and GHenerate. I've read several articles that have said that simply put, most of these products aren't going to work because they only ever so slightly raise your HGH/IGF-1 levels, and it is nowhere near the point of where we would have noticable results. So let the review begin!

        Ingredients : HGHpro contains some interesting compounds, such as Alpha-GPC and Mucuna Pruiens, and then some of the other usuals like GABA, Zinc, Vitamin B6. Something I didn't understand is why Green Tea Extract was in it along with Shilajit.

        Taste/Pill Size : 10/10 - No taste or aftertaste with the pills, and they are normal sized and purple in color. 4 pills per dose.

        Value : 6/10 - Considering I didn't get much out of this product, I'm not giving it a good value rating. I got a bottle for 28.99.

        Effectiveness : 4/10 - I almost wanted to completely trash this rating, but I guess I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. The product first of all makes the claims that it will improve recovery, promote clear skin (what?) and promote deeper sleep. It did none of these for me, and actually made my sleep much worse, which I'm thinking the Green Tea Extract had something to do with that. I didn't observe anything in my body composition that would generally be attributed to higher HGH levels, such as a leaning out effect and somewhat of a youth promoting factor. During the month that I took it, I did lose a complete pounds, but that had more to do with the cutting cycle I'm on. There was nothing about this supplement that special in any way.

        Overall : 4/10 - I feel bad giving AI a not-so-great review since I beleive they are a great company in general. I just think this certain nitch that some supplement companies aim for is bunk and they are only making a buck off the idea that our HGH levels could possibly be 'slightly' increased with these natural supplements.

        I think I've given up on trying any of these and will save my money for something else.
          • Bad Sleep

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