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DecaSARM RDe Reviews

By: Advanced Muscle Science

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DecaSARM RDe is a Prohormone manufactured by Advanced Muscle Science. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

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  October 18, 2013

  • No Bad Side Effects
  • Taste Like Tic Tacs
  • Expensive
  • No Major Strength Gains
  • No Loss Of Bf
Hello All,

First review here, but I've read tons on here so hopefully I won't fall flat on my face first time out.

Ran an 8 week cycle of Deca-Sarm, as well as AMS's Arom-x. Nutraplanet was running a special on this WITH the Arom-x included. I figured since it was so cheap, it would be a good time to try it. I'm a former personal trainer and fitness coordinator, and had a friend of mine who is a professor in the exercise physiology school at UVM help me with my stats.

Starting stats:

6' 1"
204 lbs.
BF = 12.5%
Chest = 44"
Waist = 33"
Arms = 16.5"
Thighs = 25.5"
Calves = 17"

Max Bench = 235 lbs./2 reps
Max Squat = 325 lbs./4 reps
Max Dead = 435 lbs./2 reps
Max Shoulder Press = 145 lbs./1 rep


Macros = 40/40/20
Protein was around 220-250 grams on training days, fluctuated, as did carbs. Tried to keep them between 220-250 as well, but defenitely had carb heavy days from time to time. Total calories for the duration avereged 3500.

Other Supplements:

I used/have been using Dymatizes Elite XT Fudge Brownie for almost 2 years. Inexspensive, but protein profile I find is quite favorable, along with MTC's, borage oil, and other decent ingredients. The flavor isn't horrible either. My creatine is True Athalete Kre-alkalyn, 4 grams total dosed at 2 grams a.m., 2 grams p.m., in post workout and pre bed shakes on training days. Multi-vitamin, beta-sitosterol, fish oil, vitamin D, and calcium as part of morning routine. I used N.O. Shotgun, then Cytosport Fast Twitch for my PWO drinks. I finished an 4 week run of DAA with Finaflex Revolution and gave 2 weeks before I ran the Deca-Sarm.


I am a firm believer in "strength will lead to size", and keep my rep ranges around 4-6 reps. I use mainly compound lifts with a few isolation thrown in from time to time, but it's usually full ROM heavy movements. I didn't deviate from my training plan, and tried tp improve my strength level at a maximum in order to try and take advantage of this supplement. I lifted seriously in and after college, didn't have access to a gym for a couple of years, but after building our house and garage I now have a very well equiped home gym. It's mostly free weights, dumbbells and barbells, adjustable benches, but I also have a large unverisal machine and Smith machine along with some cardio equipment.

Overall Opinion:

I found this product VERY disappointing. I had high expectaions, hoping to lose even a tiny bit of BF, but was really looking forward to gaining some lean mass. I worked my tail off trying to get stronger, did my usual HIIT along with my weight training. 7-8 hours of sleep, 2 days off a week, sometimes 3 if I was still feeling my last workout. I followed the directions to a T and didn't see any serious gains in strength, and nothing noticable in the mirror. My wife took a before and after picture and they look just about the same. She even said I didn't look any different. I gained 1.5 lbs overall and my body fat was unchanged when I went back for my post cycle analysis. The bottle says on the side "hard mass gains" and "strength gains", unfortunately it didn't follow through. This was my first foray into "pro-hormones", though I wouldn't go so far as to call this a true pro-hormone. I felt like I saw better results running DAA and Revolution vs. Deca-Sarm.

  February 13, 2013

  • Lost Body Fat
  • Safe On Liver
  • No Bad Side Effects
  • Good Starter Ph
  • Great For A Cut
  • Deca Dic
  • Expensive
  • No Major Strength Gains
Deca-Sarm RDE is the 1st phase of the workhorse stack from AMS. After reading several reviews and logs on different SARMs it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. After I bought the stack, I did a little more research and found out that this isn't a SARM at all, but a Deca Style pro-hormone with "SARM-like" sides. I have never run anything like this before and even though this isn't what I thought it was, it did look like a good introductory PH for me to test out.

The Plan
Use the Deca-SARM for one month on a lower carb diet and get lean and mean. Then roll into 1-andro (2nd phase) crush some PR's and finish up with a serm and pct.

I was looking for a safe, easy to dose ph with minimal sides to help me gain some strength. My goal was to "recomp" gain some strength and lose some fat. I did lose some body fat but the strength gains were less than I hoped for. My workouts were based on the 5/3/1 program. The program does take several months to gradually progress but I pushed as hard as I could each day.
I ran a lower carb diet, less than 250 grams / day, keeping my fat around 50 grams and protein around 250 grams. I stuck to the diet except for a few minor slips through the holiday season. I also used body mortar, joint fixx, nocturnabol and super cycle from the AMS line along with Humapro, Jack3d micro and various other support supplements.

Profile and Dosing
This stuff is pretty cool. Place on tab on your tongue, hold it for about 20 seconds, it dissolves, swallow what's left. Take another tab 8 hours later the same way.
They call this RDE or rapid dissolve effervescent; I call it muscle candy. The taste is pretty good first thing in the morning and I looked forward to "dropping the tab" as soon as I woke up. The quick dissolving tabs are supposed to help bio-availability and make it a little easier on the liver.

19Nor-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one is the chemical name for this PH. I've read, goggled, and researched this till my eyes turned red. I'm not a chemist and I won't pretend to be. 19 nor Androstene attaches to your muscles and converts via a two-step process to 19 nor testosterone.

Naringenin (extract from grapefruit) is added to this to help reduce negative side effects and increase bio-availability. This addition is why it has the SARM added to the name. Is it equal to a "real" SARM? I'm not sure but I didn't get any weird side effects.

When I started I weighed in at 235lbs. I gained a 11lbs within the first two weeks; I think it was my body adjusting to the new diet. After everything was finished I tipped the scales at 233lbs. No crazy weight loss but I looked a lot leaner in the mirror and my wedding ring was really lose and would constantly fall off my finger. The only other time that this has happened with my ring is when I was on the keto diet while on recreate. I would say that even though the scale didn't really change, this was one of the most effective fat loss products that I have ever used.
While I had success with the mirror, I can't say I had the same results in the gym. I matched one previous PR but wasn't killing it like I thought I should have. I was pushing for results it just didn't happen. I was able to hit all my planned lifts on the 5/3/1 but my stamina was way worse than usual on drop sets.

I didn't feel much the first week just a little placebo aggression. By the end of the second week I didn't have a ton of energy and really relied on my pre-workouts to get through my sessions. It felt to me equal to what one month of D-pol did as far as results. The third week I upped the dosage and my libido started to dive. I could still get it up but I just feel like myself, from what I've read this is called deca-"dic". I backed off and went back down to two tabs a day and my little buddy went back to normal. I did notice some strange cramps in my pecs and triceps. I seemed to always have DOMS no matter how much protein or BCAA's I would take. I didn't get any weird pimples, pains or anything like that and my joints seemed very fluid. So I would say this is very mild as far as negative side effects are concerned.

Regular price on the AMS website is going for $63/bottle, yeah right. Lockout has it for $39.95 minus our usual SR discount. Got mine from the AMS website for 50% off: 2 bottles of deca-sarm, 2 jugs of body mortar, 2 each 1-andro, 2 each arom-x for $130. This is a pretty good deal considering what the regular prices run.

PH runs are expensive and the results are only going to be there if you put the work in. If you can get this on sale I'd give it a shot. I think Deca-SARM is a pretty good supplement if your diet and training are dialed in. When I run this again I'm going to use 2 bottles back to back instead of jumping in to the 1-andro. The leaning effects are better than any thermo I've ever run, but the strength gains just were not there like I hoped. I'd say this is a very mild starter PH for someone on an all out cut. If you're budget conscience, I'd say skip it and pick up some DAA and Recreate instead.

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