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Body Mortar is a BCAA manufactured by Advanced Muscle Science. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,823
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 65
  August 19, 2014

This has been a review I have been needing to do for a very long time now. Awhile back I was looking for a cheap priced amino product and saw this and heard it was pretty good and thought I would give it a try. I had started this and got about half way through it and then got some new stuff and never got back to finishing it until now. I got the carb free version which I did not know they had until I got this. Either way I was fine with it being carb free.

Calories 60
Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 g
Total Carbohydrates 0 g
Complex Carb (Maltodextrin) 0 g
Fiber 0 g
Sugars (Dextrose) 0 g
Protein 0 g
Branched Chain Amino Acids
L-Leucine 3500 mg
L-Isoleucine 875 mg
L-Valine 875 mg
Revival Agent
Glutamine 1250 mg
Dipotassium Phosphate 200 mg
Potassium Chloride 80 mg
Sodium Phosphate 50 mg

Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors (Lemon Flavor), Calcium Silicate, Bitter Blocker, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, FD&C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake.

This is a 4:1:1 ratio. This is a pretty simple ingredient profile but it works. It nothing real outstanding but nothing horrible. I love the added Electrolytes and BCAA they use. I would like to see them add some Citrulline and Beta Alanine and maybe a few other things. Compared to a lot of the newer Amino products out now this is a lot more simpler but it still works. I wouldn't mind seeing them do a whole new reformulation on this and add a few more thing to this. I think it would only help make this a much better amino product. I do like that they do not use any prop blends in this and tell you how much of everything is in this.

I think the value for this is pretty good. When I got this I paid $19.95. You can pretty much find this for around the $20 range for 30 servings. I was able to get by with just one scoop and that helped keep the value a lot better. If you have to do two scoops then value I feel drops a little.

I had the lemonade flavor. I really enjoyed this. It had a nice light and refreshing lemonade taste to it. It's nothing to sweet or tart tasting at all. This was something I really enjoyed sipping on during my workouts. Kind of reminded me of drink country time lemonade.

No real issues with it mixing. I did notice some little pieces floating around that never fully mixed no matter how many times you shook this up. It was not a real issue for me but it did give it a slight gritty taste I thought. I noticed there was next to no foam at all when mixed which was nice. I liked that there are no real dyes added to this for coloring. It just looks like very cloudy water when mixed. You get 30 servings in this. I only used one scoop each time and that worked fine for me. I never really felt the need to add a second scoop which you could do and think I would help more.

This was a decent and effective product for me. I did get some good recovery from this and it helped reduce a lot of the soreness I would get. I have tried many different amino products and this I would rate in the middle for effectiveness. I have had ones that are a lot better and ones not so good. I had the carb free version which was kind of nice if you were trying to cut. I was not necessary trying to cut so I would have been fine with either carb or carb free version. I never knew there was a carb and carb free version until this was sent to me and noticed on the label it was carb free. I would have liked to have seen a little more increase in my endurance between sets. It was nothing horrible but a little more of a bump in my endurance would have been nice. I do like the 4:1:1 ratio they use in this. I do think that ratio was effective and did work for me. The added glutamine in this I think helped me feel a lot better after some of my more intense workouts. Glutamine can be really helpful for me if I have not taken it in a long time. I can really feel it right away when I start taking it again. I think if I was on more of a diet/cut phase this would have been a better product for me. If your more of a serious and hard core bodybuilder like me this might not be what your looking for in a bcaa product. It will still get the job done but with the newer products coming out I think there are better ones out there now.

Side Effects:
Had no issues with any side effects while taking this product.

I really enjoyed this. It was nothing over the top special for me in terms of a BCAA product but it worked and was effective for me. This is one of your more simpler BCAA products out there. This product won't wow you on how it works but you will enjoy it. I would recommend this if your looking for a cheaper and effective BCAA product. Would I try this again probably not just because there are newer and more effective BCAA products to come out. If they were to reformulate this and add a few more things to it then I would be much more likely to try it again.
  • Great Bcaa Ratio
  • Great Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Cheap
  • No Carbs
  • Increase In Recovery
    Rep: +2,615
    Trust: 100%
      May 17, 2013

    First of all, I wan to thank female-dog face, Cray, for the opportunity to try out Body Mortar Carb Free Formula. I think this is a really good options for BCAA, specially with a marked flooded with them and some with hefty price tags only because they are "modern" or is under a recognized brand.

    I personally believe that BCAAs are a simple-hard-to-mess approach to supplemnts. It does not need anything fancy, it just has to be complete and Body Mortar by AMS is that. It is nothing extraordinary, but it delivers what is expected from a quality BCAA supplements and at a great price.

    Profile (7/10):it has what a good BCAA 4:1:1 should have. A good amount of Leucine, Glutamine in addition to electrolytes and is carb free. It is nothing outstanding, but it has what is needed. This is the profile:

    Calories 60 N/A*
    Calories From Fat 0 N/A*
    Total Fat 0 Gm N/A*
    Saturated Fat 0 Gm N/A*
    Cholesterol 0 Gm N/A*
    Fiber 0 Gm N/A*
    Protein 0 Gm N/A*

    L-Leucine 3500 Mg N/A*
    L-Isoleucine 875 Mg N/A*
    L-Valine 875 Mg N/A*

    Glutamine 1250 Mg N/A*

    Potassium Chloride 80 Mg N/A*
    Sodium Phosphate 50 Mg N/A*

    Like mentioned before, it is a decent profile that provides you with a good amount of BCAA and at this ratio it seems to work much better for me than other formulations.

    Effectiveness (9/10): This is where the product shines and should be. It definitely improved my recovery time and reduces soreness, specially after heavy squats or deadlift. It made a substantial difference in my cutting phase because it is carb free, but it the 4:1:1 ratio provides my muscles a lot more Leucine to help me recover (since I was cutting carbs) and give me energy.

    While on it, I was barely sore, at exceptions of squats or deadlift; however, even then it was not extreme soreness and it never lasted more than a day. I liked the fact that I personally felt I did not lose that much muscless mass as I have in previous cuts. I was able o stay at 178-180 a dropped below 10% BF. I simply liked the fact that I was never "too tired" "half-ass" recovered and had enough energy to finish all my workout.

    Taste(8/10): unfortunately thanks to punk ass Cray, I got lemonade lol. I personally hate lemonade or lemon-flavor supplements. However, it does taste like lemonade. They have done a really good job at mimicking the flavor and that is why I don't like it. Nonetheless, if you like lemonade you will LOVE body mortar.

    Mixability(7/10): meehhh, its BCAAs, you cannot really expect them to mix ever, but this compared to other BCAAs I used, it does not dissolve as good. I had MGNs BCAA, Modern BCAA, among others and this one so far has been the gritiest one.

    CONS(3/10): ***in AMS and this retarded label and directions; GAWD this *** was confusing. The supplement facts part says one serving is 1 scoop at 8.11g and it has 30 servings per container. If you multiply 8.11 x 30 = 243.3 g in total, but the tube weighs 787g if I am correct. In addition the directions say:

    "Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 level scoop in 12-16 ounces of water and shake well. On training days or others athletic activites, consume one serving (23 grams) before training and one serving during training"

    23g equals 2.83 scoops, almost three. So WTF AMS? is it 23g or 8.11 the serving size? Fix this soon because it can be extremely confusing and it can be seen as misleading.

    Value(4/10): well, I am kinda confused on this as well. At 1 scoop/30 svngs this is average, but at 2.83 scoops? 10-11 servings? so until they fix this this will get a low score on value because it is plain stupid.

    Overall(6.33/10): Why so low? well the whole confusing label and misleading value aspect really ***ed me off. The product delivers and it definitely works for recovery, diminish soreness and provide energy on a cut. So based on that this supplement would get an 8/10; however, this label and directions are simply stupid, misleading and they need to fix it ASAP.
    • Great Bcaa Ratio
    • Endurance
    • No Carbs
    • Low Calories
    • Increase In Recovery
    • Cheap
    • Builds Muscle
    • Increased Energy
    • Great Recovery
    • Confusing Labeling
    • Value Is Not As Good As It Seems
    Rep: +3,261
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 52
      May 14, 2013

    I would like to thank AMS(Cray) for letting me use this product. It's really not that hard to impress me with a BCAA product, mainly because they are very hard to mess up! Body Mortar is no exception. I received carb-containing version of BM.


    The profile is solid, even at 1 scoop. It contains a 4:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, electrolytes, Glutamine, and 15g of carbs(half complex, half simple). I could care less for ratios, but at least I know that per scoop I am receiving 3.5 grams of L-Leucine. AMS recommends taking 2 scoops of this, 1 pre and one intra.

    The only changes I would like to see would be some added Beta-Alanine or CM as I have had success with those ingredients when using them during my workouts.


    This mixes well. The taste is fine as well. No where near the BCAA products known for taste(Amino Freak, Blox), but nothing that you would complain about drinking. I had the Blue Raspberry flavor. The only gripe I had, was that when I got home from the gym, was that this would leave my shaker cup smelling like bleach or some sort of chemical. I won't take off points though because this happens with a few other intras as well, I just never complained about it.


    I used this during my DTP run when I was cleared to workout again. At first I was using 2 scoops, one pre, one intra as directed. This provided great endurance for my workouts, and when running DTP, you certainly need that! After a few workouts, I took it down to one scoop and noticed no difference in effectiveness. This is good because it made the tub last longer. I was expecting cramps from DTP, but got none, I attribute this to Body Mortar, because the one day I forgot to take it on a leg day, I got a pretty nasty cramp in my left calf. Rest between sets was increased as well,which is the norm with any intra product. Off day recovery was alright, yet not as good as MBCAA sadly.

    Value: (9.5/10)

    The value is very good for what BM provides. For around $20, I would gladly pay for this again. Some would argue that you only get 15 servings if you use 2 scoops, I however only needed 1 serving so it worked out great for me.

    Overall: (8.75/10)

    AMS didn't go for anything innovative here. Instead, they provided a solid/tasty product that delivers. I will be buying this again, and I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a BCAA/Intra. You won't be wowed by it, but you'll be happy you got a useful intra at a solid price.
    • Cheap
    • Endurance
    • Increase In Recovery
    • Taste Is Alright
      Rep: +1,015
      Trust: 100%
        March 25, 2013

      This is a review for AMS Body Mortar, *Carb Free* Formula. I would like to thank AMS and the ER program for the opportunity to use this. I've always thought AMS was a quality company with a great selection of innovative products. So let's talk a little about Body Mortar Carb Free.


      The profile of Body Mortar is solid but nothing to get too excited about. It has a 5.25 gram 4:1:1 ratio BCAA mix, 1.25 grams of Glutamine, and a 330 mg electrolyte mix. A simple profile with no proprietary blends. And a no carb formula with only 60 calories isn't too shabby if your on a diet where this option might be beneficial. I did have some issues/complaints with their packaging and labeling. I'm not letting it affect my rating, but I am going to outline the problems to make others aware in the event they purchase this. This is sold as a "30 serving" container, with a serving size being stated as "1 scoop (8.11 grams)". One problem was that this came with a 4 gram scooper (ironic considering Cray's unconditional scooper love). So you actually need 2 scoops to equal the profile listed. I caught this almost right away and weighed a single scoop to confirm. So this didn't turn out to be a big deal for me, but I could see someone unexpectedly using only 1 scoop of this for quite a while until they figured out that they are using half the dose as they originally thought. The other problem is with the "suggested use" portion of the label. It instructs someone to "consume one serving(23 grams) before training and one serving during training". So is one serving 4 grams, 8.11 grams, or 23 grams? Depending on whether you trust the scooper, the profile, or the suggested use, this could range from a 10 serving tub, to a 60 serving tub. AMS really needs to work out these problems, and hopefully at the time of this review, they have been addressed.

      Mixability/Flavor (9/10).....................

      The flavor I got was lemonade. It tasted great and the best part about it was that it had a nice taste whether I had it really watered down or really concentrated. They have the flavor nailed on this. It mixed up as good as any BCAA product I've used. It took 5-10 minutes to fully dissolve, which is pretty standard with these products. No complaints in this department.

      Effectiveness (8/10).........................

      I wasn't on a cut or calorie deficient diet per say while using this, so while I may not have been benefiting from the carb free formula, I was eating clean, and have no doubt about how this was working. I'm not going to go into crazy detail about how effective this stuff was. I've used BCAA products that did nothing, and one's that took training to a different level. Body Mortar fell somewhere in the middle. It absolutely helped me with recovery when I was using even only one scoop. When I upped it to two scoops, taking one scoop pre workout with Speed X3 and one scoop during my workout the Body Mortar would noticeably increase my endurance and bump recovery even a little more. Were the recovery and endurance outstanding? No. But I didn't expect outstanding. I'm not someone who believes BCAA supplements are a must have, but a product like this really does it's job. I was the most pleased by the fact that I found this carb free formula to be just as effective as I would expect the original formula to be. If you have a good diet this stuff could really give you a slight edge in the gym and help you push yourself a little more. Especially if you are on a calorie deficient diet and want a BCAA product without all the extra calories.

      Value (7/10).................................

      I'm fairly certain you can find Body Mortar for around $20 if you shop around. This falls right in line with other BCAA products that are in it's class. I prefer to use two servings a day, so 15 trianing days worth of product isn't ideal for me, but it's not bad either. Most BCAA products are a 15 day supply for me, so I gave Body Mortar a pretty average value rating.

      Overall (8/10)...............................

      I was happy to find a carb free product was basically just as effective as it's counterpart's with more calories which is the main reason why I would suggest this. It tasted good. It was effective. And the price isn't too bad. I say if you have a summer cut coming up, give it a shot.

      Thanks for reading- SoCal
      • Low Calories
      • No Carbs
      • Confusing Labeling
      Rep: +2,618
      Trust: 100%
        January 24, 2012

      What up everyone? Its review time. Today I will be reviewing Advances Muscle Science's Body Mortar. After having a discussion with SR's resident Hulk I decided to give this BCAA product a try. This isn't my first BCAA supplement, in the past I have tried RecoverPro, Xtend, Recoup, and the popular Modern BCAA.

      Content - 8/10
      So there is nothing spectacular here. This is a BCAA supplement that utilizes the 4:1:1 ratio of Leucine (7g), Isoleucine (1.75g) and Valine (1.75g). There is 30 grams of carbs, 15 grams of sugar and 2.5 grams of Glutamine – nothing else.

      Taste – 9/10

      This is a major selling point of this product. Up until I had used this AI's RecoverPro was the best tasting BCAA product I had ever used. This is right up there taste wise with RecoverPro. I had the Blue Rasberry flavor and it was ridiculous. Now we don't buy supplements for the taste, but I can't lie here people, I looked forward to drinking this while I was working out.

      Mixability - 6/10

      I really should give this a 5 cause the mixability is pretty bad here. Generally with BCAA products you have mixability issues, but it is definitely more of an issue with Body Mortar. It seemed like I was shaking my shaker constantly throughout my workouts as a substantial bit of powder kept settling in the bottom. A few times I forgot to shake it and when I got to the bottom there would be quite a bit of powder settled. I would just put a small amount of water in and down the rest of it. It's not a huge issue, but more of a minor inconvenience.

      Effectiveness – 9/10

      So I would say that this was a very effective product. I definitely saw a decrease in muscle soreness, most noticeably after a chest or legs day. I always had good results with the 4:1:1 ratio BCAA's, and this was no different. I felt as if this was a little bit more effective than RecoverPro, idk maybe it's the 2.5 grams of Glutamine that made the difference but I would feel excellent the next day. Im not bashing RecoverPro here, I still think that it is one of the best BCAA's on the market; its just that little extra bit of Glutamine really seems to make a difference.

      Value – 7/10

      This is pretty cheap to pick up. On you can get a 30 serving tub for $22.95. They say your supposed to take a serving pre workout, and a serving during your workout. If your taking two servings every time you workout your only going to get 15 servings out of this. Now I tried taking the recommended two servings – one pre and one intra during chest day and compared it to chest day the following week with only the intra serving. I found that taking the second serving really does help. So to reap the maximum benefits you would have to take two servings, one pre and one intra. Thinking about that the value doesn't seem that great.

      Overall - 8/10

      Overall this is a pretty good product and it really delivers. There are no fillers or anything, its just straight BCAA's with some glutamine thrown in there. I would use this product again, but not as my staple BCAA, maybe if I got tired of the flavors of RecoverPro would I use this as a temporary switch. Recover pro is cheaper and you get more servings. If you haven't tried this I would recommend it, but just not as your staple BCAA product. There are just cheaper and equally as effective (or close enough) other BCAA products out there.
      • Great Bcaa Ratio
      • Great Recovery
      • Value Is Not As Good As It Seems
      Rep: +4,721
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 59

        August 17, 2011

      Time to drop yet another review haha! Since I have dropped a ton in my status I'm getting it back the best way I know how answers, and kick ass reviews! So today we will look at Body Mortar from ams. In the past I have had some huge issues with this company. I personally feel they put out some inferior products such as noctubol and Pump Fixx, but They also have great stacking ph/ds like DecaVol and 4ad. I have used just about all there products and I have found this to be one of the best well rounded amino acid available. Let's take a look at Body Mortar!!!

      ------------------TASTE 9.5/10-------------------------------------

      I love the taste of this product I have used both blue raspberry and lemonade the carb free version YES they offer a carb free version!! Both have a somewhat sweet taste the carb version was sweeter since it had some sugar in it but the lemonade was still very good almost quenching at times. This will be a sticking point for a lot of people since taste can influence their decisions, at least this time they will get a solid Amino complex! I would compare the raspberry to almost a tiny chug juice and the lemonade to sugar free country time no lie guys try them.

      -----------------------MIX/TEXTURE 7/10----------------------------------

      This is the worst grade this product will get. I noticed that you can have some small chunks and a sandy, gritty texture to it even when you let it sit. I tend to use a metal canteen/eco bottle for my creatine and Amino drinks. And no matter how much water or shaking I do it still clumps a bit. Very tolerable it won't gag you up but you will notice the texture difference. One thing this didn't do like other Amino drinks is foam up beyond belief. This is a great feature of this product you don't ingest air and get a bloated gas feeling after consuming the intra work out drink. I don't know about you guys but after I drink mBCAA not knocking it I love it I get gut rot and it sucks. So this is a great replacement if you get severe gas and a stomach ache after your other Amino beverage.

      -----------------------CONTENT 9/10---------------------------------------

      I'm a keep it simple stupid guy when it comes to my staple supplements such as amino acid, whey, creatine and casein. This is a simple 4:1:1 recovery ratio with two different formulas. Carbohydrate and carbohydrate free, both contain the same core ingredients except the sugars and carbs. They both use glutamine for recovery 2.5G per serving.
      They both have 7G of l- leucine this is the strongest muscle building Amino available,
      It also contains 1.75G of L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. The carb version has 120 cal per serving and the carb free version has 0 cal for a stingy cut this is perfect for those no carb days on a carb cycle!

      --------------------------------EFFECTIVNESS 9.5/10------------------------------------------------

      I simply noticed that I recovered the best on this product the glutamine had me feeling good even after the hardest workouts not even a little sore. Everyone that knows me knows that I'm in the gym for 2+ hours a session. And If I feel good while on this you know you will. It's simple to take as well one serving before activity and one serving during. The scoops are not over whelming they are rather small. One tub should last you 45 working sessions and they will be some of the best working sessions of your life.

      --------------------------------VALUE 10/10------------------------------------------------------
      CAN"T BEAT IT EVER!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say under 23.00 for either formula and it last 45 workouts come on and try to beat it! For a top notch Amino this should be in every ones arsenal as a staple supplement. No need to go further here!

      Overall I think this product is well worth a go since it might end up saving you some serious money and outperform your old Amino pre/intra drinks. Price, content, effectiveness and taste the best I have used and I'm old!

      • Great Bcaa Ratio
      • Great Recovery
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Cheap
        Rep: +35
        Trust: 53%
          March 9, 2011

        I have been taking this product for 2 months now, the only difference is I have been taking the carb free version. The products carb free supplement facts are as follows.

        Serving Size: 1 Scoop
        Servings Per Container: 30
        Amount Per Serving
        Total Calories: 0
        Total Fat: 0 g
        Cholesterol: 0 mg
        Total Carbohydrates: 0 g
        Protein - 0 g
        4:1:1 Growth Complex
        L-Leucine 7 g
        L-Isoleucine 1.75g
        L-Valine 1.75 g
        Revival Agent
        Glutamine - 2.5 g

        The other supps i was on were USPLabs Yok3d(the 2nd Month), EAS Creatine Monohydrate, Wheybolic Extreme 60, Gaspari RealMass, ON Casein, and USPLabs PowerFULL.

        I used this product with whatever pre-workout powder I was taking at the time(which was either USPLabs Jack3d or Cellucor C4) and intra workout.

        Effectiveness:9/10 For me this product has worked wonders. My workout stamina has increased greatly and i have noticed my recovery time has improved. The recovery was most noticeable after leg days as I put in very hard leg workouts and the whine for atleast 3 days about being sore. It seemed as though i would only being whining for 2 days or so(which made my wife happy).

        Value:8/10 I bought the tubes from for 30.95 and there are 30 servings per tub. I got lucky and walked upon the Advanced Muscle Science booth on the last day and they were liquidating products for 5 dollars so I stocked up! But given the normal price of around 30 dollars for 30 servings I feel it is pretty reasonable.

        Taste and Mixing:9/10 The taste is okay, Its not like drinking juice, but more like a watered down lemonade. It dissolves quite well and takes ver little shaking.

        Overall:9/10 Body Mortar proved to be a very good product and has shown very good results. If you are looking for a great intra workout this product is worth a try. I imagine that the Original version with carbs is equally as effective.
        • Great Bcaa Ratio
        • Great Recovery
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle

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