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Bad Mofo Reviews

By: Advanced Muscle Science

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Bad Mofo is a Pump Product manufactured by Advanced Muscle Science. It is meant to increase blood flow, muscle pumps and increase vascularity. It can be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout for an added stimulant effect. This promotes an environment for increased muscle mass and fat loss.
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  March 6, 2017

  • Good Pumps
  • Some Energy
  • Fully-disclosed Ingredients
  • Minimal Dyes
  • Minimal Energy Kick
Good evening SR community, today I will be doing a review for a company I had never heard of before in Advanced Muscle Science or AMS, and their preworkout product Bad Mofo. At least the name will give you a laugh if nothing else, but this product promises insane pumps and focus, so it must be good, right? Let's find out.


For my time using Bad Mofo I was following mostly a 5 x 5 strength program, with a late change to a 5 day split basics workout to try and get some recomp and heavy weights back into me. Most workouts consisted of the big main lifts, followed by hypertrophy on the accessory exercises.


The pump components of Bad Mofo a bunch of stock-standard and fully disclosed, well dosed ingredients that are pretty much guaranteed to give you a pump. 3g each of citrullene malate, arginine AKG and Di-Arginine malate, along with 500mg of agmatine sulfate are pretty much just going to get you a pump regardless. I wouldn't even bother increasing the citrullene to 6g as is the most accepted dosage, because of the other pump ingredients. Seriously, if you don't get a pump from this lifting isn't for you. Then you get 200mg of caffeine, 100mg bitter orange extract and 20mg synephrine. Nothing really jumps out at me from the energy and focus side of things there, in fact pretty weak by todays standards. I would have added in some Beta Alanine to round this one off at the very least and re-done the energy/focus component. There is no creatine at all in this, which I am OK with because I feel you need to add in either 5g of Creapure or nothing at all.

There were minimal dyes in Bad Mofo, which is good, but the one thing I will point out is that the serving size is '1 scoop'. What is 1 scoop? In this day and age you need to put down the grams of product per scoop, because people like me just don't trust that your scoop is the right size, because sometimes it's not. Anyway, the long and short of it is the ingredients add up to pretty much 10g, and 1 scoop on my scales was 10g, so the end story is there's minimal fillers, so everything checks out.


I had the Fruit Punch flavour. It was pretty damn nice and not chemical or overpowering. I didn't get tired of this flavour through the whole tub. Mixing was great, no clumps or grit left in the bottom of the container.


I initially dosed Bad Mofo at 1 scoop, which was OK for the first 3-4 workouts. But then I had to up the dosage to 1.5 scoops and higher. I was hesitant to go harder than that, which ill explain in the effectiveness section. I found I got the most out of Bad Mofo dosing it about 10-15mins before working out.

EFFECTIVENESS - Pump 9.5/10, Energy 5/10 overall 7.5/10

I'll break down effectiveness into the 2 categories on the front of the label, Insane Pumps and Focus:

Insane Pumps - 9.5/10

Well yeah, with that pump ingredient profile you'd get a pump out of this sitting on the couch at home and not going near a weight. Pumps were there in the first 1-2 sets, and stayed for the whole workout. Switching from hypertrophy to 5x5 through your workout dropped the pump, but a single higher-rep set brought it back on again, which was nice. Pumps were lasting and consistent pretty much every workout. I will point out that im not a really vascular person, so the vein-popping wasnt out of this world, but the fullness and expansion of the muscle volume certainly was. This included stuff like back and hammys, which are traditionally hard to get to pump on.

Insane Focus - 5/10

A total flop. I had some increased energy in the first 3-4 workouts at one scoop, but the focus was never really there. So I increased it to 1.5 scoops and then almost 2 scoops at some stages, but at that point you're getting close enough to 400mg of caffeine into you, and really it's diminishing returns at that point. If close to 400mg of caffeine in a PWO isn't getting you the energy and focus you want, then really it's time to look elsewhere. I'm not a very stim-tolerant person, so someone who is stim-tolerant wont feel much from this. AMS would be well served to go back and re-think the energy and focus part of Bad Mofo as I feel it wasn't very imaginative. With a poor energy/focus component, Bad Mofo is flying on 1 engine instead of 2.

VALUE - 9/10

Bad Mofo is cheap. NP is selling it for $23, so under $1 for 30 servings. For me I had to get up to almost 2 scoops so the value was decreased, but for a pump product with a little bit of energy it's still great value at that price. You would need to add some sort of energy supplement to Bad Mofo to really get a kick in the gym in my opinion.


AMS had a good go at Bad Mofo and have created a very solid pump profile. It's nothing ground-breaking, and it's not using any patented ingredients, but it most definitely works. As far as the energy component goes, Bad Mofo is not going to make you a bad focused mofo in the gym. I feel like AMS did a great pump profile and the energy and focus was kinda an after-thought, so they just chucked some caffeine in there and hoped for the best. It's still a very solid pump product and well-priced, but you will need to supplement with a pure energy supplement to get the most out of it in my opinion. Would I buy this product again with my own money? I would probably look elsewhere at something that was a pure pump product with patented ingredients at around the same price or cheaper. Would I recommend this product to others? If they were looking for a pump product with a little energy, yes. This would make a good beginners PWO who wants to feel the pump but doesn't need the hardcore stims. Thanks for reading guys!
  • Fruit Punch: 9/10


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,098
    March 6, 2017

    Great detail, seems to be an interesting product.

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