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4-AD RDe is a Prohormone manufactured by Advanced Muscle Science. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

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  April 23, 2015

  • Builds Muscle
  • Peppermint Flavor
  • Increased Libido
  • Euphoria
  • Increased Energy
  • Needs To Be Stacked
  • Too Expensive


Now we discuss part two of my recent long combo run; 4-AD. Again, I am focusing on the nature and miscellaneous aspect of 4-AD. To get a in-depth prospect of my experience, check out this thread:

To begin, 4-AD RDe is Advanced Muscle Sciences formulation of the already well-known prohormone 4-AD. 4-AD is claimed to provide substantial levels of gym euphoria, elevated mood, libido, and bulking. It is best run in combination with another prohormone as it is not the strongest by itself. It is interesting to note that 4-AD also comes in a liquid version sold by AMS, however I used the RDe tablet version.

Ingredient Profile

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 RDe Tablet
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving

4-AD RDe Proprietary Blend - 200mg

4-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin

Rapid Dissolve Agent - 400mg

Effervescent Absorption Matrix - 45mg
Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric Acid

It's a pretty straighforward profile consisting of the primary PH 4-AD as well as the absorption aid discussed in my mass drops review. It also has added ingredients to give it the effervescent effect.

At 200 mg, it appears to be properly dosed, but I've heard of some users going higher. Based on my experience though, this seems like a reasonable dosage when stacked with another PH.


I must admit, I actually enjoyed that peppermint flavor. It was similar to a peppermint hard candy that you allow to melt in your mouth. In terms of dosing it was similar and simplistic compared with mass drops; two dosages (two caps) a day at least 8 hours apart. For me, I would take each dose with my dose of mass drops 30 minutes before meals morning and evening.


From my experience, 4-AD made a great compliment to Mass Drops and gave me some noticeable benefits.

Libido (10); Libido was non-stop; I always had a strong sex drive while using 4-AD. The only downside, I didn't have a chick to share it with.

Euphoria (9): I found myself with a more frequent positive attitude and mood both in and out of the gym. I also had more confidence and mental clarity throughout the day.

Bulking (7): Around mainly week 3 is when I started noticing more pronounced mass along with the gains I was making with mass drops. They weren't anything spectacular, but I could definitely see myself looking bigger in nearly all muscle groups.

Strength (7): I would equate this alongside MAss Drops's effects, but as the later weeks approached, I was feeling and lifting stronger in all intervals of my routine. I could lift more resistance on several lifts and did some some good PRs, which I described in my experience thread.

To summarize, 4-AD was all around effective at what I expected from it.


I've seen a single bottle of 4-AD go for about 45-55 dollars. I have also seen it on some websites selling 4-AD either as part of bundles or having BOGO deals. From my experience, I found this value to be decent, but one thing I would strongly recommend is to shop for combo deals to get the max value.

Side Effects

To reiterate what I said in my previous review, in order to keep side effects to a minimum, a good cycle support should be utilized. 4-AD is not liver toxic and generally has a very low, if any, level of toxicity, A slight increase in acne and some irritability were the only two side effects observed from my cycle. In general, 4-AD has a low degree of side effects provided a healthy diet and good general cycle and health support.


To conclude, I enjoyed my experience with 4-AD. The euphoria, libido, and fair strength and mass gains that I made would definitely coerce me to try it again in a future potential cycle. The increased energy and joint lubrication were also nice bonuses. I would recommend anyone looking to compliment a cycle to give 4-AD a try if you can find it at a solid deal. Just be weary of estrogen side effects if you find yourself overly prone to such. Lastly, be sure to use 4-AD more favorably as part of a stack, because I believe it is not very beneficial with just a solo run.



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