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Soma GH Reviews

By: Adrenaline Nutrition Supplements

  June 7, 2017

  • Very Effective
  • Well-dosed Ingredients
  • Great Taste
  • Hard To Get Out Of Tub
Good evening SR community, today I will be reviewing a sleep product/GH booster product that I picked up on a mega sale from a supplement company I'd never heard of in ANS, but with what looked like a solid profile that I had faith would deliver. On to the review.


First look at this ingredient profile is positive. There's 9g of product per serve, which is quite high for a sleep formula/GH booster. That says to me that there's a good deal of something good in here, or a lot of filler. Hopefully the former. The 9g is in a prop blend, which is not unusual for sleep formulas, as they seem to be a close-guarded secret. While I generally dislike prop blends, in sleep formulas that still have a bit of 'black magic' in their effectiveness, I understand the reasoning.

First on the list in the prop blend is GABA, so you're going to have to assume there's a bit of it in there. With 9g to play with there's a good chance the clinical dose, or close to it, is present. Next is Phenibut, which again, there's a lot of room to play with the 9g so I would guess that there's a decent slug of this in there. Following that is some L-Taurine and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine which once again has plenty of room to fit in to the prop blend. Finally the ingredient profile is rounded off with Melatonin, which doesn't require much so I'm going to assume that the clinical dose is included. As usual there's some fillers and flavouring in there, but there isn't much in the way of dyes which was evident when mixed, and I like to see that. I want to finish off the ingredient profile by saying that I have rated it so high and have indicated that I believe that clinical doses, or close to them, are in Soma GH not only because of a 9g prop blend to fit them all in, but because the product was bloody effective (see effectiveness section) so I have no reason to doubt the ingredients.

TASTE - 9.8/10

I had the Pineapple flavour, which was the only flavour I could get, and it tasted amazing. Mixed up I would look forward to drinking this every time, right to the end of the tub. On a few instances I actually just ate this straight up, and I like sweets like Nerds and really sharp tasting lollies, so I loved this stuff. I love it how most supplement companies make their sleep formulas taste great, it's a great way to finish off the day.


That's right, 1. This stuff was a brick when I received it. Like an actual brick. I am lucky I have scales at home and I could weight this out, and I had to chip it out of the tub with a knife. The product was so unusable that I actually rang the company I bought it from and they agreed and gave me a further discount on the product and 15% off my next order, so it was legit. The only reason I did not give this a negative score is because I bought a further 2 tubs of this stuff and it seems to be less of a brick and at least scoop-able, so perhaps I had a bad batch first up as it was not old stock. Once you chipped it out and got water on it, it mixed up quite nicely with minimal grit, you just needed to let it sit for a few minutes.


Being a Phenibut-containing product I am always weary of how I dose this product and for how long. With Soma GH I didn't have to dose above the 9g 1 scoop, ever. I did not dose Soma GH more than 3 nights in a row, because that's how I like to dose Phenibut products, and then take 1-2 days off or use a different sleep aid that doesn't contain Phenibut. Doing this does not give me any addictive issues with Phenibut and maintains its effectiveness throughout the tub. Dosing was always done 20-30 minutes before bed time, at which point I would feel the melatonin taking over and went to sleep easily.


Soma GH is one of the most effective sleep aid products ive ever taken. 1 scoop in and 20-30 minutes later I could feel the melatonin and other ingredients working and feeling sleepy, at which point I would head to bed. Getting to sleep was never a problem, normally I can get to sleep within 10 minutes of getting in bed, this was slightly less with Soma GH but not instant lights out stuff. Once I was asleep though it was night night Irene, I was right out until my alarm went off. I have a 1 year old son that sometimes wakes up through the night and there were instances where I completely slept through it, including my wife waking up and checking on him and coming back to bed, despite the monitor being on my side. And normally I am what I would classify as a light sleeper. This stuff legit knocks you out. Upon waking I would feel a little bit groggy, but within 15 minutes and having a shower and some breakfast I was ready to go. This was a similar situation if I'd had 7 hours or 9 hours of sleep.

In terms of GH boosting and recovery, Soma GH was quite effective for me. I'm currently doing a full Smolov program for squats, and that is a lot of work, on top of my other body parts. I'm also clearing forested land on the weekends to build a new house, so lots of physical work outside of the gym too. I found Soma GH gave me not only the sleep but also the recovery in my body to be able to go again the next day. A lot of sleep aids do a good job of knocking you out but aren't so great on the recovery aspect, Soma GH was great on both.

Overall, Soma GH had the 2 punch combo of being a great sleep aid and getting you to sleep, with a generous prop blend that included proven ingredients at what felt like clinical or close to clinical doses, as well as providing excellent recovery properties at a time where I personally required them.

VALUE - 9.5/10

Soma GH appears to be on run out or out of stock at most places at this point in time, including on ANS's website. Their price is $50, some other places are selling it in the $30s. I picked up my tubs for $13 each, which was on run out and a steal. At $30-40 for 35 servings, this stuff would be a steal. An effective steal.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Soma GH, so much so that I bought another 2 tubs of the stuff. It is an effective sleep aid and GH booster/recovery product, with a generous prop blend (9g) with ingredients that appear to be dosed at clinical doses or near clinical doses. Obviously the first part of my standard conclusion is answered, yes I would buy this again with my own money. Would I recommend this product? Absolutely I would, it's one of the top-tier sleep aid/GH boosters out on the market. Thanks for reading guys.
  • Pineapple: 10/10


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,093
    June 7, 2017

    Nice review, I might try this as I am the light sleeper in my house.

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