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Kill It Reviews

By: 5% Nutrition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to 5% Nutrition for sending it out!
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  September 19, 2015

  • Good Value
  • Great Pump
  • Long Handle Scooper
  • Tasted Great
  • Slight Crash


Hello all. Time for my much overdue review of 5% Nutrition's PWO product, Kill It. Thanks to the company and SR TROOPS for providing this product for us to try. And my apologies for how long it took to get my review up. Many unplanned family vacations came out of nowhere when I bought an RV a month ago. I enjoyed this product and found it to be pretty spot on for dosing and effectiveness.

Ingredient Profile

I like this profile quite a bit. I'd call it a little above average for what we have come to expect from a decent PWO. I like the 250mg of caffeine, and I really like the 750mg of agmatine. I got a very nice pump from this product on its own, which is something I find alot of PWO's to be lacking these days. The label should be automatically attached to the review (I think). I guess there have been some questions about the actual amount of Creatine contained in this product, but that's for the company to figure out. I don't get too worked up about creatine content in PWOs. Its cheap to supplement it yourself.


I had the Lemon-Lime flavor and loved it. Tasted like gatorade to me. It mixed pretty well every time with minimal shaking. Dosing is directed at 1 scoop before your workout, and I never had any problems with the scooper itself. I tried this at varying doses which I will get in to in the effectiveness section.


I started this off at the directed 1 scoop prior to workout. I could feel it working reasonably well, but it always left something to be desired. I am a big guy and am stim tolerant, so this didn't surprise me at all. I tried 2 scoops one or twice, but honestly felt this is just too much caffeine to be using, and it would cause me a terrible crash an hour or two after my workout. I found the sweet spot to be just a tad under 1.5 scoops. This is when I got good energy, good pumps, and minimal crash effect post workout. Since I was on a bunch of vacations where I did not use any supps, it was nice to come back and try a PWO and see if the effectiveness was any different after a break. It seemed to stay on par regardless of time off. The pump this product provided was really where it shined for me. Good fullness and vascularity. I love getting this effect from a PWO without supplementing it with a Pump product. I also think that should be taken into account when considering the value of this product. Overall, my workouts were above average while using this. My mind was never blown away, but I was definitely content.


Around $30 for a 30 serving tub is right on par with the competition, if not slightly better. Even at about 1.3 scoops, which is how I liked it, you're still getting about 23 workouts in. Most of the true 1-scoopers these days are 22-23 scoops for usually a little more than $30.

Side Effects

Nothing much to speak of here. Pretty bad crash after taking 2 scoops, but no one should need to take 2 scoops of this stuff in my opinion.


8's across the board on this one for me. Good taste, good value, pretty good workouts. I think Rich Piana put his name on a pretty good product here. I wouldn't hesitate to put my stamp of approval on this one. Once again, sorry for how long it took me to get this one up, and I will have my reviews up for the rest of the 5% line within the next week or so as I wind them down. Thanks alot to 5% and TROOP for letting me review this product!
  • Lemon-lime: 9/10


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