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Kill It Reviews

By: 5% Nutrition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to 5% Nutrition for sending it out!
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  August 18, 2015

  • Good Value
  • Good Focus
  • Good Pump
  • Long Handle Scooper
  • Proprietary Blend
5% Nutrition is Rich Piana's entry in the supplement industry. He company was very nice to provide the Experts with entire line of supplements. This review is for his pre workout KILL IT. How does it stack up against a very overcrowded market? We will see!

Usage: 1 scoop per session. I am not a huge fan of going extra on preworkout.

Ingredients 8.5: Refer to the ingredient listing as attached to the supplement information. In summary, you are getting some very solid, proven ingredients here including, citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate, creatine magnapower, COP, Beta Alanine, and a energy blend of caffeine and tyrosine. Fairly standard, but here standard is good! These are all blends, but it appears to be effectively dosed! 1 scoop provides 750mg of agmatine, a solid amount!

Mixing 8: Mixed fine, no issues here.

Taste 8.5: Maybe it is just me but all of these pre workouts begin to taste the same. This was blue raspberry, good flavor, with dye though.

Effectiveness 8.75: One of the more effective pre workouts here. From a pump perspective it delivers with multiple pump ingredients assist where some individuals may be unresponsive to single pump products. You get what you pay for here, solid prolonged pumped with the agmatine and citrulline.

From an energy perspective, I have had stronger, but honestly this performs well. As usual the combination of caffeine and tyrosine performs as expected. Nothing new and earth shattering here with the energy, but you really don't expect that. This energy is proven, effective and most of you have used these ingredients.

Value 8.5: $30 dollars for 30 servings very standard pricing here.

Conclusion 8.5: This product definitely gets the Bladeski seal of approval. A solid entry into the market for Rich Piana that utilizes proven ingredients at effective amounts. I recommend everyone to check this out. A solid product.

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