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1-Db Goddess Questions

By: 1st Phorm

Rep: 0

What am I doing wrong, this isn't working?

April 9, 2013

I have been using this product alone for about 2 weeks. I am seeing no results. I have excersized more and ate less...not sure why there are no results. Last week I ran 3 miles every other day, ate less. This product is supposed to curve the appetite, well I was hungry all the time. I feel like I am doing everything right. What am I doing wrong?


Rep: +227
Posted April 9, 2013

Well there are a few issues here:
1. There is no miracle pill, I don't know what type of results you expected.
2. Exercising more increases your appetite and thus you are hungry more.
3. If you post your stats, diet, exercise etc. in the forum section we can answer you better.
Rep: +1,774
Posted April 9, 2013

Post your stats (height, weight, bf %), your current diet, and workout routine in a thread where people can help you out more.
Rep: +2,297
Posted April 9, 2013

Some people respond differently to products. You may be a non responder to this product. And it may sound weird but I have had this happen where my thermo caused my appetite to increase.

Don't get discouraged as you may not being doing anything wrong. Keep exercising and try to moderate your cals and eat 6small meals a day to boost metabolism and energy.

You might just be a non repsonder to this product... or it may take longer than 2wks to see effects. Its cheesy but work hard, be patient and you'll see results. theres no mircale pill like Beakington said
Rep: +511
Posted April 9, 2013

The only few reasons that you will go wrong is
1) follow the wrong direction from the label
2) diet is not on point
3) didnt have enough rest, hence stunt your muscle growth
4) there's result but you are actually growing muscle under the fat. Maintaining the same weight but actually getting better
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