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Anarchy Covalex

Anarchy Covalex VPX
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Anarchy Covalex ranks #82 of 148 in (Pre-Workout > Stimulant) and is rated better than 45% of all products in this category.

Trust: 45%

bfitelson's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 10 | Effectiveness: 10 | Value: 10

VPX has a vendetta again USP and Jack3d (a very over-hyped supplement). There goal is to knock them right off. They released a competitor to Jack3d in Anarchy. It's an actual concentrated formula, instead of minimal, normally used ingredients with a ton of stimulants to fake the feel like you're takin...

Trust: 47%

vinvanman's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 8

I was kind of hesitant to give this a shot but I did anyways in spite of all to do over the misleading label. I got a good deal on it for $16.99 so I had to give it a shot. I am highly stim tolerant so I wasn't overly concerned about the amount of stims in it.
First off I thought it mixed pretty well,...

Trust: 7%

chrislamb's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 4 | Effectiveness: 4 | Value: 6

VPX is rated highly for its good quality products and has an outstanding reputation in the market, advertising for this pre-workout formula was little to none, supposedly there is 35 servings, and the price on TF was about 20 dollars, it got here, and the consistency was horrible, worst i've ever seen,...

Trust: 55%

Fi5thElement's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 10

I find this product to be mediocre, however for the price. You can't really complain. Scoop sizes are small, with little water, so you don't feel bloated right before you life. Taste really good as wel. You can definitely feel the Beta Alanine working, however as for over-all pump and just the feeling...

Trust: 0%

Millertime51's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 3 | Effectiveness: 1 | Value: 7

I picked up Covalex kinda in a rush a while back; just went into my local store, saw it on sale for like $20 or something and just grabbed it.
Now, I generally respond pretty good to stimulants and pre-workouts and such but, man this did not do anything for me. Like, absolutely nothing. Well actually...


Trust: 0%

gfry's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 5 | Effectiveness: 5 | Value: 5

Well, I just finished my last workout using up the last of my Anarchy Covalex and I gotta say... it didn't do anything for me, (and I don't seem to have a tolerance to stimulants). I'm 61 years old and have been working out for going on 6 years now and have used N.O. Xplode, Fusion, N.O. Ignite, naNO...

Trust: 0%

Juggernaut's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 7

Thi.By itself this product can make you nautious and and a mild stomach ache feeling.decent focus and pump,nothing that will make you feel like the hulk though.
I found it to be excellent however by only taking half a scoop stacked with Garden of Lifes "raw kombucha"wich is a direct form of pure B...

Trust: 0%

congocurt's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 8

Worked pretty good...decide to try something different than Jacked. just to change it up. This stuff had me mentally ready and it increased my energy level output.

Trust: 0%

Djbombsquad's Anarchy Covalex Review

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 9

This product when it came out I was using jacked 3d at the time. When I finished my 3rd bottle they stopped making it. Now I know it's in a blend but for its price it was worth 3 bottles. Compared to other products I have taken this is not a bad product but the discontinuation made it not able for me...