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This product has been reported as discontinued.

Versa-1 Reviews

By: USPlabs


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Versa-1 is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by USPlabs. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

This product has been reported as discontinued.


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  February 18, 2013

What's up guys I have been waiting on writing this review for a little while I wanted to be 100% on all aspects as I could. Today we will go over Versa-1 from USP lab. I was lucky enough to be picked as a beta tester and then the USP guys gave us another 30days to see full results. This product was interesting to say the least and after reading some of the alpha logs over at USP direct forums and I was really pumped to get in on this. I will break this review down into a couple main categories and I will explain a little more on this product from my personal experience.

--------Dose/ timing 9/10--------------------

Very simple, 1 pill 60min pre workout and 1 pill on off days. I tried to take every pill at the same time everyday this way there is no mistake on the dosage protocol and I would not have any issues with half-life or even the possibility of forgetting a pill.

--------------Effectiveness 7/10-------------

After many hours reviewing others logs and reading what they are claiming it started to become more and more of a hype then a solid product. People had claims of 3lbs of lean mass gained in 7days and new pr's after first dose. Once I started reading this I was a bit confused since real steroids and designer steroids don't yield those results so I kept an open mind and ran this for 8weeks following the recommended dosage since this was a beta-run. I will break this down a little further into a week by week progress.

Nothing crazy it made me a bit hungrier then normal but there was no crazy weight gain in fact I noticed a 1lb decrease in body weight. Lifts all stayed the same no amazing PR's on every session and no recovery changes just felt the same as I normally do. Pumps were up a bit weeks2 and forward through the cycle but again this is nothing like I was reading from the others on the USP forum.

Here is where I started to notice a change. By week 4 I noticed my stamina was up and I could get 1-2more reps at weights I couldn't in the previous weeks. Still no crazy weight gain I gained back the 1lb I lost in the first weeks. People have had claims of 8lbs in 30days with 20lb increases in lifts again quiet strange because you can't get results like that off unicorn blood. My results on this were fairly consistent with what I expected decent strength increase good endurance with an unexpected pumps and vascular appearance.

More of the same results I noticed a slight more dense muscle feeling and a total weight gain of 3lbs after 8weeks pumps remained through the whole cycle and I broke a couple of PR's while on the versa-1 but it was not like the logs I have read made it out to be. It was viewed as a miracle muscle builder anabolic compound and it worked as well as a natural HGH builder or natural test booster. All honesty I will say that the product is a good product on an 8week run 3lbs of lean mass while dropping .5%BF is not bad for an all natural supplement.

-------------Content N/A---------------------

There really isn't enough out there on the compound in versa-1 for me to fully break down and grade, but I will do a quick run through and inform our members of what I do know about it. But this is what we get it is an all natural leaf extract with a chemical compound name N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxphenyl) ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide, Cytidine 5'-diphoscholine. What strikes me as odd is that in low doses it is used in fat burners and in a higher dose in the anabolic versa-1. It looks like this product is used more for a mental focus over anything of which I can find. Ron has a pretty good write up on it in his review.

----------Value 7/10------------------

Not a horrible value it looks like 35-40.00 bucks from the vendors and it will become more and widely available in a couple months just keep in mind everyone is different and if your like me 4weeks will not even scratch the surface get 2 bottles. 1.33 a serving of a product that reacts well with most PWO and gives a solid result much like a natural test booster or natural HGH supplement. It is well worth the try if you have the cash to spare. I would give it a better score here if the price was 1.00 or under per serving.

Overall I went into this with an open mind even after reading the bogus claims and exaggerated logs on the other forum. I feel I can do more justice with straight honesty and unbiased reviews. Timing is easy just remember to take the pill every day and your all good. Effectiveness is a selling point for almost every supplement and the hype machine can run away with this section but I again stay focused on what this product does for me and It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad either it worked well in fact I just needed 8weeks to get the solid results. Content is still a mystery since the leaf extract is very new and I was unable to find a lot on it. value is not horrible since the product did work I would like to run this again after a cycle and see if I can make gains I will give this a hulk seal of approval and recommend people to give this a shot with an open mind.

  • Strength Increase
  • Vascularity
  • Good Value
  • Increased Endurance
  • Over Hyped
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  January 29, 2013

First off I would like to thank Adam, iSam, Cryo and anyone else over at USPlabs responsible for allowing me to beta test their latest and greatest Patent Pending Anabolic which is now better known as VERSA-1. It was very interesting to say the least to test a product on myself in which I had zero idea as to what to expect from it, however since I have run about 95% of the USPlabs product line, I was very confident that not only would this new product not harm me, but that it would be beneficial to me in one way or another. I mean since the name "Anabolic" was printed on the generically labeled bottle I received in the mail, I assumed it was some type of testosterone booster so this had to be a good for an older body builder such as myself, right? Anyways, now that it is currently for sale on the open market, it is much more clear as to its intended effects on the consuming population, or is it?

VERSA-1 advertises quite simply on the bottle that it is a dietary supplement for "MUSCLE / MIND BREAKTHROUGH". In my opinion this seems a little vague as a descriptor so I did a little more digging. I could not find much information other than the main ingredient listed on a new bottle of VERSA-1 which is a proprietary blend of

N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxphenyl) ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide, Cytidine 5'-diphoscholine

which, from other things I've read, is the fancy name of Aegeline. Aegeline, as described by USPlabs, is a compound, that when consumed at a specified lower amount, possesses a thermogenic effect, but at a much higher dose creates an anabolic effect in its users. I believe this is why Aegeline is also listed as an ingredient in USPlabs newest version of OEP fat burner.

Ok, so as I stated earlier, I was in the initial beta testing group of this product in which there were actually two groups. One group could take VERSA-1 with any stim based pre-workout they chose and the other group could use no stims at all. I was in the no stim group. I wanted to be in this group for a specific reason. I wanted to isolate VERSA-1 as much as possible so that no other supplement could confuse the effects I was experiencing. For my personal test I maintained (to the best of my ability through the Christmas holiday) the exact same diet I had been on for over a year which was a daily calorie count of 2550 Calories - 263g Protein, 247g Carbohydrates, 57g Fat. I also stuck with the same weekly heavy workout routine that I had been on for several months prior which consisted of ZERO CARDIO!!! So in sticking with the same workout and diet I feel that I was able to isolate VERSA-1's affect on me.

Using a Tanita Body Composition Analyzer TBF-300A before and after my VERSA-1 cycle I came up with the following results:

Body Type: Athletic
Gender: Male
Age: 44 yrs
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 207.2 211.0 (+3.8)
Fat %: 15.2% 15.4% (+0.2%)
Fat Mass: 31.6 32.4 (+0.8)
Fat Free Mass: 175.6 178.6 (+3.0)
Total Body Water: 128.6 130.8 (+2.2)

So in a nutshell, after 30 days on VERSA-1 I gained a total of 3.8 pounds.
This equates to 2.2 Lbs. of water, 0.8 Lbs. of fat and 0.8 Lbs. of muscle.
Nothing too ground shattering here, but good data, none-the-less.

My strength gains were the area where I feel VERSA-1 truly shines. I achieved PR's everyday in either more reps performed or more weight added. I can honestly say it was exciting to work out every day and push yourself to the very limits of your soul and always beating your previous workout. Below are some highlights of what I achieved on 30 days of VERSA-1.

Bent-over Rows
225x8 to 295x7 +70 lbs, -1 rep
225x8 to 295x6 +70 lbs, -2 reps
225x10 to 265x10 +40 lbs

275x6 to 315x6 +50 lbs
315x6 to 315x6
315x6 to 315x8 +2 reps
225x10 to 225x14 +4 reps

Lat Pulldowns – Wide Grip
270x10x3 to 300x10x3 +30 lbs

Cable Row, Seated Wide Grip
160x10 to 170x13 +10 lbs, +3 reps
150x10 to 170x12 +20 lbs, +2 reps
140x10 to 170x11 +30 lbs, +1 reps

Leg Press
455x10 to 495x10 +40 lbs
495x10 to 585x10 +90 lbs
------ 585x8 +extra set
405x12 to 405x20 +8 reps

Side effects: Nothing negative in anyway. I absolutely loved this product from beginning to end. I've heard VERSA-1 promotes hunger in some and excessive body heat in others, but I did not experience this at all.

Value (10) - I received the initial 30 day bottle for free, but I was fortunate enough to get in on the Inner Circle deal which was $49.99 for two 30 day supply sized bottles of VERSA-1. With this you also received 1 bottle of Agmatine caps, a sample pack of Micro Jack3d and OxyElite Pro. Since then it appears that the going rate for a 30 day supple of VERSA-1 will be $39.99 so this, in my opinion, was a really good deal. And quite honestly if I didn't feel this product did anything for me I certainly would not have wasted $50 on this USPlabs Inner Circle deal no matter how cheap it seemed.

Effectiveness (9) Honestly this is a tough one for me to grade and the reason why is the muscle mind connection labeling. Perhaps I've never been the guy to have good mind muscle connection, but if that is the reason I achieved PR's on a daily basis then I am a true believer. Now if VERSA-1 was advertised for strength gains and recovery then I would give it a 10 for sure because that's exactly what it did for me.

Overall (10) This one is a no brainer. I've never achieved so much in the way of strength on any supplement to date. I am a huge fan of VERSA-1 and I highly recommend it. I am very much looking forward to stacking it in the very near future with a test booster.

At this time I am unsure as to whether you have to cycle on and off of VERSA-1 for health reasons, but if it's ok to run year round, I'm certainly going to make it a permanent addition to my daily stack.

Another awesome and unexpected effect VERSA-1 had on me was in the area of recovery. Im not sure why others did not experience this, but I have to say after lifting to complete failure on a daily basis and not suffering for it a day or two later was complete heaven. I was free to lift like a monster the very next day (and believe me, ive never lifted harder in my life) without any pain or discomfort from DOMS what-so-ever. Don't get me wrong. I still only worked each body part once per week to allow for optimum muscle recovery, but for an endurance athlete playing a sport and pushing the same muscles day in and day out, VERSA-1 just might be the ultimate ticket for you. Or perhaps you are just someone stuck in a rutt and looking for an extra nudge in the strength department. Give VERSA-1 a shot. You won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't.

For those of you wishing to read a much more detailed account of my 30 day cycle of VERSA-1, please click the following link and read to your hearts content.
  • Strength Increase
  • Good Value
  • Increased Endurance
  • Excellent Recovery
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      April 1, 2013

    To start, I would like to thank the powers that be at USP Labs, some guy that lives in Hawaii still claiming to be employed by USP Labs, Cryo and Isamurai for the logging opportunity for this product. And a huge thank you for the people that followed my work out log during this 8 week run.

    USP Labs Affiliation- None, some products I love C20 specifically. Really like-MBCAA and Jack3d micro.

    Dosage-I ran two bottles back to back with mostly with no additional pwo, to best judge the effects of the product. Typically, my pwo was just coffee and several days experimenting with a pwo. A few days I dosed this at 2 caps as well. At the end of the bottle I continued my log without the product to guage its effectivness.

    Expectations- My expectations were high with this product. After reading all the USP Lab beta tester forums, beta testers here etc. and the claims of the product, my standards were very high.

    The beta testers/the company claims versa-1 increased the following:

    Anabolic Response-USP Labs Claim
    Mind/Muscle Connection-USP Labs Claim
    Enhances Performance/Physique-USP Labs Claim
    Increased Muscularity-USP Labs Claim

    Not going to write about the ingredients, prior reviewers did a great job in addressing those aspects.

    Effectivness 4/10- There were some days I got some huge pumps, had amazing endurance and had elevated motivation. I believe there may be some aspects of the product that elevates mood as well. However, its just not consistent in regards to all the above effects I experienced. Some effects may possibly be a placebo effect, not sure.

    The most consistent effects were elevated mood and endurance during this 8 week run. The endurance stuck with me after the first week off the product. Now can I attribute this to the product initially, possibly.

    At no point did I experience any strength gains or vasularity with this product. Just normal increases in weight lifted, with plateaus. No vascularity at all while on this product.

    Also, I noticed no enhanced effects with a pwo or with 2 caps.

    My weight had no change during the 8 week run, it stayed at 230.

    Value 5/10- This product runs in the $35-$40 range. Not a great value based on my experience.

    Side Effects- I experienced no side effects with this product.

    Conclusion 4/10- I begin every supplement opportunity with an open mind, expecting the product work per the label and per any beta testing logs. After reading all the claims, I was hoping to experience ALL of the positive effects mentioned.

    This product just wasn't consistent enough for me to conclude that it worked for me. I did not experience the product "kicking in", as the two bottle cycle progressed.

    Is it worth a shot to buy a bottle? If you want to spend the above $$, why not, who am I to tell you what to do with your hard earned $$.

    Unfortunately for me, I would not be buying this product again, based on my 8 week expereince.
    • Increased Endurance
    • Some Pumps
    • Elevated Mood
    • Some Motivation
    • Some Focus
    • Easy To Take
    • Over Hyped
    • No New Pr's
    • No Vascularity
    • Inconsistent For Many Of The Pro's
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    Trust: 100%

      March 16, 2013

    USPLabs was so nice to provide the reviewers with VERSA 1. Special thanks to Casey, Adam, Cryo and iSam. We love the folks over the USPLabs, but that does not spare them from the Bladeski independent style of reviewing a slightly over hyped supplement. Versa 1 is marketed as a patent pending anabolic supplement that supports increase body weight without increased food intake as well as enhanced Lean Body Mass to fat ratio. I was able to be part of the beta test (Coded Patented Anabolic) and then the subsequent release (Versa 1). This supplement may have had some of the most hype in recent memory, with people from the Alpha testing having some serious strength, weight, recomp gains.

    How I ran it: Exclusively preworkout with my preworkout (which varied). 1 pill a day, about 45 minutes prior.

    Sides: No negative sides

    Ingredients: N-[2-Hydroxy-2(4-Methoxyphenyl) Ethyl]-3-Phenyl- 2-Propenamide, Citicoline. At a Proprietary Blend of 400mg. I personally have never seen or heard of these ingreidents. Not much research I could find either.

    Stack: Versa1, preworkout, whey....

    My Routine: As many of you know my routines are based on supersets, dropsets and monster sets.

    Effectiveness 6: I am with my man Hulk here as to the effectiveness. This is a tough one to judge, especially on one bottle. I only ran a single bottle, as that is the most real world situation most people will be operating in. I want to break the effectiveness down into the week periods.

    Week 1 & Week 2 - I may have made some increased sweating at the gym, but it was not consistent and when speaking to the other ERs, their results were similar on the first couple weeks. A bit more hunger, a bit more sweating in the gym (periodically), but nothing else. No strength, weight or body gains. I did notice more focus from taking Versa 1 with my standard preworkouts.

    Week 3 - I noticed a bit more vascularity coming into week 3. Additionally I noticed some slight strength gains, but this could be through hard work and discipline rather than the Versa 1 . Honestly, I was really searching for the answers to what this supplement was really doing for me. I believe Hulk and I spoke daily on the phone trying to figure this out. I was up about 1 pound coming out of week 3.

    Week 4 - This is where the week actually kicked in a bit, but not to the unreal assertions that others in the alpha testing were making. I noticed increased vascularity, increased strength and some minor weight gain coming from weeks 3 and 4. My core lifts (squats, deads, bench and military) all had about a 1-2 rep increase. At at this point the bottle was empty, I had another bottle, but I had an obligation to run other products for the ER. Would have week's 5-8 been better? Perhaps as others have noted similar results in weeks 5-8.

    So I was up a total of 2 pounds, so no significant change to my diet nor my training regimen. For a 40 dollar supplement I was not significantly impressed, given the amount of hype over this supplement. Don't get me wrong it isn't a terrible supplement, but for 40 dollars for 4 weeks, you expect more. I attempted to not let the alpha testers sway my opinions and give me false hopes, but with all the opinions coming out of the USPLabs' forums it was hard to ignore.

    Value 6: A 30 serving bottle will run you close to $40, which is expensive given the results. As I said I did not run a two bottle cycle, but I wouldn't expect to have to run 2 bottles to see results. If you market it in 30 count bottles, then results should be given in a single bottle.

    Conclusion 6.5: As noted above, this supplement does provide some benefits, by providing increased vascularity and strength gains near the end of the cycle, but by the time you notice the benefits the cycle is over. Starts too late, and finished before you notice. I recommend everyone try this at least once, because people had a wide variety of results, based on my research and speaking with the other members. It may be for you, but I can not give it the Bladeski seal of approval. You must try for yourself and judge, but as I said I recommend doing so.
    • Strength Increase
    • Vascularity
    • More Focus
    • Over Hyped
    • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
    • Slightly Expensive
    Rep: +4,213
    Trust: 100%
      March 23, 2013

    First off I want to give the guys over at USPLabs, especially Cryo, ISam, and AAdam, a big thank you for graciously sending a 2 month supply of Versa1 for me to beta test.
    There was a ton of hype surrounding this product leading up to its release, which is typical for any USPLabs new release.
    Going into this testing I had absolutely no expectations of what to expect. I honestly had no idea whatsoever what the product was meant to do or what it contained. That being so, I truly believe I can give it an hinest unbiased review. The real question here is...Did Versa1 live up to the hype?

    Content/Ingredients: n/a
    Prop blend: 400mg
    N-[2-Hydroxy-2(4-Methoxyphenyl) Ethyl]-3-Phenyl- 2-Propenamide, Citicoline.

    As always USPLabs is innovative in their approach to new supplements and Versa1 is no exception. I have absolutely no idea what those ingredients are, they were completely foreign to me when I finally found out what they were. Some of the other reviews have a nice breakdown of what they are, so check those if you are interested.
    What I did find out after finishing the two bottles, was Versa1 was suppose to be geared toward creating intense focus/mind/muscle connection...Interesting because I typically really like focus based products and have had some good success with them in the past.

    Dosing: 10/10
    As simple as you can get, 1cap 30-60mins preworkout, and 1cap on off days.
    Doesnt get much easier than that.

    Effectiveness: 7/10
    Being that I had no idea what type of product this was, or what to expect, one would believe it would be relatively easy to tell if it was having any effects on me, good or bad.
    However, during the first couple weeks there were very little noticeable effects. All that could be noted was a slight increase in perspiration and a minor spike in hunger.

    Leading into week 3 and thru the rest of the 8 week run is when the effects became more noticeable. There was a definitive increase in vascularity throughout the day as well as an improved sense of well being. During my workouts I definitely noticed an increased pump, some increased focus and motivation, as well as an increase in endurance. Obviously all of these effects were welcomed as they allowed for more productive workouts. However, I must note that the consistency of these effects was not the best. There were several times were I got barely anything out of Versa1 unfortunately and for me the key to a good product is consistency.

    Another thing to note is that I took Versa1 without stimulants for the initial 4 weeks, however after those 4 weeks, stimulants were added and there was a definite synergistic effect going on. It was nothing earth shattering, but it enhanced the effects I was already noticing.

    In addition to the effects I listed above, I also experienced a rather significant increase in bodyweight as well as the expected increase in strength that usually goes along with it. Could I directly attribute any of theses effects to Versa1? I would be hard pressed to say any of that was a direct result of Versa1, I truly believe those effects were achieved thru my diet and hard work.

    All in all, I enjoyed the effects of Versa1, but I have to say that I have had more success with other focus based products that are significantly cheaper.

    Value: 7/10
    $30-40 online for a months supply
    Not a bad value in my eyes, but nothing spectacular either.

    Overall Versa1 was a decent product for me.
    Did it live up to the hype and give me insane results like some of the logs I saw? Plain and simple, NO. However, that does not completely destroy the value or effectiveness of Versa1. It did provide me with some very solid workouts and a nice sense of well being and for that Id say its worth giving a shot at the very least, and as we all know supplements effect everyone differently, Versa1 is no different.
    • Vascularity
    • Increased Endurance
    • Easy To Take
    • Slightly Expensive
    Rep: +288
    Trust: 100%
      May 29, 2013

    After reading all the logs and seeing the statements of new pr's being set every day and people crushing their lifts I was sold on versa-1. I purchased the IC release and was so excited to get on these pills. Thanks to Adam for sending me a 3rd bottle, and I ran all three of the bottles back to back to back. Based on the hype of this product, I was majorly let down as I will get into further later in the review.

    Ingredients: 4
    I am a little late on this review so the ingredients in Versa-1 have been gone over many time so I won't bore everyone. Simple with only two ingredients, yet I had never heard of either of them before. Due to the ineffectiveness I would say these weird ingredients were nothing special.

    Dosing: 10
    One pill pre-workout or with breakfast, doesn't get any easier than that.

    Value: 3
    The price range on this product seems to be around 30$. If I would have paid 90-100$ for my three bottles I would have been so disappointed in my money usage.

    Overall: 3
    Honestly I went into my run of Versa-1 with very high expectations. During these three months my diet was clean for the most part with high protein, good amount of complex carbs and healthy fats. I was training doing Crossfit and a normal routine in the gym. This product led me to believe that I would make pretty good strength gains but these were nothing spectacular in the time span. My strength went up but nothing more than comes from heavy lifting and a good amount of food.

    Some other reviewers have mentioned a new motivation or mental factor but there was nothing different to note from my perspective. There was no change with my strength, mind or hunger while taking Versa-1. I do have to say that my veins were sticking out quite a bit more but this product didn't really seem to be intended for that. That was about the only thing I noticed. Nothing to note in my recovery either :/

    I hate to knock USPLabs as their products are among the best around, but this product flat out seemed to do nothing. I would never buy this product in the future, as the results were a letdown. I do believe that the hype made many people try this product but in the end I feel it let most of them down.
    • Vascularity
    • Easy To Take
    • Over Hyped
    • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
    • Slightly Expensive
    • Nothing To Write Home About
    Rep: +2,502
    Trust: 100%

      July 28, 2013

    I will keep this short and to the point. There has been plenty of good reviews for this supplements and even though the skeptecism of the efectiveness is product, I still think the only way for you to know if this product works is if you try it.

    USP labs and its marketing campaign are excellent at luring people into their new supplements. However, it seems that a lot of their old customers and somewhat disappointed ones, are not responding to their sales' tactics anymore.

    USP labs is revolutionary and they really try to bring new and different supplements into the industry plagued with the same *** under different brand names, but I think it is time for them to rethink the way the mentally amplify the effectiveness of their supplements with astute marketing gimmicks and a legion of nuthuggers in the interwebz.

    Profile (N/A): A unknown herb with citocholine. I will not go into deep science on the effects of these products, but I did my research and the first ingredient N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide AKA Aegeline, a main alkaloid of Aegle Marmelos Correa leaves which has no studies, at least from what I could gather, on humans and from the little that I found on this; it had nothing to do with anabolic properties or effects.

    The second ingredient is citocholine a neurostimulant/nootropic. Perhaps this is why they called a min/muscle breakthrough.

    Effectiveness(8/10): I am not naive enough to fall for ridiculous claims of "breaking PR on every workout," that I see "muscle I did not have before" or "this is the best natural supplemet I have used" because this plain good ol' Let's be honest with ourselves, if you fall for this ***, you are just plain stupid and should try to learn how to discern reality from marketing, specially in the sports suppplement industry.

    HOwever, despite of the BS they try to feed us with their bias logs and the nuthuggers in the USP labs forum, I stil think this is a great supplement. First of all, I did not build any muscle with Versa-1 and I was not expecting that, but Versa-1 gave me "You can fu.cking do it" mindset, tremendous endurance that I can only compare to Ostarine, a research chemical and nasty painful pumps, similar to when you are on-cycle.

    After evaluating the effects of Versa-1, I can honestly say that all its effects come from the mental effects it gives you. This supplement makes mind over matter a tangible reality, not just a concept. I loved taking Versa-1 every day for my workouts because of how it made me feel in the gym. Excellent focus and a significant improvement in my endurance that cimply comes from "being in the zone." I can honestly say that my enduranced improved because of the mindset, not from any effects on my muscles from Versa-1.

    One thing I also liked about Versa-1 is that its foucs had a prolonged effects, for at least 3-4 hours after the gym, so in total a good 4-5 hours. I used to take Versa-1 with Noopept and some caffeine to help me study and it got the job done.

    One thing I would like to add about Versa-1 is how this may be a supplement that could help people preparing for a contest because of how it improves focus, specially during the last weeks of contest prep. According to the majority of bodybuilders, the mental and physical stress during the last weeks can be overwhelming, but I think a supplement like Versa-1 can at least help them stay focus in the gym when is low-carb day.

    Dosage (10/10): a simple 1 capsule 30 minutes before physical activity.

    Sides(10/10): zero side effects, no digestion issues. I had no problems at all with Versa-1.

    Value(7/10): It is expensive considering this is not a staple. At $39+ a bottle for 1 month supply, it is not terrible, but adding this to your montjly supplement bill it can really stretch your budget. However, I can see this supplement to be a great replacement for PWO, so if you want to replace a PWO this would be a good option that sits around the same price as most PWO.

    Overall(8/10): Despite the annoying hype and all the ridiculous claims of PRs borken, new muscle gainz and all kindz of gainz, I still think Versa-1 is an excellent supplement. It is a mind/muscle supplement, not a muscle builder like they claim and I enjoyed my experience with it. I specially liked the focus in the gym and the ridicoulous endurance. Although, it is pricey compare to other supplements that we sometimes add to our monthly supp bill. Also, there is higher percentage of people that did no like it and they have their reasons. It is just common sense though, don't expect to pack on gainz with a natural supplement; it will not happen. In addition, the only way for you to know how this works is for you to try it becuase it has no comparison to anything on the market. If your expectations are modest, I think you will enjoy it.
    • Vascularity
    • Increased Endurance
    • Destroyer Mindset
    • Incredible Focus
    • Consisten Pumps
    • Over Hyped
    • Slightly Expensive
    Rep: +3,011
    Trust: 100%
      May 11, 2013

    First off, thank you to all the USP guys for the 30 day trial of this product. With all the talk about this product (good & bad), it was a product that I was very eager to try & see if it was hype or the real thing.

    In reviewing USP products, like most other supplement companies, my experience has varied. Some products I didn't like such as Yok3d, while Modern BCAA & Super Cissus remain 2 of my favorites, so I have no preexisting bias good or bad against USP.

    Let me first start off by saying that this has been by far the most difficult product I've ever had to review, partly because of the product, and also due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Before I get to the review, I had some very extreme variables that no doubt affected my experience with this product, and it wouldn't be fair to do this review without mentioning them:

    1. The first week of the cycle, I tore a calf muscle playing racquetball, the most pain I've been in for a long time. Because of this, I was unable to effectively track my leg exercises and my deadlifts. I did however do upper body throughout this whole cycle.

    2. I ran this with D-Pol & Triazole. These are pretty much my 2 favorite test boosting products, and I didn't wanna waste 2 months in case this product didn't work. Because I've run probably around a dozen daa/triazole cycles, I am very comfortable with the results, and I still feel I am able to give this product a fair shake.

    3. I had sinus surgery week 6, followed by a miserable recovery and lots of blood & swelling, so weeks 6-8, my abilities at the gym were limited, but I still worked out.

    Now on to the review:

    Dosage: 1/day. I got the trial size bottle (my only complaint was there was only 27 caps in it) but I won't complain too much since it was free. I took the advice of others who said it took awhile to kick in and bought a second bottle so the cycle would be 57 days.

    Value: 8/10

    Not much to say here, it was $40 in the beginning, but I noticed Nutraplanet has it down to $30, which I think is pretty reasonable

    Effectiveness: 9/10 overall
    Effectiveness 1st 30 days: 5/10
    Effectiveness last 30 days: 9.5/10

    Before I get to the meat of it, I'd like to start with the sides. You can usually tell if a test booster is working just by watching for sides. I noticed almost from day one, that my forehead was poring oil, especially up by the hairline along with an increase in acne which is a good sign. The most noticeable side effect was the monstrous increase in appetite. The only product I've ever tried that increased my appetite the was this did was L-Dopa. Despite being on Adderall which suppresses your appetite, I sometimes felt like my appetite was completely out of control. I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning absolutely starved! Surprisingly I didn't gain that much, as my clothes fit the same at cycles end.

    As far as results, I'm really glad I bought that second bottle. In my journal, I looked back and found the real kick in day was day 32. That day, I literally added on 4 reps to a weight I did a week before, which pretty much never happens. My bench has always been week, and despite best efforts is extremely stagnant. This was the first time in 6 months I've seen any weight added to it. Since it was the only exercise I could accurately track, I added 10% from beginning of cycle to end and hit a new pr which is especially amazing considering the circumstances.

    Also noticeable, was my energy in the gym after the kick in was noticeably up. I was stronger especially in the second half of workouts where I normally fade. In addition, the one day I'm typically sore-leg day, I noticed very little soreness, so this leads me to believe this product gives off better recovery as well.


    That's my experience, I would definately like to give this another run with normal circumstances. I would like to alter the dosage to 2/day to see if this makes a difference. I would also like to go 90 days on this to see if the gains continue. Upon my second run, I will update this review under the reply part. Most importantly, do make sure to buy at least 2 bottles and give this product a solid 30 days to kick in.
    • Strength Increase
    • Increased Endurance
    • Excellent Recovery
      Rep: +3,030
      Trust: 100%
        March 16, 2013

      Before I kick this review off I would like to say by no means am I a Usp labs hater in fact two of my favorite product are made by USP Labs Compound20 and AP. With that said Versa-1 was a complete waste of money. And I have to say the marketing and hype behind this product is similar to old school Muscletech.

      Dosing:10/10: This is probably the only place Versa-1 shined for me. The dosing was simple on workout days take 30-60 minutes prior to exercise and on non workout days take with or without food. The capsules are not very large and at no point did one ever stick to my throat they went down smoothly, which is nice compared to the Animal pak and Animal omega capsules/pills. I opted to dose Versa-1 with jack3d micro 46 minutes prior to training figured I would keep it in the family.

      Effectiveness:1/10 I would break down week by week comparisons like other reviewers did but there was never a significant change from the first day I took Versa-1 till the last day. At times I felt like my focus was off the charts with Versa-1 but if you read my micro review you would know that micro gives me great focus so I doubt It was the Versa-1. The fact of the matter is I didnt buy Versa-1 to have better focus I bought it to receive all those Pr breaking benefits and muscle gains that all the beta testers claimed to receive. I am not saying the the people that were chosen to beta test this product was lying maybe the beta test batch was different from the sold batch, because I didn't feel nothing of any significance from Vers-1.

      I ran Versa-1 for 6 weeks before I decided I wasn't gonna keep wasting my time taking an ineffective product. Did my maxes increase in that time frame yes but I can assure you it wasn't anything significant that made me say wow Versa-1 has arrived. Needless to say I been of Versa-1 for a couple of weeks now and I feel the same way I did the whole 6 weeks on Versa-1.

      Value:1/10 As I said before I base my value off results not price so even though the IC deal was reasonable I regret I even wasted money trying Versa-1. On you can find versa-1 for $39.99 which comes out to be about $0.67 per serving, so I wouldn't call it a bank breaker if decide you wanna give versa-1 a go.

      Overall:1/10 At the end of the day this product failed miserably in my eyes. I truly think the marketing behind this product set versa-1 up for failure its pretty hard for any natural supplement to do the things Versa-1 was said to do. Think about this its like going to the zoo expecting to see zebras and once you get there its just white horses with black paint stripes, not cool bro.
      • Some Focus
      • Over Hyped
      • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
      Rep: +3,795
      Trust: 100%

        July 17, 2013

      This review is long overdue and I apologize. This product had tons of hype and tons of different results so I wanted to give it a true chance. I ran 1 bottle and decided I wasn't sure what it did. Typically, if you have to play the guessing game with a supplement's effectiveness, it's a bust. However, I decided to run two more bottles back to back and work with the dosing protocol.

      Dosing: 10/10

      Take one cap a day. Boom. I even tried taking twice a day on some occasions but the caps are easy to take and it's an easy protocol to follow. I am currently (and have been for 10 months now) on the Wendler 5/3/1 program and slowing increasing calories in a lean bulk fashion. I take occasional pre workout stims, multi, Beta-Alanine, and creatine.

      Ingredients: ?/10

      The ingredients- Aegeline and Citicolline.
      Aegeline was originally used as an aphrodisiac but some research may point to higher doses showing an anabolic response. We are still waiting on more valid data on this one.

      Citicolline's use is a little more studied as it has been used moderately for things such as Alzheimer's, ADHD, Parkinson's, and even brain trauma. It basically comes down to helping boost the brain's phosphatidylcholine levels which shows cognitive function benefits.

      USP may be on to something but for the time being, we can't really say these ingredients yield significant benefits.

      Effectiveness: 6/10

      After running three bottles of Versa-1, I feel I can truly gauge the effectiveness. I do feel this helped me get in the groove a little better, specially on my days where I was fatigued. This wasn't significant enough to merit a high rating but I feel it did do a little something. I took it plenty of times with and without pre workout stims to be fair in it's rating and I still felt like I was a little more into it and focused during the non-stimmed days. Bottom line though, this stuff won't break PRs for you or do anything crazy. I didn't notice any increase in hardness, alpha male attitude, vascularity, etc like some explained. I track macro nutrients and training progress consistently so it is in my favor that I will yield more results than your typical gym-goer. I expected a little more but I'm not upset with USP Labs.

      Value: 5/10

      This product is typically around 35-40 dollars depending on where you buy. A little over a dollar a serving for something that is not heavily researched may not grab the consumer's eye. I didn't experience anabolic effects but I feel there were some cognitive benefits to the product. If you feel like you could use a mental boost in the gym, this may be worth a shot, specially if you don't like to take pre workout supplements containing stimulants.

      Overall: 5/10

      In conclusion, I say this is worth a shot but don't expect anything crazy. I wouldn't call this a staple but I may throw it back in my supplement regimen down the road sometime.
      • Easy To Take
      • Some Cognitive/focus Benefits
      • Helped Mind Muscle Connection Slightly
      • Ingredients Not Widely Familiar
      • Slightly Expensive
      • Nothing To Write Home About

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