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What do the pills look like?
This might sound like a dump question but sometime I get paranoid about the supps I buy online. Can anyone discribe what color/markings are on the Recreate pills?

Recommend this for my brother?
OK this Q is for my brother hes 6'4 290lbs roughly he has been working out with me for on an on and off basis he really wants to loose weight (fat)...

When to take this?
I'm thinking about buying USP Labs Recreate. My goal is lower body fat by taking this along with doing some HIIT. I work nights so I work out as soon as...

Can I bulk while using Recreate?
I am stacking the astroid stack right now and want to bulk up can you bulk and take Recreate

Switch to Animal Cuts?
ok so if i use Recreate and after its gone do i buy it again or should i switch to Animal Cuts or is that not good?

does this have ephedra in it?

Need for cycling?
Do you need to cycle on and off with this or can i use it regularly? Will I gain all the weight back when I stop using it?

Use without getting weak?
jus wondering if I could take Recreate for weight loss without getting weak, and also take a post workout protein shake(amp extreme wheybolic 60) after...

is this a good stack?
I am thinking about stacking Recreate with CLA, Green Tea and 7-Keto, is that a safe/good stack ?.

Are there large amounts of caffeine in Recreate?
Are there large amounts of caffeine in Recreate and is it safe to take with something like NO-Xplode preworkout? If so how would I go about stacking them...I...

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