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Effective for females?
Evening guys! New to this site but love the energy! I was wondering if any of you that have taken Recreate have given it to your wives/girlfriends to use?...

Stomach Issues: How much caffeine?
My brother has some stomach issues and he took a 2 pill dose on an empty stomach and it gave him a burning stomach ache all day. He asked me if he should...

Can I stack Recreate with Jack3d?
hey im on my second day using Recreate and was wondering if its good to stack with jack3d??

What do they mean?
One of the 23 ways this is supposed to work is "Stimulates Thermogenesis Via A Decrease In The Efficiency Of ATP synthesis via transcriptional control...

Can I double my dose of Recreate?
will you get better results taking 4 pills a day instead of 2?

Any help with this?
hey guys im pretty new to this but got a question. well i wanted to just stay the size i am now and just lose body fat. well right now im working out i...

Safe with Kre-Alk?
this is safe to take with kre-alk right?

This or Arson?
is Arson better than this product!!!

What do the pills look like?
This might sound like a dump question but sometime I get paranoid about the supps I buy online. Can anyone discribe what color/markings are on the Recreate pills?

Recommend this for my brother?
OK this Q is for my brother hes 6'4 290lbs roughly he has been working out with me for on an on and off basis he really wants to loose weight (fat)...

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Oxyelite pro vs recreate
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ReCreate seal broken?
hey guys,i just got some recreate today. ordered it via ebay.as i opened the bottle top, i saw that there's no sealing that covers the bottle neck.doesn't...

questions about Recreate and Oxyelite Pro
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HIIT Treadmill Question and Recreate Question
Would HIIT treadmill be better to do in the morning or at night. I've read it's good in the morning because it gets our metabolism going but...

New Recreate Formula...
I have been on Recreate for just under 2 months now... New pics coming at my 8 week mark but any way. I just opened a new bottle...I noticed the pills...

Recreate on diet log
5'8"205 pounds23% body fatDiet: High protein, low fat low carb. Moderate calorie deficit diet.Typical meals: Brkft (oatmeal+whey, cerial+milk+whey,...

Universal Animal Cuts VS USP Labs Recreate VS Hydroxycut Hardcore X
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