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What should I take with Recreate?
would this be good to take with Green tea extract and CLA..or is that too much?

How does this stack sound?
Would you stack Recreate, Powerfull, AP, and Jack3d? It'st just an idea I came up with and just started researching possible outcomes.

Is this Recreate stack going to work well?
Alright I plan on takin this stack but would it be safe to add recreate when I am taking a test booster (Animal Stak) which I heard does contain some what...

What is the EXACT amount?
I see that OEP has 100 mg caffeine per cap. now recreate how much caffeine does that have? Not to sound like a jerk but I would like to know a near exact...

How does my plan sound?
Just got my Recreate in today along with my CLA. I was wondering how i should stack these 2 products together. I'm taking White flood Pre workout and Green...

How much caffeine does recreate have?
Another recreate question? Does anyone have any inside info on caffeine amount per capsule? I know it's a blend but would like an exact or near exact.

Bad for my heart?
pedal biking season is here and I usually bike 2 hours a day five days a week at minimum on my road bike. My quation is will this be bad for me or my...

Stubborn fat?
Hey guys ive been taking this for two weeks. Now and just started taking 4 a day on monday. Im wondering how long it will take me to get a flat chest and...

Good to stack with Recreate?
What would be a great stack with recreate? I want a solid pre workout, post protein, multi-vitamin, cla, and any other great products. Thanks guys!

Best for stubborn fat?
What do you guys think would be the best product to burn the last bit of fat, Recreate or Controlled Labs Reduction AM/PM???

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I've used oxy elite pro before and went from 198 to 180 in about a month. However, I did not like the way i felt while i was on it. I was very tired....

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Hey guys,Im trying to get more lean and cut. I am thinking this will be my stack as of now:kre alk 1500gluta lyn 1500recreatejack3dyok3dON WheyMega men...

Recreate, fish oil and CLA stack
Just curious, I dont wanna take a stim based product..Presently taking KRE and GLUT Lynn, Multi,Fish oil and Nitrix Oxide (Muscle buiding for 12 weeks)Once...

When to start Lipo-6 Black after finishing Recreate?
been off Recreate for about 2 weeks.  should i dive right into the Lipo-6 or give a little more time so it has more effect on me?...

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How long after OEP can i start Recreate?
i've been off OEP for 2 solid weeks now and i'm wondering if i can start a cycle of Recreate now or if i have to or should wait a little longer?...

What is the perfect Recreate stack???
First off this is my first post and I want to tip my hat to all the regulars on here, I have learned a lot from this site so far. Anyhow, I started taking...

Opened bottle of Recreate 70/90 Capsules left
Opened bottle of Recreate 70/90 Capsules left. I bought this bottle about 2 months ago, but it has only been open for about a month. I tried taking it...

Recreate / Oxy Elite Dosing
Hey guys. Question for you all. On some days Im up in the gym at around 730am, other days im in the afternoon. I've been dosing Recreate and Oxy at...

jacked, recreate, cla, fish oil and green tea extract for weight loss?
hi ive been taking this supplement and its great. I need some help im currently 285 want to shed some more weight i read on a lot of reviews take jacked,...

Good Stack? oep, recreate, yok3d, mbcaa, and 211?
I bought 180 caps of oep and recreacte about 2 months ago while doing p90 and have only gone through half of them, finished up p90 last week and am starting...

Is it safe to take recreate while taking a preworkout
Subject basically says it all I was just wondering if that was an overload of caffeine to take everyday.My current prework is Acg3...

When to take: recreate, green tea tablets, CLA, Yok3d and PCT?
I am going on a cutting stack and need help making sure I take my pills for max absorption. My current stack is recreate, green tea tablets, CLA, and yok3d,...

What is the best way to introduce recreate to my cutting stack?
Fellas:I began my cutting stack it goes like this:wake up - 2 pills of sci fit kre-alkalyn creatine and 2 pills of scifit glutaminewith breakfast- CLA,...