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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with Modern Protein

OxyElite Protein Reviews

By: USPlabs


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OxyElite Protein is a Blended Protein Powder manufactured by USPlabs. It contains a blend of different types of protein and will promote lean muscle mass and fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with Modern Protein


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  June 19, 2013

Aloha everybody. This is my first review on SR. Been mooching off of this site's information for about a year and figured this is long overdue. Anyways, let's get to it.

I finally finished my tub of the OxyELITE Protein. I've been a longtime USPLabs user, and am generally pretty happy with all of their products. MBCAA is a staple in my year-round stack, and I cycle between a lot of their other products including C20, OEP, and Jack3d (stocked up on the old formula). Needless to say, I had high expectations for a whey product released by what I'd consider my favorite supp. company. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed.

-Ingredient Profile- 8
This protein blend is advertised as being great "for what it DOESN'T contain." Since I was looking for a protein complex to supplement my diet that I could take at anytime, this was ideal. It's advertised as having CLAs to increase fat loss MCTs to induce thermogenesis. Unfortunately they don't really specify how much of the 3.5g of fat per serving (1 scoop, 25 in a container) is derived from the CLAs. Still, I was pleased with only 4g of carbs, including 2g of fiber and only 1g of sugar, to go along with the 23g of protein per serving. The the protein complex is described as an "Advanced Lean Protein Matrix" of Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Micellar Casein.

-Mixability/Texture- 9
As with all powders, the texture is going to depend on how much liquid you add. When using their recommended amount of 6oz per scoop, the protein mixes fairly well. If you only shake it for about 5-10 seconds, most of the protein gets mixed and you can swig it down with some dippin'dot-sized clumps. I typically would add some more water after just to get the rest of the protein that was on the walls of my bottle, but I do this with all proteins since I don't like to waste anything. No protein ever got stuck to my bottle, so I'd say the mixability was actually quite good. Since the protein complex is whey and casein, the texture was slightly thick when only using 6oz of water, so just aware that you may need to add more water to get your preferred texture.

-Taste- 9
I purchased the Milk Chocolate because I have PTSD from a bad batch of vanilla whey. USPLabs hyped this product for being the best tasting and in that regard, it did not disappoint. The taste was great. Plain and simple. Didn't taste as artificial as many proteins do.

-Effectiveness- 8
I've had my best results while taking this product. How much this product actually contributed to that remains to be seen since I was working my ass off and my diet was on point. Still, I will give credit to the supplement for providing what I needed: a boost of protein in order to reach my desired daily macro intake. I'm not a bodybuilder, I powerlift and just try to stay in as good athletic shape as I can year round. This protein helped keep me satiated whenever I needed it. I took it whenever: first thing in the morning, between meals, or late at night. I did not use it everyday.

-Side Effects- 4
Here is the biggest detractor for me. Almost ALWAYS within 20 minutes of drinking my shake, I had to use the bathroom. For almost seven days straight of using this, I had diarrhea. Not very pleasant. I was never sure if it was completely attributed to this product since it didn't happen everytime, but that was my personal experience, and so I associate it at least psychologically as a side effect of the product. There aren't many other unbiased reviews out there so I am not sure if this is common amongst other users.

-Value- 6
As a registered USPLab user, I was able to purchase the protein before it was released to the public and purchase it cheaper. However, even that price was a little bit more expensive per serving than other proteins, such as ON Whey. It is now listed on their website at $54.99 for a 24 serving tub. That's a bit too pricey in my opinion, especially since this is just a protein complex. Now if you're a person who buys your protein from GNC then that price may seem not too bad, but all of us on here know that is the last place you should be going unless you get some sort of discount off of the retail price.

-Overall- 6
Given the side effects and the value, I'd have to say that I most likely won't be buying this protein again unless I come across a sale. I'd pay around $30 for a tub. While a bit disappointed, I personally experienced great overall results with my progress while using this product, and I'd suggest all of you to try it at some point.

  • Keeps You Feeling Full
  • Too Expensive
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  July 10, 2013

First off, I'd like to thank the USP guys: ISam, Cryo, & of course Adam for both the free tub of protein, along with the additional samples I was given. As reps, they represent their company well and are a great resource.

Onto the review: This product was touted as a "leaning protein," the first of its kind. Since protein is a staple supplement that we all take, I really do in theory like the idea of a leaning protein, if it had all the right ingredients in it since I often times take protein before a workout, after a workout, and sometimes for an in between snack. I've had fairly good experiences with USP on most (but not all) products, but I was skeptical of the "leaning aspect."

Mixability: 4/10: I pretty much had to physically scrape the residue off my blender blades after each shake, this part was very annoying. I would have rated it worse in this aspect, but in all fairness, my past experiences with Casein protein are that it blends terrible, so this is the likely culprit.

Chocolate: 7.5/10 You really can't go wrong with chocolate in a protein shake. This wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst I've tasted, but decent tasting. It blends extremely thick, so more water than usual is advised

Vanilla Ice Cream: 10/10 I don't think I've ever given any product a 10 for flavor, but they hit an absolute home run with this flavor. Vanilla is a hard flavor to get right and I usually have very low expectations, but I actually craved this flavor it was so good. For somebody that puts a lot of emphasis on taste, this IMO would be the biggest reason to buy this product. While I consider taste, it isn't my primary reason for buying.

Cost: 6/10 Based on's prices, it comes out to 1.32/serving. Comparatively ON's Gold Standard comes out to 1.00/serving (2 lb bag). Its not terrible, and I understand it has a couple extra goodies, and if those extra goodies made it worth it, I'd be fine with the cost.

"Leaning Aspect": 2/10
This one wasn't really fair to begin with. There are no miracle supplements that aren't stimulants, I believe this was too much for even USP to conquer. I've tried CLA even for a year and I was no leaner after the year, than at the beginning. This product also contains Sunflower Oil and MCT's that are supposed to lean you out over time. Am I any leaner now than when I began this protein: nope-and I purposely didn't change my diet or exercise routine. The only reason I didn't rate this aspect any lower is that I do know that CLA has been proven to work for some people, just not me.

Effectiveness: 7.5/10
I didn't count the "leaning" aspect in this score as I buy protein for the protein. Effectiveness is a tough thing to judge in a protein, but the only thing I can effectively judge it on is my recovery ability. While I have found some differences in different proteins, I would say this one's recovery was somewhere in the middle. There is research that shows that a fast protein (whey) combined with a slow (casein) improves recovery. The recovery this gave me was alright, but just alright. I have found that the proteins with added bcaa's and glutamine tend to give me much better recovery which comes as no surprise.

Overall: 7/10
I think USP made a noble attempt at what I feel has a kernel of a good idea. I think the idea of a leaning protein has some legs behind it, but I just don't feel like the right combo of supplements exists at the moment to accomplish such a thing.
If I were to make a couple suggestions, and this is just my personal opinion. My first is to make it naturally flavored protein (Stevia) or even adding Dextrose which I add anyway as my fast carb would work. Our goal in working out is to be healthy and I feel that all the artificial stuff takes away from that.
My second suggestion is added aminos. I have found a noticeable difference in proteins with added bcaas and glutamine. I supplement with them anyway, and would be willing to pay more for a combo type of product.
The biggest selling point of this product no doubt was the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. If you haven't tried it, its worth buying just to taste this flavor.
  • Keeps You Feeling Full
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Taste
  • Artificial Flavoring
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  July 4, 2013

A special thanks to ISam and Cryo for choosing me as a winner in their contest thread. Thanks guys!

I need to write a small intro on why USPLabs marketing drives me batty. It's kind of like marketing on steroids; I'm pretty sure that you'll test positive just reading it. ;)

USPLabs calls this an Advanced Leaning Protein. I assume that this is in part, because of the inclusion of CLA and MCT, two ingredients that are commonly found in weight loss products. Unfortunately the actual results for either of these ingredients are hit and miss with people and quite frankly of such limited value that I would rather not see them in here at all. I understand marketing – it's a necessary evil. But in this case, the name, label and marketing was tied so closely with the OxyElite line, that it really ended up shifting the focus (in my opinion) to a really sketchy area – the promise of potential weight loss and ended up obscuring the fact that is a totally legit protein supplement, period.

So really guys, quit shooting yourself in the foot by having to always come out with the latest and greatest – call me crazy, but sometimes just having a kick-ass, no frills, no gimmicks, no novel or ground breaking ingredients that I have to Google, high quality supplement that does exactly what it should do is, well, genius. But hey, what do I know – my favorite protein flavor is vanilla, lol.

Ok, moaning, hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth is over. On the good stuff:

Profile: 8.5/10
Serving Size: 36g (25 servings per tub)
Calories: 140
Protein: 23g
Carbs: 4g (2g fiber, 1g sugar)
Fat: 3.5g

This is a pretty robust blend of ingredients: protein, carbs, fiber, fats, enzymes, gums, flavors, sweeteners, etc. It's worth noting that USPLabs goes to great lengths to focus on what isn't in this blend – maltodextrin, creamers, added amino acids, etc. and this also resonates with me. And while I won;t go quite as far as USPLabs and call into question the profile of every protein out there, it is a valid point. But keep in mind that even this profile isn't anywhere close to what I consider the platinum standard in lean and clean - Muscle Feast. Personally, I don't get even a little concerned over the fat and carbs. There are other isolates out there that have <1 grams of fat and carbs (RCSS Isotropic Max or MF Premium comes to mind) if that's what you want. Still, I think the amounts are relatively meaningless for me personally as whatever negatives people may think about 3.5 grams of fat can easily be overcome within your daily macro intake. There are far more important things to consider other than a few grams of carbs or fats and for me, that's the daily picture. So again, I had no trouble fitting this into my nutrition. (And I have one thing to say to anyone who moans about the 35 calories from fat – Really dude? Can I have that pop-tart?)

As I said earlier, USP touts the inclusion of CLA and MCT. I won't go into the details of the studies that I've read quoting effectiveness for these, but suffice it to say that they exist; however, I'm personally pretty "meh" on them for various reasons. If you want to give MCT or CLA a try, then buy them individually; in a protein supplement I find it totally unnecessary and of questionable applicability within the context of this blend. (I personally use MCT oil but I find CLA totally ineffective.)

So why did I rate this so highly? Because this is a high quality blend of milk protein isolate, 80% whey concentrate and micellar casein. All three are solid ingredients and I especially like that the purity of the concentrate is listed (80%) as it they can go quite low - big kudos to USP for resisting the more common trend of combining a few grams of 6-7 different proteins. Also a big plus is that they use micellar casein instead of the cheaper calcium caseinate that is more commonly found in low priced blends. And while there aren't whey isolate or hydrolyzed proteins here, all in all, it still contains 3 high quality protein choices that I've used individually in the past.

Taste&Mixing: 9.5/10
This is, without a doubt, the best mixing vanilla or chocolate protein I ever had for mixing in water. It is as rich and creamy in water as many of my proteins are when mixed in milk. (Although the more cynical among us would point out that if you add enough fats, gums and sweeteners to a product, it's going to taste good.)

I've said this elsewhere, but if there is a leaning aspect to this protein, it's how delicious it is when mixed in water and thus saving the added calories from milk. I found it to have a greater than normal satiety effect. If this were packaged in individual serving packs, I would carry them with me for a quick snack on the go any day of the week. It's that good. And isn't that one of the most common downfalls of people's diet – they just don't enjoy eating or drinking many of the food based supplements they incorporate into their weight loss program and thus eventually fall of the wagon. I don't see that as ever being a problem for me with this protein. I'm still holding Pro-Antium up as the best tasting protein that I've ever had, but this one is certainly no slouch in the taste department.

There was no clumping and the consistency was smooth and rich. When mixed in coconut or almond milk it was like drinking a thick shake so I had to add a little water in if I wanted it thinner.

Effectiveness: 9/10
How effective is this? Well I bought 4 more tubs with my own money. If you know how cheap I am, then you can infer how effective I felt this was. I'm currently using almost all RCSS proteins but this provides me with a slower acting protein to fill the gap, especially because of the milk protein isolate and micellar casein. Where it really excelled for me was as my late morning or afternoon snack. Typically I would have consumed about 300 calories for my snack but using this with water gave me the same results at half the calories. So using this twice a day really allows me to shave about 400 calories. Is that the leaning aspect that people are after? I can't say what's in the minds of others, but I will speculate that it's the higher quality ingredients that provide me with the nutrients I need far more than anything I got from the CLA or MCT (both of which I've used in abundance in the past so I think I'm on solid ground in making that statement.)

Recovery is on par with other proteins and had no digestive issues. Used in conjunction with my normal training and nutrition I saw no decrease in strength. I use diet to support my training, not the other way around, so overall this met or exceeded my expectations for performance.

Value: 8/10
You can find this for sale as low as $28.00 per tub. That's $1.12 per serving. Let's take a look at some of its competitors per serving prices: ON Gold Standard - $1.01, Dymatize Elite $.92, Allmax Hexapro $1.08, iForce Protean $.85, Muscle Milk $1.40, Trutein $.70, etc. So as far as whey concentrate blends go, it's in the upper echelon of price per serving. However, in this case I'm going to agree with USPlabs Marketing department in that a big part of its value is not only what you do get (3 high quality proteins) but all the junk that you don't get.

Overall: 9/10
I absolutely would recommend this. It's a solid, top tier protein that has functionality way beyond "leaning". It's an excellent choice for post workout, during the day or nighttime. Top quality proteins, no garbage or fillers, great taste and mixing, what more could anyone want? So do yourself a favor and look past all the hype. I don't think you'll be disappointed but if you are, blame Cryo. Just kidding – you won't be disappointed.
  • Quality Protein Blend
  • Greater Satiety
  • Supports Lean Muscle
  • Helped Me Reduce Total Calories
  • Mixes Fantastic In Water
  • Marketing Hype
Rep: +2,318
Trust: 100%

  September 2, 2013

I tend to shop around whenever its time to buy proteins. I found that USP Labs Oxyelite protein had a similar cost/protein ratio to Pro-complex as well as a similar time-release protein blend that had milk protein isolate as the first ingredient.
I tried both the Chocolate and Vanilla flavor which I purchased on my own and not through the Expert Review program.

Taste: 10
This was one of the best tasting proteins I have ever had in my life. The vanilla was reminiscent of vanilla muscle milk which has nearly double the calories. The consistency was a little thick because of the caseins but not too thick. The Chocolate was fantastic but the Vanilla was by far my favorite. Oxyelite protein is great on its own and I never made it as part of a shake. I did however add to oatmeal one morning which was not the best idea, a little soupy and bland (It was on deployment, I didnt have resources to jazz up my breakfast like peanut butter).

Nutrition Profile: 9
Each scoop contains 23g of protein, 4 total carbs with 2g of that being fiber, and 3.5g of fat derived from the "Rapid Burn Lipid complex" which is sunflower oil and Medium Chain Triglycerides.It is sweetened with sucralose which is pretty standard for proteins nowadays.
This nutrition profile fits needs of nearly any niche group of fitness because of its low carb nature and low-fat profile.

Mixability: 9
I mentioned it earlier but this mixes very well. I did not have the opportunity to mix it in a shaker cup but I funneled it into water bottles and shook for 30 seconds and voila! A smooth, non chunky protein smoothie made using only water.

Value: 8
Its roughly at $33 per 2lb. This is pretty standard now for 2 lbs of higher quality whey protein and especially protein blends. I do miss the old days when $25 got you 5lbs of Gold Standard Whey Protein.

Overall: 9
I see myself buying OxyElite Protein again in the future. Its a little pricey and sometimes I cant make myself fork over the bills with a clean conscience for mere protein but for those who religiously hit the weights, its a solid investment. The taste is phenomenal and mixability is perfect. I tip my hat to USP Labs for developing a fantastic protein and I hope they expand on this market and offer more flavors and more types of protein in the future.
  • Keeps You Feeling Full
  • Quality Protein Blend
  • Greater Satiety
  • Supports Lean Muscle
  • Mixes Fantastic In Water
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Taste
  • Pricey
Rep: +2,719
Trust: 100%
  July 22, 2013

I walked into Vitamin Shoppe one day needing a protein powder, and for some reason, this caught my eye. I personally thought I would never buy this due to the price being somewhat higher than other protein powders on the market, but I just caved in and bought it anyway. This will be a rather simple review, as Lava and petey have already gone over the product in depth.

I personally did not like the hype that came with this, but I still won't knock the product down for that.

Milk Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Whey Concentrate. Nothing special, but at least it is versatile, whether it be post workout or a meal replacement. The macros are fine, nothing special, but not bad at all.


I like the addition of MCT's and CLA, but I would like to know how much of each is in there. If USPLabs is trying to market this as a "Leaning Protein", I have no idea why they would rely on CLA and MCTs to promote leaning.


I got no clumps, but the foam was annoying so I took off 1/2 point. The protein itself is slightly thick, which I personally like. Makes me feel like I actually ate something and have some substance in my stomach to hold me over until I need to eat again.


I only got a few sample packets of the chocolate, and tbh I did not enjoy them as much as others did. They were not horrible by any means, but they had nothing on MTS, Wheybolic, or Super Sport.

Vanilla: the Vanilla was awesome. I thought it tasted more like a cake batter or something similar. I would go as far to say that it was the best Vanilla protein I have ever had, but I had a sample of RCSS Vanilla Pro-Antium and still need to go through a tub of that before I make my decision on that.

Either way, the vanilla is very enjoyable and the thick texture made it even better. Tasted best in unflavored almond milk for me


No digestive issues, at all. Not much to write here. I guess I could go on and say that it is a great snack option, as it keeps you full with its thick texture/3 grams of fiber. Not much better than any other protein out there.


This is slightly overpriced imo. Although it has a solid/versatile blend, I bought this for $35+. That was at VS however. Online you can find this for around $30, not including shipping. Not horrible, but it can't compare to ON GS.


In the end, it's just another protein. The taste is awesome and the thick texture was enjoyable(for me at least). I think the CLA/MCTs aren't a bad addition, especially if you make this a staple, there is just no reason for it to be called a "Leaning Protein". I recommend trying this out, at least once. I'll be buying this again.
  • Keeps You Feeling Full
  • Quality Protein Blend
  • Greater Satiety
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Taste
  • No Clumping
  • Too Expensive
  • Marketing Hype
Rep: +3,795
Trust: 100%

  November 4, 2013

This review is long over-due. USP Labs hooked me up with a tub and some samples of this near it's release and I have to say thank you for that. I have been using it pretty consistently ever since trying it and as a busy full time college student, Protein powders are an asset for me. I have gone through 4 tubs of this now.

Let me begin with stating that I view protein supplements as food sources. I do not believe in the post workout anabolic window of opportunity, nor the need for slow digesting proteins near bed during your sleeping fast. I have been practicing Intermittent Fasting (16/8) for almost a year now and I also use Flexible Dieting. As most of you know, I track my calories and macro nutrients consistently and take my diet pretty seriously. So I'll gauge my review on the following categories: Ingredient profile, taste, mix-ability, and value.

Profile: 8/10
USP brought a basic, yet satisfying, profile to their first ever protein product. I like the macro nutrient profile @ 140 calories per serving. The protein blend consists of 80% good ol' Whey concentrates and 20% Micellar casein (the higher quality casein). Following up with that, you get some CLA, fiber, enzymes, and tasty artificial sweeteners.

If you have seen the write-ups from the company on their star child protein, you'll see where they have tried to uncover the scams going on in the protein market. Many companies will add free form amino acids which can falsify nitrogen tests in labs, allowing them to basically state you are getting more protein in grams than you actually are on the label. Not cool right? Think about paying for 5 lbs of chicken breast and only getting 2 lbs. Not trying to do that with chicken, nor my protein supplements. So props to USP for not taking this route and giving us what we are paying for.

Taste: 8/10
Yep. USP scored very well here. This is one of the few, possibly the only category, where I do see taste as a higher priority. Using protein powders as a food supplement and being a flexible dieter, I like taste in my diet, specially when contest prepping. Both the chocolate and the vanilla are something to be desired by virtually anyone with a sweet tooth. Although I am more into vanilla these days, I prefer the chocolate flavor OEProtein. It's definitely more on the rich side and I enjoy it with milk, water, oats, or even making protein smoothies. I've even used it as a base for cold cereals, successfully.

Mix-ability: 7/10
Due to the guar gum, fiber, and casein content, this protein is a tad thicker than your average one. If you enjoy making sludge, you may find that you need more liquid than usual. I definitely love the consistency here though. Some proteins (I won't name any names) are basically like drinking a light chocolate flavored water (gross). I typically use blender bottles, a blender, or even the old fashioned glass and spoon when making basic shakes. Oxy Elite protein, although thicker as mentioned, passes all my personal tests.

Value: 7/10
Let's face it fellas. We aren't gonna be looking at a dirt cheap quality whey protein any time in the near future. I still dig Allstarhealth as my go-to site and you can find USP labs's OEProtein on there for 30 bucks + flat rate shipping currently. 25 servings per tub at 30 bucks a tup, do the math.... Not the worst price I've ever seen by any means.

Overall: 8/10
I was incredibly happy to see USP Labs put their effort into a protein supplement and get that foot in the door. I've been an avid user of the brand since the release of Jack3d and Recreate, when I was just a highschool student wondering into the gym to do bro curls and bench press every day. I haven't had insane results with every product from them, but I can say I've had more success with them as a whole than any other company to date. I enjoy this protein and I'll continue to keep switching it in and out of my supplement arsenal. Pick some up if you haven't tried it.
  • Good Value
  • Quality Protein Blend
  • Greater Satiety
  • Good Mix-ability
  • Great Taste
  • Good Macro Nutrient Profile
  • 3g Of Fiber/serving
  • Versatile
    Rep: +1,230
    Trust: 100%

      November 2, 2013

    I got to try a tub of this protein from Isam/SR contest(thanks!) with a bottle of OEP. I have not seen this in stores near me yet, but see it is readily available online.

    My goal was to use this throughout the day between meals and after late night lifting sessions, when I want a mixed protein instead of just whey. (To keep me fueled throughout the night).

    Taste: This was one of the better tasting protein powders I have used. It was best when mixed with something other than water (I liked it with milk or almond milk, bananas and/or peanut butter). I had the chocolate flavor (haven't tried vanilla yet).

    Mixability: It mixes well, with minimal clumps. Blends really thick with a blender and I liked this a lot. It was like drinking a real milk shake!

    Price: ?? I haven't seen this on shelves at GNC/Vitamin Shoppe near me, but it goes around $35 online that I can find, which is a bit pricey, but definitely worth the price for the blend that you're getting of both slower and fasted digesting protein sources.

    Effectiveness: This tended to leave me feeling quite full and satiated for some time after drinking it. It also helped with muscle soreness (my own subjective opinion) I think better than when I used straight whey isolate for late night lifting sessions. I found that I would wake up much less sore than expected! It is advertised as a 'leaning' protein, and I did use it during a run of OEP; I saw a decrease in BF and dropped water weight while using both products (cannot say that this product alone led to any portion of the weight loss vs. training and OEP alone).

    Overall: It may be a bit pricey, but I LOVED this protein and will definitely plan to get it in the future. I have found a great use for mixed proteins and think this product delivers!
    • Keeps You Feeling Full
    • Quality Protein Blend
    • Tastes Great
    • Pricey
    Rep: +500
    Trust: 100%
      July 4, 2013

    First of all, I want to give a shout out to USPLabs for finally creating a protein. This is something that many of us have been waiting for and I was happy with the finished product.

    Taste- 9/10 This stuff not only tastes great, but it masks some of the less than pleasant stuff I mixed this with. Green Vibrance for one ;) I even used some of this in my coconut oil/protein bites and I have to say that might have been my favorite batch. It can be a bit too sweet if you mix it with the directed 6 ounces of cold water. I usually mixed mine with 12-16 ounces of fluid and it tasted just fine.

    Mixibility/texture- 8/10 Mixed as directed this is a nice thick shake, that make for a refreshing treat. I never had any undissolved bits or granules at the bottom. As I mentioned earlier, I usually mixed my protein with 12-16 ounces of liquid, and although a bit thinner, it was still not like an isolate shake. It has a nice texture that makes you feel like you had something to eat, not just drank some water.

    My only gripe with this product is that it was too "wet" in the container. I weigh and measure everything, and measuring this stuff out was a pain. It sticks to the scooper and clumps up when dry. Once it mixes, it's great. Before that, however, it was a pain in my a$$.

    Profile- 8/10 I like what they did for the most part. They don't disclose the filtration process, and that is something I would have liked to know. But other than that, solid ingredients. And on the bright side, if I take this for the next 3 years straight the CLA might have some benefit. Perhaps a bit more fat for a post workout than I would like, but considering this is geared as a balanced anytime protein, I can take it.

    Side effects- 10/10 I had no issues with gas or bloating. With protein, it hard to gauge the absolute effectiveness, but the signs of poor digestion are one thing that you can notice. Other than no GI issues I would say I experienced no side effects from the use of this product.

    Effectiveness- 7.5/10 I can say I noticed an occasional improvement in recover, or reduced soreness. Being a CrossFit athlete, I feel like I am sore in one place or another most of the time. I had a few instances where I thought I was going to be sore, and maybe its because of OEProtein, I had decreased soreness and improved recovery. The reason I didn't give a higher rating is because I was also on another product that is supposed to help with recovery (Pink Magic). Its hard to say for sure. But thats the thing with Proteins... Hence why I don't really like reviewing proteins.

    Value- 6/10 ~$30 for 2 lbs of protein is a little steep in my book. I feel you can usually find quality products for $10/lb. At $15/lb and in a 2 lb container, I was not pleased. At 44g of product (30g protein), the 2lb tub lasted me 20 days I believe. Thats not very good if you need several tubs to get you through the month IMO.

    Perhaps if they sold it in 5lb tubs they could knock the price down, but I don't think thats on the immediate horizon. Not to mention this stuff is touted as the greatest thing since HSB. With all USPlabs products there is incredible hype... Incredible hype behind a slightly above average protein powder kinda rubs me the wrong way. Ill leave it at that.

    Overall 8/10 - slightly above average product that is over hyped and over priced. It tastes great, mixes great, and doesn't cause GI issues. If you have the cash I would suggest trying it out, but I'm not sure I can afford to make this a staple for me.

    Thanks SR

      • Too Expensive
      Rep: 0
      Trust: 21%
        May 10, 2014

      First lets start by posting the nutrition facts on this wonderful protein:

      Profile: (9/10)

      Per 1 scoop:

      140 Calories

      3.5g Total Fat

      1g Saturated Fat

      25mg Cholesterol

      5g Total Carbohydrates

      3g Dietary Fiber

      1g Sugar

      23g Protein

      While it may have a bit more fat and carbs than some other proteins on the market, their profile is one of the better ones out there, and it comes from their "Advanced Lean Protein Matrix" comprised of Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and 80% Micellar Casein. A solid blend of both slow and fast digesting protein sources which is why they don't have a separate casein protein at the moment.

      Effectiveness: (9/10)

      It is hard to determine the effectiveness of a protein since you can't really see whether or not it is helping with maintaining muscle or adding to it. The best way to determine its effectiveness in my opinion is whether or not it fits well into your daily macro and caloric needs. If it does without causing you to go over, then in my opinion, it's doing its job.

      I didn't feel any upset stomach or any digestive issues with Oxyelite protein. It goes down well and keeps me full for a good 2-3 hours, until my next meal.

      I'm not really aware of any extra "leaning" abilities of this protein, but I have supplemented with protein for years, knowing how important it is to get the right amount of protein on a daily basis.

      Taste/Mixability: (10/10)

      I chose the vanilla after trying a tub of their chocolate flavor. I've had other brands of vanilla in the past, and all of them left a chalky after taste and didn't quite taste like vanilla. Well this one did me in. Not only does it taste like vanilla, but it tastes like vanilla ice cream, and even more so when mixed with milk

      I don't usually take protein with just water either but I can with this one, which speaks heaps on their quality. I often mix it with mint flavored chlorophyll for a mint vanilla shake and even add a scoop of peanut butter from time to time. The taste simply can not be beat.

      Value: (7/10)

      At $30-32 dollars at most retailers, the value isn't great. For 25 servings, this puts you well over $1 per serving and that's not ideal for a protein powder.

      There are many other brands out there that offer their protein at a lower cost, however you can usually get around this as there are many deals that can be found throughout the internet making it worth the while. I also believe you get what you pay for and if you pay for the higher quality products, you get just that.

      Overall: (9/10)

      Overall this protein is my go to protein. I currently have two tubs sitting in my cabinet and will continue to use it. I have been told that it can be used at night as well in place of a straight casein protein, making it very versatile. I recommend it to everyone and I think SR for giving me the opportunity to review such a great product!
      • Keeps You Feeling Full
      • Good Macro Nutrient Profile
      • Great Taste
      • Vanilla Ice Cream Taste
      • Mixes Fantastic In Water
      • Supports Lean Muscle
      • Greater Satiety
      • Quality Protein Blend
      • Good Value
      • 3g Of Fiber/serving
      • Pricey
      Rep: +188
      Trust: 100%
        January 19, 2014

      *This protein was purchase with my own money and was not sponsored.*
      I am a huge fan of protein and take it two to three times a day. I usually take two scoops when I wake up, two scoops after my workouts, and again before bed. Today I will be reviewing USP Labs Oxy Elite Protein (vanilla flavor).

      Supplement Facts:---------------------------------

      Calories 140
      Calories from Fat 35
      Total Fat 4 g
      Saturated Fat 1 g
      Trans Fat 0 g
      Cholesterol 25 mg
      Sodium 180 mg
      Total Carbohydrate 4 g
      Dietary Fiber 2 g
      Sugars 1 g
      Protein 23 g

      -Currently I have been cutting and this protein was awesome. As you see above, there is only 1 gram of sugar per scoop. Most proteins that I have used in the past have double the sugar, and still do not taste very good. This protein is great for lean bulking, cutting or just looking to lose some extra body fat.

      I am really happy that USP Labs did not add a lot of carbohydrates into this protein, which helps when using this protein as a supplement to your cutting diet.

      This protein will benefit anyone's daily macros and will help you feel fuller longer. At 140 calories per scoop, this protein is ideal for anyone trying to cut down their calorie intake. Unlike most proteins, Oxy Elite truly makes you feel full without the rock like feeling in your gut.

      Value: (9)----------------------------------------
      I am giving this protein a (9) for value because I recently bought it for a New Year's sale at Nutraplanet for $19.99 for a 2 pound tub. However, if you are looking to purchase a tub of this stuff, it will probably run you right around $29.00 +, which is still a great deal.

      Effectiveness: (10)-------------------------------
      This protein was great on my stomach, and did not cause bloating. After drinking this stuff everyday, it still did not make me feel like I swallowed a blowing ball. Furthermore, the bathroom situation was not jack up either. This protein did not clog me or give me horrible gas. This protein consisted of both Casein and Whey protein, which helped with the digestion.
      As you may know, Casein protein is great for a bedtime snack or if you have a long wait until your next meal, due to how it breaks down in your stomach. I could also tell that the Casein helped me sustain my energy and I felt fuller longer.

      This stuff mixes well! I knew it would when I opened the tub, because the protein appeared to be smaller in size and not as thick as the other proteins I have taken in the past. The vanilla was creamy and only took a few shakes to completely dissolve in my shaker. I was really surprised that my wife added it to her coffee. Usually I add chocolate protein into my coffee, which makes it into a mocha like drink. When she added the vanilla protein into her coffee, it immediately dissolved and tasted like she added vanilla creamer in her coffee.
      For anyone who has trouble eating breakfast in the morning, add your protein into it and stop buying that expensive crap (Starbucks).
      Another way I tried this protein was by mixing it into a green shake. For all of you that need your fiber, but can't seem to eat enough veggies, then add Oxy Elite Protein into a green shake (spinach, avocado, mix berries, egg whites, oatmeal, and celery blended together), which tasted very delicious. The protein did not clump and supplied the green shake with a smooth vanilla finish. Yummy (and also helps clean the pipes)!

      Overall: (10)----------------------------------
      Overall, I would tell everyone who likes the taste of vanilla to at least try this protein. I truly believe that you will not be disappointed. I am one of those you hates clumpy protein, and when I find a protein that mixes smooth, I stick with it. This protein is great for males and females who are merely looking for a solid, good tasting, and fairly priced protein. USP Labs have been around for a while and know what they are doing. I could tell that they took their time perfecting this one.

      I hope this helps you out next time you are shopping around for a good protein.
      –Out- PXPXP
      • Keeps You Feeling Full
      • Good Macro Nutrient Profile
      • Great Taste
      • Vanilla Ice Cream Taste
      • Mixes Fantastic In Water
      • Supports Lean Muscle
      • Greater Satiety
      • Quality Protein Blend
      • Good Value
      • 3g Of Fiber/serving

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