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OxyElite Pro

This product has been reported as discontinued.

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OxyElite Pro USPlabs
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Any suggestions?
The bottle says to take for 8 weeks and give it a 4 week break in between. Would it really be that bad if i kept taking these? even if i only took 1 or...

Is it likely to lose 10 lbs to taking OxyElite Pro in a few months?
I am 6' 3" and 218lbs..Been hittin the gym hard for the last 3 months or so and have dropped a few pounds! I had a friend mention "oxyelite pro" and heard...

Will I lose muscle mass?
I am 5'9 about 155 pounds, I have pretty good abs and my upper body is pretty good size... If I take this product and keep working out 5 times a week and...

Still use NO Xplode?
I just started taking this today and can already feel the flush feeling. I've been using No-Xplode as well. Can I still take it with this product?

How much weight?
ive been taking oep for a week now i take 2 a day and so far i have lost 8 pounds in one week is this normal ? is this what its suppose to do ? dont get...

Is it working?
I am on my 2nd day taking this. I really don't feel anything taking this OEP. I don't get the warm feeling or sweat or the energy I got from Stacker 2...

Interaction with Type I Diabetes?
On the label of OxyElite Pro, it says to check with your physician if you have diabetes. I have taken other products that have said this, and have had...

What are the side effects of OxyElite Pro?
Are there any side effect when using this product?

What do I do?
when i take oep i run for about 2 hours then play basketball and i eat like twice a day..i dont understand what else im supposed to do?

Help with weight loss?
i have been taking this supplement for about 2 and a half weeks and i cut out the junk and i work out at least every other day usually, but i am not really...

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