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Compound 20 Reviews

By: USPlabs


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Compound 20 is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by USPlabs. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.
(Amount not disclosed)

(Amount not disclosed)

Extract that acts as a potent PDE (Phosphodiesterase) Inhibitor, thereby increase cAMP leading to greater fat loss, increased muscle mass, improved thyroid function and better steroidogenesis.



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  November 22, 2011

Hello, fellow supplement reviewers. Time to give you my verdict on USP's latest product: Compound 20. First and foremost, a huge thanks to the boys at USP- Casey (VP), AnabolicAdam (Regional DIrector), and of course Mr. Geissler (Top dog) for giving me the opportunity to beta test for them.

USP is out to change the game again with a completely new category to the natural supplement world. If you are familiar with Clenbuterol (an extremely powerful pharmaceutical Beta2-Agonist) then you will get the idea of what they tried to do with this supplement...Because they set out to make a natural, legal version of it. They call it "A Revolutionary leaning and hardening ***tail." Did they succeed? Well here is what I have to say after being selected to BETA test it for a month.

Ingredients: I honestly couldn't tell you a thing about what's in here because i've never heard of it. It was exciting to go through the beta without knowing what to expect. I felt it left little room for Placebo effect too.

Taste/dosing N/A: 120 count bottle. They are pills and you dose 2 caps twice daily with food, while recommending one dose to be a couple hours pre workout. I actually got the idea from Petey to dose on empty stomach a few times an hour pre workout. The first time I did this I had stomach issues and the second time the same but not so bad. After that I was fine but I noticed little difference in dosing with or without food.

Effectiveness 7/10: I'm in full force off-season bulk mode so the calories are at their peak and the training is balls to the wall. The first few times dosing, I had some hot flashes here and there but it was hard to tell where that was coming from since I still do my cardio in the off-season. They decreased shortly.
At about the end of the 2nd week I was finally starting to feel some good effects from the product. I was looking dryer with the occasional increase in hardness/vascularity throughout the day. Hardness and vascularity came and went but was more significant towards the end of the bottle. It felt as though the more I took it the better it was getting.
The biggest thing I noticed was my libido was through the roof. I was getting random erections throughout the day (even in class) and I felt like it gave me a little bit of a natural boost in my energy. This could have been an increase in testosterone. Along with that came the strength gains. Multiple PRs were broken during the month on this including all my compound lifts and a few iso movements (see log for further detail).

Checked my BF% at the start and the beginning and it looked as though it had barely gone up if at all, maybe 0.5% (hard to tell with calipers). My weight was up 5 pounds and fluctuated back and forth just under 200lbs, most of it being water. I was eating upwards of 300 grams of carbs daily while taking this with the exception of a few extra busy days on campus.

Value 8/10: Got this for free of course with the BETA test so I have to sort of go off a combination of the pre-order sales out right now and my results. I've never seen USP go unacceptably high on products so value is typically respectable from these guys.

Overall: I was happy with C20. The only thing was how long it took to fully kick in. Effectiveness was good but not of the likes of some previous supplements I've taken. I've heard of some guys slipping an extra cap in their dose so maybe that is something I can look into to make it get to work faster. I will take this again because It helped me make gains while staying lean. Should be exciting to have on a cut cycle.

C20 gets my blessing. Hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Mani's C20 Log:

  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Strength
  • Dryness
  • Hardness
  • Vascularity
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Took A Little While To Fully Kick In
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  August 14, 2012

Well folks, I can honestly say this is the most excited I have been to write a review. This is by far my favorite supplement I have ever used. I have ran this for a full 3/4 months playing round with different dosing schemes and running this bad boy to the max. I have made my final decision and that is this stuff rocks. I would like to thank Anabolic Adam, he has supported me big time throughout this whole process, thank you brother.

So my diet and training really switched around throughout this whole process. I had low calorie days and extremely high calorie days. I had heavy training, and light training. Nothing really solidified for training and diet. I had epic cheat days, and still managed to eat pretty clean throughout this whole process.

So the basic idea of Compound 20 is its supposed to be like clen. In all honesty I cant comment on it being similar to clen because I have no desire to ever take that stuff. But if it is anything like it, for you guys who can compare it to clen, I would say pick this stuff up because its a lot safer and natural. Ideally what USP labs has done is found a way to tap into the Beta 2 Receptors. They have created a supplement which can basically burn fat, and build muscle/harden you up. Really being an ideal recomp agent. Not many have dived into this world in the natural market, and to be honest I would imagine its pretty hard to do. I went into compound 20 not really caring for USP labs because I had two bad runs with their other supplements,those will not be named due to wanting to give them fairness for working for other people. So I was kind of not expecting much from compound 20 but I was totally surprised. Onto the review.

Ingredients- 8/10- I really don't know how to rate this. I feel an 8 is pretty fair only because USP labs uses the funkiest ingredients but they always seem to work. So I give it an 8 because I had no idea what was in it, but it all seemed to work like it was supposed too.

Dosing- N/A- So I'm not going to rate the dosing because I feel this is something that comes down to the individual user and their goals. The standard dosing is 4 caps a day for 30 days. Now I ran 3 different dosing protocols and will explain the two I think are most effective depending on ones goals. The first I ran was the standard 4 caps a day. I ran this with my first bottle, and my last bottle. I think with running 4 caps a day you are looking at the best bet being keeping off any unwanted bloat. This would be great for any of you PH guys, or if your on a bulk. Your not exactly looking to lean up, but you certainly don't want any extra fat added to your frame. I think standard dosing is fine for bulking/ PH use. Now if you are using this for cutting or a serious recomp I would say go 6 caps a day. Some do 6 caps on training days and 4 caps on off days which seems to work to. I personally liked 6 caps straight because I do cardio on my off days too. So I was still pretty active on my off days. So again not rating the dosing only because I really think its user dependent.

Taste/smell- N/A- No taste or funky smell. I did get a few powder burps which were surprisingly not super bad, still nasty but not as bad as some others I've experienced.

Effectiveness- 9/10- This is where its at. So the first month I noticed an increased temperature right off the bat. I certainly started sweating more and noticed an increase in hunger. Nothing else really happened after that for the first two weeks. But going into the third week, I woke up one morning and just looked lean as hell. I was like wow this stuff must be working. Now I was also taking Erase Pro, but I have used the original erase before and that always starts leaning me out within the first week or two of use. So I knew this wasnt from compound 20 because this was a different kind of leaning. From their it just got even better.

I started sweating more and became more and more hungry. My upper body, specifically my shoulders, arms, and chest started to fill in nicely and I certainly looked leaner. Once I bumped up to 6 caps this is when I noticed my midsection and waist really slimming down. I pulled off 3/4 inches on my waist. I am ecstatic about that. Not saying this did it all, but it certainly helped. My delts started rounding out more and my arms seriously looked awesome. Vascularity was up too. Every time I did deads my forearms looked sick. So the leaning effect certainly gets a check plus.

Now for the other part the strength and muscle hardening. Now I will say, Erase Pro did give me much more of a full and hard feeling. But if you read my erase pro review it also gave me a lot of water retention. Well I decided after running Erase Pro I wanted to run two bottles of compound 20 just by themselves to give it a full test run. What I noticed was an increase in strength specifically hitting a 315x2 squat with good form, and 315x4 on deadlifts. I was excited about both of those. This was still while being in a caloric deficit for the most part. So compound 20 certainly delivered for me on the strength aspect as well. Which could explain the hunger. Generally hunger can be associated with being anabolic, and beta 2's also tend to make you hungry as well. The hardening was pretty decent. Nothing super crazy I can certainly tell I'm not as hard, sounds homo I know, now after being off of it than when I was using it.

One other thing I would like to comment on this is my cheat days and over all how I could eat and eat and still be super hungry. When I cheat, I cheat. I used to be a very big guy so I can slay some food. When I would use this stuff on cheat days my hunger was crazy, but I would never get that overly full feeling like I was going to throw up. I would put down food, and an hour later be ready for more. Also even with regular dieting, oats tend to make me really full so usually I'll just do one cup. Well when I would take this I could easily do 2 cups and feel fine. So it really works well for getting rid of that nasty carb bloat feeling. So overall effectiveness is a 9 for compound 20.

Value- This is seriously the only part of this product that takes a hit, but even than its not that terrible. Its roughly 45 bucks a bottle. And the ultimate value comes down to how you dose it. You are going to need at least 2 bottles. I personally feel compound 20 is best run at the 12/16 week range with no break. Just my personal opinion. But for the two bottles at standard dosing your looking at 90 bucks. Which isn't terrible. Honestly its about the same maybe a little more for what you'd pay for two bottles of a fat burner. If you decide to run this at 8 weeks with 6 caps a day you will need 3 bottles. Which would put you at 135. Which may come off as expensive, but at the same time if you run it at six caps a day it does work on your body composition. And honestly if you do use this for a cut stack or recomp, your probably won't need a boat load of other supplements. Compound 20 takes care of a few aspects. Which makes it a pretty decent value. So that's why I give it a 7 overall.

Overall- 8/10- I love this stuff. I have raved about it the whole time while running it. People have given me so many compliments about how much leaner I look and I haven't even lost any weight. You cannot argue with something that burns fat and makes you stronger and its legal. This stuff is a game changer for sure. USP labs has created something that is in a league of its own. I hope you guys have a good evening.
  • Increased Strength
  • Prevents Fat Accumulation.
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Perspiration
  • Eliminated Bloating
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Vascularity
  • Hardness
  • Dryness
  • Pricey
  • Took A Little While To Fully Kick In
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Trust: 100%

  October 21, 2012

Hello Beta-2 receptors?? Is this thing on?? Can you here me now??

Not really, and not all that well either....

I am not typically one to write bad reviews for products, and especially not USP labs products, which I have found to be rather well made, and of good quality. I like many of their offerings, and continue to state that they're one of the more honest supplement companies around about their claims of what the product has to offer.

With Compound 20, this is one of the first that I've tried, that I didn't respond to, and I don't know if I just fall into the 30% that are not going to have any reaction, or if this product just doesn't work as advertised.

First, I have to thank USP Labs for allowing me to do a full 8 week run of the product. I was glad that I was able to give it a full 2 months, rather than the standard single bottle, as many of the other reviewers have stated that results just didn't come till the second month.

Secondly, I appreciate the attempt at making a product that targets your Beta-2 receptors specifically, without touching your effecting your collagen. The problem with most Beta-2 agonists, like Clenbuterol or Albuterol, is they greatly increase your collagen levels in the blood, and that can effect cartilage plasticity. This is why these products are dangerous, as they cause a hardening of the aortic valve in your heart. To be able to target the Beta-2 receptors, without transversely effecting the deposition of collagen in the blood serum.

Unfortunately, in my system, Compound 20 was either not a strong enough agonist, or just wasn't reacting properly to effect any change based upon increased Beta-2 activity.

During my run of C20, I had my body fat measured 5 times.

Under an assumed increase in fat lypolysis, my body fat reduction should have increased over time, at a rate of at least 50% greater than what would be considered a standard decrease.

What I found through my run, was that my fat reduction didn't increase at all over time.

From the beginning of my run on C20, I was reducing my body fat at a steady rate of .25% per week, or .5% every 2 weeks.

At each of my measuring points, through an electronically controlled laser reading, done on the same arm, at the same time each day, performed by a physician at my primary care physicians office, on a calibrated machine, my rate did not increase at all over the full 2 months of the product.

I also gained no increases in my VO2 max performance, which would be another indicator of Beta-2 activity increase.

Finally, during my run, I also never received a noticeable reaction to C20. This is definitely not something I would have expected if my Beta-2 receptors were being stressed by the product. Beta-2 receptors are in charge of your vascular system, including heart rate & lungs. Over the course of the run, I never once felt an increase in heart rate, nor any indication my lungs had gained greater capacity. I felt no after effects while taking C20, once I had taken the product. No insomnia or "awake" feeling, which would indicate either an increased heart rate, or an increase in oxygenation of the blood.

This was a great disappointment for me, as I am definitely a staunch adversary of Clenbuterol or Albuterol cycling. I feel the possible complications FAR outweigh the benefits of use. They're just too dangerous to take orally, and definitely too dangerous for continued use.

As an inhaler for asthma, which is their intended function, I have no issue with their proliferation.

Finding alternatives to these products, is a worthy cause, that I support whole heartedly, and is why I was looking forward to C20 so much.

To my disappointment, I cannot recommend this product.

As a disclaimer, I must state, that again, I may be in a classification of people that are non-responders. There are many on this website, who seem to have gotten a boost from the product. I hope that I'm unique, as again, I would love to be able to tell people considering a Clen or Albuterol cycle, that they don't need to look to those dangerous products for something effective. I just would like to see more evidence that Beta-2 receptors are being worked by those that take the product.

My other concern is the cost. I stated in my GF-AMA product review, which I was definitely more pleased with, that muscle hardening products, may not be worth the cost. At $80+ for a full run of 2 months, unless you see a 50% or higher increase in your fat loss, that either of these products would be worth the money. You probably can see better results with other supplements for those costs.
    • Pricey
    • Nothing Noticeable
    Rep: +1,104
    Trust: 100%
      August 6, 2013

    Decided to review this due to the great recomp properties it has given me. A big thank you goes out to USP and Anabolic Adam for the opportunity to run this. It worked out so well that I purchased additional bottles for future use.

    Starting stats:
    195 lbs
    33" waist

    Goal: my goal has always remained the same..A life long commitment to add muscle while losing fat. No bulks..No cuts..ever

    other supplements used:
    ON whey
    ON creapure
    Multi,fish oil..Blah..Blah..Blah

    None...I just get nuts everyday at the gym,at home,monkey bars or in my girl. Lets just say I crush every body part twice a week.

    Clean food..whenever my body tells me so

    Two in the AM
    Two in the PM

    This does a very impressive job beginning in the third week to really show definition in my oblique and core. Usually in the summer I try and stay under 10% bodyfat. For the rest of the year I fluctuate 10-12%. For me to shred a little for the beach, I'm usually killing my self with full body workouts, swimming and just sweating in any type of way.Compound 20 just made it so much easier to get to were I need to be for the summer.I ran two full bottles as most would say is the best way to get results. Indeed it worked and I love this particular supplement.

    Side effect:
    Their were only two things in particular that I did not care for.
    1.My appetite just got so high that I almost turned out bulking.I mean I'm ravenous as it is but this just made me want to eat any and everything.
    2. If taken on an empty stomach, I just wanted to blow chunks 15 min later. That was annoying because I always train fasted. That feeling went away after two problemo

    Meh.. the cheapest I've gotten this for was 39.99 but with shipping I was pushing 90 balls..Little high but if you want them obliques popping them it's worth it for me.

    Ending stats after 60 days:
    201 lbs
    32" waist
    9-10% bf

    I gained 6 pounds and lost 1-2%bf and lost and inch of my waist...Sick..then again I always do that for summer but this made that possible that I could actually gain a couple lbs..That's highly unusual for me. Love this stuff, it will be a staple in the spring and summer months ahead.
    • Hardness
    • Vascularity
    • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
    • Increased Perspiration
    • Increased Metabolism
    • Prevents Fat Accumulation.
    • Gave Me A Sick Feeling
    • Need Two Bottles For Best Results
    Rep: +2,103
    Trust: 100%

      April 15, 2012

    Compound 20. A mixed bag right here. I used two bottles of this for my bulk/minor recomp for my offseason. I gave my review based off of 2 bottles of C20 because prior reviews proved that 2 would potentially be more beneficial and will give my review describing the dif between 1 bottle vs 2.

    Dosing: I dosed this 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner. But around week 3 I dosed an extra pill with PWO

    Effectiveness 1bottle 7.3/10
    This is a popular product and there isnt a reason to go into the ingredient profile, but C20 is a natural product thats supposed to work like clen and/or be a a beta2-adrenoceptor agonist, if you will. I did notice an increased body temperature on this almost immediate. Granted I picked up my workout intensity but I was sweating like a pig on this. Around week 3 my calorie count was way up, but I stayed at the same weight. Thats good because I wasn't putting on any fat. But also bad, because I was trying to put on pounds. But I can never complain about eating like hog and not puttin on fat. Week 4, I finally started to notice a little leaning effect. Perhaps this would have happend sooner if I started dosing and extra cap PWO prior to wk3 but who knows.

    Value 1bottle: I got that bottle for $35. Not bad and I would rate my overall value higher than a 6 (and my 1st bottle Effectivenss rating higher) if that was the real price. But its not. And the effects weren't bad after one bottle either. I wish the leaning would have happend sooner but I cant argue with what I got.

    Effectiveness 2bottles 8.9/10
    I started noticing slight leaning around week 4 and that continued til week 6 then hit a snag. I dosed 1pill PWO on a consistent basis and noticed my midsection getting slimmer and more defined. My pants were looser and my custom made superman belt (buckle) had room to spare after I hit the last loop. My biceps and thighs looked better but my shoulders were the real winners on this product. Thats great considering I had a major shoulder problem in the middle of 2011.

    Overall Value: 6.5/10
    This product costs around 45-50 on average and it is recommended by the reviewers you take 2 bottles so that equals 90-100 bucks. I got my second bottle from Lockout for 45 after the 5% discount but still paid around 80 bucks for both bottles. Not the worst, but not the best so I gave it a 6.5. Some say the price is fair, others say its too much. I just think its slightly overpriced

    Overall 8/10
    This isn't a bad product at all and did what it claimed to do. The only problems were the price and the effective seemed to have stagnated a little after wk6. Looking back I should have just saved those weeks worth of pills for another time/cycle but now I know. Based off that, if the full effects of the 1st bottle kicked in faster perhaps I wouldn't have needed a second bottle as only 6/8wks (really wks 2-6)were effective for me

    This product leaned me up quite a bit helped me become more defined leading up to Spring Break which I loved. Good for a bulk or a cut, I also wish this product was $10 cheaper (which would be around the average price of most other supps I got for my bulk) then the value and overall would be higher.
    • Dryness
    • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
    • Increased Perspiration
    • Took A Little While To Fully Kick In
    • Pricey
    Rep: +2,502
    Trust: 100%

      February 10, 2012

    Hey SR, I am ready to submit a review on a very unique product made by USP labs. It is very interesting that there is actually natural compounds that "can" work like clen or other chemicals, etc. Perhaps not in its strenght, but definitely with the same purpose and target: The beta2-adrenoceptors.

    I must give props to USP labs for creating such a unique supplement, but there is certain things I would like to discuss about this supp.

    First of all, I thought the ingredients on this supp was only a whole bunch of exotic named herbs with no actual science behind them, but there is actual scientific proof of one of the ingredients in its effect as a beta2-adrenoceptor agonist: N-coumaroyldopamine and N-caffeoyldopamine.

    According to PubMed "N-coumaroyldopamine and N-caffeoyldopamine were as potent as several well-known beta2-adrenoceptor agonists (salbutamol, procaterol, and fenoterol). These results indicate that N-coumaroyldopamine and N-caffeoyldopamine are potent compounds able to increase cAMP via beta2-adrenoceptors in U937 cells, and may have potential effects on human health." However, I was not able to find effective dosages for this effect.

    The other herb Symplocos Racemosa Extract has anti-tumor properties and apparently is good for women's health. I was not able to find any study on this herb on its effects on weight loss, fat loss, beta-2 or anything related to fitness, body composition, etc.

    Effectiveness(7/10): I started taking this at the beginning of my m-lmg/d-zine cycle- I started with 2 weeks of m-lmg by itself-.

    I never felt an actual difference in body temperature or anything else that users claimed to have; however, I did notice that I was not getting any bloat or holding any water. Most of PH users know that M-lmg is a wet bulker and that one of its effects is rapid weight gain and a bloated/puffy look. I actually was not gaining any weight, but I started noticing an actual dryness all over my body. My muscles did not feel any harder, but I started looking leaner by week 3.

    I am not sure I can't attribute any of the leaning effect to C20 because I was using a PH; however, I know that it helped me keep water weight off. In 3 weeks of a PH I only gained 3 lbs even though I was eating 1500-1800 calories above maintenance with a ton a of carbs. Most people claim rapid weight gain with M-lmg; I noticed nothing at all and it seems that C20 kept all the fat/bloat away from my body, specially the mid section.

    Dosage(10/10): Simple you get 120 capsules, enough for a month supply. 2 caps in the morning and 2 later throughout the day. They are not big and they don't smell funny.

    Sides(10/10): Ten meaning I had absolutely no sides from this. It never made me feel sick, I was not taking dumps right after taking it, no cramps, no increase in body temperature.

    Value(5/10): This is where it falls short, this *** is simply way too expensive, specially because apparently you must run it for 8 weeks. The retail price is close to $60.00 and online prices around $45+. I cannot have this in my store because it is kinda hard to sell a supplement that doesn't really build muscle, effects are only noticeable if you keep track of everything that you know makes a difference in your body and you need to run for 8 weeks to see full results.

    Overall(7.3/10): I think it is a good supplement. Unique in its nature because it is a natural beta2-adrenoceptor. It is a safe alternative to prevent unwanted fat and water bloat to be added to be added on a bulk.
    It may help to increase BF% reduction on a cut and it does not raise your heart rate, BP or make you feel anxy or jitters like clen does.

    The only problem I see with this supplement is that ridiculous price and that you need to run for 8 weeks to see full results. Think about adding this to your cutting stack? thats a good $90+ just for one supplement.

    However, it is a good alternative if you don't want risk your health taking chemicals; therefore it is a considerable option.

    • Dryness
    • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
    • Prevents Fat Accumulation.
    • Pricey
    Rep: +3,389
    Trust: 100%
      April 6, 2013

    Salutations SR!!! Warski here to feed the community of fellow iron warriors and experts with some more review candy for the infinitely developing minds of supplement enthusiasts everywhere.

    Today we will talk about usplabs interesting supplement known as compound-20, or C-20 as I will refer to it in this review in the interest of time. To begin, C-20 is what is classified as a beta-2 adrenoreceptor agonist. Da fuq dat mean? The beta-2 adrenoreceptor is responsible for host of mechanisms in the human including digestive functions, neuro stimulation, circulatory system modulation, and certain involuntary organ functions. In bodybuilding, the activation of these receptors increases the activity of cAMP, a signaling-transduction messenger involved in a host of biological functions. The increased activity of cAMP induces a cascade of several biological activities that can result in increased fat metabolism, muscular activity, and the prevention of muscular catabolism. These are clearly things that your typical serious athlete would desire when training.

    Now the question remains; does C-20 work? Well, everyone responds differently to a variety of supplements, but I will share my personal experience with C-20 during my use of it in my recent log.

    Taste (N/A): I have read of some users experiencing episodes in which they would belch the contents of C-20, resulting in a unpleasant taste being left in the mouth. I am not sure what causes this, perhaps the lack of solubility of the ingredients, but this never happened with me. So no complaints in this department.

    Ingredients (7): I give this a seven for two reasons. First, the three compounds in C-20 are not widely known to those unfamiliar with the class of products to which C-20 belongs. That class being beta-2 receptor agonists. Second, based on my experience it is difficulty to deduce how effective these compounds truly were based on the claims made by usp labs. Here is my own personal breakdown of the three main ingredients in C-20 based on my own experience:

    The first two are N-coumaroyldopamine and N-caffeoyldopamine. These two compounds are phytochemicals derived primarily from the cocoa plant, but are also found in some other plants as well. In some of the studies that I was able to discover on the efficacy of these two compounds, the results of the studies revealed that both these phytochemicals DO in fact activate the beta-2 adrenoreceptors and stimulate the cascade mechanisms of cAMP. They were also deemed to be almost if not as effective as the more potent pharmaceutical drugs that also activate these receptors such as clenbuterol. A significant lack of side-effects was also noted. In summary, these two compounds are definitely effective at what they are deemed to do in terms of classification.

    The third ingredient is Symplocos Racemosa Extract. What the Shiz is that? It is a plant that is native to India and has been regarded to have a host of potential health benefits including anti-inflammatory, eye health support, and anti-cancer properties. It is also said to help in increasing and sustaining the activity of cAMP once it is active in specific biological mechanisms. It helps to prevent the degradation of cAMP, which in turn helps to amplify the benefits of the first two ingredients. In summary, this ingredient is a synergistic enhancer for the first two ingredients.

    Usage (10): Pretty simply; take two caps with breakfast in the morning and another two caps with another meal 6-8 hours later. This is how I used it with no modifications or excessive dosing.

    Effectiveness (7): There were no side-effects I experienced from this product so that is a plus. What is not a plus is the time it took for C-20 to really kick in. That would equate to a little over than 3/4 of the first bottle, clearly indicating that the best results are achievable only through a two bottle run with C-20. I would say the benefits that I am about to detail didn't really manifest until around the middle of the third week. Oddly specific, but that was my experience.

    In terms of benefits, when they did begin to take effect, I did notice a better defined look to my overall physique an there was also some noticeable hardness. Vascularity was also improved and my metabolism seemed increased as I did find myself hungrier at times. My strength did seem somewhat improved, but the benefit was mostly in the pump more so than significant increases in strength.

    The reason I give C-20 a seven is that it should be taken into consideration that I was also using Oxy ECA black and versa-1 with C-20. Both of which induce similar benefits and whose benefits I noticed sooner than C-20's upon its addition. Therefore, I cannot equate all benefits primarily to C-20. Furthermore, I would like to recall, that sometime ago, I used another product containing C-20's ingredients; PES's Alphamine. For those of you who read my review on alphamine, know that I did give alphamine a better score than C-20. Based on my experience, alphamine seemed to give me more pronounced benefits than C-20 especially considering that I was not stacking alphamine with any other fat burners or thermogenics. Also worthy of noting that alphamine contains additional ingredients known for enhancing fat metabolism such as green coffee bean extract and yohimbe hcl. My main point is that I believe C-20 is not dramatically effective unless stacked with other ingredients such as those in Oxy Eca black. This will leave you to spend some more cash in order to see more out of C-20. Despite this, C-20 was not totally ineffective and benefits were seen nonetheless.

    Value (5): As I previously hinted, C-20 isn't cheap. One bottle goes for a range value between 40-47 dollars. Now considering you'll need two bottle for a full cycle, that is a total of anywhere between 80-97 dollars (can't forget tax and shipping). In my log I stated that I was able to grab two bottles of C-20 for 85 dollars at a clearance sale my hometown store was having. Needless to say, I think I saved a few bucks. However, the real diminished scoring comes from the fact that for the intermediate benefits I achieved, I believe the value doesn't equate to the results. In other words, I think C-20 is too expensive for what I got out of it. Also, as I stated before, in needs to be stacked for the best of results, so the cost definitely adds up.

    Overall (7): In consideration to my overall experience, I will give C-20 a 7 out of 10. While I did respond decently to the product, the cost of the product as well as delay and level of results do not translate into the highest of satisfaction for me in comparison to similar products I've tried; more notably alphamine. My recommendation, consider trying alphamine first if you don't have a problem with stimulants. If you need something stim-free with similar benefits, you can try C-20, but I strongly recommend doing as much shopping and price comparison as possible.


    • Hardness
    • Vascularity
    • Increased Perspiration
    • Prevents Fat Accumulation.
    • Potentially Helps In Increasing Strength
    • Took A Little While To Fully Kick In
    • Too Expensive
    • Needs To Be Stacked Imo
    Rep: +3,292
    Trust: 100%
      December 22, 2011

    Hello SR community. Its time to give you my review on Compound 20.

    I ran compound 20 during a cut stack that included Oxy Elite Pro, Raspberry Ketones, and my rat took Ostarine at the same time.
    Over the course of 30 days I lost about 18 lbs total, a lot of which I attribute to heavy cardio and OEP, but I was using the Compound 20 in hopes of keeping strength gains and muscle mass.

    As mentioned in previous reviews, C20 is supposed to mimic Clen as it is a Beta receptor antagonist.
    This product claims to be good for keeping strength gains on a cut, and keeping fat off on a bulk. As you can tell, I tried this product with the first one as you can tell, and while I did have some results from this product, I feel like you need to run it for 8 weeks to get the full effect.

    Dosing/Taste (9/10): Easy to dose at 2 caps upon waking and 2 approximately 8 hours later. It is supposed to be taken with food, and I tried to take my second dose about an hour before my workout whenever possible.
    The reason Im not giving this a straight 10 is I had some very mild heartburt while taking this product that I can't attribute to anything else.

    Effectiveness (7/10): The only reason I am giving this a 7 is because I didnt really feel the effects I could attribute to the C20 didn't start occuring for me until about the third week, and wasnt going strong until near the end. I did feel a slight thermo effect that I can contribute to this product because about halfway through I quit the OEP.
    I believe that this could be a very good product if ran for 8 weeks and in a natty test booster stack, or in PCT to lean up and keep gains.
    I also did experience above average libido while on this, but I did not get the vascularity that others have gotten and I dont really think this hardened me more than I was normally. I also did cut a bit of fat noticably from my stomach area, but I don't know if I can completely attribute this to the C20.

    Value (4/10): This is where this product really struggles in my opinion. The Inner Circle offering was for 35 dollars shipped, but the going price for this product is approximately 45 dollars a bottle. This makes the EFFECTIVE cycle of 8 weeks cost around 90 bucks.
    This is an extremely poor value, and if you run it for only 4 weeks for 45 dollars the value, based on results is even worse.

    Overall (6/10): Hats off to USP labs for having one of the first products of this typle out on the market. I do feel like it is an effective recomping agent if run appropriately, but in all honesty unless you have money to burn this is a very expensive addition to a stack.
    I would be very interested to see how this product goes in a natty test stack or in a PCT, but for everyday use I personally wouldn't get this again.
    • Increased Libido
    • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
    • Took A Little While To Fully Kick In
    • Pricey
    Rep: +500
    Trust: 100%
      December 17, 2011

    Compound 20 was a fairly effective recomposition agent. In the 30 day trial period there was no drastic strength increases, but it can be used as a stand-alone recomp. supplement or stacked, depending on your goals.

    First and foremost, i want to thank Adam for giving me the opportunity to test out this new supplement. Before I get started, a little background. During the 30 day cycle, I did a combination of Crossfit workouts and Wendler strength workouts. My supplements were very basic, as i wanted to be able to tell what Compound 20 was actually doing. The protein, multis, fish oil, Cissux, BCAA's and con-Cret were it. On occasion there was a pre-workout, but only a few times. With that known, as part of the agreement, here is my honest review.

    Dosing: For me, dosing was pretty simple and consistent. I took 2 capsules immediately upon waking, and then another 2 roughly 7 hours after. The suggested 2nd dose is 6-8 hours after the first. I typically took both doses on an empty stomach, although my first dose was followed closely by breakfast. My second dose was roughly 2 hours pre-workout and for me that worked out just fine. I will note that i did experience a bit of upset stomach and loose stool for the first couple days, but I'd say about day 5 or so, everything evened out, and I didn't notice any of those sides after the initial few days. Also, as with capsules, they are convenient and go down easy. The yellow color was interesting though. It was suggested to try increasing the dosage, but i didn't explore that avenue, as I wanted my bottle to last me 30 days.

    Results: I did drop 2 pounds from the start of the cycle to the end, but i had some things during the month to consider as variables. First, Thanksgiving. Don't need to elaborate much on that, i think you understand. The second variable was a get sick during the cycle. I continued dosing throughout but the food intake during that 6 or so days was not the consistent diet I usually maintain. Those 2 factors probably cancelled each other out, so I was pleased with that aspect. SWEATING: about from day 1 or 2, i noticed a significant increase in perspiration. This lasted throughout the cycle. For the most part, I didn't notice an increased core temperature during the rest of the day, but during my workouts, i was definitely sweating more than normal. Also, I noticed an increase in muscle density, a dry look, and at times increased vascularity. The vascularity was off and on, and because of this i can positively attribute it to Compound 20. But overall, I had a positive experience with Compound 20 as a leaning, recomposition supplement, but not necessarily a strength building one.
    I will say this about the strength side. In 30 days its hard to see a significant increase in strength IMO. Although I did lean up significantly in my eyes, and to only loose 2 pounds, may suggest i actually added some muscle, but its difficult to be certain. Thats why I'm going to be doing a further 8-week evaluation as part of a lean bulking cycle early next year.

    Value: I was lucky enough to get this bottle for free, and order more via the inner circle deal, but looking at the prices online right now, it doesn't appear its going to be cheap. ~$50 for a months supply is more than i want to pay for a supplement. Im sure as it's out longer, a better price will surface, but at least right now, its going to be something you don't use all the time, only every once in a while due to price.

    Additional thoughts: I didn't notice any increased appetite from Compound 20. Some of the other logs mentioned this, but i never saw any signs of that side. Also, in my log, I mentioned some mental concerns, but I can say that was purely coincidental, and had nothing to do with my use of Compound 20, as the issues resolved themselves.

    Final conclusion: Compound 20 can used as a powerful stand-alone recomposition agent. Can also be combined with a bulking or cutting stack depending on your goals. FmrPro recommends giving this one a try. If you can find it on sale, pull the trigger, and you will be pleased you did.

    Thanks for reading my novel. If you want to check out my log and get more details on my experience with Compound 20 heres the link:
    • Dryness
    • Hardness
    • Vascularity
    • Increased Perspiration
    • Pricey
    Rep: +125
    Trust: 100%
      July 19, 2012

    Hey SR, I am finally getting around to my C20 review. I ran this for 8 weeks stacked with Erase.

    First off, this is definitely a one of a kind product on the market. It claims to target your beta receptors safely and naturally, and I have to say it definitely does that. Now lets get to the good stuff.

    Value - 6.5/10
    The value is not bad, but not good either. The product is expensive but it works. Being a broke and very soon to be college student I can not really afford to fork out the cash for C20 even though I would love to run it again, especially since it is most effective when ran for 8 weeks.

    Putting it at an average of $45 a bottle, that's a lot of cash. If you can afford it, than I think it would be worth it.

    Dosing - 7/10
    This does not really impact my overall rating of the product. Dosing is not very complicated, two pills twice a day with food 6-8 hours apart.

    I found that if I did not take it with enough food or just before a meal I would get a pretty bad stomach ache and some disgusting chemical burps. I made that mistake a few times in the beginning and learned my lesson.

    Effectiveness - 9/10
    Here is the most important part and the part where C20 really shines. It kicked in at about 1 1/2 weeks as I started sweating like crazy. This is also when I just started my job maintaining my towns baseball fields, I would be in the heat for 15 minuted before I was covered in sweat, it was that intense. I was always pretty soaked after my workouts too. The sweating only increased as I continued to take it.

    When I started taking this I weighed 158, at the end of the 8 weeks I was 151 and that's with a recomp diet the entire time. I continued to gain strength at a pretty good rate while losing 7lbs, that is damn good. My core got shredded and my vascularity was through the roof, I found this to be very effective at cutting fat from the stomach area.

    Overall - 8/10
    I cut at least 7lbs of fat on this, got shredded, and got some crazy veins! It works great and exceeded my expectations, but the price is holding back the overall rating. Even with the price, it gets an 8 from me which I still a solid rating.

    In my opinion, C20 is perfect for a recomp or someone looking to keep fat off while on a bulk, and I would recommend it to anyone trying either of those.

    • Dryness
    • Hardness
    • Vascularity
    • Increased Perspiration
    • Prevents Fat Accumulation.
    • Pricey
    • Had To Drink A Ton Of Water

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