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By: Universal


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Protein > Post-Workout Recovery Formulas

Torrent is a Post-Workout Product manufactured by Universal. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.
(Amount not disclosed)

Complex starch derived from corn that is high in amylopectin (polysaccharaide) which is converted into glycogen and helps sustain energy levels.

(Amount not disclosed)

Fast digesting carb that is often used in post workout supplements to replenish glycogen stores.



Rep: +252
Trust: 100%
  June 30, 2011

On the advice of my #1 Broski, BLADE, I looked into this product and the more I read about its ingredients the more impressed I was. I took this product a month ago at the beginning of my summer recomp. My goal was to decrease carbs to about 100-150 grams a day on workout days and then down to like 50 on non-workout days. I was training 4 times a week. For workout days my carbs were consumed at breakfast and post workout only. On my off days my main carb meal was breakfast with pretty much just veggies for carbs the remainder of the day. Ok, that being said what's in this product and what did it do. Here's the ingredient profile:

one serving: 3 scoops
Calories: 302
Fat: 1.5
Carbs: 52
Protein: 20
Anti-Catabolic Leucine Complex: 8000 mg
-Leucine AKG
-Leucine Ethyl Ester
-N-Acetyl Leucine
Volubolic Amino Blend: 7000 mg
-Glutamine AKG
-Citrulline Malate
Creabolic Complex: 3000mg
-Creatine Monohydrate
-Creatine Ethyl Ester
-Magnesium Creatine Chelate

This product gives you just about everything you need post workout to Maximize the Anabolic Window and start growth and recovery. From what I've been reading high doses of Leucine post workout are being found to enhance the anabolic process of your post work out meal by 16%. WOW! Research is saying these high doses (up to 20grams) do everything from reducing muscle breakdown to Boosting muscle protein production. This high dose of Leucine along with the nice carb combo of Waxy Maize,D-Glucose,and maltodextrin is where this product really shines to me. You get a triple carb Assault of slow, medium, and fast carbs, with a nice dose of protein, and all the other essentials of a post workout sup like glutamine for recovery, taurine, citrulline, and the creatine complex to boot!

I'm not gonna lie, the first time I took this supplement I almost puked. It had a taste and consistency of nothing like I had ever experienced. I got the Green Apple Avalanche flavor and mixed the 3 scoops in a 16oz shaker cup. Believe it or not it mixed perfectly and thats a lot of product with not that much water. But after a few times the taste kinda grew on me to the point where I like it now. I will say that I did experience pretty severe stomach aches and cramps the first time I took this. I'm not sure if this was from the Waxy Maize or the high dose of Leucine but it went away by the second time.

PRICE: 8.5
I paid $52 for the 6 lb. tub which had 28 servings. That comes out to $1.87 per serving. Considering you pretty much get all your post workout sups in one product I think the price is decent. Plus, I was only taking it on workout days which was 4 times a week. The 6 lb tub lasted me almost 2 months.

So like I said I was taking this as part of my initial recomp phase of reducing and cycling carbs around workouts in an attempt to drop bodyfat while maintaining muscle mass. I think using it in this fashion is very effective. I was able to replenish my body post workout nicely while still maintaing my carb intake to mainly good complex carbs. The added creatine and glutamine were a bonus especially considering the high dose of leucine incorporated and its "alleged" affect on the anabolic process. I will note that I was training "Heavy Duty" style aka Mentzer keeping my workouts short but intense and I never lost any strength. My diet was somewhat restricted but I was always full of energy when I trained so I do think it was rather effective in that regard. I also noticed a pronounced feeling of all over body fullness about an hour after taking this. The only thing I can compare it to is when you nail a really good meal that fills out your physique perfectly. I have since cut my carbs even further and have stopped using Torrent but if you're on a bulk or semi-cut program I think its a must have. I'm sure it can be incorporated in many different programs.

Here are a few links on some of the ingredients in this product and what the science is saying:
  • Great Formula
  • High Quality Ingredient Sources
  • Great Recovery
    Rep: +3,681
    Trust: 100%

      November 18, 2010

    Just finished the second 6lb tub of Torrent. As most of you broskis know out there in SR land, I am a huge proponent of post-workout carbs to Spike insulin, replace glycogen and shuttle protein, aminos and creatine to the muscles. This Anabolic Window is the most important time period bar none.

    It was hard to break away from my usual post-workout staples such as ON 2:1:1 and Aftershock, but on Petey's recommendation I took the plunge.

    The Review:

    Ingredients 9.5: 20g of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, 8g of Leucine, 7g of Glutamine AKG, Taurine, L-Phenylalanine and Citulline Malate. 3g of CM, CEE, Magnesium Creatine Chelate and Tri-Methyl Glycine. 52 Carbs (26 Sugars) from D-Glucose, Waxy Maize, Maltodextrin. The ~2.5:1 ratio of carbs to protein is desired.

    Effectiveness 9.5: One of the best results I have had on this cycle. Took 3 scoops post-workout. Was on a 4 day weight split and 2 days of cardio. Weight is up to approximately 188 (~+5 lbs) now and body fat (not tested) but appears to have stayed the same. Great Results and recovery is solid. Stacked this with Kre-Alk, Jack3d pre-workout, Modern BCAA intra workout. Recovery and result on appear better than 2:1:1 and much better than Aftershock (my old staple).

    Taste 8.5: Thru two tubs of Sour Citrus Rush and the taste is very pleasing. Much like sour patch kids and in a good way too. I typically chug it.

    Value 8.5: A 6lb tub can typically be had for about $47 with free shipping. I get it on Amazon.Com and it is a solid deal. Look into the subscribe and save deals they have.

    Recovery 9: Regardless of the post-workout and supplements I take, I have the typical DOMs, but this definitely helped the soreness a bit. Stacked with Gluta-lyn throughout the day to assist as well.

    Conclusion 9.25: If you are looking for a solid post-workout solution w/ creatine then look no further. This is my new favorite post-workout product. ON 2:1:1 will still be in my arsenal for off cycles for sure, but Torrent is king.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Great Formula
    • Good Taste
    • High Quality Ingredient Sources
    • Great Recovery
      Rep: +440
      Trust: 10%
        July 28, 2011

      Universal Torrent "Anabolic Muscle Building Supplement" :Triggers New Muscle Growth with Key Aminos and Creatine:

      Why did I buy Torrent?
      - I bought Torrent because of reading the importance of post workout carbs and it had a lot of goodies in it. 8 grams of Leucine, 3 grams of a creatine blend, and other stuff.

      Does Torrent Deliver? Yes.
      Is Torrent Worth The Money? Yes and No. Yes, being if you have extra cash because it's a great product and No because it's so damn expensive.

      On to the review.

      Over the past 2 months I've had the Green Apple Avalanche and the Sour Citrus Rush so the taste will have two categories.

      *(Sour Citrus Rush) 10/10*- On recommendation of my broski blade I tried the Sour Citrus Rush because it supposively taste like Sour Patch Kids. It didn't really taste like Sour Patch Kids to me but it still tasted amazing. It was kind of like a strong tasting orange juice like minute made or something. Also, it smelled great.
      *Green Apple Avalanche (8/10)* When you first open the GAA of Torrent its like did I just buy some dog food? It smells exactly like doggy food. The taste though taste just like a Green Jolly Rancher. Has a wierd after taste but isn't bad.

      -Recovery (9/10)- Torrent, Torrent, Torrent. The recovery wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting to not even be a little sore. I was dumb to think that and I apologize to Torrent for putting it on a pedi stoole. That being said, I wasn't near as sore as usual and the awesome thing was that my legs only stayed sore for 2 days instead of the usual 4-5.

      -Euphoric Feeling (10/10)- I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this from Torrent but after 10 minutes of consuming Torrent I'd just get this feeling of happiness rush through me. You can actually feel the Torrent going through you and it makes you feel verry happy.

      -Value (8/10)- Torrent is very expensive but if you consider the ingredients then it's not to bad. It does have hydrowhey (not enough in my opinion.) 8 grams of Leucine. Hefty amount of Glutamine. I'd like to see a high Amino Acid Content for Torrent and about 15 more grams of hydrowhey. If you have the extra money go for it but if your on a budget then it's not really worth the money IMO!

      ------------Torrent Vs. AfterShock-----------
      To be honest, I wanted to give Torrent all 10's because I love Universal but to be honest AfterShock has the edge over Torrent for me in effectiveness, not taste! I'm not completely done with my AfterShock, I got a little over half left but I can already tell that its better then Torrent. Also, AfterShock is only 1 more dollar on If your set on a recovery product either is a good choice and I'd recommend getting little tubs of each to see which one you like more before getting the big tubs!

      -Overall (8/10)- I really enjoyed Torrent but I'm glad I decided to try something so I could compare it because AfterShock is superior to it. Again, try both to see which one you like more.

      Key Pros:
      Euphoric Feeling
      Saves Your Ass From Crashing (Pre-Workout)
      Awesome Taste (SSR>GAA)
      8 Grams Leucine
      3 Sources of Carbs
      Good Recovery
      No Bloat
      Easy on Stomach

      Key Cons:
      Not Enough Protein IMO.
      Expensive. (Only buy if you have extra cash.)
      Not enough servings.

      I can't decide if I wanna purchase a post-workout again for a while since I'm a teen and don't make much money flipping pizza dough. It'll deffintly be on a Christmas and Birthday list though. Whether it be Torrent or AfterShock, I'll probably switch between the two because my goal is to get sponsored by Universal so I've gotta rep em. If you try this product then good luck and please PM me and let me know how it goes for you.
      Peace, Kubz

      p.s.- I've got a few products that are up for reviews but I don't really feel like doing more then one in a day so I'll prolly have one a day for the next few days.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Great Formula
      • Good Taste
      • High Quality Ingredient Sources
      • Great Recovery
      • Not Enough Protein
      • Expensive
      Rep: +32
      Trust: 40%
        July 28, 2011

      I'm posting my first review after reading about hundreds of them on various products. I'm back in the gym after a 6 year break, and about 14 years since I was really serious (6 days a week for 3 years straight from age 18 to 21). That said, there are so many more supplements these days, so this site has been very helpful in determining which ones to use and how to build my stack.

      Torrent was highly recommended by other users on this site, so I decided to give it a try. I like the fact that it's an "all in one" post work out supplement. I still added some glutamine, kre-alk creatine, and L-theanine to the mix. After I started taking Torrent I encountered my first minor plateau since starting back up. My strength gains stalled a bit, but after a tub of Torrent, I broke through the plateau and noticed substantial strength gains in every muscle group. I noticed the best strength gains at the very end of the tub- after 3 or 4 weeks of use (I lift weights 5 or 6 days a week).

      Recovery 9/10:
      One of the cool effects of Torrent I noticed is my muscles feel fuller and more pumped up for awhile after each work out, and my energy levels are back to normal fairly fast. Since I've only been back at the gym for 2 months, I still get sore the next day after all work outs. In fact, if I don't get sore, I don't feel like I did enough work!

      Value 7/10:
      Although the tub I bought is only 15 servings, I found that 3 skimpy scoops (instead of 3 heaping scoops) provided at least 20 servings. It's a little expensive to be a daily supplement for me, but I plan to pick up a tub every couple months.

      Taste 9/10:
      I thought the taste was nice, but I'm not picky. I had the cherry flavor and think the flavor is great. I haven't came across a supplement that I won't purchase again simply because of the flavor. I'm more concerned about the results than the flavor.

      Mixability 8/10:
      The product mixes fairly well, however, sometimes small clumps end up in my mouth. When that happens I just crush them up with my tongue and keep drinking, so no big deal. I always use a closed bottle that I shake for about 10 seconds.

      Side Effects 8/10:
      I did notice some nausea for about the first 5 times I used the product. After that I didn't have any problems, so my system adapted.

      Other Supplements:
      Pre Work Out: Beta Alanine, arginine, citruline malate, kre-alk creatine, whey protein shake, glutamine

      Intra Work Out: Modern BCAA's 10g

      Post Recovery: I added glutamine, L-theanine, and kre-alk creatine to the Torrent. About 1 hour after I take the Torrent, I always eat a high protein meal.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Great Formula
      • Good Taste
      • High Quality Ingredient Sources
      • Strength Gains
      • Expensive
      • Minor Nausea Until Body Adapts
      Rep: +4,103
      Trust: 100%

        December 31, 2009

      Product Highlights/Claims:
      * Post Workout Recovery Matrix
      * Anabolic Muscle Activator
      * Enhanced With Key Aminos
      * Triggers New Muscle Growth
      * Osmosulin Delivery System
      * Supports Glycogen Re-Synthesis
      -Formula: I like the combination of the hydrolyzed whey, carbs, and the leucine. This makes it a sound post workout formula. The protein source is the fastest available using hydrolyzed whey. In regards to the carbs, the mixture of dextrose, waxy maize, and maltodextrin is an understandable carb blend especially with the sudden surge around WMS. However, I do think a lower amount of dextrose would be ideal.
      -Mixing/Texture: Product mixes easily in 20oz of water at the suggested serving size in a shaker. Drinking it is not an issue. The mixed drink is smooth without clumping and only has minor foaming that lasts only briefly. While drinking, one can feel a unique texture which is the waxy maize.
      -Smell/Taste: The smell to me is rather odd. It doesn't smell appealing, but it isn't bad either. The taste is rather pleasant and refreshing especially after a workout. I really like the flavoring overall (Green Apple). It is especially impressive considering that the formula contains hydrolyzed whey and waxy maize which can be very difficult to cover.
      -Effectiveness: The recovery while using this product was outstanding. I incorporated it immediately post workout and followed it with a meal about 60 minutes later.
      * Taste: 9.4
      * Mixability: 9.1
      * Formula: 9.0
      * Effectiveness: 9.8
      * Overall: 9.7
      I feel this is a product worth looking into if you are an individual looking for an all inclusive post workout formula. When one considers the contents, price point, and servings contained, then this product certainly shows an excellent level of value for the consumer. The taste and ability to mix easily are great bonuses. Definitely worth looking into for a bulk/lean bulk.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Great Formula
      • Good Taste
      • High Quality Ingredient Sources
        Rep: +9
        Trust: 0%
          July 31, 2014

        First things first this website is phenomenal. This is a first review for me but I felt compelled to shed light on the product.

        After reading the reviews and seeing similar results I had to put spin on it. Quick background: 24 year old teacher. I've been lifting pretty seriously through college, played sports and used supplements often and have grown familiar with several products over time. Began my career following college and really lost the time and energy I used to devote to slaying weights on the regular. After my first year working I began regularly working out and reverted back to a supplement I was always a huge proprietor of... Ze Torrent.

        I'm going to spare the details of the product because it is outlined clearly through the many other well versed reviews of this product. (Before reading I have to admit I've never taken Aftershock but seeing so many strong comparisons it's something I'm considering)

        I began taking Torrent as the Post-Deal as soon as I could get home from the gym. Along with Torrent I was taking Animal M-Stack as a pre (Universal 4lyfe). Some ON Whey mixed with Syntha 6-Isolate (on occasion if I wasn't looking for the big insulin boost from the sugars and carbs of Torrent, thinking lean here). And just an extra steady flow of BCAAs and Amino tabs with meals and pre and post workout. The diet's been, for the most part, pretty lean, making my large carb intakes at night following my workout and try to avoid carbs in the morning. I try to shape my diet after Carb backloading but I don't do to it's full ferociousness. Bottom line, Torrent is a strong product.

        (9/10) Strength Gains
        Each workout for me is always centered around a strong core lift with auxillery lifts following. I try to judge gains by my initial lifts, prior to the shreddage. I can't truly accredit all of the gains to the Torrent but I always noticed how much easier I was stroking my heavy weight each week when I was going hard on the Torrent.

        (8/10) Taste
        Bottom line I'm not crazy particular on taste. As long as it's not some butt-lick I'm drinking following a workout, I'm good. That being said I did enjoy the taste of the Fruit Berry flavor I have. Not like the traditional chocolate or vanilla I had always turned to for protein.

        (10/10) Supplementation
        As stated earlier I didn't delve completely into the true supplement aspect. Reading the label this is a product that really contains almost everything you'd really want. The creatine monohydrate, high carb and sugar intake, 20 g decent quality protein. For those who don't individually supplement each it's perfect. If I want more protein, I take more whey following, it's simple.

        (8/10) Body Composition
        Going to be real here, a year off from slamming weights really deteriorates alot of what I achieved in college. That being said I put on the weight with Torrent. Currently I'm on the tail end of a 6 lb. container and I've gone 6'0 180 with 13% body fat to 189 14% body fat. I'm not lean but I've gained muscle mass throughout my entire frame. I've never felt the gains come as quickly as they have now compared to the glory days but in comparison to protein alone it's a drastic boost for the better. I never really approached working out as either bulking or cutting, I'm trying to do both at the same time since I don't look to the competition aspect

        I feel full and bloated sometimes from Torrent but it's always a calming feel good bloatness (can't describe but it's not a feeling I get from any other post workout). Appetite has been relatively unchanged. Stomach hasn't been bothered but who knows, everybody is different.

        (9/10) Overall
        Not much to complain or nag on a product that offers so much packed into a single easy to consume supplement form. Price can be much and it's definitely not a on-the-budget type deal.

        Closing note... I'm a huge proponent of a total diet, supplement and fitness deal to achieve goals. It's hard to measure the effectiveness of one product alone when I'm trying to encompass many things in my diet and supplementation to achieve similar goals. Torrent provides for me though the total supplementation that I'm looking for.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Great Formula
        • High Quality Ingredient Sources
        • Strength Gains
        • Expensive
        • Bloating At First
        • No Lean Gains
        Rep: +200
        Trust: 100%
          June 16, 2011

        Well heres goes one of my FAVORITE sup's.

        Effectiveness 9/10 Ive tried a few types of creatines and was always alittle sore the next few days. But Torrent is just on a whole nother level. As far as recovery shakes go this was amazing! I was rarely sore after a hard workout. Took 3 sccops per serving and it definatley works.

        Taste 10/10 As soon as I opened the bottle I though "Oh crap this is going to suck" But from the first swallow until now I thoroughly enjoy drinking the Sour Citrus Rush. The taste was literally beyond all expectations considering everything thats in it.

        Value 8/10 A 6lb tub normally costs about $47 with free shipping(depending where you order it). As long as you get the 6lb tub itll last alittle while.

        Recovery 9/10 No matter what I have ever taken I always had DOM. Once I started using Torrent as my PWO recovery I literally dont get sore anymore.

        Overall 9/10 I swear by this now. I will try Aftershock next, but I think its going to be hard to beat this honeslty...I recommend to anyone that hits the gym PERIOD
        • Builds Muscle
        • Great Formula
        • Good Taste
        • High Quality Ingredient Sources
        • Great Recovery
        • Awesome Recovery
        • Expensive
        Rep: +15
        Trust: 17%
          April 18, 2010

        Second post workout ive tried. Loved it.

        Contents: Good label, not a mysterious single proprietary blend. I took two scoops instead of three every time. So in two scoops you get:

        34 grams of quick carbs.
        14 grams of hydrolyzed protein
        5.5 grams of leucine
        2.5 grams fo akg, taurine, and citrulline malate
        2 grams of creatine blend
        plus some calcium, sodium, potassium electrolytes.

        Taste of green apple was excellent, it never bothered me to drink it. Reminded me of jolly ranchers.

        Mixability was very good, i had little trouble mixing it in a normal bottle.

        I paid about $27, if you use the full three scoops its 15 servings which is a little pricey but your getting a good product. I used two scoops to stretch it out. Will buy again, Id highly recommend having this at the gym to down immediately after workouts.

        The only thing I dont really like is the creatine. Id prefer not to have it in a product like this and just be able to add it myself if i wanted, but thats just a personal preference.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Great Formula
        • Good Taste
        • High Quality Ingredient Sources
        • Great Recovery
          Rep: +12
          Trust: 13%
            December 1, 2011

          Up to my second tub now, and I thought it was about time I wrote a review.

          Taking this product (along with Kre-alk and glutalin) I was nearly never sore, and I go by a 2 days on, 1day off routine that is quite intense (Both weights and cardio)

          I only took two scoops as I was on a cutting cycle (200 kcal) but that still worked great and the recovery was awesome.

          Serving size and mixability is great, taste is also great I've tried both Green Apple and Cherry, actually look forward to drinking it after the gym in some nice cold water.

          There was a little bit of bloating the first few days and sometimes I could feel a little sick after consuming it, but I got used it.

          The ingredients are great. Good amount of complex / simple carbs and protein. It also has creatine and a good range of BCAA to aid the recovery. People say that there is not enough protein but 20g is actually fine, I had a good balanced meal 1 1/2 hours after consuming this.

          Overall I give this product a 8.7/10 the only down side is the price, it can get quite pricey if you are taking a full 3 scoops however you don't have to have that much and it is definitely worth the recovery!
          • Builds Muscle
          • Great Formula
          • High Quality Ingredient Sources
          • Great Recovery
          • Expensive
          • Bloating At First
          • Minor Nausea Until Body Adapts
          Rep: +46
          Trust: 48%
            October 23, 2011

          I purchased this (as part of my first stack) per's suggestion for a post-workout product. After running it for a few months, finishing the tub, and then comparing it to my post-torrent whey shakes, well, read on, gentlemen.

          First off, let's look at the ingredients. A 3 scoop serving is 302 calories, 52g of carbs (waxy maize, etc.), 20g of protein, a proprietary leucine blend, some taurine and glutamine, and a 3g creatine blend. Not bad, actually. I paid about $60 for 28 servings, which lasted me almost 2 months. At $2.14 a shake, it's not exactly a great deal, but it's not going to break the bank, either. Assuming you can find some protein, creatine, and a bulk source of maize at a reasonable price online, you're looking at about $1.60 to make a comparable mix on your own. Cheaper if you can pick up any of those things at a considerable discount (as I have).

          Torrent isn't a ton of protein nor creatine, but the carbs are solid and it basically contains everything I'd want in a post-workout shake, so no argument there. The protein is lower quality whey concentrate, but it's not the end of the world.

          I got the Green Apple, which tasted fine. I didn't crave it or anything, but I never got tired of it either, so that's a plus. I also found I could drink one of these shakes and still eat lunch after my morning workout, so it didn't bloat me or anything either.

          With that said, I did have some digestive issues with this supplement to the tune of runny bowel movements and/or upset stomach if I didn't take this at the same time as eating real, solid food. On the days I couldn't eat lunch with my Torrent, I'd get an upset stomach. It didn't happen every time, but it happened enough (and only on the days I took Torrent) that I could find nothing else in my stack to blame.

          How is my current (whey isolate) recovery compared to my Torrent days? Fine. Not a huge difference as far as I'm concerned. I guess I feel a little more lethargic after a big workout on whey alone, but then again, I'm not running to the bathroom every few seconds either! And, as always, eating real food is a great post-workout option and I usually eat lunch along with my whey isolate, which is basically the best of both worlds, IMO.

          If you don't have the time or the patience to mix up your own post-workout concoction or don't want to go bargain hunting only to pretend you're a mad chemist in your kitchen just to get your post-workout carbs/protein/creatine, then by all means, pick up a tub of Torrent (and hope it generally agrees with your gut). Otherwise, I'd suggest you buy in bulk and find your own personal post-workout formulation. It's cheaper and more fun.
          • Great Formula
          • Good Taste
          • Great Recovery
          • Post-workout Energy Boost
          • Expensive
          • Too Much Toilet Paper Used.
          • Minor Nausea Until Body Adapts

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