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Any side effects?
I´m going to use Universal Animal Stak for the first time. Are there any known side effects I´ll possibly have deal with? Any side effects in the long run?

Hair loss?
Can this cause hair thinning or hair loss? Also will this cause any fat gain or weight gain?

i think im getting B!tch tits? someone help im freakign out
i think im growing boobs well on my left pec is this possible? i have never tooken a ph and my left nipple isnt sensitive at all or did white stuff come...

What are the dangers of using this longer than the 21 day cycle?
What are the dangers/side effects of using this longer than the 21 day recomended cycle? lets say 4 days instead? Anyone recomend this?

hormone balance
On my box it written , complete anabolic hormone stack..what does this mean ? my age is 24 .. will this have any side effects ?

Does the new version of Stak cause gyno?
Does this new version of Stak cause gyno? some say they have experienced itchy of slightly puffy nipples but i dont if they were just paranoid lol.

Best time to take this
When is the ideal time to take this stuff for maximum benefits?

what does the pro" organ size?
i see that one of the pros is organ size, what exactly does that mean? im thinking it has something along the lines of the gut people get when they are on roids??

Side effect ? Or ?
This is my third day on the stack and till yesterday I have had two packs. I am having some headache and a slight heartbeat increase. Is this some serious...

Good or bad idea to try and gain muscle?
iv been looking in to natural testosterone boosters and have pretty much broke it down to this one. just wanted to know if it was worth it im really tryin...

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