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Are the Aromatase Inhibitors in Stak strong enough to use with DAA?

I want to give DAA a try, but heard some folks mention running an AI with it (as estrogen level can be raised). Also, is there a big profile difference with Stak and Stak2?
Answer #1: Posted Jan 1 at 01:00am
No problem bud.
Yea I'll be logging it in my journal when I begin...
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Answer #2: Posted Jan 1 at 01:00am
Thanks Kevo +

Any chance you will be logging results or progress while on this? Keep us posted if you start this up soon... I'll share my progress when I start this also. Been hearing a ton about DAA... It seems to be getting a lot of attention like glycobol!
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Answer #3: Posted Jan 1 at 01:00am
From my understanding, Stak and DAA would be a great combo, and yes the aromatase inhibitors should be more than enough to combat any raise in estrogen.
Im actually going to give this a shot very soon myself.

Stak 2 is just the older version, they are essentially the same thing.
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