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November 4, 2012
Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 8


Reviews: 81

Age: 46

November 4, 2012
 Product: TruNutrition(TN) Trutein
Claims to Fame: Label Integrity, High Quality Isolates, Taste

Claim: Label Integrity/Full Disclosure/No Label Dressing
Verdict: Fail

TN goes to great lengths to boast that their protein proportions are not hidden in a proprietary blend and the consumer has full disclosure of all ingredients, no pixie dusting, yada, yada, yada. However, as the section on formula will explain, while their disclosure is better than most companies, TN still does not hit full disclosure and gets more than a bit creative in its marketing.

It also touts additives such as omega-3’s and nucleotides that simply aren't included in amounts to be efficacious. Yes, they tell you that you get 75mg of Omega-3’s from flax and chia but the average person doesn't realize that a single fish oil cap gives you 3-5 times that amount.

Claim: Primary protein sources are high quality isolates
Verdict: Unknown

TN claims isolates are the primary source of protein in Trutein and that they come from 3 different sources: whey, micellar casein and egg. However, they use both blends of milk isolate+milk concentrate and whey isolate+whey concentrate in the prop blend so we really don’t know the exact ratios of isolate vs concentrate. It could be true, but then why even add the concentrates? (Hint: cost)

Claim: Fantastic Taste
Verdict: Absolutely

----------- Formula 7.0/10 ----------
Trutein is advertised as 40% whey, 40% casein and 20% egg whites, primarily from isolates. That doesn't totally jive with the ingredient label which list the proteins as a more complex prop blend called Trutein Protein Blend (milk protein isolate, milk protein concentrate, egg, whey isolate, whey concentrate) . So while they do divulge the overall ratio, they don’t come right out and tell you the individual proportions of each component. If we take the 40/40/20 ratio and compare it against the prop blend we can deduce that it’s more like 40%(milk isolate+ milk concentrate),20% ( egg albumin),40% (whey isolate+whey concentrate). Although I find it interesting that whey is listed last as this normally indicates the least abundant ingredients and since it’s after egg, which is 20%, that means each of these is no greater than 20%. The 40% whey is most likely because milk proteins are 80% micellar casein and 20% whey and the whey from the milk proteins adds to the whey isolate and whey concentrate to give it a combined total of 40%. However, this still means that the 3 most abundant proteins are relatively slow acting.

Each 34g scoop contains 23g protein, 5g carbs (2.5g fiber) and 1.5g fats. This results in an overall protein percentage around 68% which is low for me but seems to be rather standard with many of these entry level blends.

Trutein’s formula also includes 75mg of Omega 3’s from flax and chia (insignificant), 20mg nucleotides (no freakin idea why) and 100mg of protease enzyme (bit on the high side- could be to counter poor digestion of concentrates but who knows). There’s also some oat starch and other lesser ingredients that I won’t cover.

The bottom line here is that for each 34g scoop you probably get around 9g casein, 5g egg, 9g whey, 5g carbs, 1.5g fats and 4.5g other materials. Personally due to the way that casein releases its aminos equally over time I think that the egg is a bit redundant. There are other benefits to including egg protein but frankly eating real eggs gets you further and I’d rather have those 5 grams added to the whey category to give the front end aminos a bit more punch. Also please note that this is just ivory tower conjecture and in the bigger picture means relatively little at the end of the day when taken in context of overall protein intake.

-------Taste/Mixability 9.5/10 ---------
I purchased the CinnaBun flavor and loved it. It’s definitely a dessert type flavor and a bit on the sweeter side so some people might find it a bit much to use day in and day out. The cinnamon smell is strong and the consistency is milk-shake like – not the creamiest that I've ever had but better than most. I normally use milk or almond/coconut blend as my liquid but I also tried it with water and it’s enjoyable either way. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the more bland flavorings and thin texture of Muscle Feast but this tasted just fantastic. It mixed well in a shaker bottle with minimal clumping or grittiness despite the prevalence of casein. You could probably just dump this in a glass and use a spoon.

----------Effectiveness 7.5/10 ----------
Ok, for those of us without a lab, rating a protein is totally subjective. If I get gas and/or poor recovery, then I rate it as a poor quality protein. I got neither of these from Trutein. Recovery did not suffer. Although I said earlier that I believe the entire day’s protein picture is more important than just the post workout window, I still prefer to employ some brotastic reasoning and go with a higher percentage of a faster acting protein post workout, so I’m not sure I would recommend this if you’re first meal of the day is your post workout shake. I don’t have a problem with including casein post workout, in fact I prefer that, but I prefer it in an isolate/casein blend so the inclusion of the concentrates is a negative for me personally.

However this is an excellent choice for all other times of the day or a straight utility protein. It would also make a great MRP or gainer type base and I loved it when I used it to make sludge. I find it to be noticeably higher quality overall than many of the inexpensive whey concentrate blends that seem to be popular these days.

--------- Value 8.0/10 -------
You can get this from Lockout for $44.95 for a 5 lb tub. That’s 67 servings for roughly .65 cents per serving - pretty damn affordable. I actually find it very similar in quality, taste and texture to iForce Protean; both are the same price but you get an extra pound with Trutein. And it’s far superior to the new entry product from Optimum Nutrition, Performance Whey.

Personally I prefer to pay an extra $15-$20 dollars to get pure micellar casein and whey isolate but I also like to keep a blend like this on hand for sludge and smoothies so I think it certainly has value.

-------- Overall 7.5/10 ----------
I’ve got no complaints with this product’s quality and results. While it simply doesn’t live up to its marketing hype (surprise, surprise), I still believe this to be a solid high quality choice as a basic entry level protein, especially if taste is an important factor. All “Consumer Reports” analysis aside, this stuff gave me acceptable results and tasted great at an affordable price. It’s not the top of the line but that’s why TN offers their Wheyology (80% protein) and Iso-ology (88% protein) products.

If you’re a recreational lifter or just working out the basics of training and nutrition then this product is just fine as your protein supplement. If you’re more advanced (translate: obsessed) then there are better choices such as Ultra Peptide or Muscle Feast Premium Blend that deliver the promised functionality in a higher quality product.

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  • Price
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    Nice review bro

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    Excellent Review!!

    November 10, 2013
    Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 8


    Reviews: 4

    Age: 20

    November 10, 2013
    Very Tasty, Nice Blend

    TruNutrition Trutein

    I first heard about Trutein from a friend, who told me about it was the best tasting protein he ever had, while also having a great nutrient profile. After a bad run with some rum raison flavored protein (the worst tasting thing I have ever ingested), I decided to buy this with the hopes that hype would be true.

    ----------- Formula 9.0/10 ----------
    Trutein is composed of 40% whey, 40% casein and 20% egg whites mostly from isolates. While the company advertises that they formula of the product is completely divulged and not hidden like other companies, there claim isn't entirely true. While they label the ratio of whey to casein to egg white, they do not divulge the amount of each component of whey, casein, and egg (milk protein isolate, milk protein concentrate, egg, whey isolate, whey concentrate). While I believe that protein is protein, and the type of source is not all that important, it still is odd that the company is not as transparent as they advertise.

    Each serving contains 23g protein, 5g carbs (2.5g fiber) and 1.5g fats. This is comparable or better than many other protein powders in Trutein's price bracket.

    Trutein also contains several other added nutrients, but not in any significant amounts.

    I believe the best aspect of the protein blend isn't necessarily the differing speeds of digestion, but rather that you are ingesting more diverse sources of protein. I know that if all my protein powder is whey or all egg, I will get bad gas and an upset stomach (I take 4 scoops a day, I would rather get all that protein from food, but I am limited due to several circumstances). However, with this blend I did not get this at all, and I attribute it to the diversity of the powder.

    -------Taste/Mixability 9.5/10 ---------
    I purchased the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavor and enjoyed it thoroughly. After going through 10 lbs. of another brand's disgusting rum raison protein powder, I was looking for something I would actually look forward to drinking. Trutein was almost like a reward for finishing a tough workout. The texture of the product was wonderful, it has the perfect amount of thickness, and easily mixed in my shaker. Definitely the best tasting protein I have ever had.

    ----------Effectiveness 9/10 ----------
    Trutein supplies me the protein I need, and keeps me full for a little bit longer than other protein powders. I believe that supplement timing is largely inconsequently to recovery and body composition, as long as you are meeting your macronutrient requirements and are not going hungry for long period s of time.

    --------- Value 8.0/10 -------
    Trutein is $54.00 for 5 lbs. on bodybuilding.com, which is pretty average in comparison to other protein powders. It is about the same as ON Gold Standard and Phase8, so I'd say its a pretty good deal given its taste and ingredient profile.

    -------- Overall 9/10 ----------
    I really enjoyed this protein, it was delicious, while not having too many carbs and fats in it. If I had to compare it to another protein it would Syntha 6. However, I do believe that Trutein holds the advantage due its better nutrient profile and slightly better taste (they both taste amazing). I would recommend this protein to anyone who is tired of terrible tasting protein powders, anyone that gets gas problems from single source proteins, or just anyone that is in the market for protein powder.

    • Taste
    • Price
    • Diverse Sources Of Protein
      August 19, 2013
      Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 8


      Reviews: 2

      Age: 43

      August 19, 2013
      I'm satisfied with this product

      I find Trutein to be an excellent product for my needs. Let me say I'm not a professional body builder, I just started working out to drop fat a while back. I've used protein powders as a way to push carbs out of my diet. So, for my needs, I'm pretty much going to stick to the cheaper protein supplements.

      After doing a bit of reading and research I discovered that most of the protein supplements sold at grocery stores, box stores, and discount clubs is trash. I had to find a better product. I'm sure having separate mixes for whey, micellar casein and egg white is critical for a true, world class, bodybuilder; but that's just not me. I just want a simple one-mix product. For me that product is Trutein.

      In last 3 months, I've used 3 5lb tubs of Trutein in 3 different flavors. All 3 flavors have been great. Also, Trutein mixes well even in a shaker bottle.

      In the end I'm certain there are better, more advanced products than Trutein. But I don't believe those products will make a significant difference towards my goals. I find Trutein to be a delicious, cost effective product that is head and shoulders above the "whey concentrate" products at the grocery store.
      • Taste
      • Price
        May 8, 2013
        Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 8


        Reviews: 2

        Age: 26

        May 8, 2013
        Taste bud friendly

        I am the type of person that will buy protein after protein in search for one that I can drink on a regular basis and be pleased with it each time. Trutein Cinnabun is one of those proteins. I try to take a blend when I wake up and before bed when I am going all in. Hopefully my first review is helpful.

        -Taste 9/10: I love the taste of the cinnabun, I have let multiple friends try it and they seem to agree. I usually mix mine with half water and half skim milk, and the taste is still amazing. I gave it a 9 and not 10 because I believe there is always room for progress

        -Effectiveness 8/10: I give it an 8 due to the fact that I have gains and make progress, but I also take other supplements with it. However this protein does help me feel full for a decent amount of time after taking it.

        -Mixability 8/10: At times it can seem somewhat thick and there are some occasions I have minor clumps in it, which I just eat because it taste good. I also believe it may be due to the fact of protein to liquid ratio might be a little high.

        -Value 8/10: I usually get the 5lb container from lockout supplements but when they are out I order from nutraplanet. The price is less than 1$ a serving and for a protein that is so enjoyable to drink it boost its value to me. I would prefer a few more grams of protein, but the calorie to protein ratio is good in my opinion. As stated in the first review the ingredients make the percentage of the blend seem a little fishy.

        I plan to continue using Trutein, however like I stated previously I am on a journey through the Protein tasting land and refuse to stop, so I will also be trying other proteins, but this one will stay at the top of my list for a long time.

        • Taste
        • Price
        • Somewhat Expensive

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