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  By: ThermoLife

T-BOL is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by ThermoLife. It helps optimize your natural testostorone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

What should I take with T-BOL?
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  January 29, 2010

Don't buy into ThermoLife's HYPE and MARKETING Strategies, you will waste your hard earned money. Their are other test boosters out there that I got much better results from then this T Bol product. Testabolan V2, Blue Up, HGH UP, Novedex XT, and Diesel Test Hardcore are just a few of them. If you need any Customer Service from this company you can forget about it as well. I had to e mail them 3 or 4 times everytime I needed to ask them something, and if they tell you they are going to send you something you can forget about them doing that as well. This is a lousy company that lies to it's customers and could care less about Quality of Service even though you are spending your hard earned money trying their products. You will be very lucky if you even get somebody to answer a Customer Service issue by e-mail, and that includes sending to everyone in their company, and if you do you will get different answers from everyone.
  • Too Expensive
  • Results Are Very Very Minimal


  • jrdudley73
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    January 29, 2010

    You really didnt like this product did you? I have seen your review I have also heard a lot of bad things so I think I will steer clear of this. Thanks man.
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