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    August 28, 2012
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    Reviews: 6

    Age: 37

    August 28, 2012
     Let me start in saying that this product is not a prohormone, it is 25 mgs of dhea.
    I completed a stack that consisted of 5 products, I received no results whatsoever. My diet and training were well planned. I particularly went higher in protein since my goal wa to add mass. My workouts were 4-5 days weekly mixed between power and high reps in an effort to give myself rest for more powerful lifts.Let me get to the point, The claims made on these products were so outrageous that I assumed if it was only 1/2 true I'd be eft with some amazing results. After 8 long weeks, my training cycle concluded with no results. As in my previous posts, no refund was given either. I was told I did not train hard enough and that I did not eat right. I am livid. I am not sure if I can post these on here but these are links to other negative reports on this company that seem to give some credit to what I am saying.




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      Ain't no dhea on the label when I used it , this must be a ***ed off competitor , he seems to have only wrote negative reviews on every single product of this company's , all in the past week. Tell me , why did you use the *** is it supposedly had dhea on the label so you say ,lol

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