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Hardcore Creatine

  By: SPS

Trust: 15%

First off, thanx for a great website and honest opinions.

Secondly, this is only my second review and I would appreciate advice on how to write better reviews.

Ok, I decided to try Hardcore Creatine because creatine monohydrate just doesnt cut it for me and this creatine blend contains gluconate. I used Purus labs Condense in conjunction with Hardcore Creatine.

First impressions: What can I say, it's creatine.

Profile: Proprietery blend of Creatine gluconate, creatine cee and creatine akg.

Value 6/10: It is a bit expensive where I live $38 for 40 servings at 2.5g creatine.

Effectiveness 8/10: Way more effective than monohydrate for me, and also no water retention. Increase in overall strength and muscle density.

  • Increase Strength
  • Builds Muscle
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