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blackduck102's D-Bol Review

May 29, 2012

Overall: 1 | Effectiveness: 2 | Value: 0

This is my first review, so please have patience with me if I do a poor job.

Lord where do I start. Buddy of mine talked me into tryin this stuff for a bench press competition in my hometown. I read the reviews and was skeptical of course because of all the bad info out on this company, but folded...


Trust: 0%

NZT49's D-Bol Review

November 10, 2013

Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 3

I used this product about 3 years ago. This and Winny-V from SDI labs were the first and only prohormones I've tried. When I used it my max bench increased by a lot, I remember atleast 80 lbs. (Some people who hate this company may not believe me) Also, I'm not sure why everyone hates this company so...

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DEATHEYE's D-Bol Review

February 14, 2011

Overall: 8 | Effectiveness: 8 | Value: 7

This product was the first PH i tried...I didnt know anything about PH's...I ran this product at 4 caps per day for 6 weeks...My lifts weight up very fast...For explain my military press went up 35lbs in 1 week...I gain 15lbs off the cycle...I had alot of mood swings for this product...When I ordered...


Trust: 12%

jnocean's D-Bol Review

March 6, 2011

Overall: 6 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 5

I got this bottle knowing what PH are and still decided to give this a try. I can't give a perfect review because I only took one bottle and used Anabolic Halo by muscle tech to aid the test boost. I also took protein, Milk Thistle and Orange Triad vitamins. I cannot deny that I did witness huge strength...