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This product has been reported as discontinued.

Kre-Alkalyn 1500 Reviews

By: SciFit


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Kre-Alkalyn 1500 is a Kre-Alkalyn Product manufactured by SciFit. It is a pH buffered version of creatine monohydrate. It is a more stable version of the traditional version. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass. This product has been reported as discontinued.


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  November 10, 2010

Ah, Sci-Fit's Kre Alkalyn. I had some fun with this creatine.

Ok, so we have all had problems with plain ol Creatine Monohydrate. The bloating, the taste, the loading phases, the water retention, ect. I went down that road a couple years ago, and i can't say i miss it after trying out Kre Alkalyn. When i first came here last year, the word was just starting to stir up about this product. Sure enough, i went with the advice from my good friends here at TSR and gave this a whirl.

For those of you who don't know, Creatine Monohydrate is not stable, meaning it will break down very easily into creatinine (A chemical waste molecule) and put the kidneys to work, causing strain on them. This also decreases the effect on gains. The MVP of this product is the pH buffering system. Sci-Fit made this 100% stable so you can take it with anything and everything and absorb the full amount of creatine, without the strain on the kidneys, water weight, and loss of gains.

I have ran two full 3 month cycles of this now and the results were damn good. I first tried it on my cut last summer, to help maintain muscle mass and strength. It didn't fail here at all. I kept my LBM (lean body mass) and strength even went up slightly. Little to no bloat/water retention; from what i could monitor, it was about 2-3 pounds of water. But when I started bulking and hittin the weights really heavy again this fall, that is where Kre Alk really showed it's true colors. I was having a 10 lb increase on all my major lifts a week, after the first 2 weeks of the second cycle. So by a month and 2 weeks time, i was up 40 lbs on my Squat, deadlift, and bench. After that, the gains still came steady, just in smaller increments. I managed to get an extra 25 lbs on my bent over barbell row as well while taking this.

As far as dosing, i took 2 upon waking (30 minutes before breakfast) and 2 post workout with my shake. On off days- 2 upon waking (30 minutes before breakfast) and 2 before bed with my casein shake. However, when a morning workout was called for, i would split up the second dose by taking 1 pill post workout and 1 before bed. This just seemed to sit better with me for whatever reason. I just liked to have another dose later in the day as opposed to 2 close-spaced doses and then no more until the next morning.

The value was great. I paid roughly 50 dollars to run a 3 month cycle. Of course i got the BOGO deal at with the free Gluta-lyn which i recently wrote a review for. Another cool thing about this product is that it comes in several different sizes. 60, 120, 130 bonus, 240, 250 bonus, and the big 500 count. Dunno why anyone would run a creatine cycle for 15 days, but i suppose it's for someone taking other forms of creatine throughout the day and looking for a smaller dose. It also comes in a powder form which i may try out myself, soon. Sci-Fit claims it does not require cycling and they also claim it can be taken with food. I don't know how the rest of the world looks at this, but i know alot of people here and myself included feel that it is always safer to cycle 3 months on, 1 month off. Most of us don't take it with food either, just to 100% ensure proper absorption. I also highly recommend you drink at least a gallon of water a day when taking this or else you will cramp up. Water intake is very essential when taking any form of creatine.

I saw great strength gains and moderate size gains with Kre-Alkalyn. Not to mention, the recovery with this was superb. My upper back is definitely looking fuller and thicker and my quads have gone up significantly as well, since taking this creatine. This may not work for some, but it is obvious that it worked for me and has a very high success rate with others. I think it's a product everyone should try at least once. It's highly absorbable, well priced, and it works.

Give this a try if you haven't already!
  • Easy To Take
  • Comes In Powder And Pills
  • Large Variety Of Sizes
  • Gains Are Yours To Keep
  • Moderate Size Increase
  • Huge Strength Increase
  • Great Value
  • Ph Buffered
  • No Loading Phase
  • No Water Retention
  • Superb Recovery
    Rep: +1,638
    Trust: 100%
      July 21, 2009

    So I was turned on to this by a friend on this site, and I really wasnt sure what to expect. Ive tried creatine mono, CEE, and different blends, but I was attracted to this product because it wa very inexpensive and the guy who told me about it knows what hes talking about. That being said, hello new best friend. Ive been using Kre-Alkalyn 1500 for about three weeks now, and really loving the results. Im noticing significant increases in strength, especially during my exercises I do until failure like pull-ups, chin-ups,and push-ups. Im really pushing out a lot more reps, and it feels GREAT. My muscles feel fuller, denser, and stronger; after Pullups it actually gets hard to keep my arms against my lats. I love that feeling. Too wide for the front door, have to use the service entrance, know what Im talking about? And the price tag is so minor, VS has for like $19 bucks for 120 caps. They also make a 240 bottle, which I can tell you I wil be buying. So for all of you who havent tried this product, I HIGHLY recommend. Its cheap, and the dosing is so easy, 2 pills AM and then 2 pre or post workout. The science is amazing too, you take less product with this than creatine mono and its PH balanced so it doesnt convert to creatinine like other forms of creatine. Overall a kiler product.
    Rep: +4,041
    Trust: 100%

      June 13, 2011

    Hello guys I guess its due time to review this. I have taken this stuff off and on for about a year now so. Went through several bottles.
    I love this stuff!

    A few reasons as to why: Its pills, easy to take, no trying to find a water bottle to mix
    it up before heading to the gym and so. I can just pop em and go. Its really pretty cheap for the kind of results you get. Sure you can get some mono for little to nothing. BUt who wants that bloat? Which leads to my next reason I like this. No BLOAT, I gain almost no water weight at all on this. The vascularity is also really good on this. And I get a really great swell from it as well. When you order this from most of us will get the gluta-lyn with it
    as a package deal which is what I did, and again refers back to the great price on this. AND THE BIG ONE
    NO LOADING!!!!

    TASTE: 10
    well cant really say anything here; pills so no taste. but I will add that I get
    no strange burps or anything from it, or heartburn.

    I gave this a 9 because thats about as high as I will go. Lets face it, if it was a 10
    after a 3 month run on it, I would change the arnold classic to the SEAVER INTERNATIONAL.. lol
    As some of you may know from my log I have been trying to get leaner while trying to get stronger.
    And this stuff did just that. I have went from 280+ down to 230, and my bench has went from about 260 to 330 in about 4 months! So I know this stuff played a huge role in that.
    It takes about 2 weeks to really notice this stuff. You never get that swelled and bloated look,so in some ways its hard to see it working.

    Recovery: 9
    NOW I truly think this is where this stuff really shines! The recovery on this stuff is amazing!
    I can just keep pounding it out at the gym. If I can have a small rest each set Im good.
    As of right now Im taking my break from almost all supps and OMG I CAN TELL. Everything is sore! My
    eyebrows hurts. lol I never thought this stuff would make that big of a difference but wow.

    Ok just a few random things. The way I took this 2 pills in morning and 2 pre workout on trianing days.
    Non training days. 2 morning and 2 in the afternoon with a meal. I got to say I got some really great pumps with this product. If you are some of the few that have not tried this, I high advise you
    to give it a try for at least 3 months to see its full effects.

    Side notes;
    my stack
    sci- fit gluti-lyn 1500
    nitrox 2
    sci- fit BCAA 1000
    I also ran a one month run of powerful and Prime.
    • Easy To Take
    • Good Results
    • Good Stamina
    • Strength Increase
    • Affordable
    • No Bloating
    • Does Not Lose Strength When Cycle Off
    • Nothing
    Rep: +3,074
    Trust: 100%

      April 16, 2009

    I added this to my stack, with TZ3 Stack & NO supplement I was taking pre workout. I have to be careful with Creatine, as I'm susceptible to kidney problems, and so I took this to my doctor asking if this was OK. He did some research for me, and found that because this didn't break down as easily into creatinine, which is filtered by the kidneys I could take this without problems. I've been on it for 2 weeks and have been generally satisfied. With this & the TZ3 I have added nearly 20% to my weights in every exercise. I did have a negative effect after the 3rd day, it was strange, I felt tired & no energy, but it only lasted that day. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to CM, and to anyone with a history of Kidney problems that wants to avoid any issues.
    Rep: +149
    Trust: 100%
      July 24, 2011

    Let me start off by saying that i am truly safisfied with Sci Fits Kre-Alkalyn 1500. This creatine literally assisted me in breaking barriers and taking my gains to a level i would of NEVER fathomed.

    I have gone through 1 full bottle, and 3/4s of another.

    Stacked With:
    ON Hydro Whey
    ON Casein
    Sci Fit Glutalyn
    Fish Oil
    USP Labs Jacked
    SciVation Xtend

    Results: 9.5/10 I decided to throw this in during week 7 of my bulking phase because i had finally hit a plateau. I was going to do a lean bulk because i wanted to keep my precious abs. However, i was too happy with the gains that i was getting so i just said "hell with the abs" and decided to do an all out bulk!! The most noticable aspect of this creatine was the strenth gains. Here are my bench press stats as an example.

    December 2010. (plateau)
    Flat Barbell Bench Press: 150x8 4 sets
    Decline Barbell Bench Press: 155x8 4 sets
    Incline Barbell Bench Press: 135x10 4 sets

    Febrary 2010. ( End of Bulk)
    Flat Barbell Bench Press: 180x8 4 sets
    Decline Barbell Bench Press: 175x8 4 sets
    Incline Barbell Bench Press: 150x10 4 sets

    After my bulk i decided to cut. However, two months into my cut i cycled off. Didnt matter. I kept MOST of my strengh gains and didnt end up taking off much plates on all my weights. I did lose bulk after my cut, but kept most of my lean muscle. During my cut i used Peteys cutting diet and kept lifting heavy as if i was bulking. I was losing about a pound a week. The most noticable thing about this supp are the strength gains and energy. Your body composition and gains will obviously depend on your diet though.

    Profile: 10/10 I, like many people reading this review, was a scared and confused person not knowing anything about creatine and was very skeptical. However, after doing 6 months of research, i discovered that Kre-Alkalyn is the safest form of creatine on the planet.
    Other creatines such as monohydrate convert to the bi product "creatinine" which puts stress on your kidneys. Kre Alkalyn is 100 percent stable and ph buffered, meaning that it will all absorb into the bloodstream. So wouldnt it make sense to take the safest form of creatine? Not to mention effective? No Loading Phases, No Bloating, No Bull***. However, even though you dont have to cycle off, many on this site recommend that you do just to be on the safe side.

    Dosing: I dosed this the way Manimal (number two user on the site) did.

    Workout days: 2 in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, 2 post workout with my whey.

    Rest Days: 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 with my casein shake before bed.

    SIDE NOTE: The bottle says to take 2 pre-workout but i decided to take it post. Either way it should work. Most on this site took it post i beleive.

    Recommended For. Anybody and anybodys goals. Bulk, Cut, Recomp. However, on a Bulk this supplement will really show!!

    Negs: On days that i didnt drink enough water, i felt dehydrated and my mouth would get dry!! Just be sure to drink enough water.

    As soon as i got off, i did notice a loss of energy for my cardio sessions. It didnt help that i was also cycling off my precious Jacked. No problem. I just kept pushing myself hard and switched my playlist.

    Value: 8/10 I paid a full 30 bucks on this, but i didnt know better at the time. I beleive you could get this for about a whopping 10 bucks on I dont care that i paid full price because of the results that i got. Till this day, i have kept all my gains and felt obligated to write a review that was way overdue, because this creatine aided me in breaking barriers through my bulk, and keeping my lean muscle during my cut to get that truly Shredded look. I may very well be reaching on the shelves, or ordering online, for this creatine once again.

    Thanks to everyone on this site. I consider myself lucky for taking this creatine as my first one, and not having to go through the horrors of taking monohydrate, or any other form of creatine.
    • Easy To Take
    • Good Results
    • Good Stamina
    • Affordable
    • Great Price
    • No Water Retention
    • No Bloating
    • Does Not Lose Strength When Cycle Off
    • Need To Take A Lot Of Water
    Rep: +156
    Trust: 100%
      January 15, 2011

    First of all let me say that I have used Kre-Alkalyn for 2 years. My experience with this has been great. When I first began taking kre-alkalyn, around the 2nd week my muscles felt fuller(not bloated) and I was not as exhausted at the end on my workout. My endurance increased substantially around week 3. As for strength, for the first 3-4 weeks when I am on kre-alkalyn, I can increase the weight 10lbs each week on most compound lifts and about week 5, I can go up 5lbs each week for about another 4 weeks on the same lifts. I typically do a 9 week cycle and then 1 month off when taking kre-alkalyn. When I cycled off I kept all my gains.

    As far as any water retention goes, I haven't noticed any, nothing but lean muscle. I also do not experience the creatine "bloat" like I did when I used creatine mono a few years ago. I drank about 1 gallon of water a day.

    The dosing that I did for kre-alkalyn was 4 on workout days and 2-3 on rest days. On workout days, I did 2 caps right when I woke up, then 2 caps post-workout. Rest days I did 1 cap right when I woke and 1-2 caps around mid-afternoon.

    I really like that Kre-Alkalyn is in capsule form because I hated stirring a big cup of chalky creatine monohydrate. The caps are small and easy to take.

    Overall, my experience with Kre-Alkalyn was great. After have been using it for about 2 years, it still gets the job done. I know there are some people that still prefer creatine mono over this because mono has more studies/research to back it up, but what some people don't realize is that kre-alkalyn is creatine monohydrate with a higher ph level. The higher ph makes the creatine less prone to breakdown when it comes in contact with acids in the stomach. That means less to none is converted to creatinine. I beleive any serious powerlifter/bodybuilder/athlete should give Kre-Alkalyn a try if they are serious about wanting increased endurance, strength, lean muscles, muscle hardness, no bloat, no water retention and a overall good experience on a reliable supplement.

    Thats all hope this review has helped someone.
    • Easy To Take
    • Good Results
    • Strength Increase
    • Great Price
    • No Water Retention
    • No Bloating
    • Quick Results
    • Retain Muscle
    • Increased Endurance
      Rep: +9
      Trust: 0%
        July 8, 2011

      Alright everybody this is my 1st review and I will be completely honest to give people a really helpful info.

      First my experience with supplements started almost two years ago when I was in Highschool. I've taken the usually Pre-Workout products and creatine products. Most of those would be fairly effective and deliver some of what they claimed.

      Then while checking for new supplements last month I crossed a very cheap creatine Kre-Alkalyn 1500. The price kind of shocked me. Because as some would believe and myself included," The higher the PRICE the higher the POWER of the supplement."
      From my experience it is not true. So I purchased it and was really skeptical about seeing and feeling any results.

      Before I give my review I'll give my lifting and bio stats before taking Kre-Alkalyn.
      My height is 5-10" My weight was 185lbs Didnt check bodyfat no illness or injuries. 2+ years of weight training.

      Supplements was of course Kre-Alkalyn 1500, Yok3d and Extreme NOS Pumped. But the Yok3d and Extreme NOS Pumped was taken for a good 2months prior before stacking the Kre-Alkalyn 1500. 100% Whey Protein From Optimum Nutrition.

      Goal/Plan- To get my legs,back, shoulders and arms stronger to compliment my chest.

      Dosing- 1 to 2 capsules twice daily once in the morning and once before 30 min before working. I did not follow the suggested dosing from above. Instead I opened the capsules and would pour it either in my Extreme NOS Pumped or in my water bottle( I know I'm not the first to open capsules and ingest the contents). Also 2 capsules in the morning with or without food, 2 capsules 10 minutes before excercise and 1 capsule about half an hour after excercise. Total 5 capsules workout and rest days. I would also break open 4 Yok3d capsules and add that to my drink.

      Effectiveness-9 out of 10
      The first week was like any other week rested and ready to lift. So I noticed my lifts were more easy and less fatigued. But no actual increase in amount of weight or strength. So I was kinda let down but then still decided to finish my bottle.
      So then starting the second week, my lifts started to increase by 5-10 lbs. For example Preacher curls was at 80lbsx8 reps from 70lbsx8 reps. Sparking a new interest in seeing what results could happen next. Again my enduarance was above normal and soreness was lessened. My physique was still lean and no bloating, noticed weight would fluctuate between 185-190lbs.

      By the third week I had been feeling the weight moving easier and using heavier weights. The pumps I would get was the best I've had, no denying the Yok3d and Extreme NOS Pumped attributed to that also. I was lifting and saying the weight I normally do isnt heavy anymore so that caused me to going up by this time 10-20lbs varied between Back,Legs,Shoulders,Arms. By this time the usual gym crowd people came up to me strangers and friends saying," What supplements are you taking"... and complimenting on the results I've been feeling and seeing.
      But when I told them I just started Kre-Alkalyn 1500 they asked, " Cmon what are you really TAKING?" No JOKE.
      I hope everyone knows what I'm trying to say is that the weights were easier to lift even when I went heavier.

      Okay by the forth and fifth week ( I ran out of my 1st bottle because the 5 capsules a day with a 120ct bottle so I bought another so thats why this cycle lasted longer )
      I was pushing and pulling weights I never did before. My physique changed and muscles became more defined and bigger abs did not go away. I came to the conclusion that adding Kre-Alkalyn 1500 worked and delivered results compared to about a dozen other products I've tried over the last two years since starting to lift. I even persuaded my friend to try it and after a bottle to he could do 225 bench press 15 times, he couldnt even do 225 10 times when he was taking Prime & PinkMagic.

      Best Lift Results went as follows
      Bench Press Flat-Barbell 405lbsx 1rep- 40lbs increase
      Bench Press Flat-Dumbbell 150lbsx 7reps- 25lb increase
      Shoulder Press Dumbbell 105lbsx 6reps- 15lb increase
      Squat barbell 405lbsx 1- rep 55lb increase
      Deadlift Barbell-Sumo Grip 425lbsx 1 rep-50lb increase
      Preacher Close-Grip Curl 105lbsx 8reps 20lb increase

      Final day weight was 196lbs and its been about a week and a half since I've stopped taking Kre-Alkalyn 1500. My strength wasnt affected much dropping a good 5-10 pounds of weight. My current weight is 190lbs.
      So the 9 out of 10 is solely based on the fact It didnt give me enough results compared to Test Boosters but what can you expect from just creatine.

      Value 10 out of 10 because for me to get an average 20lbs increase in strength off a supplement that was on sale for $14.99, is pretty amazing compared to my friends buying some supps for $50 or even $60 and getting little or nothing at all.

      Overall 9 out of 10 as mentioned before not a magic pill that will get you throwing around weights like pillows but for people looking for something new to try and for the price thats really cheap you cant go wrong just trying 1 to 2 bottles.

      Lastly I apologize for the length of my review but i wanted to really put into context what Kre-Alkalyn did. Hope everyone suCEEds in their lifting goals with or without this.
      • Easy To Take
      • Does Not Lose Strength When Cycle Off
      • No Bloating
      • No Water Retention
      • Great Price
      • Affordable
      • Strength Increase
      • Good Stamina
      • Good Results
      • Needs To Be Taken With A Lot Of Water
      Rep: +156
      Trust: 100%
        August 25, 2010

      Well this is the first creatine product that I have taken since high school. Back in the day, 2001 to be exact, I tried creatine for the first time and did not like the water retention that was associated with the product. After reading the reviews for Kre Alkalyn I decided to give it a shot.

      Effectiveness: INCREDIBLE. I have seen my strength agains literally explode through the ceiling. Before taking this product I was only able to bench 275- 5 times now after finishing the product im at 315-5 times. Thats not all, my squat and deadlift have increased. Even with finishing the product two weeks ago my gains are still there. There is no bloating with this, which i love, what you see is what you get. In addition I feel that I have more stamina in the gym, i can work out longer and not feel as tired as before. I took this product as recommended 2 pills once in the morning and 2 pills after my workout. This pills are small compared to other ones i have taken.

      Value: Awesome- you get Kre Alkalyn and Glutalyn for free for 15.99. you cant beat that. Ive already order my next bottle along with glutalyn and BCAAlyn for 35.99.

      Overall: This creatine is absolutely amazing. Due to it being PH buffered there is no need for a loading phase, just take the 4 pills a day and reep the benefits. Just like any creatine it does need to be cycled. Ill be doing 2 months on and then take a month off. Well i hope this helps guys. This is an incredible product that everyone must try atleast once.
      • Easy To Take
      • Good Results
      • Good Stamina
      • Strength Increase
      • Affordable
      • Very Please
      • No Water Retention
      • No Bloating
        Rep: +897
        Trust: 100%

          February 15, 2010

        I've read plenty of articles on the benefits of creatine. When I first tried it, I used AMP Creatine 189 (review coming). First of all, side effects were awful, and had so much water retention without any strength gains. Because of that, I got a bad first impression of creatine. Few months later I tried Cell Mass by BSN (review coming). I noticed more positive results with this. The most influential factor that forced me to try Kre Alkalyn 1500 was I heard so many others claim they had no water retention and actually helped them get more cut, while adding strength. The water retention was a big thing for me. I got it for an extremely good price. 2 bottles for less than the cell mass. It is simple to take and I noticed the extra endurance right away. I had been stuck using the same weight and trying as hard as I could to go 5lb up to get stronger, but just wasn't there. After 2 weeks using this, I was able to get 2 more reps out of the weights, and in the following week I dropped those extra reps and was able to go up that 5lbs, and have gotten stronger since. I've had no noticeable water retention and I still feel like I'm cut. Only side effect I noticed was one day when I took a total of 4 pills a day I hadn't drank enough water, shame on me. It gave me really bad stomach discomfort for a few days. After that I switched to just 2 a day & have kept my water up, and no problems. Definitely recommend!
        • Easy To Take
        • Good Results
        • Good Stamina
        • Strength Increase
        • Affordable
        • Great Price
        • No Water Retention
        • No Bloating
        • Bad Stomach Pains Without Enough Water
        Rep: +3,506
        Trust: 100%

          February 7, 2010

        Just finished a 120ct bottle of this product. I took 2 caps in the morning on an empty stomach each day and 1-2 caps post-workout. Saw great improvement in failure rep exercises such as pullups, pushups and shoulder pike presses. In addition, I saw nice gains in all remaining resistance workouts.
        An example is my pullup max reps went up 2 reps for each move (wide, standard, switch grip, close grip, corn cob, etc.)
        Highly recommend the product since it is relatively inexpensive and easy to take.
        • Good Results
        • Strength Increase
        • Great Price

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