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SciFit EcdySterone 300

EcdySterone 300 SciFit User Rating: (4 Reviews)

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    EcdySterone 300 Reviews:
    • Helps To Keep You Lean And Boosts Endurance. (2)
    • Increased Energy (2)
    • Builds Muscle (2)
    • Good Value (2)
    • Not Effective (1)
    • Too Expensive (1)
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    January 22, 2011
    Overall: 0 | Effectiveness: 0 | Value: 2


    Reviews: 12

    Age: 30

    January 22, 2011
     This product did absolutely nothing for me. I was sucked in by the fact that it was included in some other supplements that were effective for me and by claims of several reviews I read on the website I purchased it from. It did not work at all and after wasting a good chunk of change on it I found a number of online articles that explained how it had zero real science behind it. I think your money is better spent elsewhere.
      • Not Effective
      • Too Expensive
      December 25, 2009
      Overall: 6 | Effectiveness: 6 | Value: 8


      Reviews: 17

      Age: 32

      December 25, 2009
       Have used this for 3 weeks now, starting at 600mg a day up to 1800mgs a day. Took about 3-4 days to notice anything. I also take it with 20-50grms of protein. Noticed more strength when taken 1hr before training and stopped my creatine before hand to test it by itself. Do'nt burn out receptor sites with it. I'll skip a day or two and take none. After the rest period, it seemed to lower my tolerence for it and worked very well again with a smaller dose. Helps save money also. I've read that it dose'nt work for everyone.
      • Helps To Keep You Lean And Boosts Endurance.
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
        October 25, 2009
        Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 9


        Reviews: 2

        Age: 28

        October 25, 2009
         I used this years ago when people were still bashing ecdysterone in general.
        At first I took one in the morning with breakfast And then one at night with my last meal of the day. Around week 4 I upped the does to four a day on the same schedule and leaned out quite a vit faster.
        My strength gradually increased over the span of the three months I took this. I also slept better and deeper. My muscles got hardened around week three and I actually started seeing my six pack when I got to week 6.
        This works but it is marketed too profusely. Ecdysterone is an adaptogen. Which means that it helps the body to slip into a more efficient state over a period of time. Efficiency for the human body is lean and fit. So if one wants to add mass it is possible but it will take longer than will PH's or DS's. And you will have to make sure you lift heavy, eat a lot and eat plenty of protein with this item.
        Great stuff.
        • Helps To Keep You Lean And Boosts Endurance.
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Value
          July 2, 2009
          Overall: 1 | Effectiveness: 1 | Value: 1


          Reviews: 4

          Age: 21

          July 2, 2009
           This product does not do anything. I gave this product a chance, I didn't notice anything after the first bottle so I thought it may just take some time to take effect so I purchased a second bottle, and still nothing. Sure my strength increased but, it did so at the same rate as it was when I was training without ECDY. I do not recommend this product, spend your money on something that actually has been scientifically proven to do what it claims to do such as creatine or whey protein.

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