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Age: 24
Joined: 1/2014
Reviews: 3
Reputation: +4
January 28, 2014
Overall: 6 | Service: 6 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 7
let me start off by saying This company is a double edged sword. they have more than plenty to choose from and a wide selection of companies and products (which I cross reference with this site and prices.)

the first thing I want to say is the prices on the website aren't the most expensive on the web but definitely aren't the cheapest. I have had a couple orders from supplementwarehouse and noticed a lot of the products that I had received had been either far expired or will expire within the time that I am using it. this was not the biggest shock because the company does warn you sometimes on closeouts that the product is expired, but very rarely does the product come before the ex date. I also want to mention, the shipping seems outrageous if you don't happen to order the product with *free shipping on entire order* (which is bs). I usually am quite the penny pincher and I always price shop and compare, and this website would be run of the mill to say the best.

The other problem I noticed, that a lot of other folks said as well, is they are good at dragging your order out. I live in CO and the site is based from up north, WI maybe, but they don't seem to get the order in the air in a timely fashion.

the selection seems great! you can get all different sizes and flavors you don't normally see on the shelf of the local sup shop but keep in mind, you may see it and think its new but very well could be a discontinued flavor and very expired!

overall, id say double and triple check other websites before you order from supplementwarehouse and be prepared to wait if you do!
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Age: 45
Joined: 10/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -10
November 4, 2013
Overall: 1 | Service: 0 | Selection: 5 | Prices: 8
Forget the price matching. They always find a way around it. Absolutely worst shipping of any company ive ever dealt with. Sometimes receive merchandise in one day most of the time 7 days later.
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Age: 49
Joined: 10/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: +6
October 23, 2013
Overall: 4 | Service: 5 | Selection: 5 | Prices: 7
Beware their price match guarantee. They conveniently ignore it when it benefits them and then provide less than acceptable reasoning such as "your order. Was placed on the weekend". Slowest order processing I've ever dealt with in the industry. Website is clunky to navigate. Really not worth the savings unless you know exactly what you want and don't mind paying extra for shipping. You have other choices and it's very easy to find a better retailer.
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Age: 42
Joined: 7/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -2
July 28, 2013
Overall: 0 | Service: 0 | Selection: 0 | Prices: 0
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Age: 67
Joined: 4/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -1
April 8, 2013
Overall: 1 | Service: 1 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 6
Don't expect the delivery times they advertise. They are now hooked up, if you can believe this, with the US Postal Service. They ship UPS to your local Post Office who then has the responsibility of delivering your package adding a minimum of 2 (and maybe 22) days delivery time. Here is a great example where the 'bottom line' is more important than customer service.
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Age: 25
Joined: 3/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: +4
March 24, 2013
Overall: 4 | Service: 7 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 7
Ok so I ordered 4 weight gainers, 8lbs a pop. I placed my order on sunday so it can be sent out first thing Monday, like everywhere else I've ordered from. FedEx didn't even receive info to ship my stuff until Tuesday evening so I had to wait over the weekend because these people are lazy. That ***ed me off. The stuff I got tastes terribe, but that's not their fault. So now about 2 weeks later I am receiving 20+ emails a day of bull*** spam. They are the only new place I've given my email to so there is no denying how my email address got out. Wouldn't trust any into with this company and am now watching my account very closely because of them.
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Age: 31
Joined: 3/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: 0
March 7, 2013
Overall: 0 | Service: 0 | Selection: 5 | Prices: 5
I recently purchased protein from Supplement Warehouse. I entered a URL that the website accepted. Not reading the fine print in the policy I didn't realize they don't compete with Sears. I agreed to pay $85.17 and my credit card was charged $111.00. I was not informed that I would be charged this amount and when I asked about it they simply told me to read their policy. I would not have agreed to pay the larger amount and if I hadn't checked my credit card statement I would have never known.

They are a very dishonest company and should be charged with credit card fraud.
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Age: 24
Joined: 9/2010
Reviews: 4
Reputation: +37
February 20, 2013
Overall: 2 | Service: 1 | Selection: 6 | Prices: 8
I recently ordered a few (4) bottles of condense from SW since they had a pretty sweet deal going on( buy 2 condense get the new d-pol free), along with other stuff.

My experience with them and their customer service has been nothing but a pain in the ass; I will never purchase anything there again. My order took 3 days to get shipped to me and I'm currently in the same state. I know, not that big of an issue, I agree, but I did pay 25 dollars in shipping. I have never spent that much in shipping for orders twice this big.
I just went to my favorite site to price out the bottles individually without any sale. If the products weren't on sale, sent from a location close to a thousand miles away, AND the 21.60 in optional next day air, I would still have saved money. The ONLY -I really emphasize ONLY- reason I was enticed to order from SW was the free d-pol.

When I finally received the package, I only had half of the order. No notations about anything being back-ordered, out of stock, issue with packaging -or any other excuse and I was charged in full. I can't get in touch with anyone from their business center; i have tried for hours...

NEVER going there again... BTW, for the amount that I ordered, compared to my favorite site, the shipping would have only costed me 4.99 standard rate, which of course, any promo that is offered takes care of that. SW prides themselves on having the lowest prices and justify's the high shipping charges as their way of not masking it through higher product prices. Guess what, there are companies that have equal to, less than, or even more than by a few dollars, but it will still be cheaper/faster than Supplement Warehouse.
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Age: 49
Joined: 1/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: +1
January 31, 2013
Overall: 2 | Service: 1 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 9
Good price for the Tea Tree oil, however, it took them 4 business days to even ship the product and then they used the slowest method of shipping. Got the product 11 days later. Even after 2 customer service inquires (prior to shipping) they still sent the product by pony express. Would not order from them again, rather pay a bit more and have the product in 3 or 4 days.
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Age: 46
Joined: 1/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: +2
January 14, 2013
Overall: 3 | Service: 5 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 8
After 3 years of not going to the gym I decided to get back into it, so i decided to go back to SW. After reading a lot about all the negative talk about SW I decided to give it a try. After placing the order on 1/9/13, i received an e mail about not honoring a price ( i must add the e mail was so vague and did not specify the item or the reason) After i wrote to the help desk they responded that they do not honor price match Amazon.com because" they are not a health food store or supplement facility" I personally think is a lot of BS, I decided to cancel the whole order, then I found the items on other sites. Although I ended up paying $2.45 more for the items, (I will get them in 2 to 3 business days). To me is all worth it.
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