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Rep: +19
Trust: 12%
  June 6, 2011

I just received my shipment from supplement warehouse and I have to say that everything went great. I am beyond pleased with this website, for many reasons. One being the price, they have by far the best prices that I have seen on supplements, believe me I have spent countless hours trying to find the "best" buy on the internet and stores, but supplement warehouse has them all beat. The other major plus for this website is the match price that they offer, if you find a product that they have for cheaper somewhere else, all you have to do is enter the price and the website and they will undercut them by at least a couple of dollars. That's a win win in my book. Here is a list of products that I purchased as well as their respective prices:

Dymatize Tonalin CLA 90 count- $12.94

Scivation Xtend 420 grams- $16.49

Gaspari Myofusion 5lbs- $29.99 (yes that is not a misprint)

Allmax Nutrition Taurine 400 grams- $8.99

Primaforce Yohimbine HCI 90 count- $7.55

Scivation Sesamin 180 count- $17.65

All of this with shipping for $107.98

I have yet to find such a great deal on all of these products.


I have read some of the reviews discussing the overcharge of credit cards and customer service not being up to I guess the standard of service that we all expect when spending our hard earned cash on supplements, but I have nothing but good things to say about them. In fact I sent in my order and the next day was messing around on their site and realized that I never added in any free items, so I sent them an email asking if there was anyway that they could add some free items to my order, within an hour I received an email from one of their agents letting me know that she contacted the shipping department and notified them to include some "extra" items. What I received was a free shaker bottle (always clutch) and a pill organizer. Don't get me wrong I am aware that these items cost virtually nothing for them to make and it is free advertisement, but it says a lot that they would even respond to me after I made the purchase.


This is the only area that I would say is worthy of a 9, only because the site itself is kinda convoluted and not easy to navigate through, but it is what it is, I will deal with that as long as they keep their prices where they are.


I have to say that I don't plan on ordering from any other sites, or purchasing products from any other stores in the near future as long as they continue offering products at a true discounted price. They only way that i will purchase from another site or store is if they don't have the product that I am looking for. Supplement Warehouse is my new go to site.
Rep: +290
Trust: 100%
  July 19, 2011

I recently received my shipment from here at my APO. I usually order from, but my Animal Stak was on backorder, so I tried out

The selection is similiar to (no prohormones) but a little more limited. The site is not the easiest to navigate, but if you know what you want then you can find it through the search function. General categories on the website are very very broad, and you will end up searching through a giant page to find what you are looking for if you don't use the search. Even the front page of the site goes on and on. It could definitely use an upgrade as far as ease-of-use goes.

The pricing was within $5 of other similar sites ($38.99 for Assault, has $34.99)
($35.95 for Animal Stak, has for $33.89)
But usually on the more expensive side.

I placed my order on the 11th and it arrived here on the 19th. That's not bad at all for an APO, I usually average 8-10 days for, so it falls right in there with standard shipping.

As I mentioned already, the website isn't awesome. The customer service is kind of lacking as well. After I placed my order I didn't receive any kind of notification that the order had gone through. I had to log back in and figure out how to look at my order history to even confirm that my order had been placed. I started to wonder after a few days if my order had been shipped, and I had to log back in to see that the status had changed to "shipped" but there was no date to show me exactly when it had been shipped. I would have appreciated a better tracking mechanism and an email notification system (in their defense I don't remember if there was an opt-out feature for emails, but I don't remember checking that I didn't want email notification).

All in all, not a bad place to buy from, but nothing outstanding. Fast shipping, ok prices, decent limited selection, clunky website.
Rep: +12
Trust: 0%
  May 22, 2012

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Their price match is a scam. Their website says they have the lowest shipped price, but when confronted with a lower shipped cost, they refuse to match it.

They did send out a message saying that they wouldn't honor the price match, but gave a list of 10+ reasons why that could be. After several exchanges with customer support, I was told they wouldn't match a price from the other company because their shipping was higher.

Then, I find out that they shipped the product at their higher price, without my authorization. I finally called customer support and was given a total shipped price that was ~$0.30 higher than I could have purchased from elsewhere, and they refunded the remainder. I will NEVER order from these scammers again!
Rep: +10
Trust: 0%
  October 5, 2012

Placed an order with Supplement Warehouse and noticed that actually receiving my order was very long. But with good prices I put up with it. Not long after had unauthorized charges on my credit card out of Florida. Was not sure where it was tapped and after cancelling the card and recouping the money I was issued a new one. Soon after the same thing happened with the new one. THE CATCH IS that I used that card only once and guess where? Supplement Warehouse! I called and talked to them about it and after assuring me that they have state of the art security, they said someone would be in touch. Yes you guessed it, never heard from them at all. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!
Rep: +9
Trust: 0%
  May 14, 2012

I first stumbled on to this site through chance, because I wouldn't call it luck. They had a great selection and the prices were unbelievable. Little did I know that shipping was insane crazy. I haven't munched numbers on them in comparrison with other sites, but sw my first order sent the wrong items. I stopped using them for almost 2 years, then I decided they got their act together and ordered successfully for about a year. My last and Never again order was just a few weeks ago. I sent the order in from online on friday. It wasn't processed until wed. and didn't arrive to the following monday, near two weeks. Luckily it was the right order and I got my free shaker cup. The shipping is what I don't understand, usually at 29 or so on shipping that sucker should be there within the hr. or next day. Ha no no no 2 weeks. I called and called had a few four letter words for them and told them I'd be writing a review on their horrible service and ridiculous shipping cost. Never again will I buy from these criminals, plus their products are always a couple of weeks from the out of date stamp.
Rep: +9
Trust: 0%
  August 27, 2015

I have been a lifter and supplement purchaser since 2008. I have used numerous online retailers over the years. For this particular retailer, SupplementWarehouse (SW) - I have used about a half dozen of times. It was better in the past than it has been now. I noticed the prices are super cheap, but the shipping is super expensive. For example, I order three small items this past trip and it was $19 for S&H - absurd right?

Not sure how I found the retailer; either a Google search or maybe a close friend told me about them back in the day.

I discovered SR through Google. I wanted to share my recent experience of SW with everyone.

Selection was fine; was able to order what I needed.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
Layout was fine; was able to order without issue.

Prices are fair, competitive with other suppliers. However, they get you on the shipping costs. They overcharge for S&H to make up for the cheap products.

Absolutely horrible. It is over priced and takes forever to get your supplements. Here are my last two orders through them:
-Ordered February 20 - purchased 2 small products - was charged $15. I waited nearly 10 days until I contacted them on March 1 about not receiving my products yet. They informed me that they would ship right away and I would have my tracking number in 1-2 days. I did not receive tracking number until March 3 and my products didn't come until March 6. That is 2+ weeks to get my order.
-Ordered August 17 - purchased 3 items - was charged $19 for S&H. I waited until this past Monday 8/24 to contact them about my order. They preach 24-48 hour shipping. But again, they tell me that my products were not shipped yet and they would be shipped "mid-week." Well the exact middle of the week is Wednesday and guess what - no tracking #. Emailed them again this morning to ask what they consider mid-week and when my products would be shipped and have not received an an back. So again, poor customer service for shipping products and not very helpful about information regarding my shipment.

Basically, if you order from them, forget the bullshit you see on the website about 1-2 day shipping. It is a flat-out lie. Expect it to take about 2 weeks to get your stuff if not more. It's like they are not even a warehouse at all - I feel as if they order your supps from somewhere else then need to wait for them to arrive and then send it out. If this place was an actual warehouse, there is no way in hell it takes them 10+ days to package up your products and ship them out. Horrible, horrible, horrible shipping service.

Mediocre. Email reps are very brief and not helpful.

Don't use them or at least expect to wait 2-3 weeks at a minimum until your products arrive and at the same time be overcharged for shipping costs. Better places out there for similar pricing.
Rep: +17
Trust: 25%
  May 1, 2011

I thought it would be important for the greater good, to add my review of SW since I ordered from them this past week, for the very first time. Now I did read everyone's post about their experience with SW (good, bad & ugly); so I could at least make an informed decision. Afterwards, I decided to go for it & pull the trigger. I ordered seven different items: Now Food ZMA, ON 100% Casein Protein, Animal Cuts, Pak & Omega, Kre-Alkalyn 1500, & ON Platinum Hydro Whey. SW honored competitors' prices on two items I found cheaper elsewhere & adjusted the price. The Hydro Whey was even on sale for $39.99 for the big 3.5 lb one. They even combo'd it with a free 20oz Speed Stack Pumped NO drink! With shipping added (based on weight $16.56) through UPS Ground, my total was $165. Including a $2 discount code I googled. Code is (APR22XS) I placed the order last Saturday afternoon (4/23/11) & received everything I order, delivered to my office this past Thursday (4/28/11). The timing was perfect because I just ran out of my supplements & it was a gym day for me. Everything came in one box & was packaged very well. My only critique (and it's a small one) some of the containers had dents on them. But more than likely that was caused by UPS "man-handling" the box. I'm sure they drop-kicked it into their trucks a couple of times!;) Based on the posts I've read, I checked the expiration dates on every single item I ordered, & they were all before their expiration dates. So that was a relief. The best thing I liked about SW is its one-stop-shopping. They had everything I personally needed. And their prices are pretty reasonable. I would have paid a little more elsewhere online & way too much at certain health food stores. And SW had some nice deals on certain items. Bottomline - I would buy from them again.

I did monitor my credit card activity online for several days after placing the order; based on the posts I read. And I'm happy to report of no suspicious activities. I do sympathize with the other forum members who had to go thru "credit card hell" during the March hacking incident. But most major credit card companies are good about helping customers who fell victim to ID theft or credit card fraud. It could be argued from a p.r. standpoint that SW could have handled the situation a lot better than they did. Based on the reviews & posts on the forum, SW sounded like a great site before everything went to pot in March. I believe that should be taken in consideration. By no means am I in any way downplaying the negative experiences that some have had with SW. Their issues are legitimate & they should fully exercise their right as consumers of the "power of the wallet or purse" to get it corrected or refunded, or simply take their business elsewhere if they aren't 100% satisfied. And share their experiences (good or bad) on cool sites like this one for the benefit for everyone. Information is power.

Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  May 8, 2012

TERRRRRRIBLE! They sent me an email stating that one of the companies they price matched was not a "valid competitor". They said the company increases the shipping charge so they can have low prices and that's why they wouldn't honor the competitor's price. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A COMPANY TO INCREASE SHIPPING CHARGES TO HAVE LOWER PRODUCT COSTS WHEN THAT COMPANY HAS FREE SHIPPING?! advertises that they will at least match an competitor's price minus 5%, but they really won't. That's just the tool they use to draw business in. Then they will make up excuse after excuse as to why they won't price match. Go to a reliable supplier, NOT THIS ONE.
Rep: +31
Trust: 17%
  December 30, 2014

I was recently looking to buy some supplements for me and my boyfriend, mostly for him. I had originally tried a different website and was not happy with their customer service AT ALL. I was lied to and misinformed every step of the way, and asked for a refund and went online to find another place to order my BF his supplements. I finally had stumbled onto this website and I am very impressed.
This website has a great selection of supplements and products. I really could find just about anything on this site.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
The layout was a little chaotic but its not bad! It pretty much had everything right there at your convenience

Prices were better than I thought! It was actually cheaper than the first site I had tried.

This topic is what I was most impressed with! The last site I ordered from was slow and misleading and said whatever they could to try and save face. They weren't very go to about telling you if your package had shipped but this site I just got my email today and I ordered either yesterday or over the weekend. I didn't have to go to them for a tracking number, they directly emailed it to me, and said if I had any questions to contact them. In the email I received it said, and I quote, "PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 48 HOURS FOR ACTIVITY ON YOUR TRACKING NUMBER. If you are unable to track a shipment with a number recently emailed, that does not mean that it is invalid. It means that the package has not hit its first destination scan. There is usually activity on most tracking numbers with in 24 hours." This was really nice to see considering everything the other store had tried to pass off to me.

Great! They really seem like they have their customers concerns and interests in mind.

Definitely the only site I will be ordering off of. They have really taken care of me when all hope was lost! They were quick, and have great customer service. Their selections and prices seriously can't be beat.
Rep: +7
Trust: 0%
  July 20, 2010

I used to work for Supplement Warehouse and I saw firsthand the good, bad and ugly of this company. I don’t want to trash talk the company because overall the employees who work there are doing their jobs correctly and are trying to make this a good legitimate company. It is the owner who screws everything up and has tarnished the company’s name. Below I listed what I rated each category and why.

Selection: I gave this a ten because they have anything and everything you can think of for supplements. They have most brands out there, huge selection of ephedra and ephedrine, big selection of pro hormones, and the biggest money maker is the outdated selection.

Service: This is Supplement Warehouse’s downfall and that is why they get a 0. Like I said earlier the owner is a nut. I have no idea how he made this company as big as it is now. He refuses to spend money to improve the company and refuses to pay the employees what they truly deserve, especially the managers. He also refuses to stock enough supplements in the warehouse; hence why a lot of orders are on backorder and the prolonged shipping. It has nothing to do with the warehouse employee that is the purchaser and the owner. Now to the purchaser who is probably one of the biggest ***es out there. She has never taken a supplement in her life and has no clue what she is doing. Because of her lack of knowledge and laziness this is another reason why a lot of backorders happen. Now onto the IT issues that most of the reviews are talking about. I can tell you why Supplement Warehouse because they do not have an IT specialist working for them and therefore a lack of IT security. This has been a problem for some time and once again this falls back to the owner because he refuses to spend the money to upgrade the site and IT security. Last but not least the customer service representatives. Once again like the purchaser they are all overweight women who don’t have a clue about supplements and really their jobs. Most of this is once again the owner because he refuses to let them know what’s going and refuses to upgrade his system. Now I’m sure some of you are asking why does this matter I just want my cheap supplements and I don’t need to know all this extra stuff, but I think when buying a product especially over the internet I want to know that I can trust the company 100% top to bottom. I also want to know that if I call with a question about a supplement someone will have the knowledge to answer my questions without having to be put on hold for 10-20 minutes while they go find one of the warehouse guys who actually use supplements.

Price: If you’ve ever been to the sight you know that you can’t beat the price, even with shipping. I suppose if you only buy one product then it might not even out, but whenever you are getting ready for a cycle or just bulking up the supplement cabinet the price will almost always be better than most other sites. Supplement Warehouse also has tons of outdated or soon to be outdated products at great discount prices.

Overall: I averaged out the three categories and it was 6.6, so I gave it a six. Like I said earlier I didn’t want to come on here and just bad mouth Supplement Warehouse because they have been in business for quite a while and is realistically within the top ten for internet sales for supplement companies. They do tons of business without problem, but they have enough problem sales that it should raise an eyebrow. I know how buying supplements goes and we all want them yesterday so we can tear up the gym and throw some serious iron around. My objective was just to give a good honest overview of the company and try to keep my fellow brothers of the iron from possibly making a mistake. Unless you live in the Milwaukee area and can stop to either one of the stores I would not order online from this company.

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