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April 12, 2012
Overall: 8 | Service: 9 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 9
PureBulk is a bulk powder site. They have a large selection of powders that are in our favorite supplements. There prices can't be beat. I recently bought 100g of Acetyl Carnitine for 12 bucks. You are not going to find that much for that price anywhere else. I also bought 50g of ALA for 12 bucks.There shipping is great. I ordered on a sunday and got it 3 days later. But i would like to give a BIG WARNING!!! These powders are completely unflavored and unscented. The Carnitine smelled like vinegar, but it didn't effect the taste of me PWO too much. The ALA smelled like sulfur and made me PWO taste like Sulfur . It left a burning feeling in my mouth. after drinking my PWO with ALA in it, my urine smelled exactly like the ALA. My suggestion, buy some empty caps (i believe purebulk sells them too) and make your own capsules with you powders. Overall, i would give PureBulk a chance.
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