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Rep: +1,523
Trust: 100%
  June 13, 2012

So I have placed a few orders with these guys and I really like them. Before I came to this site I was a junkie and didn't realize their were cheaper and better alternatives out their. I have placed two orders with these guys and am going to continue to place more. I find these guys are pretty inexpensive, and also run some crazy good deals.

Price: 9/10- I, from what I have researched, feel like these guys and lockout are probably the two cheapest places to purchase supplements. I've seen a number of extremely popular products for sometimes $10-12 cheaper than other sites. A good example is one of my personal favorites, Universal Torrent. I've seen it go for as high as $62, here I always find it for 49.99. Other things include Oxyelite Pro for 29.99, Size on for 33.99 and the list goes on. I really feel like they are extremely affordable. Some things to note as well is they usually run really good sales. I know some of you recently have taken part in these sales. One for me was a 80 Serving Container of Green Mag for 23.99. Which is the exact same price as the 40 serving container. My only issue is with the sales is they don't really tell you. It's just one of those deals that you kind of find it while your shopping. Another great feature that I love about allstar is a flat rate shipping. No matter how big the order is if you choose standard shipping its always going to be 5.95. Which is really nice, although I would prefer to have free shipping over a certain amount but I can't complain.

Service: 9/10- I've had great service with these guys. I've called them and placed an order, as well as ordering online. Both times were extremely easy and pain free. I also tend to get my packages within 2 days, which is fine with me. They have multiple warehouses I believe which tends to make their shipping go a lot smoother. Another added thing about their service is they send you a reminder to pick up products you ordered on your last order. For example towards the end of the month I'll get an email asking me if I want to purchase my multi again, ect ect. Which is extremely helpful because I tend to forget. I have been impressed with these guys service so far.

Selection:9/10- I actually feel like these guys have a pretty good selection. Somethings I can't find like Erase Pro for example, I had to go through lockout. But that's not an issue because I shop their too. So things like PH's or PH related I would look at lockout. But most of your big name brands Allstar does a really good job of stocking all the products from that line. The only other site I know of who does a good job of that is But the shear price point out weighs them big time. I feel these guys selection is pretty spot on, also their brand Bodystrong is actually pretty good stuff too. Affordable and decent profiles. They also tend to carry some brands that I have never even heard of.

Overall:9/10- I really like shopping here and will continue to bring business here. I have had nothing but success using these guys. I would totally recommend giving these guys a shot on your next go around, especially if your going to do a big bulk order.
Rep: +93
Trust: 99%
  March 23, 2012

This was my first time ordering through and had a great experience. I bought MHP Dren in store at Vitamin Shoppe and paid way to much so was very happy the price of the very same product for a MUCH cheaper price even including shipping which was a flat rate of 5.95. They promptly sent me a confirmation email and it was on my door step in four days. I also ordered Lipo6 for Her to try at a later date and there was a free sample of Body Burn included. Overall a great experience with My only complaint would be that the free sample was only one packet with two pills in it and the recommended dosage is two pills two times daily so while thank you for the freebie I would not purchase it on a half daily dosage. Thank you much AllStarHealth!
Rep: +354
Trust: 100%
  March 10, 2011

Allstarhealth is an awesome site. Sometimes I order from here over good ol because the prices are better.

Service(10/10)-I didnt really have any problems with Allstarhealth and havent had any problems on this site with ordering. After you order something it takes like 1-3 days to ship it out that is great imo.

Selection(10/10)-The selection on this site is just as good as if not better. They have many products and whenever a new product comes out they have it within at most a week. They have many top quality brands like Optimum, Usplabs, Universal, Cytosport, and dont forget the best one of all Muscletech.

Prices(10/10) The prices may be the best of any website other than maybe Amazon on certain products. They are so cheap and if i can recall i think they have flat rate shipping of only 5 dollars. This is mostly always 5-10 dollars cheaper than

If your wondering why i was comparing this to so much its because mostly everybody orders from there. This site is great i recommend this overall. Sorry if i didnt write a long enough review i didnt really want it to be lengthy and i dont think i couldve kept thinking of things either ha!
Rep: +1,340
Trust: 100%
  July 14, 2011

I have probably ordered from them about 5 times or more. Everytime i order it comes within 3 or 4 days. I don't have to worry about when i am going to get my package they always send a confirmation that it shipped and then a tracking number along with where it's coming from. It normally shipped from NC to PA and came pretty quickly.

The number one reason they are great is while every other site has their shipping costs rising they stay the same with a 5.95 flat rate. Places like suppwarehouse will charge like 10 or 12 dollars maybe more to ship out and will end up costing you more than you initially thought.

I've bought Pro complex gainer 10lb bag from there for $55.
Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1 recovery $30.
6lb tub Torrent $49
Aftershock: $27

All this is so much more affordable due to the low shipping price.

They have most of the popular brand names that most other websites have with pretty competitive prices.

I just wish they had more coupons available they never seem to have any.

Also you can return products that you don't like and receive a full refund as long as there is at least 25% of it left. That's pretty good customer service to me.

Affordable prices, good customer service, flat rate shipping and up to date tracking makes Allstarhealth one of my top go to websites.
Rep: +65
Trust: 92%
  February 24, 2012

So I was putting together a bretty big stack recently, based on research that I was doing on this site. Before I ordered I plugged everything in on almost every supplement site that I could find. When I checked it seemed almost too good to be true, so I did some work to make sure that they were legitamate. By looking on this site and others I determined that it was probably okay to order.

My order was $212 on It literally saved me $80 compared to, and was also significantly cheaper than any other site that I could verify was legitamate.

I love the $5.95 flat shipping rate. A lot of other sites had "cheaper" prices, but once you figure in shipping it was hands down no comparison.

I received my order within a few days of placing it and everything was there just as it should be.

The only minor down side is that their selection is not as broad as some of the big players, but they had everything I wanted. The only thing that I may have bought that wasn't on there was ON Pro Complex. will definately be my "go to" frome here on out.
Rep: +782
Trust: 100%
  April 7, 2011

ok this is the 4th website i have ever ordered from. I of course used and as of late the service was not satisfactory. I also love shopping at which has the best selection imo. and to make a point i will never shop at a site that doesnt have a contact number for me to place my order. which this place has.

prices=10 this is the cheapest around the net. only by a few dollars but when you order 10 items at a time like i do that adds up.

service=9 nice ppl, quick emails, and 2 day shipping for me. plus like i have said they have a support number to call.

selection=8 its ok. a nice selection but they are missing a few items i was looking for that has.

with a flat shipping rate of 6 bucks no matter what u order is awesome. I have ordered twice from them each with over 10 items and still same shipping price. everything came in fine, nothing broken, powders were fine. i highly recommend them as a supplement provider.
Rep: +30
Trust: 57%
  August 2, 2012

Ok so let's begin by saying that the only reason i even contemplated visiting allstar is because of my constant search for lowest priced supplements.

Website interface - Their website layout was kinda dull with the corporate white green theme looking nearly bland.

Navigation and search function - The positive thing about the website is that the navigation and search features were very user friendly and the layout was not cluttered.

Shipping - Ok , So while some people may be ok with paying $20 as shipping charges for a large order , I most certainly am not and hate paying high shipping fees which seem very unjustified to me. The guys at all-star really hit the nail on the head on this one as the shipping terms are one of the best if not THE best part of buying from this website. It's $5.95 flat even if your're ordering 4 - 5 months of supplies.

Service - The service is on par with and GNC ( widely considered as the industry leaders ). Notification email indicating order number sent within an hour's time from placing the order. Order tracking information sent over the next day and it took just 1 additional day for the order to arrive . Neatly packaged with protective materials inside the box. Very classy . Five stars for the service, definitely up there with the best of the best.

Prices - I am positive that 9 out of every 10 supplements can be procured for the cheapest price from allstar. I'm not sure how they do it but they have the lowest prices ever (at times even beating the daily deals prices of lets say.. 'X' product from the other websites by their regular everyday price.

Marketing - This is not really something that affects us in any manner. I just wanted to get this off my chest as this is the only area where i feel they fall short as they do not nearly market themselves on the level of their competition . I hardly receive any deal emails from them whereas i get upto 4 of them in a week from the others. They need to improve on this aspect to improve their visibility

Bottom line - Might soon turn out to be the only place I'll order from ..
Rep: +11
Trust: 0%
  October 25, 2012

Out of all the bigger companies this sight has the best deals. I have ordered from other smaller companies and teh service isn't as good but they sometimes have products that no one else is carrying. AllStarHealth has more supplement options IMO.

Selection: Doesn't have everythign out there but out of all the big supplement companies I fell that it has the best options.

Prices: Some sites are lower, but overall this sight has consistently low prices.

Service: Anytime that I order the product is in stock and goes out the day I ordered it.

Overall: I know it seems weird but I gie it an 8 because of teh few products that they don't carry and sometimes the products that it refers to me are not eve close to what I am looking for.
Rep: +27
Trust: 48%
  April 18, 2011

Prices: From experience, this is without a doubt the best place to order from. In my opinion the best part of this website is the prices because I have checked numerous websites and allstarhealth seems to have cheapest prices overall in fact they actually have a low-price guarantee which gives us the customers the right to claim any cheaper prices seen at any other site.

Shipping: although they have a $5.95 flat shipping rate, I would give them an 8 as a rating simply because they are located in the west coast and I am in New York and it always takes exactly 7 business days for me to get the order (UPS Ground). However,they seem to deliver pretty fast for those who live by the West coast. Overall,my orders tend to be pretty heavy so you really can't beat the price.

Service: This is the only aspect I don't really like from this site, although the always pick up the phone but are not always helpful. Honestly, my main problem was that I returned some products and they took around 2 weeks after receiving the package. I would call and e-mail them and they would always tell me that they are working on it. They never emailed me to notify me of how everything was going, I had to call every single day (kind of annoying after a while).

Selection: I gave it an 9 because I am not into pro-hormones so I find almost everything I need, although they don't carry Nitrox II =(...I have never really struggle looking for anything in this site, I always make my full orders from this site.

Overall: Best place to get your orders from. I gave it a 7 just because I am not a big fan of their service, like mentioned above I feel like they don't show any concern with helping their customers with any issues. Other than that, everything is great about this place!
Rep: +164
Trust: 100%
  January 16, 2012

I think its safe to say that Allstarhealth is using its own products because they absolutely destroy the competition.

Service: 10/10- I placed my first order on a Sunday night and Monday morning I received a phone call regarding having a different billing and mailing address. At first I was somewhat annoyed but after I thought about it, I was kind of happy about the verification and making sure it was actually me placing the order. Also, after she verified the order, I asked her if I could change the order and she let me take an item off and add another with no hassle.

Selection: 8/10- Don't get me wrong here, they have a very very good selection. I had to give them an 8 though because they aren't a one stop shop for everyone. They don't have any pro-hormones so if that is what you are looking for, you will have to visit another online retailer.

Prices: 10/10- Here is where they blow everyone away. I can't say this with 100% certainty but I would be willing to bet that they are in the top 10% on pricing on over 95% of their products. What this basically means is that you don't have to shop around. You can rest assured knowing that you got the best bang for your buck. Also, they have $5.95 flat rate shipping. I don't want to know what 40 pounds would have cost me to ship had I been charged normal Fed-ex price.

Overall: 9.5/10- I have placed 2 orders with them so far, both were large orders and without problems. Also, they email you a confirmation and a direct link to your tracking number and a chart to see where your shipment is. I compare prices ALOT and they are always very competitive with all other online retailers. Another really good thing about them, "Their" brand, BodyStrong is cGMP which basically means that you aren't getting chinese rat feces. If you buy their Bodystrong Creatine Monohydrate, you are basically getting Creapure for a much cheaper price. I would highly recommend using Allstarhealth. I am going to continue using them from here on out.

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