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Age: 42
Joined: 12/2013
Reviews: 3
Reputation: 0
March 21, 2014
Overall: 9 | Service: 9 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 9
I use allstarhealth for certain products as I have found them at the lowest prices on this site and the flat rate shipping can't be beat, especially since I'm usually ordering large tubs of aminos.

Communication after placing an order is very reliable and I've never had a problem with any of my orders. The only thing is that ground shipping can take a little while, but that is due to the fact that I'm on the east coast and allstarhealth is on the west coast. I just make sure to order what I need while I still have some left so there's continuity in my consumption of the product.
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Age: 23
Joined: 2/2014
Reviews: 3
Reputation: +14
March 2, 2014
Overall: 8 | Service: 8 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 9
Ok, so my wife and I have ordered from this site several times. At first we were amazed at the competitive prices and the $6 flat rate shipping costs no matter what you buy. The selection was also reasonable. I would have loved to give them 10 stars but here is why I cannot. The last order we made it took them 3 days just to process the order (no it was not a holiday week) And after the order was processed it took another 4 days to ship. Normally I am a patient person, and typically do not concern myself with how long it takes to ship (within reason), however the fact that it took so long to process my order. But I will not be a stick in the mud and will still give them a passing grade. I did take several of their Bodystrong products and was more than happy with them and their prices. However I will be taking a hiatus from AllStarHealth for the time being, but who knows, I may return to them.

Overall Grade:8/10


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Age: 23
Joined: 1/2012
Reviews: 2
Reputation: +15
September 5, 2013
Overall: 9 | Service: 9 | Selection: 7 | Prices: 9
I have used this site several times in the past and it has always delivered.

The prices are usually very competitive. Sometimes they will not have the lowest price but if you are restocking the 5.95 flat shipping can really make a difference.

The selection usually has everything I need but sometimes they do run low on certain items from time to time which can be annoying.

Overall it is a great site, one I have used numerous times and will still continue to check out and see if there are any deals.
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Age: 31
Joined: 3/2011
Reviews: 82
Reputation: +1150
September 5, 2013
Overall: 10 | Service: 9 | Selection: 7 | Prices: 10
I see people are reviewing supplement provider websites, and since I mostly use Allstarhealth for all my supplement needs I felt I should throw some info about my experiences with them.

Price: 10/10 - The Prices are about as cheap as you can get online. There are a few websites that might be cheaper, but I would not trust them with my girlfriend let alone my cc information. Also Allstarhealth offers a flat shipping of $5.95 on all orders. So if I order $300 worth of proteins and supplements, they will not charge me around $50 for shipping based on weight. I truly respect this.

Selection: 7/10 - So the selection is good, but its not great. There is a lot of stuff that they do not have, that other supplement companies offer. With that said, if you are looking for staple products, Allstar hands down not only has it but has it at a very descent price.

Service: 9/10 - The only reason the service does not get a 10 from me is because one time it took 2 days to get my package (first world problems). Usually they are even faster in delivery than BB.com. I usually order in the morning and the next day (NYC) in the evening I have my products. This is fantastic. I never had an issue with them messing up my order, so I never had to call them up and deal with customer service, so that is something that I cannot comment on.

Sometimes they also throw in a bunch of samples with my orders. Always great to get free stuff.

Overall: 10/10 - It does get a 10 because its one of the best, and more importantly a highly reliable and quick turn around service. I recommend it to others.

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Age: 67
Joined: 7/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -2
July 13, 2013
Overall: 10 | Service: 10 | Selection: 10 | Prices: 10
Each time I have used them they have promptly sent what I ordered. Price for my protein powder was excellent and I have had no problems with them.
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Age: 35
Joined: 2/2013
Reviews: 11
Reputation: +222
March 1, 2013
Overall: 10 | Service: 9 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 10
Price- Hands down cheapest company out there. I challenge anyone to find me a place that sells sups for less. I have searched and searched- I used SR's reviews on all retailers and have looked for the 10's, but they are still at least 5% higher. I spend about $200 per month on sups at allstarhealth.com; it would be $220 at bodybuilding.com, $250 at Vitamin Shoppe, or $400 at GNC.

Selection- they have everything that I need. I have yet to not find what I need. I know they don't have the vast supply of what BB.com offers, but, like I said, they have everything I need.

Service- I haven't had anything bad happen with them yet. I have been using them for 4 months now. Delivery is usually within 5 business days and tracking is fairly simple. They did put a hold on one of my orders b/c I had to verify information over phone, but I received my goods 3 days after that.
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Age: 45
Joined: 2/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: +1
February 26, 2013
Overall: 0 | Service: 0 | Selection: 5 | Prices: 0
If you are ever planning to make an international order with AllStarHealth.com, then think again.

If your order is not allowed through the customs in the country where you live, you will only receive a refund if the shipping costs are lower than your order. In other words, all such refunds are minus the return shipping fees. And this company reserves to right to reject any request for a refund if customs does not allow your order to be imported.

And if you request a response from their management concerning any trouble, all you will hear from is a customer representative. Every time you email this company about your same order, you will always get a different customer representative and have to explain you situation again from the beginning.

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Age: 31
Joined: 1/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -7
January 27, 2013
Overall: 0 | Service: 0 | Selection: 3 | Prices: 4
Took my money, made me wait 10 days still no product, responded to my email blaming my expectations and anything except taking responsibility and taking care of the customer. Go somewhere else pay just a little more and receive service you deserve.
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Age: 34
Joined: 1/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -10
January 22, 2013
Overall: 1 | Service: 0 | Selection: 5 | Prices: 3
poor experience held my money for 2 weeks and sent me nothing!!! they did not even bother to let me know that my order had been cancled. NEVER AGAIN. save your time buy with someone else!!!
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Age: 25
Joined: 9/2012
Reviews: 21
Reputation: +157
January 10, 2013
Overall: 8 | Service: 8 | Selection: 7 | Prices: 8
I have ordered from here many times.I have always had good experiences when using this site to order.I have ordered bulk protein many times which is very nice because they have $5.95 flat rate shipping which is great when ordering heavy packages.

I will say this is not my go to store I buy from,but if my regular doesn't have something and I can't wait,this is always the 2nd place I check.

I had an order show up once with a bottle that had got busted open in shipping.i called the next day and they took all the information and replaced it for me.It was shipped out the same day also.i will say that I was kind of upset with the attitude I got from the person who worked there,but none the less I got it replaced.

Shipping is almost always sent out same day and the $5.95 flat rate fee is awesome as I said before.i would recommend this site to someone who hasn't been there before to see what they have.

The only thing I will say is I wish they had a better selection of products.They do have some competitive pricing though.
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