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Age: 27
Joined: 3/2013
Reviews: 4
Reputation: +11
October 13, 2013
Overall: 10 | Service: 10 | Selection: 10 | Prices: 10
Selection: They had exactly what I wanted, so I didn't bother going to far in depth with their other products, but since it had what I wanted I gave this a 10.

Service: I ordered right after midnight, received the confirmation and that it was being processed very soon after that, and a few hours after it was shipped. This was a Thursday morning, and I received the package on Friday. It was normal shipping and I live in Tennessee. I'm not certain on their exact location. It is hard to believe this happens all the time, but the order I had it was and that is what I have to go by.

Prices: I ordered IsoFlex chiller and a preworkout, the IsoFlex was not sold on a lot of other sites that had decent prices. I tend to base all sites against Lockoutforums.com because from experience they have been the best overall for me to this point. The shipping prices of A1 was $6 for a tub of protein and preworkout not awful. The pirces of the supplements were good compared to Lockout. The Isoflex Chiller is $3 cheaper than normal Isoflex, however both sale original Isoflex for $39.99 and the Noxipro was $24.65, .30 cheaper than Lockout. So I was truly impressed and took the chance. Plus I wanted to use paypal for this order and A1 offered that.

Overall: I give it a 10/10 based off this experience with them and how everything went. If future orders are different, I will be sure to share that experience also.
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Age: 56
Joined: 7/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: 0
July 16, 2013
Overall: 0 | Service: 2 | Selection: 7 | Prices: 7
Beware purchasing from here - they have a 10% restocking fee and they hassle you over even wanting/needing to return. There are too many others out there that do not have a bad return policy like this place. Selection and pricing okay but again better sources than A1.
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Age: 40
Joined: 5/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: 0
May 26, 2013
Overall: 2 | Service: 0 | Selection: 7 | Prices: 7
Let me start off by saying I never write a review unless it is a really good or really bad experience. I have spent over 1,000 dollars with A1. I order from them because they are geographically close so theoretically I should get the shipment soon. Also, I understand that inventories aren't always perfect. So... I placed an order, they waited 5 days to email that part of my order is out of stock. I tried calling several times and was put on hold indefinitely each time. They waited a week to even ship my partial order. UTTERLY RIDICULOUS ... WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN
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Age: 21
Joined: 2/2013
Reviews: 1
Reputation: +1
February 28, 2013
Overall: 2 | Service: 0 | Selection: 7 | Prices: 6
I ordered from them for the first time two days ago just find out that they didn't even have the product I ordered in stock. That is really terrible business and very misleading. I was supposed to start my bulking cycle this upcoming Monday and I left plenty of room for delay, but my product won't be even shipped out till Monday. I don't think I will be ordering again from them. Right now I just want my supplements. What type of store advertises products that they don't have. I f they had simply said "OUT OF STOCK", then my time, their time, and my friggin money wouldn't be wasted. To end on a good note they do have a wide selection of supplements ranging from pro hormones to breast milk. Seriously order from a place you know instead of gambling like I did.
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Age: 38
Joined: 2/2013
Reviews: 0
Reputation: -1
February 25, 2013
Overall: 3 | Service: 2 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 9

I have ordered from A1supplements several times with no problems, always fast shipping and even better prices. My only problem I have had was when I ordered Diesel Test Pro and it made me soo sick I had to go to the doctor.
A1 said it wasn't their problem, NO REFUNDS. I know they don't make the stuff but If you go to a restaurant and get sick from the salad, they aren't going to say "oh well, go talk to the farmer" are they? Wouldn't be around very long.
We, as customers, are paying them so we don't have to deal with manufacturers. I hate to stop buying from them because they have great prices and fast shipping but they have bad customer policies for a customer based business.
If you are buying something you know, then they are good but I would not take a chance on buying something unknown to you because then you are on your own.
Wasn't sure what to put for service because they ship fast which is great but after that, forget it, you are on your own. No customer service after the sale so be cautious.
Not just knocking the site, they have some of the best prices and fast shipping. They just don't stand behind what they sell and aren't very helpful after the sale.
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Age: 36
Joined: 10/2012
Reviews: 0
Reputation: 0
October 30, 2012
Overall: 0 | Service: 0 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 8
I placed my 1st order with A1 supplements 4weeks ago so as an international customer they asked me to take a photo of both sides of my credit card and my Identity card then email it to them. I refused to submit such information to a stranger and asked them to cancel my order and refund me my money as it shows that they took it after confirming the order has been processed.

I've not yet received my refund,its sad because they seem to be a legit company but to ask a customer for such details then not refund them their money!!!
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Age: 41
Joined: 10/2012
Reviews: 2
Reputation: -3
October 8, 2012
Overall: 8 | Service: 8 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 8
Shipping was cheap and the product was very reasonably priced. I get my fish oil from here and will continue to in the future.
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Age: 26
Joined: 12/2011
Reviews: 9
Reputation: +151
December 23, 2011
Overall: 9 | Service: 9 | Selection: 9 | Prices: 9
I gave them straight 9s. I have never had a problem (8 orders so far).

My orders are usually shipped within 24 hours when placed during the week.

I have never had an order messed up.

The website could be a little better but it is good enough to get the job done.

Their large selection and good prices keep me coming back.

Right now, if you use Holiday15 for 15% off your order and also get the free shipping, the prices are 2nd to none.

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Age: 37
Joined: 12/2009
Reviews: 17
Reputation: +14
May 5, 2011
Overall: 8 | Service: 8 | Selection: 8 | Prices: 7
Ive ordered multiple times from this company and have never been let down. The orders are packaged and sent out promptly with everything I ordered in the box. Shipping has always been fast however the shipping company is resposible for this part mostly.
The prices are "good" but not the best. As far as selection goes, for me personally they may have had only 1-2 items missing from what I wanted. Im sure if you contacted them they would most likely get it for you.
Ive never had any reason to deal with them over the phone mainly because I always get what I ordered within 2-3 days living in St Louis MO.
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Age: 27
Joined: 4/2011
Reviews: 50
Reputation: +878
May 1, 2011
Overall: 10 | Service: 10 | Selection: 10 | Prices: 10
I love A1 Supplements. They were my first website for work out products, and I still use them to this day. They have a HUGE selection on everything that you could possibly need, besides PH's of course. Their shipping time was always on point, and I'm halfway accross the world and it gets to me in a week. The prices are usually lower than some other places. I always get great emails regarding sales they have and usually I hop on them if they are something I need.
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