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Magnetic Pill

  By: Remcure

Magnetic Pill is a Health Product manufactured by Remcure. It is meant to improve the health of the body at the micronutrient/mineral level.

What should I take with Magnetic Pill?
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  July 23, 2012

Magnetic Pill is a very unique supplement. It was recommended to me from friend who has been taking it for several years to improve their meditations and spiritual development and raves of how it has helped their body become overall healthier as well as improved their ability to see and feel energy in new ways.

I have noticed similar effects, however the primary reason I take Magnetic Pill is for my memory and overall mental capacity. With age comes wisdom, but my mind definitely has not become faster as I have been putting on the years, and at times I was forgetting more than I would like to admit.

However after about 1 month of taking Magnetic Pill I felt a dramatic upswing in my mental alertness and an overall drive and ability to learn massive amounts of new information. After the first month of use my mental capacity was back to what it had been in my early forties, after 3 months of use I was mentally sharper than I had ever been. I have now been taking 2 capsules a day for slightly over 6 months and I have continued to see and feel improvements.

The one negative thing I would say is that I wish I could buy Magnetic Pill in stores instead of online, but perhaps that is just another sign of my age...

Overall its not very expensive for the benefits I have received from it, there might be other options out there (and I am always looking), but so far Magnetic Pill has really impressed me.
  • Improves Mental Capacity
  • Increases Cognitive Abilities
  • Reduces Mental Fatigue
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
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