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PCT Revolution


Trust: 60%

So I have to say this product did it's job. Im not going to drool over it and say wow!! But for the price it is a good catch. I maintained muscle MASS and slept very soundly, which in turn probably gave my body the break it needed. As for sides there were none that I noticed, maybe a little midnight snack hunger. Sex Drive was good to go, lobido was still puttin it out. I am however intrested in the new Revolution Black, it looks to be promising. I would recomend someone use this with a mild ph like H Drol or Protomax, anything heavier your in need of a more potent compound.
  • Sex Drive Maintained
  • Good Value

    COMMENTS (1)

    • trinitytabor
      Trust: 60%
      May 2, 2011

      Oh forgot to mention I took 4 caps right before bed along with Tamox 10mg

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