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Finaflex ALC+CLA


Trust: 98%

It's hard to gauge the effectiveness of a product that you don't feel kick in twenty minutes after taking it. I think that the multivitamin category is appropriate, even though it's only two.

I lost weight while taking this, though that was aided by taking PX Black at the same time, which is a stim-base fat burner. It's hard to say how much one contributed to the other, but I feel PX was doing the lion's share.

Fat Loss: 3/5
Well, I lost weight while on it. I'd like to say "I lost weight because of ALC+CLA," but I don't know that for certain. It was, however, a part of a plan that worked, and I can't ignore that either.

Overall Body Composition: 3/5
See above. I did manage to get stronger while losing weight, and I think I put on a little muscle while running this.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Would you recommend this product to family and friends: I would, with stipulations. Once their diet is in check, once their exercise routine is solid, then I would. But I'd also recommend a real thermo like PX Black first.
  • Only $15 For A Two Month Supply
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