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FINAFLEX Finaflex 1-Alpha

Finaflex 1-Alpha FINAFLEX User Rating: (2 Reviews)

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Finaflex 1-Alpha Reviews:
  • Strength (1)
  • D Ensity (1)
  • Muscle Hardness (1)
  • Builds Muscle (1)
  • Hunger (1)
  • Lethargic (1)
  • Loss Of Sex Drive (1)
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November 5, 2013
Overall: 9 | Effectiveness: 9 | Value: 9


Reviews: 13

Age: 21

November 5, 2013
Alpha As F...

If anyone has read my previous review on 1-andro.. I bridged 1-andro into 1-alpha for a 2 month cycle.

Side supplements include:
Achilles Ultimate Joint Support
One a Day Mens(Like a Boss)
Post Cycle Therapy:
2 Bottles of Pure Test along with PCT Revolution Black as my AI. Pure Test cycle extended longer.
Looking at my other review, 1-andro got me a lot of gains. Size, density, hardness of the muscle, significant strength gains.

Followed by me bridging it into Finaflex 1-Alpha... 1-andro got me to where I wanted to be and 1-Alpha freaking perfected it.
110 mg

1a-STERONE™† (3-enanthoxy-5alpha-androst-1-en-17-one )- 190 mg

These compounds are extremely similar. A simple way to put it is that 1-Alpha has a superior absorbtion rate to the 1-andro, causing it to be a stronger compound.
All this being said.. I went from 205 to 209 on the 1-Alpha. My arms not only blew up but the definition in them is something that I have never had before. My body has always been stocky so my arms have looked out of proportion and smaller. Now I am finally catching up and adding the definition they deserve! I COMMAND YOU TO GROW!!!

All my lifts increased, muscular hardness, size, etc. Very effective run for me. It put me at a level where I have never been before, everything has just come together.
Cons: Acne, Dry Joints, Always hungry(lol).

I'd say that liver and organ supports are not neccessary on this supplement. It isn't methylated and seems pretty clean to me. If you want, keep some on the side just incase but I didn't have any issues.
  • Strength
  • D Ensity
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Hunger
  • Lethargic
April 20, 2013
Overall: 7 | Effectiveness: 7 | Value: 8


Reviews: 2

Age: 35

April 20, 2013
 I will start off with background. I'm a former Trainer/football player,35 years old,Kinesiology&Endocrinology student.I have owned my own supplement company back in 1997,which means I tryed PH/PS.My basic body type is endomorph possible ecto traits(skinny cut legs). Goals for the product,lose fat&hardened muscles. Im already 298lb,22 inch arms(not flexed) I just wanted something to help keep the muscle while working on my belly. 1Alpha(2pill daily dosing),kept me pumped all day,strength was slightly lower,better definition,better cardio,gained 6lbs(mixed),loss 2% bf. Time for the bad,complete loss of sex drive,BACK PUMPS galore,basic DHT related joint&tendon pain. So I won't be taking this product again but,it worked as the bottle claims. Maybe alittle more water retention then I liked for my body type,but im sure meso's&ecto's alike will love the volume created by this product! Bare with my review,first one under this format.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Loss Of Sex Drive

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