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This product has been reported as discontinued.

Muscle Marinade Reviews

By: Purus Labs


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Muscle Marinade is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Purus Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

Molecule that supports ATP production in the body and increases lean body mass, strength, power, and stamina.


Active metabolite of choline that increases power output and strength, decreases soreness, and supports creatine production in the body.



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  November 9, 2010

I very rarely review products, but this is a long time in the making.

I have gone through 1 tub of Muscle Marinade, and will probably never go to another pre-workout for as long as I live. Maybe a little sarcasm, but still this is a very straight-forward product.

Obviously as many know, this product smells like manure-infused vomit, but the taste is actually very good. I got the grape juice, and the taste is very strong but pleasant. Dont mix it with any less than 10 oz's of water though in my opinion though, or the taste is far too overwhelming.

The ingredient profile is also excellent. Finally, a pre-workout with some BCAA's, and one with NO PROPRIETARY BLEND. Thats right, you actually know how much of what your getting with this product. Alot of people moan about their not being any vaso-dialators in this product. You guys should probably pull up your pants and be big boys, as the pump is something you can easily supplement. If the reason that your not buying this product is because it doesn't have any vaso-dialators, then your priorities for a pre-workout are in the wrong place.

The ingredient list is also very extensive, and the stim complex is very strong. 300mg's of caffeine, and 80mg's of 1,3. Compare this to other kings of the pre-workout market such as Jacked. First off, we have no clue how much of anything is in there because its a proprietary blend. But by Assaulting other USP Labs reps on other boards, Iv gotten the ballpark estimate that 3 scoops of Jacked is around 150-250mg's of caffeine, and 25-40mg's of 1,3. If we break down the numbers and the servings, A person that uses 3 scoops of Jacked would roughly only have to use half a scoop of Muscle Marinade, now thats value. Plus you get BCAA's and a more extensive profile that you dont get with Jacked.

As for the time in the gym, well its just about amazing. The focus and energy is out of this world, and I pretty much have a "kill everything I see" type of mindset when Im using this product. I only use about 1/2-3/4th's of a scoop, which means this product lasts me about 2-3 months per bottle.

When I first reviewed Jacked, I gave it all 10's and rightfully so, as it is a great product. But if this product could get 11's, it would. Plus theirs alot of pretty cool Purus Labs reps around that will let you test their products if you pm them and get friendly.

Overall, this is really a superb product, and in my opinion, the best pre-workout on the market right now.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Increased Focus
  • Superman Feeling
  • Awesome Energy
  • Only Need One Scoop
  • Good Taste
  • Great Endurance
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      June 8, 2012

    You can probably skip this one boys; I am not about to reveal anything new. If you didn't already know, Muscle Marinade is amazing. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out. Still I need to do this beast justice, so let's get reviewing.

    Props to Grambo and Purus Labs for bouncing out a TON of product on and allowing me to run Muscle Marinade. Purus Labs is honestly one of my favorite supp companies. Their products are consistently excellent, priced fairly, and well-marketed.

    MM is a preworkout - a good one. It's strong and has an awesome profile. In addition to all the traditional nutrients, stimulants, and creatine, MM also throws in almost 6g of BCAAs, an electrolyte balance, and a cortisol reducing complex.

    TASTE: 8.7/10
    I had the Cherry Limeade flavor and it was excellent. Tasted exactly like some sort of juice or soft drink you'd buy off the counter in a grocery store. I will say the taste can be a bit overwhelming as it is very tart and potent. Unlike Supp-D, which I would gulp down greedily, I would have to sip MM slowly. Still, extra points to Purus for releasing such a uniquely flavored supplement.

    Side note - MM smells like loose butthole. I actually laughed out loud when I opened the tub and smelled the powder. It's horrendous. There's no issue once you mix it in water but just be aware that you haven't gotten a bad batch if your freshly opened tub smells like the bathroom of a seedy bar.

    MIXABILITY: 9.2/10
    Excellent mixability. No clumping or grittiness. Only issue was some slight foaming which usually subsided pretty quickly.

    Unlike many preworkouts, Marinade isn't marked as a "vaso-dilator" or pump producing product. Instead its focuses are improved exercise through increased energy and the facilitation of post-exercise recovery, both of which is does very well.

    Put plainly, MM is probably the strongest preworkout supplement I've ever tried... and I've tried just about everything on the market. Every time I dosed MM it gave me a massive jolt of energy that easily carried me through my entire workout. Generally I'd drop one scoop and sip on it approximately 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. While MM didn't always provide the focus or "dialed-in" effects of some other pre's, the fact remains that its energy-boosting properties are second to none.

    A few notes on MM's strength. First off, I am very stim-tolerant and yet even I had a few times where I experienced the "cracked-out" feelings of being over-stimulated after dosing MM. While the product was generally very consistent, I would urge sensitive users to go easy with MM and start with half a scoop. Honestly, I imagine most people will be able to stick with a half scoop throughout the entire tub and still feel excellent effects. Though I personally never had issues with crashing or trouble sleeping, I would expect those sides could easily occur for some individuals.

    As for recovery, I didn't experience anything drastic or noticeable. Given the profile however, I do believe some of the additional ingredients in Marinade serve to keep the body balanced and primed for swift recovery. MM alone isn't going to turn you into Wolverine, but the BCAA's and electrolytes are a nice addition to any supplement stack.

    VALUE: 8.0/10
    A tub of MM will run you around $30 and includes 27 scoops. At a per scoop cost of over $1.00 Marinade is certainly not cheap, especially when considering most preworkouts cost between .50c-.75c per scoop. That being said, it is also true that active users will often need more than one scoop to get the full effects of the product (ex: Jacked, White Flood, Supp-D, C4). If you need more than one scoop of MM then you probably need to cycle off stimulants for like a year. Given that one could easily stretch a tub of MM to last 45 workouts or more makes me a bit more lenient in the value category.

    OVERALL: 8.8/10
    Marinade is great stuff, plain and simple. Personally I think MM is best utilized only occasionally, as in right before a harsh leg or deadlift workout. Generally I'm reaching for a little more well-rounded and milder preworkout, however I'll def be keeping a tub of MM in reserve for those days when I need a super blast of energy.

    Thumbs up to Purus Labs for putting together one of the best pre's on the market today.
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Taste
    • Great Endurance
    • Extremely Potent
    • Solid Ingredient Profile
    • May Be Too Strong For Some Users
    • Possible Over-stimulation Jitters
    • Value Depends On User
    Rep: +2,318
    Trust: 100%

      August 20, 2012

    There were only good things to be said about Muscle Marinade when I took the plunge and bought myself a tub. I usually dont have high expectations for hyped products but this might be my favorite current PWO to date thats still in production.

    Overall: 9
    Muscle Marinade is one of those "kitchen sink" pre-workouts that has a ton of ingredients but the difference is that these ingredients are dosed effectively.
    I wont get into the details of its ingredient profile but its very thorough to include effective dosing of creatine, 6g amino acids, a hefty stimulant package, an electrolyte blend, and a cortisol reducing, antioxidant blend.
    Every workout that I had while taking Muscle Marinade was intense and focused which is rare even with the majority of other PWO's for me. It didnt seem to matter what additional supps I was taking at the time, if Muscle Marinade was my PWO, then I was going to crush some weights that day. I set several personal records in my lifts while taking MM and increased on average 10-20% in all of my lifts during my tub of MM.

    Effectiveness: 9
    It doesnt take long for MM to kick in and its especially potent if you spike it with some primatene to make it part of an ECA stack. I noticed zero side effects, no upset stomach, headaches, nausea etc. With its CNS stimulants and the amino acid profile its a good anabolic mixture to promote muscle growth and it lessens the need to have an intra BCAA. As with any PWO with stimulants like this, you will sweat alot more than usual but this is almost expected with PWO such as this.

    Taste: 8
    Its a PWO with alot of crap in it so, its no kool-aid. It is however palatable and somewhat enjoyable compared to many other PWO's. I had the cherry limeade flavor and I never had a problem with the taste.

    Price: 9
    Depending on where you buy from, you can find this for around $29.99 which puts it at a very competitive price. Thinking back, I believe this was close to the $40 range when it first came out but predatory pricing lowered it to the $30 range making it a good value.

    I would definitely buy Purus Labs Muscle Marinade again and im excited to try Condense by Purus Labs as well and see how it stacks up to MM. The workouts I had with MM were sick and unparalleled, its a good value, it doesn't taste half bad and it has such catchy and disgusting catch phrases such as "Baste your beef" and "marinate your meat". All that being said its a top notch product.
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Increased Focus
    • Superman Feeling
    • Awesome Energy
    • Only Need One Scoop
    • Good Taste
    • Great Endurance
    • Uncontrollable Sweating
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    Trust: 100%

      March 31, 2012

    First things first, thanks to the Purus Labs reps, specifically Grambo. Not paying for stuff rocks. I was selected to log my experiences with the D-Pol/Muscle Marinade Stack along with a few others, & I was more than happy to give the two products a try.

    To put it plainly, I've found my new favourite pre-workout supplement & I don't see it being replaced anytime soon.

    Muscle Marinade is one of the few supplements I've been meaning to try for the longest time now, really ever since I became active on this site I believe. It started with a rather glowing review from Steelfan10, and some more high praise from other members. Needless to say, I had some very high expectations for Muscle Marinade. I feel safe in saying it not only met those expectations but also exceeded them to a degree.

    Profile: A
    -It's a rather basic profile IMO, but still a good one. I would like to put it side-by-side with another similar product, but unfortunately most (if not all) of the others have prop blends. Muscle Marinade does not, which I found rather refreshing as I could plainly see what goes into Muscle Marinade. The profile is rounded out by your usual suspects, but stim heavy as most have noted in their reviews.

    Mixability: C+
    -Muscle Marinade gets low marks here IMO. Note, I always used a blender bottle.
    It mixes up well enough, but there would consistently be a collection of powder at the bottom that wouldn't dissolve. It would then find its way into each drink in the form of "grit", and collect on the lip of the shaker cup. Kind of disappointing, but not a deterrent to buying the product. At the most it just got annoying.

    Taste: B
    -I received the "Fresh Fruit" flavour, the reformulated version. In other words, it didn't smell like dead rats in the tub. I was kind of looking forward to that lol, no joke.
    Anyways, it's by far not the worst tasting supplement I've ever taken. It actually had a decent fruity flavour. Not overly sweet, not bitter at all, and extremely drinkable (minus the mixability issues). It doesn't, however, stand up to Super Pump MAX. It's still better than most out there today IMO.

    Effectiveness: A+
    -This is where Muscle Marinade earns all its praise. I typically used Muscle Marinade first thing in the morning (5:30AM-6:00AM weekdays, 8:00AM Sundays) when I lifted, and in the evenings around 6:30PM Thursdays for Martial Arts. It's important to note I do not lift on Thursdays. I typically follow a 5/3/1 power lifting routine, mixed with the Finnish Deadlift Program.
    Energy is downright awesome. On one scoop, you can literally go for hours in the gym & still feel like you got more in you. At times it was just downright unreal how much energy I had, and I would often find myself scratching my head looking for stuff to do. It wasn't uncommon for workouts to start around 8:30AM & end well past 11:00AM. For Martial Arts I found myself moving faster, striking harder, & just plain performing at another level. The sessions would start hard & fast & pretty much sustain that pace for 1.5-2hrs depending on what we were doing.
    Focus was rather unreal too IMO. Concerning the time issue, I would find myself so "in" to my workout that you simply loose track of time...and space. My gym has a rather odd setup, but I digress. Smashing through sticking points wasn't very hard when using Muscle Marinade, and I set several PRs as a result.
    I did hurt my back pretty good a week or so before starting Muscle Marinade, so I couldn't test my deadlift or squat while using this. So, those numbers stand pat at 525 on deadlift and 420 on squat. I did make decent strides in bench, going from 280 to 290 for a 1RM. I also smashed a serious plateau on military press, topping out at 235for 2 reps, which works out to roughly a 245 1RM. I also set a PR of 230 for 4 reps yesterday (3/30/2012). Decent gains on what lifts I was able to test, but progress is progress.
    I won't comment on pumps since I was also stacking D-Pol with this. So, that being said it's hard to gauge just how good the pumps were. It should be noted though that I did get ridiculous pumps at times with this stack.

    Side Effects: A (minimal to no sides)
    -No crash that I experienced and it didn't affect my sleep much if at all even, at 2 scoops & when I took it on Thursdays.
    One thing that did happen, & it usually does with pre-workouts, is I sweat A LOT. I leave little oceans wherever I go. Also, it kind of helped with bowl movements, especially when I took it first thing in the morning. I just eventually accepted this occurrence as a warm up of sorts.

    Value: A
    -When you find something that works for you, value jumps up no matter the price IMO. That being said, I would still pay the some $40 Vitamin Shoppe wants to charge me. For kicks I've looked up the price at the following retailers: $39.99
    Lockout Supplements: $29.99 (store): $35.99 $30.95
    Vitamin Shoppe: $42.99
    I would pay for anyone of those prices now, but at Lockout & Ill Pump You Up it's darn good buy IMO. At 27 single scoop servings it's fairly priced for the output you get.

    Overall: A+
    -Like I said earlier, this is my new favourite pre-workout supplement. It just about knocks the socks off every other pre-workout I've taken to this point. It tastes good, goes down alright, is priced fair, & just works like nothing else.
    I highly suggest giving this product a try in the least.
    • Good Value
    • Increased Focus
    • Awesome Energy
    • Only Need One Scoop
    • Good Taste
    • Great Endurance
    • More Sweat
    Rep: +3,681
    Trust: 100%

      March 23, 2012

    Muscle Marinade. I have always wanted to try this product since my boy SteelFan labeled it the king of all pre workouts. Many thanks to Purus Labs for provided a sample tub for me and some of the other folks on the site.

    How i ran it: 1 scoop 20 minutes prior to workout on an empty stomach. Nothing stacked with it preworkout or intra workout (other than water).

    My Routine: As many of you know my routines are based on supersets, dropsets and monstersets. Many mass to shred supersets are my niche.

    Profile: I am not going to list the entire profile, although it has a wide range of ingredients, including Creatine Mono, Beta Alanine, amino acids, electrolytes and the most pronounced inclusion of 300MG of caffeine and 80mg of 1,3 dime. This is a great concept, aminos in pre workout. I have been adding my own for years until some companies had the brilliant idea to add them in themselves.

    Effectiveness: With these many stimulants I was worried that a full scoop would be overkill and have potential negative sides. Although I stuck with the plan, 1 scoop pre workout. No significant jitters during the workout were noticed, but it gave you an unreal amount of focus. Not as much energy as I had expected with all the ingredients, but it was solid none the less. The focus is what really sold me on the product, during the workout it felt as if you would lose track of time and be intensely focus on pounding out reps. I also felt myself workout faster, taking shorter breaks (which is odd since I don't rest that often anyway).

    I never have had problems getting pumps from my workouts, with or without a pwo. Still had solid pumps with this product. Quite honestly, the pump really doesn't do much for me other than inflate my already large ego. That is primarily the reason I stopped wasting my money on Nitrox II and other type products. My workouts since they are mostly superset will yield a pump just by the sheer volume of work done in the gym.

    So as far as effectiveness, this gets a solid 9+. Slightly surprised that it didn't yield as much energy but the focus was where it exceeded expectations. Only crashed one time which could have been due to a host of items, other than MM.

    Taste N/A: Taste... Taste... I don't give a damn how it tastes. In my opinion, the worse it tastes the better. At least after drinking this, everything later in the day is only looking up.

    Value: At roughly $35 online or $42 at local retailers, this isn't the cheapest but when you factor in 27 servings at 1 scoop each and you will not exceed 1 scoop that is a good value. For comparison, Jack3d and similar items that have 45 servings you would have to use at least 3 scoops to get anywhere near the effectiveness. Not to mention most pwos don't have aminos and significantly higher doses of creatine. Overall solid 9 on the value, the servings on the container are the servings you get. No BS.

    Conclusion: I have tried all the mainstream preworkouts on the market with the exception of only a few newer ones. This is by far the king of pre workouts. If you want the best, why not buy the best and stop messing around with upping your dosage from 1 to 2 to 3+ scoops of the other brands.

    Bladski seal of approval
    • Increased Energy
    • Increased Focus
    • Only Need One Scoop
    • Great Endurance
    • More Sweat
    Rep: +4,213
    Trust: 100%
      June 21, 2012

    First off I want to thank Grambo and the ER program for allowing me the opportunity to run a tub of Muscle Marinade.
    I have never been a fan of high stimulant products due to the jittery/cracked out feeling they would produce, as well as the ineveitable crash afterwards. However, after hearing nothing but positives about MM I had to give it a shot, and believe me when I tell you that it did not disappoint. Ive tried plenty of pwos over the years and MM has got to be one of, if not the best that I have tried.

    Profile: 9.5/10
    Purus Labs definitely nailed it on the profile.
    Its very stim heavy, however the additions of bcaas in good quantity, electrolytes, and a cortisol control complex seem to reduce any of the negative side effects of being overstimulated. A+ on the profile IMO.

    Taste/Mixability: 9/10
    Im never a big stickler for taste with pwos, but the cherry/limeade flavor is actually very refreshing and enjoyable to drink. Mixability is great, with no grittiness or excessive foaming. Again a great job done by Purus Labs.

    Effectiveness: 10/10
    I cant say enough good things about how effective this product is. The first time I took it, I went with half a scoop and it provided a huge jolt of clean, jitter-free energy, I had an absolutely phenomenal workout and felt like a champ all the way through, simply awesome. The energy seemingly lasted forever after my workout, and I did not experience the dreaded crash at any point. I tried a full scoop several times and was just blown away by the excessive energy and drive it provided, no pwo that I have tried to date gave me the intense rush of energy that MM did. The best part about MM is that its effectiveness does not waver one bit from the first scoop to the last.
    In addition to the amazing energy that MM provides, I feel as though the electrolyte/bcaa content should not be overlooked as it provides a nice 'security blanket' for getting through the intense workouts one will experience with MM. All in all, MM totally blew me away there is nothing that really touches it in terms of effectiveness.

    Value: 9/10
    You can find MM for $25-30. Each tub provides 27scoops, and if you are like me you rarely need to even take a full scoop, which makes the value very solid. Even if you are taking a full scoop each time, its effectiveness completely justifies the price tag.

    MM is overall the best Pwo on the market. The energy it provides is intense, long lasting, and jitter-free. Its profile is very well thought out and the value is exceptional for how effective it is. Overall I give it an emphatic two thumbs up. Try this poo!!

    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Increased Focus
    • Superman Feeling
    • Awesome Energy
    • Only Need One Scoop
    • Great Endurance
      Rep: +1,382
      Trust: 100%
        May 11, 2012

      First and foremost, big thanks to Grambo and everyone over at Purus Labs for letting me try out their new Fresh Fruit flavored Muscle Marinade and D-Pol. I had an absolute blast logging these products, and I am beyond happy that I finally got to try the fabled Muscle Marinade.

      I can honestly say this is my new favorite pre workout drink, and I've had more than my fair share.

      I'm going to attack this review from a slightly different angle than normal, so bear with me. I'll go with a bit of stream of conscious with a summary at the end. Here goes.

      First of all, I love Purus' approach to their supplements. The more I read, the more I admire their intentions to only include proven, research-backed ingredients in their supplements. If I started a company, I'd do the same thing. Throw in the fact that all of their containers look badass, and most of their products are priced competitively, there really is nothing to point out as a negative about the company itself.

      Speaking of price, after a quick look on the interwebz and it can be found for anywhere from $25 to $40 per tub. At 27 servings, that's $1.08 to $1.48 per workout, which is pretty legit, especially for what you're paying for. Not the best, and I actually paid $free.99 for it, but I'd grab this again if it stays in that price range.

      I mentioned the 27 servings, but this is a TRUE 27 servings, no double or triple dosing here like most pres available today. To me, this is awesome and makes things very convenient, not to mention how cool it is to finally find a product that WORKS on a stim junkie like me at 1 scoop.

      As far as taste goes, I have to be fair and say that I can't exactly comment on the Fresh Fruit flavor by itself. Reason being is because I wanted an added pump to go along with the great energy/strength/focus that comes with the MM, so I added pure Agmatine to the mix. For anyone who's taken the pure stuff, you know how dry and tart it can make even the best things taste. FWIW it smelled incredible, and it didn't taste bad at all even with the added Agmatine. I'd venture to say it would have a pleasant taste on its own because it definitely wasn't overpowering or fake tasting, but I want to try it at least one my time to firmly comment on taste.

      What I can firmly comment on is the EFFECTIVENESS of this stuff. Good lord this stuff kicks ass! I'm sure by now the majority of you know what's in MM, but for a short recap: 0 calories/carbs, creatine, beta alanine, aminos, electrolytes, caffeine, and a gamut of others, ALL at effective dosages. Again, love the theory here: a lot of what works, none of what doesn't. For that reason, they left out arginine. FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS! For this same reason, MM doesn't give much (if any) of a pump, but it's not formulated to. This can be a possible drawback if you seek a solid pump, but can be easily combated with a nitrate like D-Pol or an additional pump product to add to the MM like I did with Agmatine.

      Listen, I don't give anything 10's in terms of effectiveness, at least anymore now that I have become accustomed to what I should expect from natural supplements. But I was tempted to give this a 10 for effectiveness. Point blank, THE best focus and energy I've had in the gym, and this was day in and day out. The only set back was a short period of 3 or 4 days where my body was adjusting to the 1,3-di in the formula, so I felt kind of crappy after working out (similar to an energy drink crash feeling). But you better believe the days before and following this short period my focus was razor sharp. It was just me and the iron, nothing ever crept in and broke my concentration. I felt the best mind-muscle connection with this stuff due to the great focus. The ironic thing was that because it provided such good attention to detail via the enhanced focus, I got a great pump due to how I was focusing on contracting at the top of each rep. You feel like a robot on MM, in a good way.

      Other notable benefits: increased strength, stamina, and endurance. Nothing bananas, your bench max won't go up 50 lbs with one scoop. But the energy will make you want to attack the weights non-stop, and the ingredients in MM allow you to keep pushing at higher weights for longer. Don't believe me? Just take one scoop and look at your shirt 7 sets into your workout and tell me if it isn't drenched with sweat. With MM you're able to keep the intensity way up for longer, allowing for steady strength gains throughout the whole cycle. I don't think a single workout passed while using MM where I didn't increase either reps or weight on multiple sets.

      I am very stim tolerant, but like I said, 1 scoop always did the trick for me. Never made me nervous or made my heart race either, which is an obvious plus. The only possible drawback I can find with MM is the lack of pump ingredients in the blend. But that can be easily fixed with a nitrate, pure pump product to add to the MM, or just by utilizing the incredible focus this gives you to your advantage to create a pump via a more intense, focused workout.

      Looking at the cons listed, I don't agree with any. Bad taste? No. No Pumps? Addressed that. Hard to stay hydrated? Not at all if you know how to operate a water fountain, and it has electrolytes in the blend to aid that. Stomach feels weird? Never happened. Heavy Crash? Only a couple times. More sweat? How is that a con??? And build tolerance quickly? Not at all, I never got tolerant to this over the 4 glorious weeks of using MM.

      In summation:
      Taste: N/A until further notice (preliminary: 8)
      Value: 8
      Profile: 9
      Effectiveness: 9.5
      Side Effects: 2 (lower = better, 0 = best)

      As you can see, I have a really hard time finding anything wrong with Muscle Marinade, which is why it's my new favorite pre. It overtakes Assault, Jack3d, and anything else in my book. I can't wait to run it again. I just really hope they don't reformulate it too drastically now that geranium is banned by the FDA because I do believe Purus uses geranium in Muscle Marinade. But you can be sure I will be picking MM up time and time again, you should too.

      I'm Joe Flaherty, founder of this review. You're gunna like the way this works, I guarantee it.
      • Increased Energy
      • More Sweat (this Is A Pro!)
      • Great Endurance
      • Good Taste
      • Only Need One Scoop
      • Awesome Energy
      • Superman Feeling
      • Increased Focus
      • Good Value
      • Never Built A Tolerance
        Rep: +2,505
        Trust: 100%

          March 15, 2012

        Part 2 of of my logging and review stack provided by Grambo and Purus Labs. Muscle Marinade. Thank you again for the opportunity.

        In the overwhelming market of Pre WorkOut supplements, it is truely hard to find one that is just right. Some get you wired and leave you hanging, some leave you wondering if your tub went through the kool aid assembly line, and some are filled with so much unnecessary filler that you leave much behind. This is where Muscle Marinade breaks the mold.

        I was given the opportunity to log this with D-pol and honestly considered this just a bonus. I had never tried it and wasn't truely expecting all that much. I was wrong. The unassuming energy that this provided on a consistent basis was astounding. Each dose was equally as effective as the last. One scoop "and they mean one scoop" was enough to provide sustained energy through and through.

        Dosing: One 19.7g scoop mixed with 12-16oz cold water. Mixes pretty well. Some floaters and grit, but there is a lot going into those 12oz.

        Profile 10: Honestly too long to list everything, please see the label if interested. The profile is a key selling point and the basis of the products effectiveness.
        Creatine Mono 6g, Betanine Anhydrous 2.5g, Beta Alinine 2g. ( Even at 2g I could feel the paraesthesia)
        Fantastic Amino Profile, Stim Profile, Electrolyte and Vasolidation profile.

        Taste: 7 Fresh Fruit. The taste was OK. Tolerable and easy enough to put down. Taste is certainly not the most important aspect to a pre work out supplement, but considering the profile and all that's in it, it works.

        Effectiveness 10: As stated before constant, sustained, clean energy through and through. The beta tingle was a welcome sign of the purity of the product. Best part, no crash. Not once which is unusual for such a stim heavy product.

        Value 9: You can purchase this for around 30$ which is around a dollar a serving at 27 servings. Going rate for a solid pre, which really only requires one serving and not three. 27 servings is an odd number and I would purchase a larger tub if possible.

        Overall 9: Again Purus delivers. I have great faith in this company after my trial run and am anxious to try more of there product line. Muscle Marinade will replace my current favorite pre work out supplements unless cycling off creatine. Get your hands on a sample or take my suggestion and fry's full tub. You won't be dissapointed.

        • Increased Energy
        • Increased Focus
        • Only Need One Scoop
        • Great Endurance
          Rep: +440
          Trust: 10%
            January 14, 2012

          Purus Labs Muscle Marinade, "Marinate Your Meat."

          I began taking muscle marinade after cycling off pre-workout supplement for a few weeks. I took it this past summer and just recently.

          Taste: 8/10.
          Despite the horrible smell, the taste of muscle marinade is actually fairly enjoyable. I've had the Grape and Fresh Fruit flavor. I'd have to say the fresh fruit is a tad better then the grape. It goes down easy and it's not something you've got to chug down to avoid the horrible taste.

          Ingredient Profile: 9.5/10.
          I've got to hand it off top Purus Labs on the creation of Muscle Marinade. The ingredient profile is probably the most complete on the market in the pre-workout category.
          Here are the ingredients.

          ATP Resynthesis/Intracelluar Carnosine-Anserine Boosting/Myocellular Power & Endurance Complex 10500mg ** Creatine Monohydrate (6000mg); Betanine Anhydrous (2500mg); Beta Alanine (2000mg)

          Net Protein Accretion Stimulating/ Anti-Catabolic & Insulinogenic/ Controlled Branch Chain-Essential Amino Acid Complex 5994mg ** L-Leucine (116mg); L-Lysine (930mg); L-Phenylalanine (930mg); L-Throenine (882mg); L-Valine (690mg); L-Histidine (654mg); L-Isoleucine (606mg); L-Methionine (186mg)

          Controlled Sympathomimetic Psychoactive Adrenal Stimulant Complex
          380mg ** 1.3.7-trimethylxanthine; 2-amino-4-methythexane

          Electrolyte Balancing/ Vasodilatory Supporting/Intramuscular Hyper-Hydration Complex 410mg ** Sodium (120mg); Chloride (180mg); Potassium Phosphate (60mg); Magnesium Succinate (50mg)

          Cortisol Reducing/ Lipid Peroxidation Inhibiting/ Sercolemma Disruption Blunting/ Antioxidant-Energy-Health Complex 1222mg ** Ascorbic-Acid (vitamin C) (1000mg); d-alphatocopherol (vitamin E, natural form) (165mg); Selenium Citrate (90mcg) Zinc; FolicAcid (400mcg); Pyridoxine HCL (6mg); Cyanoccobalamin (B12) (30mcg)

          I really like that Purus Labs included a group of ingredients to help combat cortisol spikes. That is really important to me when it comes to pre-workouts. Cortisol is absolutely horrible for muscle building and it help to gain that un wanted lower belly fat.

          You can see that they are very generous in the amounts of ingredients you get with each serving. The only thing I'd change about Muscle Marinade is to add some pump ingredients like AAKG, Citrulline, Agmatine.

          Value: 10/10
          $29.99 on is a great deal for such a complete pre-workout. Despite the fact that you've got to add in your own pump ingredients if you like pump products it has such generous doses that this pre-workout is worth 30$. Muscle Marinade is probably the number one pre-workout that I think everyone should try. It isn't underdosed like the majority of the other pre-workouts.

          Energy: 7/10
          This is the one thing I don't understand about muscle marinade. It has such a high stim profile that I should be wired off the walls. I've went up to 1.5 scoops and still didn't get very much energy. Ofcourse I got some energy but right now I'm taking Neurocore and it's giving me way more energy then Muscle Marinade has.

          Focus: 9/10
          I was deffintly "in the zone" while taking Muscle Marinade. No problem with workout focus when taking this. Put my ipod in, crank up some mushroomhead, As I Lay dying and just destroy the weights. Sometimes I actually like having more focus then energy in pre-workouts.

          Overall my experiences with Muscle Marinade were pretty good. It's deffintly not my favorite pre-workout but it deffintly isn't my least favorite either. I will probably purchase again in the future but I like trying new supplements, especially when it comes to pre-workouts. I'd say give this product a go just because of the excellent ingredient profile and it's not a proprietary blend!!

          Key Pros:
          Awesome Focus
          Great Taste
          No Proprietary Blend
          Most Generous Pre-Workout on the market.
          No Crash
          No SuperDumps
          Key Cons:
          Smells like a dead old women that's been baked in an oven.
          No Pump Ingredients.
          No as much energy as expected even though it has a crazy amount of stims.

          • Increased Energy
          • Increased Focus
          • Good Taste
          • Smells Like Dead Old Lady
          Rep: +2,502
          Trust: 100%

            March 31, 2011

          Ok so it is time for me to give the review of this amazing product.

          First of all I have to say that Muscle Marinade has to be the best PWO supplement on the market, it has absolutely everything you need to perform better in the gym: creatine, aminos, energizers

          EFFECTIVENESS: this pwo simply works, and it gives you a ridiculous amount of energy that last hours after the gym. You definitely feel the improvement in your endurance and focus in the gym. The beta-alanine tingles is freaking crazy too; you feel you are being hit with hot needles all over your body and for some reason when I was stretching it felt exactly on the muscle part I was stretching.

          TASTE: So it does smell like dry vomit when you open it. I had the grape flavor, but the actual taste of it is pretty good. Just like kool aid, but if you are not into very sweet stuff mix it with at least 10oz of water, because it is very sweet.

          MIXABILITY: it mixes very well for the amount of ingredients that it has, sometimes you have small residue at the bottom of the cup, but nothing a lil bit water can handle.

          CONS: it does have a crapload of stimulants, 300mg of caffeine!! and sometimes I would crash a couple of hours after it faded away, but that was not common. The amount of caffeine may give you IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms. I felt like this after a couple of weeks of using. If you think about you are ingesting a crap load of stims everyday with this. Although I did not use the full dosage all the time.

          I read online that caffeine affects colon health and it may aggravate IBS or give you a diarrhea

          VALUE: 38.95 at, which is not bad because it lasts you more than a month. It has 27 servings, each one a full scoop. I used 1/2 scoop for like 2 weeks.

          *my recovery was definitely improve, i would not be that sore after my workouts.
          * I was able to lift my heavy sets for more reps. I think it was due to the extreme focus you get from MM.
          * I kicks in like 10 mins, which is definitely a plus for me because I workout in the morning... I wake up, get dressed, drink MM and I go.
          *I did not need to use the full scoop until the third week. The amount of ingredients it has kinda compliment each other.

          OVERALL VIEW: MM is simply a great PWO. It delivers instant energy, tastes good, mixes well and although sometimes I did crash and had a lil bit of stomach discomfort, the products fulfills its promise. I highly recommend this to anybody.
          • Increased Energy
          • Great Endurance
          • Good Taste
          • Only Need One Scoop
          • Awesome Energy
          • Superman Feeling
          • Increased Focus
          • Good Value
          • No Pumps
          • No Vascularity
          • May Develop Ibs Symptoms

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