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Condense Reviews

By: Purus Labs


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Pre-Workout > Stimulant

Condense is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Purus Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

Active metabolite of choline that increases power output and strength, decreases soreness, and supports creatine production in the body.


Non-essential amino acid that buffers lactic acid in the body by increasing cellular carnitine levels leading to greater endurance, strength, and power.



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  September 26, 2012

Thank you to Grambo and Purus Labs for participating in the ER program, and allowing a few of us to try their new Pre-workout product, Condense.

Overview: Condense take a different approach than today's average PWO. The goal of the product is to literally expand your workout capacity, and with this goal in mind, Purus has achieved success. For all of the stim junkies out there, myself included, this product needs to be taken with a different approach and with a slightly different expectation in results.

This will need to be broken down a bit to gauge the full effectiveness of Condense.

The energy provided by Condense came in the form of endurance. I never really experienced a jolt or burst of energy. Yet the energy came on gradually and lasted through out. The ability to add one more set or one more rep was at a constant. Although I did on occasion miss that initial kick in the teeth burst of energy, the long lasting effects with zero crash, out weighed my initial desire.

Pump: 9
The pumps were solid, and dense on a consistent basis. Never puffy, or watery, and increased with usage. Having the nitrates in your system after a few uses, or consecutive days, paid dividends. Some muscle groups seem to be targeted more than others, but they were prominent.

Vasodilation: 7
I am certain that Condense had a widening effect on my veins, allowing for a great number of physiological benefits. But the visibility was nothing extraordinary. I don't put this on Condense, as much as I do my own genetic make up. But I have to rate the effects on my experience alone. I did see many more spider veins in my shoulders, and the veins in my forearms were more visible, but no fire hoses popping out.

Profile: 8
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings per Container: 40

Cloride 48 mg
Sodium 130 mg
Potassium 52 mg

ATP-Sustaining, Lactate-Buffering, Blood-Oxygenating Mitrochondrial Efficiency Complex:

Betaine Anhydrous (2.5 g), Beta Alanine (2 g), Nitratene (high molecular-yield nitrate form) (480 mg), Caffeine (200 mg)5.18 g

Effective ingredients, however at near 200lbs, and a high tolerance to caffeine, I felt the need for 1.5-2 scoops at a time. I am neutral on the absence of creatine.

Dosing/Taste: 10
1-2 scoops 10 min prior to workout. Doesn't get much easier than that. The taste, Crisp Apple, is the best tasting supplement that I have ever tried. I could absolutely care less about the taste of a PWO, I usually pound it down and go. But this was honestly amazing.

The value remains simply due to the products effectiveness. This can be found on average for $25. If you were to only use one scoop, and found it to be effective for you, than this would present a tremendous value. At two scoops, that is only 20 servings, a little over a dollar per serving, which I am not usually willing to go higher than when purchasing a Pre-Workout.
So the value is truly dependent upon the user.

Overall: 8
A solid pre-workout with a change of pace. I thoroughly enjoyed the endurance aspect of the product. The consistency was was great, and I never crashed once. I am very used to stimulant laden PWO, in fact Muscle Marinade is my all time favorite, so I can't say that I will never go back. But I can say with the up most certainty that I will be including Condense in my stack again in the near future.
  • Slight Increase In Vascularity.
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Pumps
  • Great Endurance
  • Amazing Taste
  • Value Dependent Upon Servings
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  October 3, 2012

Thank You to Purus Labs and the E.R. program for allowing me to review this pre-workout.

This is marketed as a pre-workout supplement with emphasis on the fact it does NOT contain creatine (one of the most scientifically proven legal muscle builders)dyes, or DMAA which is now banned for resale.
The emphasis is however on the fact that this is a "nitric oxide potentiating/ oxygenating hemodynamic catalyst". This all means that its supposed to increase nitric oxide levels in your bloodstream and muscle tissue as well as increase the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream which is great for AEROBIC workouts.

Effectiveness: 5
My first workout with Condense was abysmal, lifts were weak, muscles burned with fatigue, lacked any drive in the weight room.
After my first dose, I really didnt even want to try it again but I had to give it a true shot so I kept with it. The second time I used condense I used it on a 3-mile run with great success. Alot of aerobic endurance and little to no lactic acid fatigue from running.
Now this sounds like a eureka moment only these results are identical to when I typically run with caffeine alone (which is 2.99 a bottle)
So it works well for running, and why wouldnt it with 200mg caffeine per scoop?
So I continue to use it for both running and gym workouts and I would switch up pre-workouts some days just to check if it was me getting weaker or if Condense really was THAT bad, and its safe to say that this is one of the worst pre-workouts I have ever used.
Gym-wise its in the bottom third of preworkouts, cardio-wise its in the top third but thats not saying much since caffeine alone would be in the top.

Profile: 4
Beta-alanine, Betaine, caffeine, and *Nitratene*
Nitratene is supposed to be a high molecular yield nitrate form.
Condense also has 52mg potassium, 130mg sodium, and 48mg chloride to help with electrolyte balance.
The combination of these ingredients clinically work marginally better than a placebo. The caffeine is the only performance enhancer with the beta-alanine only marginally helping.

Taste: 2
Every time I drank CONDENSE, I felt like I was back in college and being forced to drink some chicks apple pucker.
"Crisp Apple is a disgusting flavor to begin with and why they omitted fruit punch as an option is beyond me. Melon-cooler is the second option which I have not tried but it doesnt sound much better.
A good rule of thumb when picking flavors would be not to choose anything that is also a VODKA flavor.

Pumps: 0
Not saying its a bad thing since you dont want pumps when running but I got nothing from this in the gym.

Vasodilation: 2
This has no vasodilating ingredients since Nitratene is a nitric oxide potentiator and not a vaso-dilator.

Value: 4
The ingredients in Condense are very cheap to obtain and yet its priced comparably to muscle marinade and other pre-workouts with more servings. Im basing this off a $27-30 range for Condense.

I still really do love purus labs and they are a top notch supplement company and I also understand the goals of this product. Its a "creatine free" preworkout to compete with the new Jack3d Micro.
I LOVED muscle Marinade and its probably my favorite currently available pre-workout.
Condense fell VERY short for me in the pre-workout category and I feel the other reviewers even the Experts have been cushioning reviews on this product since it certainly is no 8 or 9 out of 10.
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
  • No Increased Vascularity
  • No Increase In Endurance
  • No Pumps
  • Nitratene
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  December 28, 2012

Thanks to Grambo for the chance to log this stuff and his patience with me on getting this review up.

I have some mixed feeling on this stuff so bare with me.

I am not going to list ingredients because they have been listed with others. But at a glance they decent.
Has some beta-alanine , Potassium and some other goodies.
Also note there is NOT a creatine in this so you can add your choice of creatine to it, or use then when its time to cycle off.

Effectiveness: Three PARTS ( 7.5 overall )

Energy 8.5
I loved the energy I got from this. I could tell it was a good feel, Not cracked out, Not too strong. Just enough to get that push you need. I had no crash. I could feel the tingles from the beta alanine every time I used it. Even at a half scoop. I really enjoyed this part of it.

Pump 7
It was hit and miss on this. I never could get the timing right with the right amount of carbs or something with this to get the full feel of what it says was possible. It was kinda aggravating.

Veins 10
I had more veins visible every workout with this product. Even at the end of what turned into a 2 month bulk. I gained fat but was still seeing eye popping veins. I have a new one that goes from neck across my chest into my arm that I could see through a shirt. Even with not much of a muscle pump I had crazy veins. I like it too, if you are anything like me seeing that in the mirror is instant motivation.

Taste 9
I really like the strong bite this had.It really has a punch too it. I would sometimes just dump it on my tongue and get a drink. It would really give you a kick in the mouth of taste then.!

Price 6
I think it is a bit high for what it is as compared with muscle marinade I think it should be a little less. I have found some decent deals for it but most are around 25 - 32 bucks.

Overall 7
Taking in the consideration of the pumps being off and on, and the price it brings it down. If I new a way to gets the pumps every time it would be a lot better. Even the pumps I did get was not as good as when I was taking d -pol that stuff is still king for pumps.
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Vascularity
  • Great Endurance
  • Great Focus
  • No Creatine
  • Inconsistent
  • No Creatine
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  October 19, 2012

By the looks of recent reviews, I'm not the only one who was disappointed with Condense! Purus Labs is still one of my favorite companies when it's all said and done but if I have to give them a mulligan on one supp, this would be it.


Took a while, but Purus finally jumped on the "concentrated pre" ship and came out with Condense as a minimalist-style powder that focuses on a pump via the nitrate/nitrate pathway and contains no creatine or DMAA.

Not gunna lie, when I saw Purus drop an N.O. product, my heart skipped a beat. I figured it would be a powdered version of D-Pol, or at least deliver the same kind of wicked pumps since they use the same type of nitrate in both products. I was going to stack this with Muscle Marinade (I think this was Purus' intentions?), but I decided to run it along with some added ConCrete pre workout.

Since I ran it during my DTP routine, I'm not sure if the workouts themselves didn't lend to a good pump or if they played any role in the product underperforming at all, but I think it's worth noting.

Effectiveness: 6

It pains me to slap Purus upside the head with such a low score, but I have a hard time finding anything positive to say about Condense.

I only took it 4 times a week on days where I lifted. Being the stimulant addict I am, I figured 2 scoops with 400 mg of caffeine would be a breeze for me to handle. I'm not sure if it's the combo of the stims and the nitrates or what, but there were a couple of times where I felt really light headed and had to sit down to stop my heart from racing just so I could finish my workout.

Even though this is loaded with Beta Alanine, I never felt a flushing or tingling feeling from it. I may be more immune to that feeling now days, but I found it strange to not even feel it on my lips when I drank the stuff. The tingle is basically a signal that it's working in your body, so I was concerned when I never felt that.

In terms of endurance, I never really felt a tangible gain from this during the marathon sets of DTP. I think a lot of the strength gains that I got in the 4 weeks don't have a lot to do with this either, but rather the other supps I stacked this with (D-Pol, AD-3, and ConCrete).

The biggest let down... WHERE WAS THE PUMP? IamAlex adequately paraphrased Arnold in saying everyone chases the pump, and I thought this was yet another shortcut to that feeling that makes you feel (and look) like a Greek God. But I never got any extra pump from this at all. I was running it with D-Pol, which gives some density and a decently veiny look, but Condense added nothing to it. EVERY TIME. I kept waiting and waiting, thinking that it might take a while to build in my system, but nothing ever happened.

Looking back, Condense did next to nothing that actually aided my efforts during a workout.

Profile/Dosing: 8

At least Purus gains some "in theory" points back here. I commend Purus for only using ingredients that are backed by research in the proper dosage in every product. That's the confusing part... On paper, this stuff is awesome. Maybe Purus is mixing the powders the wrong way? I'm reaching for any excuse at this point.

I also kind of like the fact that they don't add in their own creatine because it makes this a very versatile pre that you can stack with the creatine that works best for you.

And an added bonus: no prop blend. I like how they list the 1 and 2 scoop values for each ingredient to the milligram on the panel. That would be a much cooler perk if it actually worked.

1 scoop (6.3 g)/2 scoops (12.6 g)
Servings per Container: 40/20
Active Ingredients: 5.18 g/10.36 g
Betaine Anhydrous: 2.5 g/5 g
Beta Alanine: 2 g/4 g
Nitratene: 480 mg/960 mg
Caffeine: 200 mg/400 mg

Loses points in the fact that over 1 gram per scoop is pure filler and because no matter how cool the combo of ingredients is, they didn't do jack.

I would dose two scoops of this about 10 minutes pre workout along with 2 scoops of ConCrete. I was only drinking a whey/maltodextrine shake for my preworkout meal about an hour before the Condense, so it was on an "empty" stomach.

Taste/Mixability: 9

Some more positive points in this category that don't matter much. The "Crisp Apple" flavor was the first apple flavored supplement I've tried outside of protein. I wasn't expecting it to be that good, but I found it to be very refreshing in cold water and not overly tart. Even though I added really bitter ConCrete to this, I looked forward to drinking it every morning. I will say that apple is a unique taste, so it might not be for everyone, but I liked it. It mixed clear-ish and never left anything at the bottom of the shaker.

Value: 6

This is directly tied to quality, so value suffers a lot here. I usually give a poor rating when a good product has an absurd price, but this is the exact opposite.

I picked this up on Nutra Planet as part of the Thunder and Lightening Stack (with D-Pol) for $39, but they have it on its own for $25. The "per use" value ended up being $1.25, which is decent.

Even though the price tag would be a good value for most pre's, I wouldn't pay anything over clearance price for this ever again since it does just about as much as an energy drink would.

Overall: 6

I haven't given a product this low of a score in about 2 years, but Purus... you guys earned it with this one. I'm not sure where the disconnect is between the ingredient panel and the effectiveness, but it's there BIG TIME. Hopefully Purus catches wind of Condense's shortcomings and reformulates it.

I won't hold this against Purus in the grand scheme of things and I'll be eager to try any new products they come out with. But in the meantime, don't waste you time or money on this.

*Sigh*...At least the bottle looks cool.
  • Great Flavor
  • Bottle Looks Cool
  • Too Expensive
  • No Increased Vascularity
  • No Increase In Endurance
  • No Pumps
  • No Ba Tingle
Rep: +1,001
Trust: 100%
  October 4, 2012

Every time I hear someone mention the word pump, I can't help but hear it in the Arnold voice. "The pump"... But, he was right. We are all chasing that "pump".

I've been a huge fan of Purus Labs ever since I've started using D-pol, which is hands down my favorite supplement. So naturally I was really excited when I learned that they were developing a new product called Condense that was going to be a "pump" product. I was kindly given the opportunity to run this product in full, and here is my review.


All in all, I was disappointed by what Condense brought to the table for me. There's two main complaints I have about it. It's not consistent, and the amount or type of stimulants needs to be changed. When I say it's inconsistent, I do realize that there are other factors (timing, meals, workout routines, etc) that affect a products like this, but I never could figure out what I needed to do to make this work every time. Sometimes, it would blow me up like I've never seen before, but that's where my complaint about the stimulant content comes in.

I needed 2 full scoops to achieve the desired results which adds up to 400mg of caffeine. Right as I was really starting to enjoy the pump (when I would get a big pump), I would start getting so nauseated from the amount of stims that I couldn't finish my workout. Other times I wouldn't see much of a pump at all, but I was still getting sick from the amount of caffeine. I would much rather see this product caffeine/stimulant free or at least the amount of stimulants dialed down.

I'm not a vascular person to begin with, so the fact that I didn't notice an increase in my vascularity doesn't surprise me. So with that said I can't say for sure if it increases vascularity.


It seems this is a topic of differing opinions, but I for one thought the Crisp Apple flavor was amazing. It was refreshing and easy to drink, and there was absolutely no bitterness or funky after taste with this.

It mixed well, leaving only a small amount of sediment at the bottom of my cup. Nothing major.

I can only give this a 5, even though it's what I consider an affordable price. Affordably priced or not, a products value is directly affected by its quality. Unfortunately, in this scenario the quality was lacking for me.


Even though I'm disappointed with Condense, I still am a huge fan of Purus Labs. They're on the leading edge of science in the supplement industry, and I'd say they're onto something with this product. Maybe it just needs a bit of tweaking or reformulating, or maybe I'm just a non-responder.

I really had high expectations with Condense, and a few times it did meet them. But with how inconsistent it was for me I really can't say I would recommend it to someone based off my experience. Now it does seem that for other people it works quite well every time, and that's seeming to be the trend with supplements that utilize nitrates. Some supplements are "hit or miss", and this was simply a miss in my scenario.
  • Great Flavor
  • Inconsistent
  • Too Much Caffeine
Rep: +3,292
Trust: 100%
  November 23, 2012

I would like to thank Grambo and Purus Labs for their generosity in offering this product for me to review. This is one of the newer generation "performance" PWO's that concentrate less on high levels of stimulants and try to enhance muscular endurance and pumps.


Nitrateneâ„¢ (480mg/scoop)
Inorganic nitrate found in beets, spinach, etc...proliferates nitric oxide through a novel biological pathway, nitrate→nitrite→nitric oxide, converted through entero-salivary circulation as opposed to the more traditionally known arginine→NO synthase→nitric oxide pathway. Although nitrate, as related to exercise performance, is still in its infancy, the results on performance parameters are nothing short of salivary (pun intended)!
Nitrate has been shown to be a powerful aerobic and anaerobic ergogenic aid by reducing the oxygen cost of exercise, translating into lower perceived exertion and/or a greater maximal workload capacity. Astonishingly, the increased work comes without an accompanying increase in blood-lactate, meaning your muscles actually become more energetically efficient. This increase in mitochondrial efficiency (P/O ratio) is due to the reduced cost of ATP (muscular currency) to produce muscular force.

Beta alanine (2g/scoop)
This non-proteinogenic amino acid is a constituent of muscle-carnosine (beta-alanine-l-histidine), however, myocarnosine content has been shown to be significantly increased through beta alanine supplementation alone. Carnosine, which supplemental beta alanine enhances the muscular concentration of, helps stabilize muscular pH levels by buffering the hydrogen ions produced through intense exercise. Intuitively, this stacks nicely with nitrates as they synergistically work through different modalities to achieve the same endurance effect.

Betaine anhydrous (2.5g/scoop)
Betaine, or trimethylglycine, is an interesting compound found in beetroot juice as it serves as an osmolyte (protecting cells against dehydration), an antioxidant, and a methyl group donor serving to lower homocysteine levels. Human performance studies involving betaine found it increases power and force performance measures amongst trained individuals and was elucidated through these exercise protocols: bench press throw, bench press force, squat force, and vertical jump power. Another larger study concluded betaine aided in high intensity anaerobic training, allowing individuals to achieve more squat repetitions at 75% of their 1-RM with more repetitions achieved at ≥90% peak power.

1,3,7-trimethylxanthine (200mg/scoop)
Obviously, caffeine is a widely used and highly efficient aerobic and anaerobic performance stimulant. Its effects are as highly acute and pronounced as they are vast. Caffeine improves cognition and alertness, antagonizes adenosine receptors, inhibits phosphodiesterase (PDE), increases epinephrine/norepinephrine/dopamine release, and enhances intracellular sodium/potassium pump activity.

Electrolytes (230mg/scoop)
Ionized salts are abundantly found within our bodies and serve the chief primary function of maintaining specific concentration and charge balances across cell membranes. We include the electrolytes sodium, potassium, and chloride within Condenseâ„¢ to aid in maintaining optimal hydration status and blood volume during strenuous physical activity thereby blunting a rise in cortisol and quickening recovery.

I don't really have much to say on the profile, this is along the lines of Tier 1, Jack3d Micro, and other performance based PWO's and can't really be compared directly to Muscle Marinade, Jack3d, SX3, or the heavier stim PWO's because they are for the most part completely different animals.

I do like the simplicity of the ingredient profile, I like the effective dosing levels, but I was a bit wary of the high caffeine dose because I am of the theory that it is better to have moderate amounts of a couple different stim sources than a large amount of simply caffeine (400mg at the two scoop dose).


Energy(8): Surprisingly decent energy levels, which especially coupled with the endurance aspect made it a surprisingly effective energy-wise. I did bump it from one scoop to two full scoops and I think I liked two scoops better. It wasn't balls to the wall energy and focus like some others, but it was fairly clean and enduring throughout the entire workout.

Pump(6): For something that is supposed to be a pump based preworkout, I was rather disappointed in this aspect. Pumps were average at best when taken by itself. DPOL pumps alone were way better than this product, as was SWOLL-N. The pumps did get better as I went through the tub, but nothing awe-inspiring or even noteworthy.


Good quality ingredients sure, but the best dose of this was 2 scoops, which makes 20 servings per tub. The cheapest I found this was 24.99 for a tub, making this about 1.25 a serving. This is a bit lower than the average price point of 1/serving, but you can probably stretch out the serving to 25-30 servings per tub giving roughly an average value.

--------------Taste (6/10)-----------------

The taste I had was Melonberry Cooler. I was not impressed with the taste of this, giving it a 6 was maybe a little generous. I have heard that apple crisp is good, but melonberry cooler is tolerable if you just want to chug it down quickly, it doesn't taste good enough for you to actually want to drink it.


When push comes to shove I was not impressed with this product. Energy and endurance was solid but not spectacular, pumps were nothing noteworthy, price point is a little high, and the flavor I had wasn't very good. If you are looking at these newer lower stim PWO's I would definitely say try this one over Citadel's Tier 1, but I havent tried Jack3d Micro yet, so the jury is still out over which one of the three is worth the investment.

  • Slight Increase In Vascularity.
  • Great Endurance
  • Better Endurance
  • Value Dependent Upon Servings
  • Inconsistent
Rep: +1,273
Trust: 100%
  October 15, 2013

I waited I don't know how long to try this product since it was originally announced. But I just recently finished my first tub and I was sadly pretty disappointed.

Content: 8/10
I am not going to go over everything in great detail as most of the ERs have already done a very thorough job breaking it down. But just for a quick recap, this is what each scoop of Condense provides: 230 mg of Electrolytes to maintain/enhance cell hydration levels. 2.5 grams of Betaine Anhydrous, an anti-oxidant, which studies have shown to help increase power exerted and overall workout performance levels. 2 grams of Beta Alanine, a Non-Essential Amino Acid that aids in anaerobic endurance and exercise power output. As well as being linked to higher increases in lean muscle mass. 480 mg of Nitratene, a patent pending nitrate blend used to increase nitric oxide production, thus providing better pumps. And last but not least, 200 mg of Caffeine to increase overall energy, focus, and alertness.

Overall, most of these ingredients are pretty common in most solid pre-workout blends. With nitrate formulas being used more and more by the day. So nothing extraordinary, but I have to give props to Purus Labs for not using a prop blend.

Dosing/Mixability: 7/10
On the tub, Purus recommends taking 1 scoop 10 minutes before working out. I lift first thing in the morning 4 times a week. So as soon as I got out of bed, I would get dressed and take a serving of Condense then drive 3-5 minutes to the gym. Once I had established my tolerance, I upped the dosage to 2 scoops for the remainder of the tub.

In 4-6 ounces of water, Condense does a better job of mixing thoroughly then some pre-workouts. But even with stirring with a spoon for several seconds, it always left a little pool of wet powder at the bottom of the glass that I had to swallow/chew through.

Overall Effectiveness: 5.5/10
I come in over 200 lbs. and would consider myself pretty stimulant tolerant. This was however the first stimulant containing pre-workout that I had taken in about six months so I expected to get a pretty good jolt out of it. At one scoop, I barely felt anything and was yawning the whole time while I was lifting. At two scoops, same deal, except I felt a little bit alert and wasn't yawning as much. I understand that Condense does not contain any hardcore stimulants, but at 400 mg of caffeine from 2 scoops, I was expecting a little more kick.

This is the highlight of the product. At one scoop, the pumps were good but didn't really take full effect till after I was about a ¼ through my workout. At two scoops, the pumps were even better and starting kicking in during my beginning sets. The pumps were definitely nowhere near the ones I get from D-pol, but were still probably some of the best I have ever gotten out of a pre-workout formula.
My endurance levels definitely increased while running Condense. But with 2 scoops providing 4 grams of Beta-Alanine, this should be a given. In general, my vascularity increased though for whatever reasons, seemed to remain inconsistent week to week.

Taste: N/A
I don't rate the taste for pre-workouts as I only have to taste it for about for 5 seconds. I just care about if they simply work or not. But as compared to other pre-workouts I've taken, Condense is definitively one of the best tasting ones. I had the "Crisp Apple" flavor and it has a nice mellow and tangy taste to it. It is also dye free, which is another plus in my book.

Value: 5/10
Condense will run you about 25-32$ online depending where you order it from. This is pretty average pricing for most pre-workouts. Depending on how you dose it, a tub of Condense will give you between 20-40 servings. Which is not too bad at all, but based on my own personal experience, I would consider Condense simply more of a pump enhancer then an actual pre-workout. So it only lives up to about half of what's meant to do.

Overall: 6.4/10
Overall, Condense simply did not live up to what I expect out of a pre-workout. It was more of a pump enhancer then an actual pre-workout. So I cannot recommend it to anyone looking for a new or solid pre-workout formula to try out. Purus Labs is still one of my favorite companies and I plan on trying out Muscle Marinade sometime hopefully in the near future. Which I probably should have done in the first place.
  • Slight Increase In Vascularity.
  • Great Pumps
  • Great Flavor
  • Better Endurance
  • Dye Free
  • Inconsistent
  • Low Energy
  • Needs Different Stims
Rep: +257
Trust: 100%
  September 10, 2012

Today I am reviewing the new preworkout by Purus Labs called Condense. Condense is the first of its kind in the world of preworkouts (as far as I know). It is a product that focuses on pump/vascularity more than it does with energy. In Condense, you will find no creatine and no 1,3 dimeth. It does however introduce Nitratene(which I'm not sure but I think is just a fancy word that Purus made up cause' I have never heard of it). Nitratene is Purus' revolutionary nitrous oxide precursor to which gives you the amazing vascularity and pumps.


Hands down this is the best tasting supplement I have ever tried of any kind. While taste isn't usually a factor, it is definitely worth mentioning when it was this good. Purus hit a grand slam here. I mixed two scoops with 8-10oz water right before going into the gym. Simple as any other preworkout. I do have to say it was nice that I never had to worry about if I had an empty or full stomach. The pump/vascularity aspect always stayed the same despite if I had eaten or not.


This was like being with a virgin. At first, didn't get much from it. After using it a few times though it came through and was amazing. This is definitely something that gets better with time. Around 5 uses I was getting the full effects everytime. What was even better was that after about 10 uses, I become constantly more vascular than I normally was. Working out or not it seemed like I always had veins popping. I'm already somewhat vascular but hey, I'm not going to complain with being more vascular.
The pumps were also amazing. Every workout (minus leg and back; never used it on those days) I got the best pumps I ever had. Chest days were my favorite where my chest blew up 2-3x its normal size. I had never experienced that to that magnitude. It was simply outstanding how good of pumps of received with this product.
The energy was a little bit to much for me at first. Never going below two scoops, I was getting hit with 400mg of caffeine evrytime. After a few uses of this though I got used to it and it became a nice clean energy that I enjoyed and never really "crashed" off of.

The only thing I recommend (or at least want to try) is running two cans of this back to back. I know your supposed to cycle off stims but I'm curious to see as if I would keep becoming more vascular the more I used this.


This is 24.95 at lockout supplements. This isn't bad at all if you use a one scoop dosage. But at two scoops your only getting 20 servings which isn't all that great. BUT I also think that with the constant vascularity it gave me that it was a little more than just a preworkout therefore I gave it a higher rating on the value.

Overall: 9/10

This is my new go to preworkout. I've already ordered another one and I just finished it today. This product is something I suggest you don't judge until you are halfway or more through with it. If you want to try it, I would also suggest buying two tubs. This was an outstanding preworkout that was really more than a preworkout to me. Purus definitely made another great product here.
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Pumps
  • Great Vascularity
  • Takes A Few Uses To Fully Work
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +40
Trust: 64%
  August 18, 2012

Whats up everyone! I haven't done a review in a while so bear with me. I just finished my first container of condense and I have two backups and am really glad I do because this stuff is awesome. Purus wasnt kidding when they stated "Consider the Game Changed".

Some quick background about condense, it is made by Purus labs and the formula is really simple yet so effective. I did 2 scoops on workout days and 1 scoop on cardio. I suggest you do 2 scoops which gives you 20 workouts and for 24.95 from lockout, you cannot beat that.

I have tried many PWO's including MM, Assault, No Explode, Pre Surge Unleased, Jack3d, Gamma Labs PTF, Tier 1, M5 and many others. Condense blows them all out of the water, and I used to love assault. MM is really good and I love it but the DMAA and my body don't like each other so I stay away from it.

Here a breakdown of the Ingredients in Condense.

Servings Per Container: 20, 2 scoops (12.6g)
Betaine Anhydrous: 5g
Beta Alanine: 4g
Nitratene: 960mg
Caffeine: 400mg

I added my own creatine to this, and loved the fact that this doesn't contain DMAA and Dyes.

Profile: 8.5

Overall, I'll give the profile an 9. I love the fact that everything is simple and has clinical dosages of each ingredient with research backing it up. I do wish however that it had creatine in it, but adding my own creatine is not a big deal. Condense gives you great pump, energy, focus, and endurance. I love the fact that it doesnt contain a proprietary blend. Many companies claim they use proprietary blends so other companies don't copy off them but its also a good way to get under dosed on some ingredients.

Value: 10

For value, Condense lands a perfect 10. If you go to lockout, it costs $24.95. If you use 1 scoop per workout, it will give you 40 workouts or if you use 2 scoops it will give you 20 workouts. As stated earlier I did 2 scoops workout days, and 1 scoop on cardio days. Taking 1 scoop comes out to $.62 a day and 2 scoops is $1.25. Thats not a bad price range at all when looking at all the other pwo's.

Taste/Dosing: 9

As far as tastes go, the melon berry is good, nothing sweet and at the same time nothing disgusting. It doesnt have artificial sweeteners or dyes so this is where it really shines. My next container of condense is crisp apple so hopefully that will be good. I usually take 2 scoops mix it with 10 ounces of water and drink it 15 min before working out. My last workout, I took 2 scoops dumped them under my tongue, and chased it with water and for some reason I got better results from it. This PWO is a bit different then others, as it says to take it 10 min before working out and for good reason.

Effectiveness: 9

Condense lands a 9 on effectiveness. Its not stimulant heavy and 2 scoops was my sweet spot. Condense claims that it will blow you up and your vascularity will come out. My vascularity popped out a bit more than usual but nothing dramatic but hey, it only my fault as if my BF percentage was lower than I am sure my veins would be looking good. As stated earlier I did take 2 scoops and dump it under my tongue and chased it with water and I had increased vascularity and focus than normal. You get a clean flow of energy and focus within 5-8 minutes of taking condense. Purus hit every aspect that you want in a PWO and I felt great focus, energy, endurance, and pumps. I definitely filled my shirt out a bit more during my workout.

Overall: 9

Purus Labs hit a homerun with Condense. Condense gives you a great pump, focus, energy and endurance to beat the weights up. Caffeine is the only source of stimulant in this so if you are a stim junkie than go with MM or another PWO along those lines. Condense doesn't have a Proprietary blend which is awesome because we actually know what our body is getting. Wish there was creatine in here but adding Green Mag, or Creature might be better. I recommend you guys give this a try. For the money and the company you cannot beat it.

  • Slight Increase In Vascularity.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
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      October 2, 2012

    Alright alright alriiiight.
    Thanks again Grambo and Purus labs for hooking me up with this crispy apple of a preworkout to log. I really enjoyed it and the product. My stack was relativly simple and I did use green mag for the last half of container.

    Ingredients------------ 9----------
    Nice and simple designed for performance and pump great dosage for 2 scoops. I like these ingredients and think that together work great.

    Servings Per Container: 20, 2 scoops (12.6g)
    Betaine Anhydrous: 5g
    Beta Alanine: 4g
    Nitratene: 960mg
    Caffeine: 400mg

    Effectiveness -----------------8------

    I though this product worked great. During the first week which I was not using creatine and dieting for a show. I noticed ok pumps and good endurance not really any vascularity. workout intensity was much more consistent rather than high to low like many stim based preworkouts. I loved the endurance part because the end of the workouts are my favorite part and contain some great moves sometimes because I like to get really warmed up and finish with certain stuff. If you get all crashed or stims wear off the end of a workout can be a drag. Condense allowed me to continue pace accordingly.

    2nd week

    Pumps increased. By now pumps were pretty good and fairly consistent, not much vascularity in the begining of the week. endurance factor increased even more. Also could be attributed to calorie increase and the addition of green magnitude preworkout. Towards the end of the week I noticed more and more vascularity increasing and same goes for pump which is really a compliment because I was and am still gaining weight which can easily hide veins. So to get vascularity at increased BF% is great news. Now If I was still really low BF I imagine vascularity would be through the roof.

    3rd week
    Pumps great almost similar to those full body hemavol pumps. Now the vascularity increased for a bit but I noticed that towards the end of the week and tub that it started to fall off. Maybe too much bf?? but I dont think so cause fat gain was going down. (It spiked due to massive increase in calorie intake without building up gradually) So I thought the vascularity was dimming out on the third week. The pumps still Ok and the endurance was there for sure. After this week it was done. I took 2 scoops per serving meaning I got 20 servings out of the tub.

    Really the endurance is the main part of the product not the pumps or veins that is more aesthetic so for all 3 weeks it worked great. 400mg is a good kick of caffeine once my tolerance lowered from Razor 8 and all those fat burners. I know tolerance lowered cause it started to feel stronger and caffeine withdrawal headaches disappeared.

    Now I did take this during a bodybuilding show as well as yok3d and had some badass pumps for the stage. So that was sweet. and Could be a good use for it, If you ever competed in one you know you need great pumps and vascularity but also having great endurance and not cramping up really helps if you have to go out on stage 3 times or so.

    Taste--------------------- 10---------------

    Fooin amazing taste the crisp apple that is. Really looked forward to drinking it. One of the only preworkouts That I actually enjoyed drinking. and when combined with green apple green mag it was even better. So if you are into taste and like pumps, get this for sure.


    Only downfall in my opinion. I found it very effective at 2 scoops and I am sure others will as well. and for 20 servings at 25 dollars or so it is not the best deal out there. I think that could be worked on. BUT I will say that if you are one of the lucky ones who finds one scoop to work super than 40 servings for 25 bucks is great. For instance I recommended this to my brother, who is a beginner and does not want creatine. For him one scoop should be a great starting spot. So the value varies on how much you like to use.

    Thanks again Grambo and Purus Labs
    • Slight Increase In Vascularity.
    • Increased Energy
    • Great Pumps
    • Amazing Taste
    • Value Dependent Upon Servings

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