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When to use this?
Did you guys take con-cret at all after your workouts as well as before or did u just stick to the 1 hour before

should I use this supplement? I am trying to gain muscle mass but be safe
I don't want any steroids or any sort of weird enhancement, I just want to gain muscle in a legit way and I want to know if this is safe and what is the...

Does Con-Cret give you a pump?
Hi to all, I am going to buy a tub of this product, but the question I have is : Will this give me a pump and gain me muscle ? Or do I need another...

Has anyone experienced acne problems with this?
I started taking con cret about two months ago and im very happy with my results but since starting ive had problems with acne on my back and shoulders....

How should I dose this?
I've decided to bring Creatine HCL back in my life after a long, long stretch using Creapure and most recently Kre-Alk. I weigh 240. I was thinking 4...

How do I use con-cret to get the best results?
I'm taking con-cret preworkout(2 scoops), then I'm taking p90x recovery drink postworkout... I was thinking to take (1 scoop) of con-cret preworkout and...

Why dose like this?
Why does it require you to take a dose an hour before working out? Can you just as effectively take it 10-15 mins before working out instead?

What to expect in 30 days.
Start Low Rep - High Weight work out . I have established a well developed schedule to suit my body's needs along with maintaining a high protein diet...

when should i take this?
Hey another question about this. I do 30 min cardio before hitting the weights, when should i take the creatine? 1 hour before my cardio or when im about to do my cardio?

Will this aid in SIZE gains?
Im starting another cycle of creatine on the 1st.. im looking for a good creatine that will aid in mostly size increase and strength increases. I have...

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You Now Can Get Promera Sports 72 serving Con-Cret bundle Costco Exclusive
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