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con-cret and c4 extreme
Can i take these with eachother or should i split up the time in between? if i take it with c4 will it hinder any of the effects ? Thanks

Will this aid in SIZE gains?
Im starting another cycle of creatine on the 1st.. im looking for a good creatine that will aid in mostly size increase and strength increases. I have...

Can I take this with my animal stak?
Just asking if I can take them both at the same time or if I should separate them for absorption reasons

dosage for taking on off days?
I am planning on taking con cret on off days as well as workout days i am 185 and i have been taking 2 caps pre workout and the stuff works like nothing...

Difference between capsules and powder?
I just received my order of concret from illpumpyouup.com and it was in capsules. I ordered the powder one but don't really care as long as it shows the...

I just bought con-cret
I just bought con-cret and my question is if i weigh 140 should i just take 1 scoop or 1 1/2? also i've read that this product doesn't build muscle.How...

A few questions here please help
So is it true you do not have to cycle this creatine? Also, say you go through one tub of this and then stop taking it and go back to your regular whey...

how well does it work? and why should I use it?
I am 17, trying to lose the extra fat, and gain that muscle! I currently have my tub of AMPlified Wheybolic Extreme 60 and I was wondering, can I still...

should I use this supplement? I am trying to gain muscle mass but be safe
I don't want any steroids or any sort of weird enhancement, I just want to gain muscle in a legit way and I want to know if this is safe and what is the...

Would it make sense to take this w/ kre-alkalyn?
kre-alkalyn in am the con-cret pre-workout? best of both worlds maybe? make sense or not? thanks.

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New CON-CRET flavor
I received this email the other day, that announced a new Pinapple flavor for CON-CRET. Heres the link:http://www.buysafesupplements.com/product_p/70348.htm...

Can you stack anything with Con-Cret?
I take one pill of con-cret a day? Could I add any additional creatine supp?All the ingredients say is 100% concentrated creatine....

Kre Alkalyn vs Con-cret
Can someone please tell me what the difference is between Kre Alkalyn and Con Cret ceatine. For awhile now I have been taking Kre Alkalyn and like it a...

Con-Cret: pill or powder form?
well i was just looking at the reviews and Con-Cret seems to be much more effective than SizeOn. One thing i am wondering is what form should i take it...

cycle with creatine HCI (con-cret)
I've been on Creatine HCI for 45 days (con-cret) and the directions say no loading - no cyclingIt kind of goes against everything I've read about...

Green Magnitude or Con-Cret? Can't decide
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Stacking Question: yok3d, jack3d, con-cret, modern bcaa
I was wondering if stacking yok3d (2-3 hours before), con-cret and jack3d together about 30-40 mins before, the taking modern bcaa intra work out would...

Need info on stacking con-crete w jacked
Iam looking into stacking con-cret and jacked and im wondering a couple of things ..1 is this too much creatine 2 should i be stacking two diffrent creatine...

Protein/Milk Timings with Con-cret
Quick Question: I usually workout in the morning around 9-10 a.m... I usually wake up and drink my 100% whey protein with fat free milk I have read that...