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Pills vs. Powder
Does anyone have any opinions on effectiveness of taking Con-Cret in pill form vs using the powder? I'm curious if anyone has tried both and thinks one...

Con-Cret with NO3/Yok3d and a pre?
Hey guys, im wondering if i can stack con-cret with no3 black chrome or yok3d and a preworkout either jack3d or dark energy. I would obviously only take...

What do you think of my dosage?
I got 2 tubs and a 48 count bottle. I was thinking of 3 scoops or 3 caps pre workout and 2 on non training days. I currently weigh in at 168.

Can I stack with HydroBuilder ?
Since ON´s HydroBuilder (post workout) is 5g creatine, is it safe to stack it with Con-cret pre-workout?

How do I use the scoop for 1.5 gms
So just recieved some con-cret today. I was really suprise of how big the little tub was. So my question is how to know when you got 1.5 gm with the scoop...

Should I just go straight to using con-cret or cycle off? Cycle off kre alkalyn

is this ok to take with NO xplode?
is this product ok to take with NO xplode about 30 min preworkout or and other preworkout that contains creatine?

size or strength and recover
i need to know if it will give me muscle size or it just will give me strength and recover

con-cret vs cellmass
is it better than cellmass ? (recover,build Muscle)

con-cret and c4 extreme
Can i take these with eachother or should i split up the time in between? if i take it with c4 will it hinder any of the effects ? Thanks

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Ok to take both Con-Cret and mono?
Ok, so I have ordered myself a bottle of con-cret caps. Along with some other stuff, I also ordered a package which contained alot of stuff, including...

Protein/Milk Timings with Con-cret
Quick Question: I usually workout in the morning around 9-10 a.m... I usually wake up and drink my 100% whey protein with fat free milk I have read that...

Need info on stacking con-crete w jacked
Iam looking into stacking con-cret and jacked and im wondering a couple of things ..1 is this too much creatine 2 should i be stacking two diffrent creatine...

Stacking Question: yok3d, jack3d, con-cret, modern bcaa
I was wondering if stacking yok3d (2-3 hours before), con-cret and jack3d together about 30-40 mins before, the taking modern bcaa intra work out would...

Green Magnitude or Con-Cret? Can't decide
I'm trying to decide on which creatine to get next. I have it narrowed down to either Green Magnitude or Con-Cret. Which one would you guys reccomend?...

Good Stack For Cutting: Anavite, HGHTropin, Con-crete, Whey, Fish Oil
Hey Guys,So over the past 2-3 months due to a busy work schedule I have not been able to work out they way I have in the past.  I am about to begin...

Con-Cret and C4 Extreme: Ok to use together?
I have like a week left of con-cret to take and just bought C4 to take with my N03 Black Chrome, just wondering if it is alright to take con-cret and C4...

con-cret dosing times. pre or post?
When would be the most efficient time to take con-cret? I would dose about 2 to 2 and a half scoops. I'm not sure yet. The only products I currently...

Con-Cret vs. Kre-Alkalyn
Iam currrently taking con-cret and wanted to switch to krealkalyn ...i got some good results with concret im just wondering which is better overall or...

Stacking Con-Cret and Muscle Marinade: Is this too much creatine?
Hi, I'm thinking of stacking con cret and muscle marinade. The thing is, muscle marinade already has 6 grams of creatine in it. And When I'm...

When cutting, should I be taking con-crete creatine
I didn't know if it would retain excess water ...

Lean Muscle: D-Pol, Erase, Con-Cret, Complete Casein, and more. Any advice?
I'm 6' 4", 185 lb., with ~12% body fat. I'm looking to build strength and lean muscle. My end goal is a lean, cut physique- I'm...

Muscle HQ: DoD Con-Cret on sale $15
Just to let you guys know that ProMera Con-cret creatine is on sale on Muscle HQ. I bought 3 for $39.http://www.musclehq.com/...