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CON-CRET Creatine HCl Reviews

By: ProMera Sports


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CON-CRET Creatine HCl is a Creatine Ethyl Ester Product manufactured by ProMera Sports. It is an ethyl ester derivative of creatine. It has been proposed to be more effective than the traditional version, though this hasn't been proven. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

Creatine bonded to hydrochloric acid which possesses all the same benefits as creatine monohydrate without the bloating and GI distress.



Rep: +5,872
Trust: 100%

  December 22, 2011

What the product claims:
Con-Cret is supposed to have the most bio-available creatine. This should result in better endurance, quicker recovery, and increased strength. It is more soluble than mono due to its unique creatine HCI molecule. It claims to have no side effects like cramps, water retention, bloat, or diarrhea. One serving is equal to 5-10 grams of mono.
I took this during my time in Mississippi for my company. I took it at the same time I was taking C4. I had never used either product before and did some experimentation with the dosage of both to pinpoint the effects of each one.
Dosing 10/10
This was very easy to take. The container is so small you think that you won't get much out of it! Then you open it and see how small the scoop is. The serving is ¼ tsp per 100# BW. I would use 1 heaping scoop and found that to be very effective. I took this as part of my PWO.
Taste 9/10
Once again, I put my disclaimer in that if it works, the hardcore person doesn't care about taste. However; if it tastes good too......BONUS! I had the Blue Razz flavor and found it to be just right. It didn't make the shake too sweet, due to the fact the serving size is so small there's not a lotta room for fillers. In fact, once I was confident in how it affected my workouts, I started adding it to my C4 which was a very good taste! Plus the serving is so small, even if you don't like the taste, you can easily mask it in something else.
Effectiveness 8/10
Of course this is the IMPORTANT part. Did the product do what it claims? I will say that while I was taking this product, I had more endurance and good recovery. I'm always strength training so I can't say that my strength increased due to this product. During the first couple of weeks, I would not take the CC and just take the C4 before my workout. During those workouts, I could tell that my muscles would fatigue sooner. I never got overly sore while taking this product and went up 5# on all my major lifts each week.
Value 7/10
I got this for around $30 for 48 servings. Because I was using heaping scoops, I say I got about 40 servings out of the container. That is $.75 a serving which isn't too bad. You can get Green Mag for 50-60 cents a serving.
Overall 8/10
I could have gone 8 or 9 here but I'll go with 8. The value is decent, the taste is good, and the effectiveness is much better than mono for me. I would try this product again someday if I want to change my creatine. I personally like Green Mag better but would not hesitate to use this again if I came across a good sale. Quality product that delivers what I expected it to.

CON-CRÄ’T is the only creatine on the market that is dosed based on body weight (Micro-Dosing®) "” ¼ tsp or one capsule per 100 lbs body weight with NO-LOADING, NO CYCLING

  • Doses Are Small
  • Recovery
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Increased Muscle Endurance
  • Cost Is The Only Downside To This Supp.
Rep: +1,382
Trust: 100%
  October 13, 2012

Con-Crete is a popular variation of creatine monohydrate. I've had it as an ingredient in a few pre workouts and I wanted to try it as a change up from regular CreaPure for my DTP routine.

CreaPure works the best for me, and you can't beat the value. But I honestly don't know how to feel about the Con-Crete because even though I did see some positives, it's crazy expensive for very few servings.

Dosing/Profile: 9/10

The only ingredient in Con-Crete is Creatine HCl in a dose of 750 mg per scoop. The hydrochloride molecule that is bonded to the creatine is supposed to enhance absorbtion, increase ATP production, and allow you to avoid a lot of common side effects that come with creatine supplementation like water weight gain and cramps (even though I've never experienced any side effects from any creatine before).

Since the creatine is "concentrated", less of it is needed to be effective. Promera advertises that "1/4 teaspoons is equivalent to 5-10 grams of regular creatine". I don't know how I could verify this or not but I really like the premise of micro-dosing. It makes this creatine versatile and convenient to take. Just two tiny scoops preworkout and you're good to go, no loading necessary and no large amount of powder to have to gulp down.

Value: 6/10

Con-Crete loses major points here. I spent $29 for a 48 serving tub on NutraPlanet and that's the standard price on the web and in stores. Since I used 2 scoops a day, it only lasted 24 days. I like that you don't need to do major doses for a loading phase because that always kills the value of a creatine supplement, but c'mon man! $1.21 a day for creatine! SIKE, THAT'S THE WRONG NUMBER! It better lift the weights FOR ME if you expect me to shell out that much every 3 weeks.

CreaPure gave me the same (probably better) results for a fraction of the price. At NutraPlanet I came across a 60 serving tub of Optimum CreaPure for $9. Even if you double up the dose to make it 10 grams, that's still a full month's worth for $.30 a day. Unreal...

Taste/Mixability: 7.5/10

A lot of people complain about the tartness of how the unflavored version tastes, but I found no problems with it. It's a little bitter, but I think creatine ethyl ester tasted way more bitter than this. I'd mix it by itself, with my Alphamine dose in the morning, or with my Condense preworkout and you couldn't taste it much at all, and it just had a dull, sour taste that was a little chemical-y. If you don't like sour tasting things, I understand, but this is nothing to worry about. I'm sure the flavored versions taste better but I wanted to avoid the fillers and flavoring.

The only thing I noticed about the mixability was that the taste got stronger near the bottom of the drink, so the creatine was settling right away. But as long as you can get over the little shock from that concentrated tartness at the bottom of your shaker cup, you're good to go. Mixes clear and leaves no particles or floaties in the cup even if you use a spoon to mix it.

Effectiveness: 7/10

Here's where I'm kind of fuzzy on Con-Crete. For the price I paid, I was expecting it to exceed the effects of a normal creatine. That might've skewed my perception of how this worked.

Since I was running the DTP program, I was really relying on my stamina and endurance to get through the workouts. I did manage to add weight to every exercise in the program over the course of 4 weeks, so Con-Crete did contribute to a little more strength over those long 40 and 50 rep sets.

I don't think this contributed to any kind of pump I had while working out, but since creatine draws water into your cells my muscles did look a little fuller while on Con-Crete. I never experienced any bloating, cramps, or excessive water retention while using this, but like I said I never have with other creatines either.

I did notice I recovered really well day to day while taking this, but I think the cardio/rest day in between each workout helped with that, as well as the other supplements I was stacking with this. But Promera does say that Con-Crete helps with recovery, and I never felt any DOMs or muscle soreness the day after a workout.

But for the people who've reviewed this before me saying the pros are "steroid-like results" and "feeling unbreakable", you might want to check if you were actually taking this and not something else... this is just a creatine supplement, let's calm down.

Overall: 7/10

I feel bad giving this such an average rating because it's a quality product that has its fair share of positive effects. 100% purity, enhanced potency at low doses, increased creatine uptake because of its bond to the hydrochloride molecule...

I think all of Promera's claims of how much better this works than regular creatine are based off of comparisons to regular creatine monohydrate, not CreaPure. I recently switched back over to a CreaPure based creatine supplement and I see no noticeable differences in terms of strength or endurance while lifting. You can get the same results from a creatine that's ¼ the price of Con-Crete, so I don't care if Con-Crete is ¼ the dose of regular creatine. That's cute and all, but doesn't really matter.

If you need a little changeup and want to see if Con-Crete works better for you, I'd say go for it. A lot of people who make the jump over from monohydrate to Con-Crete never go back, so this might work well if you don't respond to mono. But since I know the CreaPure form of monohydrate works really well for me, I wouldn't get this again, and I wouldn't waste your money if you're in the same boat as me.

Next creatine to try for me is Green Magnitude, but I'll be sticking with CreaPure for now and won't be going back to Con-Crete.
  • Strength Increase
  • Doses Are Small
  • Recovery
  • Too Expensive
  • Overrated
Rep: +2,502
Trust: 100%
  April 3, 2012

Whats up everyone? This review I have been prolonging for quite some time because in all honesty, I just don't like giving negative reviews. Today I will be reviewing ProMera's Health Con-Cret.

So quick backround; I love creatine, have tried basically every designer creatine and creatine blend on the market. So my experience in the creatine department is not lacking by any means what so ever. With that said lets jump straight into the review.

Taste – 9/10

So taste is never a make or break item when determining whether a supplement is of good quality or not. If something tastes bad but is quite effective (ex. Creatine Ethyl Ester) you suck it up and just endure the taste. This is not an issue you will have with this product. I had the unflavored and the Lemon Lime. The unflavored was really unflavored.

Usually when a creatine is unflavored it is accompanied by a slight bitter taste, but not this. It might actually be due to the fact that the doses are so small that there really is no room to taste anything at all. The Lemon Lime flavor was pretty darn good. Not too strong/overpowering or sweet, again I have a feeling this is because of how small the doses really are.

Mixability – 9/10

So the mixability was excellent here. The doses are so small that there really isn't that much powder to mix in the water at all. This is prob one of the best mixing creatines I have used.

Content – 10/10

So I really liked the content here. This product consists entirely of creatine hydrochloride. Basically its creatine bonded to HCL; HCL acts as the form of transportation for the creatine in your system. The makers say that "Con – Cret contains no sugars, no fillers, no binders, no buffing agents, no additives, no stimulants, and no banned or illegal substances." Whats also comforting to know is that Con –Cret is is made in the USA and complies with c(GMP) standards.

Effectiveness – 6/10

So this is what really irks me; on paper this is a great supplement, I just didn't respond to it at all. I didn't notice any strength gains or anything similar to what I experience with other creatines. So the first time I ran this was when it first came out, I was taking it with a bunch of other stuff and I didn't notice anything. I ran it a month before I started my Licogenix/OxyECA log and still had noticeable changes.

Recovery – 0/10
Recovery wise I didn't notice much either. With other creatine products I notice a slight change in my recovery, with this I noticed nothing substantial.

Side Effects – NA
So I had no issues, no bloating or water retention which was a plus.

Overall – 6/10
Overall I really really wanted to like this product. It mixes well, the flavor is good; not too strong or overpowering and the value isn't that bad either. On its 34 bucks for 48 servings, and they have a coupon where you can get 20% off of that price. There are no sides, no bloating or water retention, but for me there was also no results. This is a shame, but everyone responds to supplements differently and I guess this is one of those products that is just not effective for me. I tried GNC's creatine 189 before in the past which is creatine HCL and that too didn't do much for me.
Overall I think I would recommend this to someone to try, as I have several friends who did like it. Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for anyone else. I hate it when people don't like a product and automatically assume its trash and wont work for anyone. This is a fairly popular creatine supplement which has worked for others so clearly some people are getting something out of the HCL bonded creatine. In my case though I think I will just stick to Green Mag and good ol' reliable micronized creatine monohydrate.
  • Doses Are Small
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Mixes Very Well
  • No Results
Rep: +425
Trust: 100%
  June 21, 2011


With all the crazy reviews and hype around this product I would consider it a sin not to try out this product.

I have tried a majority of Creatines out there. I have had nice expernieces with Monohydrate & Kre-Alk and was very excited to try Con-Cret.

Con-Cret is ProMera Health's high-selling creatine product. Con-Cret contains Creatine Hydrochloride (HCL) which sets it apart from your traditonal Monohydrate and "cousins" like Kre-Alk & Ethyl Ester. One 750 MG dosge is apparently equal to 5-10 grams of Monohydrate.

"Science Behind Con-Cret"

While my order was in the mail I was doing some extra research on Con-Cret and noticed there graph that explains how Con-Cret is much more soluble than Monohydrate. This graph interested me so I decided to look into a little more.
The lab that conducted the study was Viero Systems and the "Labs" website ( was the phoniest thing I have ever witnessed. It contains one page with just a backdrop of some generic lab.
Although this kinda left me feeling punked the MASS amount of positive results gave me hope.


Taste is relative but I could not see anyone enjoying the unflavored taste. It simply sucks, but I could care less. Mixing it with juice lessens the horrid aftertaste a bit. I have not tried the new flavors but I hear they are solid which beats the unflavored significatly.

Overall, taste is not a biggie for me and it has no effect on the rating of this product.


None to report. This should be expected of a "concentrated creatine." Although the "sides" that come from Monohydrate seem to come with products like Cell-Tech that has way too much sugar, which can cause bloating, water retention, etc. which is later blamed on Monohydrate.


It is quite possibly the most expensive creatine. It will cost you in the ballpark of $35 for a tub or bottle of caps, which is extremely high compared to Creapure and is a bit more expensive than Kre-Alk.


This is were the product truly disappointed me. I ran this product for close to 12 weeks. I did two tubs of powder and a bottle of capsules and would rank this below Monohydrate and Kre-Alk.

Around Week 2 I saw slight strength gains but no where near the "steroid-like" strength gains reported or strength gains I have experniece with Kre-Alk or Monohydrate. After Week 2 I didn't see much of any noticeable strength gains. This is really upsetting especially on a calorie surplus diet.

Side Notes-

I'm not saying this product won't work for everyone it simply didn't work for ME! I've had my best results with Monohydrate which doesn't seem normal these days so maybe I'm a "weird" responder to Creatine.

I would recommend Monohydrate (Creapure) or Kre-Alk over Con-Cret. Monohydrate simply because its cost-efficent and has countless studies promoting its effects, and Kre-Alk because I responded well to it.
  • Doses Are Small
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Too Expensive
  • Minimal Results
  • Overrated
  • No Legit Science Behind The Product
Rep: +2,719
Trust: 100%
  August 14, 2012

Just about halfway through my second tub of this and finally decided to give this a review. Although I usually just stick to CreaPure, I decided to venture off into the world of creatine, as I get really bored using the same product constantly. I see all these new attempts at introducing new creatines to the market as if companies were trying to reinvent the wheel. Then again, that doesn't take away from the effectiveness of these new forms of creatine. Anyway, let me get this started.

A very small scoop. Kind of surprising actually. Just looking at the bottle it's in you would think that there was barely anything in there. But one scoop delivers 750mg of Creatine HCL. 1 serving(scoop) per 100lbs of bodyweight. I'm currently at 193lbs so I just take 2 servings pre/post. On off days, I would take 2 scoops in the morning to saturation.

I used the "raw" flavor twice. I can see some people being turned off by it, but as sick as it may seem, I actually enjoyed this flavor. I wouldn't be able to drink it all day, but for some reason the chemical like taste was just good. As a warning, I would just say go for a different flavor, because I am sure most of you guys won't like this taste. Then again, mixing it with a preworkout would be a great way to mask the raw flavor if it was a problem for you.

With old school mono, I would usually have to wait for it to dissolve before I drank it. That would usually take a few minutes. This stuff dissolves immediately. After one shake, it would be like there was nothing in there. The only thing left would be that weird taste.

At first, I didn't see any results from this because I was just using it post workout. Then after finally caving in and taking it as a pre-training creatine, I found it to be very effective. My strength increased noticeably. Endurance was also up, I could just tell that I would fatigue sooner when I forgot to take it. I wouldn't say that I actually recovered better from it, but I usually rate my recovery by other factors(diet/water intake/BCAAs). Another good thing is that there is no water retention with this, something I can't say about Mono(GNC brand mono, no problem with CreaPure)

To be honest, this was a killer. GNC has AMP Creatine 189, which is the exact same ingredient, but is a lot cheaper per serving(You know something is expensive when you can find the same ingredient at GNC cheaper). Even online it is rather expensive for the amount of servings you are getting. One bottle comes with 48 servings, I take 4 on training day, and 2 on off days. You do the math.

I'll be generous and overlook the value a bit. I really like this creatine and will continue to by it from time to time. I would say give this a shot if it's on sale because it works. Def. give it a shot if you like to experiment.

Or if you want to be "that guy", who is very boring and refuses to use anything else but CreaPure, you are fine going that route, but just to let you know, you are missing out!
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Increase
  • Doses Are Small
  • Recovery
  • Cost Is The Only Downside To This Supp.
  • Overrated
Rep: +57
Trust: 75%
  April 10, 2011

ProMera Health's Con-Cret. Powdered and flavorless.

This is the first creatine I have ever tried. Based on what I've read on this site I knew I would be trying this first. I will note that my overall goal is to reduce my body fat percentage by increasing Muscle and Strength, while losing fat.

Taste: I've tried with just water, as well as dumping on my tongue when I was running late. I recommend neither. The taste is just horrible, but honestly that doesn't matter to me. Might to someone though, keep reading if it does to you.

Mixability: This mixes extremely well, just disappears in water. I've heard about monohydrate mixing issues and can say they do not apply. And to conquer the taste I mixed with a half packet of Crystal Light. Perfect.

Effectiveness: Unfortunately I do not have a standard to compare against, as this is my first creatine. That said, I'm still convinced that this product contributed to my strength gains, which through the course of this tub, have been significant. I recommend.

Value: I ordered the 38.4 grams tub from for $29.99. I used 2 ½ scoops per workout which comes out to $1.56 per workout. This is kind of expensive to me, however, the tub just seems to last a good while and I still recommend based on effectiveness.

Side Effects: I'm pretty sure I had none. Absolutely no pain/headache/upset stomach type symptoms. Some days I was concerned about that watery look, but the fact of the matter is I drink a LOT of water through the course of the day, which is most likely the root.

Overall: This product is pure and effective, defiantly worth a try. After all when it comes to physical fitness, you can't argue against at least temporary change.

This product, Kre-Alkalyn, and Creapure products are the most praised creatines period. I'm starting Kre-Alkalyn now, with plans on using Creapure under Optimum's label next. After that I hope to be able to decide on the permanent creatine in my stack.
  • Dramatic Strength Increase
  • No Fillers
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +593
Trust: 100%
  April 10, 2013

Promera claims they have the Future of Creatine in their most popular supplement: Con-Cret. They boast Superior Solubility, Superior Plasma Uptake, No Loading or Cycling, No Cramping, Bloating, Water Retention or GI Issues. All this along with the promotion of Strength, Endurance, and Muscle Recovery. I'll give you guys my take on it and how it compared to Cellucor's Cor-Performance Creatine.

Dosing- 10/10
Dosing is based on body weight, 1 scoop per 100lbs. Each scoop contains 750mg of Creatine HCl and depending if you get unflavored or flavored, 237mg of flavoring. Take on off days and preworkout. I enjoyed the body weight-based dosing, I took 1 heaping scoop (approximately 1.3 scoops)preworkout and off days, drinking 1 gallon or more every day.

Effectiveness- 8/10
Their supplement supported their claims well.
I originally started using it post-workout, but then realized it was aimed to be used preworkout. As soon as I switched from post to pre, I noticed a reasonable amount of extra endurance during sets; 1 or 2 extra reps or I felt like my muscles recovered quicker between sets. I didn't notice as good of strength increase as I did with creapure however. I feel like Con-Cret helped, but I just responded better to creatine mono.

I didn't load or cycle for around 18 weeks of use, although it seems like there isn't any need to cycle creatine in general. The only other creatine I've used so far (aside from pwos) is Cellucor's creapure which I didn't load either.

I never had any cramping, bloating, GI issues, or water retention. I actually noticed a decrease in water retention when I switched from Cellucor's creatine to Con-cret and I wasn't even holding that much water with Cellucor's product.

Taste- 7/10
I tried the Unflavored and the Snakefruit flavor. The unflavored was quite bitter but could be masked well in a preworkout. The Snakefruit however, was interesting to say the least. A bit spicy, tangy, sweet. I couldn't tell if it was pleasant or unpleasant.

Mixability- 9/10
They were spot on with their claims of Superior Solubility. When you drop it in your shaker, it usually just disappears. There was one instance when I had to mix it in a glass with a spoon and it didn't mix so well, resulting in a 9 instead of 10.

Value- 6/10
You can usually find Con-cret for around $30-$35 for a 48 serving container. At this price, it would run $0.62-$1.45 depending on how you dose it and how much you paid. More than likely, you will use closer to 2 scoops running the price closer to $1.45, although this is on sale/bogo a lot at

Overall- 7/10
Con-cret is pretty good, but there's a lot cheaper creatines on the market. It seems like it's a hit-or-miss supplement in terms of people's response to it, but I had a pretty positive experience with it so I would recommend giving it a shot. I feel like due to having no/minimal water retention, it would be effective on a cut, but if you're bulking, I would just stick to some Creapure.
  • Doses Are Small
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Extra Endurance
  • Cute Scooper
  • Body Weight Dosing
  • Low Water Retention
  • Too Expensive
  • Overrated
  • Hit-or-miss Results
Rep: +30
Trust: 27%
  March 17, 2011

This is the best creatine product I have ever tried. Period. I was skeptical at first about the amazing claims, so I decided to go with the free sample. After using up the sample, I've already had great gains. (5-10 pounds per workout) And this was just the sample.

Ok, so it's a little pricy, but because of the way it works, I'm not complaining.

I have the blue raspberry powder and it has a strange taste. It's almost like a bitter, dry mouth feeling when you're drinking it. Although, taste shouldn't be important as long as the product works. If you wanna be a wuss, just go with the pills. They work just about as good.

After using a 24 serving sample pack I got past my plateau in bench of 225. My tricep pull down has gone past what the machines can give me so I'm adding on weight now! (20 pound increase from what I was previously doing) There are also several other workouts that have increase about 5-10 pounds. Now, as for the "no side-effects", I can say that I haven't gotten any of the typical creatine cons. In fact, my six pack has gotten more define since using it.

Bottom line:
This is a legit, clean creatine. Go to the website to get a free offer (6.99 shipping). A little pricy, but works amazingly. Paired with a pre-workout; like jack3d, ACG3, or N.O. Xplode, it will increase the results.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Increase
  • Recovery
  • Banned Substance Free
    Rep: -6
    Trust: 0%
      March 30, 2011

    I've used around 6 bottles of this stuff. Solid product with great results. Recovery time is amazing. A great product to use in your stack. You can mix it with virtually anything. Very concentrated and not filled up with a bunch of junk, so you won't retain as much water if any, as you do with other post workout products. Taste is a bit caustic but it is worth the gains. Put it in your gym bag!
    • Builds Muscle
    • Strength Increase
    • Doses Are Small
    • Recovery
    • Thought I Was Unbreakable
    • Dramatic Strength Increase
      Rep: +22
      Trust: 31%
        February 3, 2011

      WOW!!! just finished my first tub or can of Con-Cret and i am really pleased with how it helped me. I am a skeptic when it comes to supps because of hyped up products i have tried that didnt live up to the hype.after reading the reviews i had to give this one a try. I had only taken creatine monohydrate before and my body responded with the bloating and urinating every 15 minutes effect.

      lets get straight to business with Con-Cret.the first time i tried it i felt a difference in my workouts right off the bat. I was able to push out more reps and did not fatigue as quickly as when i didnt take Con-Cret,i knew this was something special.2nd workout i was a firm believer in this product,3rd workout i said i am getting another tub of this.

      I chose to drink it with about 4oz of water only just like a shot.some people mix it but I was afraid if i mixed it with a acidic type of juice or sugary drink that it might take away from it,call me paranoid i guess.for the results it delivers i dont care how it taste,flavor is not why I take a supplement.this one is a lil tart when taken with water,but just chase it with more water and you will be fine.

      Value:it is a 48 serving product which means i got 24 because i weigh 220lbs and you need to take one scoop for every 100lbs of body weight. I dont mind if the servings to price ratio aint there, I will pay for it because IT WORKS!

      Overall: I just cant say enough about Con-Cret,i seen and felt results because i was able to go beyond what i was doing before I tried Con-Cret,which in my opinion is all that matters.

      people Im telling you now,TRY IT!! you wont be disappointed.

      • Builds Muscle
      • Strength Increase
      • Recovery
      • Thought I Was Unbreakable

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