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D-Aspartic Acid Reviews

By: PrimaForce


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Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

D-Aspartic Acid is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by PrimaForce. It helps optimize your natural testostorone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

Amino acid that may boost testosterone levels in men in addition to increasing levels of Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-stimulating Hormone.



Rep: +226
Trust: 100%
  May 4, 2011

Ahhhhhhhh!! I love me some DAA. As I've mentioned before I've done DAA in capsule form that a buddy of mine bought in bulk and made his own. Yes it was really DAA. I personally have had magnificent results with the 2 cycles of DAA I've ran. The first one was ran after a "PH" cycle in conjunction with other "products" to increase LH levels and natural testosterone. Did it work? YES! I then came across PrimaForce selling it in powder form and I was excited to try it this way as well.

Taste: 8/10. It says unflavored but thats definitely not true. It has a mild fruit flavor to it that isn't good nor bad. The best description is a slight peach tea taste without sugar.. Kinda weird but it grows on you. I mixed it with protein before I knew it actually had a prominent taste and it made the protein shake taste weird. Not terrible beyond consumption but odd. I then started mixing it with sugar free kool-aid stick packs and that masked the taste perfectly.

Effectiveness: 9/10. I try not to give 10's on this category simply because I haven't tried every product available. However, to put it bluntly, this stuff works. PERIOD! My curiosity was peaked initially when I ready some scientific studies proving it increased test levels by 40% in 12 days when dosed at 3 grams per serving. I ran 3 grams, 1 hour pre workout on training days and 3 grams with breakfast on non training days. Like most testosterone boosters, it takes a few days to "feel it" but then the strength, endurance, and libido go through the roof. I personally ran this as a way of preserving as much muscle tissue as possible while cutting down. It did exactly what I wanted. My definition increased day by day and my weight actually remained close to the same. I went from 178 and only dropped to around 175 with significant increases in definition. I stayed fuller, longer and my energy levels were much higher even with extremely low carb levels. I felt great. Possibly the first thing most people will feel is the increase in libido, which is ridiculous to say the least. I don't want to go into detail but you'll be ready at all hours and at multiple times.

Side effects: Nothing to right home about. No acne, no aggression (even though people exaggerate aggression like crazy. Actually had a guy tell me Methyl 1-D made him want to beat his wife but that's a story for another day). The big noticeable "side effect" is that you're testicles will get larger and feel heavier. Nothing bad but fuller! Whether or not thats something you or your girl or whatever you get down with enjoy that or not is up to you. The only thing I noticed that was undesirable was my sweat would smell different. Nothing worse then normal but different.

Value. 10/10. I paid 23 dollars shipping and all at for 33 3gram servings which equals .69 per serving. Doesn't really get better than that for the results. One of the best valued products IMO!

Overall: 9/10. Again I try not to give 10's because I haven't took everything. I can't stress enough that this product works. It does exactly what any lifter would want in terms of building muscle, heightening endurance and stamina, and even gives a boost in the bedroom. PrimaForce gets huge props for selling this for such an incredible value. I highly recommend this to anyone. Try it, love it, and thank me later!
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Preservation
  • High Libido
  • Love It!
    Rep: +2,318
    Trust: 100%

      June 17, 2011

    This seemed to be an overhyped product that failed to deliver results for me.

    I took a full container of DAA a couple months back and delayed writing my review because I didnt have much to say about it (which is not a good thing).
    My strength may have increased slightly but not to any degree that I can say with certainty that it was from DAA.

    Overall I failed to notice any tell-tale signs of increased testosterone such as acne, aggression, "alpha" sense of well-being, strength increases or endurance gains.
    I dosed my 3g every morning in with orange juice because the bitter taste of the DAA powder blended seamlessly with the similar taste of OJ (even though I despised the carbs). When I didnt have any OJ to mix it in, I usually added it to my morning protein shake.

    DAA can be obtained fairly cheaply considering its hot market status and so with a low price tag and low performance, I rated this a 7 for value.

    As I mentioned in the overall review, this seemed to be a dud and I doubt it was my batch of DAA since I have not seen many other people make similar claims to mine. I seem to be the lone "non-responder" to DAA.

    Very bitter. Unlike creatine which is tasteless, DAA when mixed in liquid was one of the worst tasting supplements I have tried however when taken with orange juice, the horrible taste went away.

    Im glad other people believe its working for them, I just wish I could say the same. I hate trying new highly recommended products only to have them come up short and write reviews contrary to the consensus.
      • Bad Taste
      • Ineffective
      Rep: +1,856
      Trust: 100%

        March 21, 2011

      1st! Woohoo!

      Alright now that that is out of the way, I have some cool stuff for you.

      I ran this per the dosing on the label for 60 days. This product has been shown to increase test by 42% within a week or so according the to studies I read. This is also one of the ingredients in USPLabs' Viridex, which I am very excited about, and not just because Marzia Prince is in some of the ads for it (although that IS exciting).

      I have to be honest here, this is the first product that I have taken where I could really pinpoint a moment at which I could definetly feel that my test levels were up. One week, to the day, into taking this, I could literally feel the difference in my sex Drive and motivation in the pursuit of "getting some". Fortunately I am married so I didn't have to go down to that one street in town that we all know about, where those women we swear we don't know the names of hang out. Right? Right. Anyway, it wasn't just a small feeling, it was like one of those Y-shaped sticks that you supposedly can use to find water in the desert? Yeah like that except that this is the "poo" that powers stick. If you don't have any idea what I am talking about, I don't care, just go google "water finding stick", I just did and stuff comes up that explains it. Right.

      So back on topic-

      -Definite test increase, one that was pinpoint-able and absolutely there 100% for sure this time.
      -Definite results, I put 20lbs on my squat and 10 on my bench in a month, I think that is cool.
      -Body fat decreased, visible especially in my man-gut.
      -Traps seemed to be primary benefactor, they pop'd up, but this has to be a result of training and nutrition as well, its just what I noticed most.

      I waited 7 days to review to see if I felt weird or anything afterwards. not a scientificly determined time length I know., I continued everything I had been doing while on this. I don't feel anything shrinking and I am sleeping well, not crying randomly or other non-masculine characteristics, so I think everything is all good.

      Glycobol throughout
      100% Whey
      GNC Amp 189 Creatine (yeah yeah I know)
      StarChem Labs X10 (interesting though going to run a bit longer before reviewing)
      Fish, Flax, CLA, Multi
      Got Yok3d that last 3 days of the DAA cycle and couldn't wait till I was done with DAA cause I was psyched about Yok3d- and rightfully so.

      Maintenance diet, lots of fish protein.
      • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
        Rep: +2,505
        Trust: 100%

          February 21, 2012

        This review is a long one in the making. After waiting several months to see if DAA would fall off the charts, I finally chose to run my own cycle. I spent a lot of time sifting through reviews and researching outside of our forums. I chose Prima Force based upon the solid reviews and forum discussions of our fellow members.
        DAA is going to effect everyone differently, there are simply too many variables to say exactly "what it will do for you." I believe it is important to share our experiences with one another in hopes to gain a true perspective on this Until all of the science is nailed down behind DAA.
        I chose to run a six week cycle along with six weeks of Animal Stak. I didn't choose Animal Stak for fear of Gyno or anything like that, but to enhance the synergestic effects of the DAA. I had ran several cycles of Animal Stak on its own and wanted to see if DAA could make a difference. I was not let down.

        It took a few weeks to really feel the effects of the combo working. But I am sure the internal Anabolic effects began much sooner. Heading into week 3 I began to feel amazing in the gym. The same feeling Animal Stak had given me, but much more intense. Hunger and libido both increased daily. Energy and all sorts of stamina became profound. I am an extreamly busy man. I run a restaurant 50 hours a week and am raising two baby boys. At 32, my test and energy levels take a beating. This supplement more than leveled the playing field. By week 4 and 5 I couldn't stay out of the gym. I had to make myself leave. Recovery and endurance were through the roof. By week 6 I had hit two PRs. One on bench and one on leg press. The DAA didn't do it for me, but the effort and time through those six weeks supported by DAA sure did. I had gained 2 LB while leaning out noticibly. Effects from both products, a nice five day split, and solid diet.

        Profile : Simple DAA

        Taste: 6. I had heard horror stories of the nasty taste. Simply not true in my opinion. Mixing it with your protein shake does make it sour. I simply threw it in straight water and put it down. This product is in no way designed to please your taste buds so the 6 isn't a knock., just a fact.

        Effectiveness: 9. Yes it was stacked with AS, but the effects of one of my favorite supplements had never been so profound. Not maybe, not possibly, but Definitley. Energy, Stamina, mood enhancement, Libido, appetite could not be deniable.

        Value : 7. A tricky grading system. For the effectiveness, I would actually pay more. Yet there are a few other companies offering the same purity for a cheaper price or additional ingredients for roughly the same. 7 seems fair.

        Sides: Far and few between. The first three days I experienced sharp short lived head aches which would quickly subside. Can't attribute this 100% to the DAA, but I am quite convinced it played a factor. After a few days they simply ceased. Aggression increase, yes but I mainly put that to good use. There may have been one or two ocassions in which my temper was slightly exaggerated but no killing sprees.

        Conclusion: Is DAA for you? You have to be the judge. I certainly would recommend it to anyone in my age group or even a few years younger. Proper cycling and regemine are a must. I am going to continue to try different versions of DAA and experiment until I find what is just right for me. If you are looking for a starter cycle of DAA Primaforce is a good place to start.
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • High Libido
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • Slight Head Aches
        • Doesn't Stack Up To Hsb
        Rep: +1,679
        Trust: 100%
          November 15, 2011

        This was my first go around with a straight DAA product. My buying decision was based on reading many of the rave reviews and posts on here, regarding DAA.

        The product worked very well for me. Please see below.

        First off, thank you to the many fellow members that offered dosage advice on the boards and via pm, it was very helpful.


        I started out taking 3 grams per day for the first several days, then I upped it to 3 grams 2X per day for 10 days, then dropped it back down to 3 grams per day to finish off the tub.

        Taste 5/10:

        I took this straight and it was extremely bitter, thus I mixed it with a small amount of gatorade and it was fine

        Value 10/10:

        I paid $16.80 w/coupon code for 33 servings via M & S, which is about .50 cents per serving. This is dirt cheap for the results I obtained from it.

        Claims confirmed for me from posts/reviews 10/10:

        I was skeptical from reading the forum posts that you can feel the day the DAA kicked it. The product kicked in for me around the 5th day of taking my 6 gram dosage.

        Effectiveness/Results 8/10 :

        Here are some of the positive results I attained from this product:

        -Much better/deeper sleep w/o any sleep aid (zma)
        -Great overall mood in time/alpha male feeling
        -Gained 3-4 pounds in about 21 days/no change in diet etc
        -Muscle fullness 24/7
        -No need for a pwo for early am workouts (this was amazing for me, I always need that extra kick to get going pre-gym)/Great Energy
        -Noticeable vascularity in shoulder/chest 24/7
        -No back acne, pimples etc
        -Slight libido increase

        Side Effects:

        Many times within 30 min after ingesting the product I had odd headaches. Almost like a slight cluster headache that would subside after a few minutes. This happened at least 75% of the time for me.

        Unfortunately, about 1 day after the product kicked in I had 2-3 days of severe irritability/short temper. The stupidest things ***ed me off during the day. (Road rage, picking fights with my g/f over small nonsense etc (I was apologizing several times a day) It was almost uncontrollable, not a good feeling towards others.

        After this subsided I was in the perfect mood through the remainder of the tub.

        Overall 8/10:

        I would definitely suggest trying this or any DAA product, especially for older guys like myself. I know there have been a bunch of guys that didn't respond to this product and that is unfortunate. It worked really well for me.
        • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
        • Alpha Male
        • Increase In Libido
        • Vascularity
        • Great Mood
        • Better Sleep
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • Cheap
        • Builds Muscle
        • Bad Taste
        • Severe Short Term Irritbality
        • Slight Head Aches
        Rep: +501
        Trust: 100%
          June 14, 2012

        This will be my second review. So along came the hype about DAA and how effective it will be among people who are at the age of 21 where their testosterone is at its maximum. I've personally ran 2 tubs of this. I decided to give it a go. The first time I took this, I stacked it with animal stack and the second time, erase. Here goes my review.

        ------Taste 6/10------
        This is my routine every morning. Open a bottle of water and drink half of it down with my pills. After that, I would pour a scoop of DAA down into the remaining water in the bottle and give it a good shake. Swallow the whole thing as quickly as I can. Primaforce DAA has its reputation of how bad the chalkiness and bitterness of the powder and I'm here to tell you that there's a solution. The first time that I took this however, I mix it with orange juice and the taste quickly disappears. It goes well with the sourness of the orange juice.

        ------Effectiveness 8/10------
        Being at the age of 21, how effective this product may be always been a question to everyone. Well I'm here to say that it work just fine on me. I have the privilege of incorporating these both on a bulking and cutting cycle. On my first cycle of DAA, I was cutting and I stack it with animal stak. I was sweating so much even right after I did my warm ups. I felt like I can achieve anything and I was on fire in the gym. I just finish my second cycle of DAA and this time it was for a bulking phase and I stack it with erase. Again the same feeling, it is like I own the gym. I didn't want to leave the gym and I have to keep have the mindset that if I don't leave anytime soon I will lose my muscle. For the both times that I took this product, my lift has increase tremendously. As if I'm breaking my PR every week. For those that follow my log, the numbers has been increasing no doubt.

        ------Value 9/10------
        As a college student and a consumer, I give this product a 9 out of 10. For what it's worth, a reputable company such as Primaforce sets its price pretty low. There's a discount on this product on muscleandstrength with a coupon code. Besides that, it is constantly appearing in the deal of the day for most websites.

        ------Sides 9/10------
        I don't see any sides from this productsi in this case N/A

        ------Overall 8/10------
        Besides the taste, I can see how most of us can benefit out of this product. It is a simple, cheap, beneficial product and you can add into your stack. For all the benefits that I've just stated, it is certainly worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who is interest in taking their training to the next level.
        • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • Love It!
        • Cheap
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • No Side Effects
        • Bad Taste
        Rep: +292
        Trust: 100%
          May 17, 2011

        This is my first testosterone booster. I didn't know if to spend the $120 for Pink Magic, since I knew I had to run it 2 months in order to see a difference. i also was apprehensive since Yok3d did not work for me and I didn't know if test boosters would work for me. I gave this a shot because it was pretty cheap.

        Stacked with:

        Modern BCAA

        Price: This brand is about $20 around the net. I bought this for $18.49 at I usually find the best prices here and they will begin doing a daily special. Let me get back to DAA. This tub is about 30 servings making it $0.62 per serving by itself. That is very cheap, but I stacked it with triazole ( I will get to why later) making it about $1.60 per serving which is not bad, but I am reviewing this product alone so I gave it a 10.

        Taste: It tasted chalky. Not really any flavor. I began taking this with a little water right before breakfast and it didn't taste great. After a few weeks Jmetal told me a little sugar in the morning could help me Spike insulin so I figured might as well throw it in 8 oz of OJ and I couldn't taste it at all. My advice would be to mix it with something. A protein shake could hide it but my choice was OJ.

        About DAA (Sorry, I couldn't think of a better name): I read a few articles about how DAA can boost the hormones in your body, including estrogen. This scared me since I didn't want to sit home and cry over "the bachelor" with my wife. The drama is enough with one of us. I decided to stack it with triazole, which is an estrogen blocker. I used triazole the last 3 weeks and I only used half of a bottle which is great since I can run another tub of DAA in the future and run the last of the bottle the same way.

        Effectiveness: I decided to write about the effectiveness breaking it in different parts.

        Strength: After the first week, I felt stronger. I went up on all my workouts while on DAA.

        Aggression: In the gym it was amazing. It always helped me push a few extra reps. I noticed I grunted more when pushing myself and this is when I noticed the aggression was working. I even got on my boy for not showing anger when pushing the last few reps.

        Libido: My wife was happy. I also felt as if a little rub would get me going.

        Confidence: I am not a little guy, but I am not the biggest guy in the gym. There are dudes that are Monsters but I felt as if I was bigger than them. I felt as if everyone was looking at me. Maybe they were since I was getting so aggressive when lifting but I felt like Arnold in the gym.

        Look: It helped my cut. My upper body felt larger, my muscles fuller and more dense. I also went one size down in pants. I now OEP helped but I felt as if DAA had a big part of this, especially keeping muscle.

        Morning wood/jewels: (what else would I call this?)I was getting up almost everyday with a morning wood. I was poking my wife left and right when in the bathroom, or kitchen while we were getting ready to go to work. I felt as if my balls dropped for the first time. They were the size of grapefruits. Not really negative but it was noticeable. This was another clear sign that DAA was working.

        Side effects:

        Aggression: I know that being a special education teacher, my students (after my wife) would test my patience. I did lose it a few times, but I was able to control myself. It was controllable.

        Acne: Very little acne on my back and a few pimples on my face. I don't have an acne problem at all so with a little noxzema it was fine.

        Overall: DAA was amazing for me. I would buy another tub in a second but I already have 2 cans of Animal Stak waiting for me. I will definitely go back to DAA, and I recommend it.
        • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
        • Increased Energy
        • Muscle Preservation
        • High Libido
        • Cheap
        • Confidence Was Through The Roof
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • Bad Taste
        Rep: +176
        Trust: 100%
          April 5, 2012

        Let me start by saying i hate to give a product all 10's but I truly think DAA is "That product'. Check out my review of USP Labs Pink Magic. That was my first test booster and it was great in my opinion as far as Test boosters go but DAA kicked it's arse.

        Ingredients: 100% D-Aspartic Acid (Test Booster)

        I stacked this with PES' Erase which is an estrogen blocker and USP Labs OxyElite Pro

        I would give this like a 4 if I had to because the taste is HORRID and no matter what you put it in it is NASTIFIED! I can't try and church it up at all.

        Value: Crazy cheap for what you get + it beats other more expensive Test boosters that are more expensive!

        First couple of weeks I really didn't notice much difference in my lifts and physique but everyone, including the guy at the supp store said by week 3 you will notice a difference and I must say that wow they were right. Week 3 everything I lifted seemed lighter, and I don't just mean 5lbs light I mean like 10-15lbs lighter. I felt really really strong in the gym every time I went in for the rest of the first bottle.

        Side Effects:

        If you are prone to acne, which I am, make sure you have a great face soap. I had to step up from the Clearasil that I was using and working well, to sharing my wife's Proactive face soap. Clearasil wasn't cutting it any longer because of the amount of test my body had. Also, I found myself just a tadbit irritable at times, but mad crazy about the wife at times as well. They say 30 year old men tend to lose some of their sex drive but mine blasted through the roof.

        I am now on my second bottle of each and the results are still just blowing my mind. I just hate the fact that I have to cycle off everything.


        Try it and see if you don't want to just start lifting the whole gym in week 3 or 4.
        • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • Confidence Was Through The Roof
        • Cheap
        • Love It!
        • High Libido
        • Builds Muscle
        • Increased Energy
        • Bad Taste
        • Severe Short Term Irritbality
        Rep: +11
        Trust: 0%
          October 2, 2011

        Nothing scientific.
        53 years old, been working out for about 1.5 years.
        Using Kre-alkalyn twice a day, 100g protein and pre-workout drink of NO Explode, Jack3d or Assult

        Taking it as the label suggests. One 3g scoop on empty stomach. Mixed with a touch of my BCAA drink in 4oz water to mask the flavor. It's flavorless but a little bitter.
        Workouts are mid day.

        1st day.. increased libido, nothing else. Not complaining tho )

        2nd day.. increased aggressiveness. Felt like I was in a bad mood. Snappy with people. Great workout with plenty of energy and focus.

        3rd day.. Libido is thru the roof. (a cute coworker was talking to me and walked into my "personal space" and put her hand on my shoulder, immediately got a reaction). Workouts are improved. Doing one more set than normal, using heavier weights for more reps, feel like I can do more. Best pump I've ever had. felt like my skin was about to pop and it lasted all day.

        4th day.. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling weird. Can't explain it.. just weird.

        5th day.. No problems, workouts still good, libido strong, alpha male feeling still strong.

        10th day.. Libido fading, alpha male feeling gone, workouts suffering, lack of energy, headache.

        12th day.. Woke up in the night feeling like crap. Strong headache, pounding heart (high blood pressure?). Took a hot shower, went back to bed. Woke up 12 hours later and still felt like crap. Headache in the middle of my head that won't go away. Can't concentrate and my whole body feels like it's "buzzing" for lack of a better term sort of like the feeling I get when I drink a POW drink, a tingling, buzzing. Decided to have a day off from everything.

        13th day.. Still had a headache but not so much. Went to the local supplement store and picked up some A-HD, B-12, Folic acid and TMG. Read that there could be an imbalance in certain receptors in the nervous system and these three would help with that imbalance. Picked up the A-HD to combat estrogen as I had read that DAA also increases estrogen levels.

        14th day.. Felt better when I woke up. Took my 3g dose and ate breakfast about 30 minutes later then took the A-HD. Felt fine and started to feel some of the effects I had the first week. Energized, good mood, alpha male.
        Workout started slow but soon I was "ON" and pumped out the sets. Felt I could do more but stopped at triceps, chest, quads and abs.

        15th day.. Felt great at wake up. Libido is not back to the original (first week) levels but everything else feels the same. Alpha male, energized and overall good mood.
        Workout was biceps, back and hams. Wow.. outstanding! Normal bicep curls are 65, grabbed the 75s and busted out a set. Da** I swear I had orgasm with each lift.. it was like electricity shooting thru my body with each curl. Never felt that before. I like!

        16th day.. Just getting better. Shoulders today. Outstanding workout. Feel so pumped and "on" for lack of a better term.

        When I had that few days of bad headache and weird feeling I wanted to stop using it but the feeling of the first week haunted me. I wanted that feeling back.

        Overall I've noticed my muscles feel firmer and my gut is definitely smaller as my 36 pants don't fit. Dropped back to the 34's I wore years ago.

        Now on a quest to get the libido boost back as I've got a date this weekend with a hot young thang.

        I've read some bad things about the neurological effects of NWDA etc.. but for me and my age I'm happy with the risk. Besides, nothing proven, just rumors etc..
        • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
        • Increased Energy
        • High Libido
        • Confidence Was Through The Roof
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • Headache
        Rep: +1,875
        Trust: 100%
          June 13, 2012

        This is a natural testosterone booster in pure form. DAA is the D-form of the amino acid aspartic acid.

        I wanted to try this out because well 1. it was cheap. 2. it had pretty good reviews and 3. I believed I had higher estrogen levels then I wanted so I stacked this with Triazole to get my testosterone up a bit while controlling/suppressing my estrogen levels.

        VALUE: 10/10 - I picked this up on sale for about $15 on Amazon. The container comes with about 33 servings. It is directed you take 1 scoop for 3g per day, but I decided to listen to some of our members and upped it to 6g a day.

        TASTE: 6/10 - Eh taste is taste. It only comes in unflavored version. It is very sour and bitter. Drinking it with water is tolerable but not by much. So there are ways to mask it. Either throw a scoop in Orange Juice or your preworkout, or mix it with something else. Do not throw this into your protein shake. It will taste disgusting.

        USAGE/ PERFORMANCE: 9/10 - This is fairly simple to use. You take 3g in the morning AM and then 3g pre workout in the PM. I saw the best results when taken at this rate. I mixed 3g of DAA with 1 scoop of 1.M.R. to mask the unflavored sour taste and had incredible energy in the gym.

        I have to be honest if you are all about focus and epic energy for a workout, this is def the way to go. I felt superhuman in the beginning of my workout. A ton of focus and the pump for me personally was incredible. It was not really a pump but I could feel the blood rushing through my veins to the muscles I was training. Also over the first week I did not feel much, but in my final weeks my strength definitively increased while my body fat slowly decreased. Not a lot maybe 1/2%. I did notice size in my muscle mass as well.

        The other great aspect about this product was the sex drive. As we all know some of us can develop "stim d*ck" due to the use of so many supplements. This definitively helps with that. I noticed my sex drive was through the roof.

        SIDE EFFECTS: 8/10 - The reason I gave this an 8 is not because the side effect I felt was bad but it can be perceived this way by others. I did notice my aggression levels in the gym as well as after the workout throughout the day increased. I was peed off a lot easier now by "societies douchebags". However, that was also a plus for me because it helped me keep my concentration levels high in the gym.

        OVERALL: 9/10 - Great Product. Cheap version of a Test Booster. Good to try out because you are really not losing that much to try it out. Just a few bucks.

        I would definitively recommend this to others to try if you want to get your Test levels up.
        • Could Feel Test Increase. For Certain.
        • Increased Energy
        • Builds Muscle
        • High Libido
        • Cheap
        • Aggression In The Gym Was Amazing
        • Bad Taste
        • Severe Short Term Irritbality

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