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  By: Powerlab Nutrition

Noestrogen is an Estrogen Blocker manufactured by Powerlab Nutrition. It helps reduce the amount of the hormone estrogen in the body, encouraging an optimal muscle building and fat loss environment.

What should I take with Noestrogen?
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  June 11, 2010

I took this on the second leg of an eight-week cycle of Halotest 25. While the manufacturer advises that it's unnecessary on a four-week cycle, they recommend Noestrogen for the longer one. There were no adverse side effects. Actually, I noticed nothing at all, which is the intent of this product... to avoid any and all symptoms of excess estrogen. Which it did. For anyone on a prolonged (longer than four-weeks) cycle of Halotest 25, I strongly recommend Noestrogen as an accompanying supplement. It is made by Powerlab Nutrition, the manufacturer of Halotest 25, and designed/formulated for use with their products. I don't know how effective it is with other similar supplements by other manufacturers so this recommendation, at present, is limited to their products. Noestrogen is in capsule form so taste isn't an issue.
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  • Sifan
    Rep: -4
    Trust: 0%
    June 11, 2010

    Yo man, when do u use this? is it during the ph cycle or after it while using PCT?

    im about to start my 4 week halotest 25 cycle, and am scared *tless of manboobs.
  • Highland10
    Rep: +69
    Trust: 86%
    June 11, 2010

    The manufacturer recommends using Noestrogen on longer cycles (6-8 weeks) of Halotest 25. If you are only running a four-week cycle of Halotest 25, Noestrogen shouldn't be necessary. However, you might want to have a bottle of Noestrogen on hand anyhow in case you experience any problems resulting from too much estrogen. And, off course, you should use a PCT after running the four-week cycle(the manufacturer of Halotest 25 has a great PCT).
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