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Halotest-25 Reviews

By: Powerlab Nutrition


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Growth Enhancers > Nighttime Sleep Formulas

Halotest-25 is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by Powerlab Nutrition. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.


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Trust: 100%
  March 25, 2011

I just finished my 1rst PH cycle at 6 weeks in length. This is day 1 of PCT so here my review...

Well, first a bit of background:
I'm 31 y/o and have been training for over 17 years now, the last 7 of which have been as a competitive bodybuilder.
I've added well over 50lbs of muscle to my frame since I first started training and have managed to push past plateaus in the past, albeit with difficulty.
Over the years I've tried most supplements under the sun, with varying degrees of success. I've also changed up my training styles, splits, routines and approaches over the years looking for that edge to gain new muscle. This was to be my 1rst Prohormone cycle...

I chose Halotest-25 mainly b/c of the number of reviews it received on SR's website, and most review for it were outstanding.
I wanted to start with a mild PH to see how my body would react. After doing my research and getting some help from my SR forum members with Q&A, I picked up my accessories and waited to start.

I should note that I was doing a mad cutting phase over x-mas and January and got my bodyweight down to under 190lbs, at around 6-7% bf.
Knowing that I was going to run a cycle soon, I took a moth and slowly tapered off the cardio, started adding more carbs into my diet and eased off the stimulants such as OxyElite Pro.
By the time I started my cycle I was sitting around 200lbs, still with abs, although I was holding some water & a bit bloated. My body was already slightly rebounding from my cutting cycle and was starting to fill out, which is exactly what I wanted.

I ran my Halotest at 50/50/75/75/75/100 for 6 weeks in total.
AI Cycle Support morning & night, and took 1tsp of Hawthorn Berry extract & Milk Thistle extract at noon.
Vitamins: Anavite, C, E, Cal-Mag, B Complex
Other supps: Glycobol (2 servings/day), GABA at bedtime, CoQ10, Fish Oil, Flax Oil, glutamine, taurine
PCT (starting today): Nolvadex 20/20/10/10, IsaTest GF (before training), Testapro (bedtime), C-BOL (creatine + NO product) and Phosphatidylserine (anti-cortisol)

My normal daily carb intake is usually under 100g/day. The month leading up to my cycle I increased this amount and for the 6 week cycle I increased it further to around 3000-400g/day.
My protein intake was very high – around 350-400g/day. I included healthy fats with most of my solid food meals.
I'd eat every 3 hours and try to throw in shakes (Hydrolized WPI + Casseine, 40-50g) between meals.
My intra-workout shake consisted of: 25g Leucine, 50g maltodextrine, 10g glutamine, 10g Taurine.
Post workout shake was Hydrolized WPI + Casseine – 60g.
I literally stuffed food in my face all day long. As soon as there was more room, it was time for either another meal or a shake.

I also drastically changed my training approach while on cycle.
This article really hit home and it made a lot of sense to me.
So, I was hitting 20+ sets for large muscle groups (delts, chest, legs, lats) and 15+ sets for smaller ones (bis, tris, traps, calves)
I carried a stopwatch around with me on my workouts and would take 1 minute between sets (up to 2 mins for my heavier sets).
I trained in the 15-20 rep range for 80% of my sets, with the last set or two (for each exercise) doing 12-15.
I would incorporate drop sets as well, where I might do a heavier sets for 8-10, then pound out another 8-10 reps with a lighter weight.
The pumps were ridiculous – I LOVED it! My muscles were crazy pumped usually by the end of my warm ups. 2 or 3 sets into my training they were Jacked.
On arm day my bis would get so pumped where they could barely bend past 90 degrees (fingers trying to touch shoulder). Even when my arms are totally cold, like right now, I still can't touch my fingertips to the delt on the same side – too much blood. Amazing!

Now on the PH itself...

The positives:
I slept 8-9 hours every night like a baby, aided by the GABA. My mood calmed down dramatically (partly due to not being cranked in stimulants all day long), I was a lot more mellow and really cheerful. I'd get into a good mindset at the gym when I trained, but otherwise no aggression at all (well, other than when driving, but still calmer than normal). My libido wasn't impacted at all, actually it helped out. Woke up with morning wood every day. For the first 3 weeks I would still get sore the next day after training but nearly as bad as I normally would get. The last 3 weeks I was smashing it in the gym every day and usually not even sore the next day which is crazy. So I was also upping my training sessions: last 2 weeks I was training arms, chest & delts twice a week.

The negative:
I got really lethargic about 1 week in to the cycle. When I wasn't at work or in the gym training I was on my butt on the couch, which isn't usually like me. I was tired by 9pm every night and in bed by 9:30 (which I also consider a positive since I WAS trying to grow). I got some back zits that I normally never get, but just white heads, nothing big & gross. Mainly on the areas where my scapula would normally rub on a bench when I train. No acne on my arms, delts or chest. I did get a dry scalp about a week in, which led to some nasty dandruff. Bought some anti-dandruff shampoo & problem solved. Had some back pumps, but the Taurine usually took care of it. Still some tightness in my lumbars from time to time, but nothing unbearable. Biggest complaint was that it seemed like the pores on my nose got really clogged, which led to a bunch of blackheads on my nose which I never get. My GF told me to use her exfoliating face wash which kinda helped, but clogged pores still persisted.
I also noticed more hair on my bathroom towel, and occasionally on the shoulder of my shirt. I have a full thick hair and there's definitely no visible hair loss, but thought I'd comment that it did appear that more seemed to be shedding from my head.
Also VERY hungry for the first weeks on the cycle while my system adjusted. I craved food, and junk food too. Normally I keep a very strict diet, which I still did for the cycle, however for a few weeks I was adding in cookies & snacks at night after dinner – just couldn't help it, which isn't like me normally.

The gains:
I can't comment on strength gains, as the training I was doing was very different. I kept perfect form, accentuated the negative on every rep, and squeezed fully at the top of every contraction.
For size... wow. Started noticing some size 4 or 5 days in. I was up 15 pounds by end of Week 2. Up 25 pounds by end of week 4.
In Week 5 I actually cut back on my carbs to around 200g/day as I just didn't want to get any bigger.
End of Week 5 I was up 28 pounds and end of Week 5 I was 30 pounds heavier.
Yes, I GAINED 30 POUNDS in 6 weeks on this product.
I'm now walking around at 230, still fairly lean, and looking like I'm about 250.
Everyone noticed how big I got and how quickly. Can be blessing and a curve, depending.

Everything is tight. XL t-shirts barely fit. My delts, arms & back just exploded in size. I really can't (comfortably) wear any dress shirts, I feel like I could Hulk out of them doing a most muscular.
The bottom cuff on my boxers dig into my thighs and I'm down to ONE pair of jeans that fit – all the others the thighs are too tight.
And no, I really don't think I put on any fat on my legs. Definitely put on some fat on my torso though: my pecs, hips and stomach.
Even getting into & out of my car is a bit of a challenge now, especially after leg day.
I didn't bother taking any measurements but I think I added I couple inches to my thighs and about an inch on my arms (judging my how much room an XL t-shirt had before, versus how the arms are now stretching out to fit over my biceps now. Everything grew, including my neck.

Overall impressions:
Honestly, a great product. Since this was my first PH I wasn't really sure what to expect. I read that this was a "dry" compound but I'd disagree with that – I definitely noticed that I was holding more water on this product. However, this could have been due to the massive amount of carbs I was ingesting and/or the Glycobol I was taking. Also, I read that to eat like a horse when on a PH – well, I think I may have taken that a little too literally. Ideally I was after a lean bulk and wasn't wanting/planning on adding a bunch of fat as well. But everyone's body is different and I'll adjust my calories for my next cycle.
If I ran this product again I'd probably run 50/75/75/75/75/75 and add in a non-methylated PH into the mix as well – maybe Stanodrol to curb the lethargy and get back a bit of aggression.
For a newbie running their first cycle, I'd recommend a similar cycle to what I ran.
  • Extremely Rapid Gains
  • Builds Muscle
  • No Aggression
  • Lethargic Feeling
  • Mild Acne
  • Dry Scalp
Rep: +24
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  August 27, 2011

I don't normally take time to write reviews of products, but considering what Halotest did for me, I felt compelled to write one. Trust me, it's lengthy but probably one of the most comprehensive ones you'll find.

Little background about me: I was the skinny kid in high school. 6'2" 143 lbs. (soaking wet). My parents saw how miserable I was with my "blessed genetics" and bought me a weightlifting set at 15. Love it. Worked out 4 times a week and ate like a horse. By the time I got to college I was up to 168 lbs. BUT then ... on a college kid's salary (peanuts) and a college kid's eating habits (pizza) I stopped lifting in pursuit of a college kid's dream: alcohol and girls.

It wasn't until after college, and at 25 years old, that I decided to quit "letting myself go" and start getting back into the gym to lose the ol' Freshman 15 (and sophomore 15, and junior 15.... you get the point). It felt great getting back into the gym. Now at 27, I decided to add Halotest in at the end of my most recent bulking cycle.

I have always been very reluctant to use PHs and have tried to keep things as natural as possible. But, as well all know, we don't have the testosterone, energy, and Drive as we had when we were in high school. After doing a lot of research (with some reviews touting 15 lbs of muscle while losing 4 lbs of fat), I decided to give Halotest a whirl for giggles.

I ran a 6-week cycle: 50/50/75/75/75/100. Consumed about 3500 (non-workout days) to 4000 calories (gym days) and also took the follow supplements: Creatine, Glutamine, 100% Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (duh!), Universal 100% Beef Amino Acids, Taurine (I'll get to this later), Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support (chocolate), and of course a multi-vitamin.

Now a breakdown of the results --

Week 1 50 mg:
Pro - None
Con - None
I wasn't expecting a miracle here. Didn't expect a pound gained, a animalistic desire for the gym, nor any superhuman abilities... and I got what I expected: Nothing.

Week 2 50 mg:
Pro - Bigger pumps, slightly fuller muscles, more focus and desire to go to the gym
Con - None
If you look at the ingredients on the label you'll see "ABSORBTECH Delivery System" which is a fancy way of saying Vanadyl Sulfate. I've taken Vanadyl on its own before and personally had the same effect of "bigger pumps and slightly fuller muscles" so I attributed my pros to the vanadyl. Still wasn't impressed.

Week 3 75 mg:
Pro - HUGE pumps, very full muscles (and hardness), weight gain, increased libido, and strength gains through the roof
Con - Testicular tightness, 2 small zits on my back
This stuff finally kicked in! Of course I upped the dose to 75mg at this time too. My muscles LOOKED and FELT great and the scale showed a 3 lb gain. Strength gains - I was using weight for my warmup set that I had previous used the week before for my working set! Also I knew it kicked in by the testicular tightness (a.k.a atrophy or shrinkage). It wasn't painful; just felt like someone had a hold of my balls and not in a good way. Also noticed a small zit on my right shoulder and one in between my should blades.

Week 4 75 mg:
Pro - Some continued strength gains, more weight gain, compliments from friends
Con - Back pumps! Testicular shrinkage, compliments from friends
I'm prone to back pumps. I even had them in high school when I "loaded" creatine at 20 grams for 5 days. NOT FUN. These were almost debilitating during deadlifts. Now, the Cycle Support was helping a lot, but I decided to add in 3 grams per day of Taurine and within 2 days I felt great and they didn't come back (for now). I did notice some slight shrinkage in the testicles as well. Gained another 3 lbs on the scale and I was able to toss up more weight than even the previous week. You'll notice I put "compliments from friends" as pro and con. Why? Because they were onto me. "Dude, are you on steroids?" "Holy crap, what are you eating?" "Bro, how many hours are you putting in the gym?"

Week 5 75 mg:
Pro - More strength gains, slightly more weight gain, aggression (gym aggression, not the bad kind)
Con - One zit on my face and one on my left shoulder, lost the libido
I found this week really upped my focus, concentration, and yes, aggression. I was angry at the weights and didn't know why. My strength gains hadn't gone up as much as they did during week three, but I was still adding more weight to the bar and that's all that counts. Added 2 more lbs to the scale (pretty crappy eating this week was the cause). Couple more zits, but I was good to go.

Week 6 100 mg:
Pro - Biggest weight gain yet, extremely focused, good amount of strength gains
Again, prone to back pumps, I started getting them again worst than before. Increased my Taurine to 5 grams a day and I was find the rest of the week. I gained 4 lbs on the scale and still had my strength increase. My muscles were pumped to the max. I felt my pecs would rip out of my shirt.

A total of 12 lbs gained in 6 weeks! Added 1/2 inch to my biceps, 1 1/2 inches to my chest, and 2 inches to my quads. Amazing! However, further analysis would Reveal that I gained 10 lbs of lean MASS and 2 lbs of fat with the possibility of some. What the deuce? I thought I had read you LOSE fat and GAIN muscle on this supplement. Nevertheless, this is still more than I could have done without Halotest.

Completed the 4 week Powerlab PCT and their Noestrogen. I was supposed to have actual Nolvadex but my connection fell through. My muscles felt even harder and strength slightly continued, although the rapidness of the strength gains seemed to taper off at the end. At the point of this review I finished the PCT cycle 2 weeks ago and here are the final, final results.

Lost an overall of 1.5 - 2 lbs of lean muscle mass, putting my net gain at 8 - 8.5 lbs. Still not bad. I MAYBE lost 1/16 of an inch on the biceps and less than 1/4 inch from my chest. The muscle pumps aren't there anymore, but again that might have to do with not being on Vanadyl. I'm still EXTREMELY happy with my gains and think I ended up looking bigger. The best part though is I have kept ALL of my strength gains.

Sorry for such a long review, but I was tired of reviews that were as simple as, "This stuff is awesome!". Hope this helps anyone thinking about trying Halotest 25 for the first time.
  • Extremely Rapid Gains
  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Mild Acne
Rep: +44
Trust: 86%
  September 21, 2011

About ME! 27 6foot 208lbs at Start of Halotest/P-mag ( one bottle of each, bought halotest before I knew they were one in the same except for price!!! get P-Mag every time!!! ) Goal is to be 250lb soild scary muscle yet keeping my speed up for simi pro football.

Diet was a clean 300g+ protein a day and 300g+ carbs
Pre loaded a week on Milk Thistle-red yeast rice-hawthorn berries and nightly ZMA and took through cycle too.

Week 1:(50g a day) Felt fat because I doubled my carbs to 300g a day but felt strong and had lots of energy, From the food not the PH I'm sure.

Week 2:(75g a day ) Very random white heads on for-arm, calf and back. Maybe 8 total but really weird spots and didn't last. Weight is now 211. Get VERY tired right around 4pm which is not like me at all, blame the PH. Diet still going strong!

Week 3: WOW!(100g a day) Incline bench went from 225lb 3reps to 225lb 10reps! Flat bench went from 315lb 3reps to 315lbs 10reps. Felt really soild and smooth. Weight is now 215 and I can start to see some detail in my upper abs althought I'm still eatting like CRAZY!
Still REALLY tired right around 4pm but CAN NOT SLEEP because of back pumps!

Week 4: (100g a day ) Have not had a Zit since end of week 2. Shoulders look alot more CUT and I'm adding 25lbs to EVERY lift! Squated 365lb 5reps first time every. After wek 3 I was just feeling really pumped and focused on lifting big and going to failer! Sleeping is getting better, thank you NyQuil! Back pain comes and goes but really just kind of delt with it!

Week 5:(100g a day ) 218lbs!!! And feeling great! Can not believe I'm not FAT cause I've never carbed this high this long! Back pains are gone! No Zits, Still tired at 4pm! Getting sick of eatting! Add 10lbs to EVERY lift can getting excited when I lift something that it doesn't give me that over whelming HEAVY feel, like I know I can do it and am psyched up!!

Just took for 5 weeks and am on my PCT and SERM

PCT made myself but taking:
Fenugreek Seed
Stinging Nettle Root
D-Aspartic Acid
Alont with the other supps I pre loaded with and SERM

Halo/P-Mag is a great starter PH and I really felt after week 3 that I was getting stronger and bigger!
My work out looked like this

MON-1pm Chest 8:30pm Legs

Tues 3pm arms-Abs

Wed 1pm BACK 8:30pm Chest

Thurs 3pm arms-Abs

Fri 1pm Legs 8:30pm Back

I would go big and heavy on the first time body part and then light with high reps the second time in a week. YES this was alot but my body responded and I was eating ALOT to refuel and rest my body. Did maybe 5 mins cardio before a work out just to warm up other wise I did ZERO cardio. Which really makes me want to take this during cutting cycle cause I was seeing alot of cuts show up even while on a high carb deit!

CONS: Sex Drive takes a DIVE in week 2. I'm talking BAD!!! Lethargic which I did not like! Headaches randomly which I'm not prone to getting.


Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

  • Builds Muscle
  • Muscle Hardness
  • No Aggression
  • Strength Gains
  • Post Cycle Is A Must
  • Lethargic Feeling
  • Headaches
  • Mild Acne
  • No Sex Drive
Rep: +5
Trust: 5%
  May 28, 2012

I have taken this product twice, the second cycle was p-mag though. Felt like the same stuff except Pmag was cheaper...i ran this at 50/50/75/75/100/100
My libido was through the roof for the first couple of weeks but by week 4 i was shutting down.
I preloaded hawthorne berry, milk thistle, and cycle assist 2 weeks before starting, continued to take these on cycle along with Coq10, fish oil, a multivitamin, and i had been on a glucosamine supp for about 3 months.
The 2 times i ran this were my first cycles ever and i definetely felt it working both times. It definetely gave me the alpha side effects, towards the end my anger/irratation was bad though. One incident happened where one of my computer speakers was cutting in and out and i just flipped and started stomping the speakers until they exploded everywhere. Luckily my gf didnt see that incident and i just told her i threw them away. Strength increased 10-20 lbs On most sets. I mostly did sets of 12 but i did max out a couple times 2 though and i hit a few new personal records.I think this product is awesome for cutting, within a week my stomach and pecs were noticibly tighter. The only thing is i quickly realized what people meant my a dry compound, i already get joint pains but i quickly realized glucosomine was not enough and added animal flex in about a week into cycle. The joint pain didnt go away and i ended up havin to stop running at the park on the dirt trail, but the treadmill seemed to work without to much stress. During this cycle i was riding my mountain bike to school which is about 10 miles roundtrip. I went from 187 lbs to 199 on this cycle. I have to say i was very happy with this compound overall. Most of my muscle gain was in my legs but i didnt mind because they were a little behind. This product adds PURE LEAN muscle. It makes you rock solid and i added new muscle everywhere. My diet on cycle was mostly chicken, turkey, brown rice, olive oil, oatmeal, etc. pretty clean. I would definetely recommend for a first cycle, first time user, but a proper pct is still a must because at the end of six weeks i was shut down. I would give this an even better rating but its not "insane" and doesnt give you "freakish" gains but it will put on solid lean mass. I also completely disagree with people saying you don't need a pct and i think its ridiculous that powerlabs website says you dont need a serm and its says all you need is their post cycle product which is basically just a natty test booster...
My PCT - clomid 100/50/25/25, PP tcf, and cellucor p6.
Sorry if the review is a little unorganized, let me know if i can do anything in the future to make them better. I think i covered everything. Questions are welcomed!
  • Builds Muscle
  • Can Be Found For $35
  • Strength Gains
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Alfa Male Feeling
  • Not Too Expensive By Itself
  • Post Cycle Is A Must
  • Mild Acne
  • Aggressiveness
  • Lethargic Feeling
Rep: +47
Trust: 75%
  September 8, 2011

A little background first: This is my first review so hope I don't tank it. I'm 38 yrs old 5' 8'' 205 lbs and have been lifting off and on since I was 15. I've always been in pretty good shape but not stretch mark/shredded like when I was 18. I've always liked the lighter workout supplements and have never ventured into the Ph arena until now.

HaloTest-25 cycle ran:
2 weeks preload with CEL Cycle Assist/Hawthornberry/fish oil/MSM & Gluc/Taurine/Glutimine/Vit C/E, also throughout cycle and PCT

6 weeks Halotest-25 @ 50/75/75/100/100/100
PCT consists of: Powerlab PCT and Torem (Torem 120 first 3 days then 90 last 4 days of first week, then 60/40/20)
Torem was probably not necessary with this very mild Ph, but I just didn't want to take any chances.

Week 1 Halotest: Didn't notice any difference at all (if I ever do Halotest, P-Mag or H-Drol I would start at 75mg I think)

Week 2 Halotest: Toward the end of the 2nd week I noticed some strength gains, more endurance than anything. Lost 3lbs

Week 3 Halotest: Strength gains big time and my shoulders started popping some striations and biceps were noticeably bigger.. I couldn't wait to hit 100mg, had a feeling it was going to be the sweet spot – I wasn't disappointed. Lost 2 more lbs.

Week 4 Halotest: Everything started picking up stride: strength, mass, aggression (although the aggression was more a feeling of seeing how strong I was getting and loving it). Gained 2 lbs

Week 5 Halotest: Continued gains in mass, but definitely in strength and weight. Gained 3 lbs

Weeks 6 Halotest: MASS gains slowed to a crawl but strength continued to increase, I exCEEded some personal bests this week on bench (up 50 lbs), curls (up 30 lbs) and squats (up 90 lbs). bench and squats were at 4 reps so I def could've maxed more but didn't want to blow anything out. Gained another 5 lbs for a total body weight @ 210.

Currently I'm only 3 days into PCT and my bench got easier but didn't try more weight. I'd say I'm still getting stronger. So kudos to the Powerlab PCT (I'll check to see if they have it to review for when I finish PCT).

Side notes: Hind sight I would've bought another cheaper clone with the same compound, but thats a learning lesson I can deal with. I tried to be as detailed as possible. I think next time I'll log it if I don't get lazy.

*A personal shout out/props to a couple bros who helped out with some great advise/guidance: Virtus, Freek75 and MCSyd. These guys know their poo, go above and beyond to make sure people don't hurt themselves.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Gains
  • Lethargic Feeling
  • No Complaints Here
Rep: -31
Trust: 0%
  May 8, 2012

After reaching a plateau, decided to take the PH leap. This is the first ph I've taken or reviewed. Went on a 6 week cycle 50/50/75/75/75/75.

Other Supps used: Fish oil, glucosamine, Liver Guardian (preloaded and using through PCT), protein and dextrose/malto, gluta-lyn.

Got two bottle for 52$ each, not really that expensive but now I know i could've looked for pmag. Live and learn...

First two weeks, nothing but a placebo effect; saw no visual gains. During week three it started to kick in and every workout was better than the last. Strength went up steadily on all lifts. Bench went up 30 lbs, shoulder db press went from 65 to 75, etc etc. Gained ~15 lbs during cycle.

Side Effects:
Had both good and bad sides. Good sides were more obvious, such as aggression in the gym. You get the feeling that a, you never wanna leave the gym and b, you never want to stop lifting. If you've ever seen Pumping Iron where arnold talks about the pump and feeling likes hes cumming all day....anyways, thats how you feel. Bad sides were: oily skin, increased acne(nothing too crazy for me, only face), lethargy and also felt anxious a lot.

PCT: Started nolva 20/20/10/10 along with pink magic and d-pol. Didn't cause much shutdown or any atrophy (how i feel, not based on blood tests).

Overall: Impressed by the results and the lack of bad sides. Very mild compound it seems. I'd recommend to someone who has hit a plateau, has the money to spend, and isn't a retard when it comes to PCT.
  • Extremely Rapid Gains
  • Builds Muscle
  • Alfa Male Feeling
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Strength Gains
  • Lethargic Feeling
  • Mild Acne
  • Aggressiveness
  • Liver Cleanse To Be Safe
Rep: +69
Trust: 86%
  May 14, 2010

After reading numerous rave reviews of Halotest 25, I was expecting miracles. This was my first prohormone use ever; I was somewhat leery about trying it due to assorted negative reports I've heard about prohormone side effects. But I think that Halotest 25, in comparison to prohormones now banned, must be relatively tame (or it would be banned, as well, by now). While I had some uncertainty about both the safety and efficacy of the product, I did the research and decided to run an eight-week cycle. The cost of the two bottles of Halotest 25 for that two-month cycle wasn't outrageously expensive, but with the Post Cycle, Noestrogen and Cycle Support 2 (I ran it the entire time), the cost adds up. I'm currently taking the Post Cycle (also from Powerlab Nutrition) and still taking the Cycle Support 2. I gained about 7 lbs. of lean muscle. While I've read reviews that claim much more than that in only a month, I'm still satisfied with my results. No, I didn't experience spectacular gains, but they were decent gains. Actually, better than decent because none of that gain was fat. 7 lbs is a darned pretty decent amount of muscle to gain in two months. My initial slight disappointment that this didn't pack on 12 or more lbs of muscle in that time is simply due to the effusive reviews and claims I'd read of the product around the Internet. But, looking at this objectively and realistically, the results, as mentioned, are impressive. And I did experience a power surge in my workouts. Better yet, I experienced no negative side effects. Example: My blood pressure averaged about 120 over 80; I avoided all the other adverse side effects, warnings and cautions that is associated with this product and others like it. But, again, I did take Cycle Support 2 (highly recommended -- a great composite of helpful ingredients, milk thistle and hawthorne berry being just two in the matrix). Would I use it again? I'll see how much of the gains I retain after I finish the Post Cycle. Then, perhaps in the future, I might attempt at least another cycle. Would I recommend it? Yes, for those over 25, have realistic expectations, and take the requisite supplement support to avoid liver, high blood pressure and other health problems.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Not Too Expensive By Itself
  • But Somewhat With The Cycle Support And Pct)
Rep: +2
Trust: 0%
  November 14, 2011

Hey so just wanted to write a review just for everyone out there contemplating whether to try this stuff or not. I'll give you the whole story below hope it helps!

So I went to Europe for about two months without lifting at all and I have been lifting for about 6 years now and im 5'11 198lbs. When I came back from Europe I was about 180 because I ate like twice and day and it was extremely hot with alot of walking around. So I was pretty ***ed I lost alot of weight so I decided to take a cycle as soon as I got home. I did a *** tone of research, I mean alot.. I even asked questions to some of the members on this site. I started taking cycle assists and hawthorn berry two weeks before I started halotest. Because it was my first cycle I decided to only do a four week cycle so I ran it 2x day for two weeks then three times a day until it ran out. I ran milk thistle, cycle assist, hawthorn berry,monster bcaa, anavite vitamins, myofusion and true mass proteins and some taurine because back started to hurt a little bit, but I am a rugby player so it's nothing to be alarmed about. Also took alot of protein and ate like 6 times a day. sometimes i was stupid and decided to drink on weekends and my head would get really hot and I would have really bad headaches and throw up. I'm in college and wasnt really thinking lol. Anyway I went hard in the gym 5 days a week and ate ALOT. I started at 180lbs and ended up at 192lbs. I took post cycle by the same people, also a test booster pink and serm( just to be safe). At the very end I still ended up with 9lbs of solid gain in a month. I loved this stuff and would recommend it highly. I felt great when I was on it, wanted to lift or hump everything around me. When I was off sex drive went down a little bit but test boost fixed it. I felt good before rugby season started again and people kept telling me how tone and big I got over the summer. There was really no side effects except for back aches and the throwing up ( because of drinking). I would really recommend this stuff to anyone that's looking to gain, this is a real review and real story so ask me any questions if your still kind of skeptical! Thanks
  • Extremely Rapid Gains
  • No Aggression
  • Strength Gains
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Energy
  • Post Cycle Is A Must
  • Random Pains
  • Liver Cleanse To Be Safe
  • Headaches
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  September 8, 2011

I wanted to post on here because my experience with Halotest is somewhat unique. I am currently attending school to be a physical therapist assistant. While going to school for this you are involved in several four to six week and while the vast majority of employers do not test for steroid use, even the suspicion of it could put a doubt in an employers' mind and cause me to lose an opportunity for a job once I do graduate.

Because of this, I chose to use Halotest in one week cycles, followed by a one week cycle of Powerlab's over the counter PCT. I would then take a two to four week break. This was my first PH use, so it also allowed me to break it in slowly since I was a little nervous.

I am 31, 5'11" with a history of running and some light weight training, but nothing serious. Around 29 years old I had become "skinny-fat" with three kids and a wife. A great example was that I had a 38" chest, with a 37" waist. Sweet heavens. I went heavy on the weights for about a year and a half, and then decided to take the PH step.

My beginning stats were 171 pounds at 12% body fat, finishing about three months later at 179 pounds at 10% body fat. I added 1.25 inches to my chest, .5 inches to my arms (flexed cold), and .5 inches to my forearms. I had big strength gains with the additional muscle, but nothing out of this world.

My average for three of my four cycles was 6 lbs of Muscle Gain, followed by a loss of 1.5 lbs of muscle in the PCT, for a total gain of 4.5 pounds per week. Typically I would lose about two pounds of fat during the cycle and then gain about a pound of it back in the PCT. During one of my cycles I was going WAY too heavy on deadlifts and absolutely f**cked up my back. I gained four pounds in that cycle, and then lost three and a half of it since I couldn't get out of bed, much less go to the gym.

During the cycle I was working out 6x a week as opposed to my normal 3-4x a week. My energy level and recuperation were off the charts, I could crush myself with weights and feel 100% the next day. Again, I'm not sure I would recommend that for a 4-6 week cycle, but I wasn't going to get overtrained in one week. My workout volume was also higher with more sets, but I was using lower repetitions (4-6). For what it's worth to you, I used the SAIS MASS Building training program almost to a tee. I did not change my PCT training program at all, except going back to the 3-4x a week.

The PCT is obviously a huge factor, especially with this being a wet gainer product. My first cycle I gained 8 pounds and then lost 3.5 in the PCT. During the next cycles I added a LOT of healthy fats back into my diet during the PCT, especially during the first couple days. I felt it made a big difference in returning my test levels back quickly.

This is expensive in my eyes, but I'm poor with too many kids. ;) In the first 2 days of a cycle, I would get REALLY foggy and a little dizzy approx. 30 minutes after taking Halo. This went away after 5 minutes or so, and also stopped happening on day 3 of each cycle. By day 6 of each cycle, I would get very irritable, but in retrospect I was probably swifty approaching over-training so that could have been a factor.

If you are in a life situation where you can't or don't want to be thought of as a roider, then I would consider taking this in one week cycles. I would get comments from people, but I could always pass it off as working heavy, or creatine, etc. I am considering doing a Pmag cycle this December, but perhaps this is too soon? I welcome input!
  • Extremely Rapid Gains
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Post Cycle Is A Must
  • Lethargic Feeling
  • Irritability
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  July 17, 2011

Alright! This is my first review on the site so I'll tell you a bit about myself first:
Start Stats
- 192-195 lbs, 16% BF, 21 y/o, Training seriously for over 3 years

Program Used:
- Progressive Overload Training Used (calculated to the T)
- HEAVY Bulk, eating over 4,000 calories ED (relatively clean, NO FAST FOOD, over 350g of protein a day)
- NO ALCOHOL consumed
- Used a Multi, BCAAs, EFAs, Liv support, Pre and Post workouts, Creatine, ZMA.
- 2 Month Cycle of Halotest (with Noestrogen)
- Followed PCT from the same company

- End Weight: 210 lbs, 14-15% BF
- Amazing Pumps, Incredible muscle hardness, awesome vascularity
- Lubricated joints (GREAT for me)
- Strength went through the roof (added over 60 lbs on bench, 100 lbs on squats)
- Core temperature went up (felt good)
- Filled out clothing and maintained pumps all day

- Increased aggressiveness (good and bad alpha)
- Not much acne on face or back
- Random pain in foot (shooting joint pain)
- Definite Water Weight Gain (good for bulk)
- Random liver pain at times (treated by Liver-Clean)

Amazing product. If coupled with a serious training regime, and a voracious appetite that's clean, Halotest-25 will yield really good results. I do caution people to PREPARE for a PH cycle; it's nothing to mess around with, but can work wonders. It does come with some sides, especially if you're already aggressive or prone to health problems, but they're few and far between. I recommend this product hands down if you're serious about your training, diet and want to get bigger.

Any questions or comments?
  • Extremely Rapid Gains
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Alfa Male Feeling
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Post Cycle Is A Must
  • Mild Acne
  • Aggressiveness
  • Random Pains

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