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Hyper Fuel

  By: Powerflex Nutrition

Hyper Fuel is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Powerflex Nutrition. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

What should I take with Hyper Fuel?
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  August 30, 2012

3rd time lucky writing this damn power cuts! Ok so before l go on l want to add l have tried the best and the worst on the market and l am a lab rat when it comes to supplements. happy to try them all!
i have been on these before l tried HF. Nano vapour, NO xplode, NO shotgun, Cell tech, vasculator, Jack3d, black powder and others. I am happy to say that if its a good product l will write a short review if it had little to no effect you wont see a review from me on it.
This is a great product to cycle with, cheap, yet powerful. 12 hours of ongoing energy so take at 4-5pm latest! Taste is nasty so mix with a drink or another supplement, l have tasted alot of vile products out there but l keep going until the end to see if it worked or not and this one did. I felt l was ready for amature competing after this, l was ripped, strong, defined and felt great. If l had a bad day then after 1 scoop life was good again! Jack3d has a banned substance it in and gives me acne and mood swings so l tried this which is new and have not received acne or mood swings. l cant take more than 1.5-2 scoops. It could prob do with more creatine but l was happy with its results alone. I am a big fan of PWO drinks now due to their effectiveness of taking you to the next level, no plateau effect, no wall. £25 for 250g is a fair price and is as good as the top brands out there. I am looking forward to trying the new Orange flavour and seeing if they have improved the taste. I have just started taking .50 Calibe by grenade, seriously this is the next level!!! Will write a review on that once l have finished the tub. 580g for £50 but has 50 scoops, l recommend using 1/2 a scoop or prepare for insane energy!
Looking forward to seeing more reviews on this.
  • Good For Endurance
  • Stamina Training And Cutting Up
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Over 12 Hours Of Energy
  • Sleeping At 2am Earliest After Taking At 4pm.
  • Bad Taste


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    August 30, 2012

    This product is no longer available, the website is still up and running but no one at home. I tried to buy some but lost £76 and no items arrived or response via email or phone calls. AVOID!

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