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Pharmaxa Labs

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Pharmaxa Labs

At Pharmaxa Labs we have created the most technologically-advanced, condition-specific supplements, designed with the latest clinically-studied natural ingredients. Our mission from inception has been to develop and manufacture the highest performing nutritional supplements that deliver safe, consistent and measurable results. Our products contain optimal dosages and synergistic blends of only the highest quality ingredients available today that will maximize absorption and effect.

Homepage: http://www.pharmaxalabs.com/
Products: 3

Pharmaxa Labs Products

Product Category Overall Effectiveness Value
Pharmaxa Labs Colopril ReviewsColoprilHealth & Wellbeing > Digestive Health NANANA
Pharmaxa Labs Expelis ReviewsExpelisWeight Loss > Diuretics NANANA
Pharmaxa Labs Phenocal ReviewsPhenocalWeight Loss > Other Weight Loss NANANA

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