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Erase PES
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Has anyone had any bad effects after coming off an 8 week cycle of Erase?
I took Erase for 8 weeks,mostly at max dose 3 caps,but sometimes 2 on occasion. I got all the benefits during,great sleep,test levels boosted,dry look...

Could this cause gyno?
Before you think I sound dumb let me explain. A person at the gym and I were talking about this and he told me it could cause gyno. I personally think...

General questions about ERASE?
Hey guys, I just got my 90ct PES Erase out of the mailbox. I'm not gonna bullsh*t Im a little nervous about messing with hormone levels,as I never have...

ERASE VS. Estrogen levels
Erase is supposed to reduce estorgen levels, but will it cause an estrogen increase (more than usual, and above their normal levels) when stopping this supplement.

Creatine and Erase
Should I stop taking Creatine when taking Erase?

Is it safe to start another Test booster after an 8 week cycle of Erase?
I'm approaching the last week or so of an 8 week cycle(2bottles) of Erase. I'm just curious if anyone has experienced any obvious rise of estrogen/cortisol...

Erase and Alcohol
I'm an extremely light drinker, in the park of one beer a month, but its my brothers bachelor party in a week and was wondering what protocol I should...

Is it ok to take Erase with food or right after you eat?
I might be overthinking this, but I usually always take it on an empty stomach and I feel it in 15 min I get little more vascular and muscles get slightly...

Dosing and Timing
Hey Guys, I am currently on a cut. I am about to start a serious stack which consists of: Erase, Alphamine, D-Pol, and Green Magnitude. What is the ideal...

what is the active ingredient??
is Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione the same thing as the prohormone androstenedione which can stunt growth if under 21?

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